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Native Development Program by kewtieboy

Native Development Program
by kewtieboy


Young husband and wife are working and living in the Amazon rain forest with one of the indigenous tribes mixing and enjoying their culture while helping their development. What they didn’t know was the local drink they shared with the tribesmen was stronger than it tasted but some of the local young men knew the effects and took advantage of the situation.

I had a great interest in the indigenous tribes of the Amazon rain forest. Though I was still in my late twenties, I was well respected. I had originally studied Civil Engineering but my hobby of studying the Amazon rainforest had quickly become my career. I learned Spanish and Portuguese and this had been invaluable when on the ground in the South American countries that surround the Amazon. Finding rare tribes were always interesting and a number had been found recently but, my interest was more in what happened after they were found. Their integration or non-integration with society I had always felt was their choice and not ours. I had met my wife, of two years, through my interest. She was a field nurse and a stunning blonde to boot. With both of us having blonde hair, we tended to stick out like a sore thumb in countries with predominantly dark skinned and black haired people.

My wife, Maria and myself (Scott), had been on a contract with Brazil’s National Institute for Amazon Research for some months when they asked if we would be interested in living with one of the semi-nomadic tribes for a short period of six months. The Bororo tribe, though having their own language, also used Portuguese so we would be able to communicate with them. The chief welcomed the idea once he knew that I had some knowledge of engineering and of my wife’s medical experience and I assumed he felt we would be able to give something back while we were there. We were to be offered a hut to ourselves, an honor, it seemed.

Thankfully we were not to be there during the wettest months so the trek by plane, helicopter and boat wasn’t too difficult. We were welcomed by the whole tribe who had settled down for a number of months on the shores of an Amazonian tributary. There were around 100 members of the group and the chief was a gnarled old man, whom I later found was only 55. He shook our hands and then hugged us each in turn. We attracted a lot of attention. Our white skin, freckles and height, made us both stand out within the tribe and many touched and handled us in a way that might have been offensive in any other society.

The hut, when we reached it, was basic but surprisingly comfortable. There was no actual door but there were two well presented beds and a small private area with two buckets which I assumed were toilet and washing facilities. Drinking was also provided which I later found was made from rain water filtered through some kind of porous rock then boiled and cooled. We had an extensive quantity of bottled water anyway but it was good to know that they had some hygiene knowledge. Washing was to be done in the eddying pools around the river’s edge.

The natives, themselves, were not overly dressed. In fact they were almost naked. Some men wore little wraps around their genitals but they hardly stopped exposure. The women did likewise but their breasts were exposed. Apart from some hair adornment, there was little in the way of body painting or the staining I had seen in other tribes. I was drawn to the nudity as some of the women were attractive though they had a tendency to plumpness around the abdomen which took any sexiness away. What really struck me were the men and boys. Most were medium build but lean and many were amazingly attractive without some of the rounded Indian-style features I was used to. Their genitals were surprisingly well endowed and even some of the younger tribe members displayed cocks which gave me a run for my money.

“Why is he looking at cocks?” I hear you ask.

Well firstly, the women were not very attractive and in the men, the cocks were extremely well presented. Secondly, I had had some male to male contact in my younger days when male availability in the major UK cities was easier than it is in the Amazon rainforest. I had long decided that if I were to become a gay scientist in the jungle I was going to be pretty lonely. It was not that I didn’t find women attractive anyway and was frequently able to do some serious shagging when I wanted to or needed to so that meant I ended up married. I loved Maria and had confessed my past to her. She was surprisingly fascinated by it and, in fact, said if I ever did it again, she wanted to know all the details. I never had, but it was still another wonderful thing about her.

Maria set about attending to the sick and fevered and I attracted a group of healthy male specimens to help me in building a decent pier for their boats to access the river. These boys were mainly in their late teens and twenties but were a bit like children, always joking with each other in their local language and I noticed, on more than one occasion, an sported an erection or two and even saw some of the boys stroking each other briefly. This was quite erotic for me and Maria got the benefit as I became quite horny so she was getting more frequent than normal servings of sex. We tended to work all morning, wash, then relax (which meant having sex) in the afternoon, a little more work, another wash, and then a big communal meal in the centre of the camp at night. They washed the food down with a locally made alcoholic drink which initially almost made me throw up but became surprisingly addictive. Both Maria and I tumbled back to our hut on a number of evenings and remembered nothing until the morning. We had few hangovers too which was a blissful relief as, if the hangover matched the alcoholic state we would have had to either give up work or stop drinking.

Maria commented on the lack of disease in the camp. There was no venereal disease or AIDS, not even the curse of the jungle, hepatitis. Most of Maria’s patients had cuts and bruises or in the case of the women, post birthing problems. There was the odd snake bite, insect sting and some bronchial conditions but that was it.

My work continued unabated and I had a small group of healthy lads who hung around me almost all the time whether working or playing. Don’t even ask me to try to remember their names as they all sounded like someone trying to be sick, with names like “Urg” or “Yuk,” but one of the lads was a stunningly beautiful one with a strikingly dark skinned, almost jet black, body. His penis hung around four or five inches long and was, like all of the tribe, uncut. Erect, as I had seen it once, it was well over 8 inches and slim. He had dark pubic hair above his cock but none around his balls and his body was almost hairless apart from his head and armpits. His smile was disarming with striking creamy white teeth. He stayed in the company of a small group of lads who all were attractive in their own way.

One night in our second week, after a particularly boisterous tribal meal, I had the most erotic dream. A tribal leader came to me and said how pleased he was. He took me by the hand and led me to a clearing in the jungle. On a stone table in the middle was an attractive young man, face down and bent with his arse facing me. The leader told me to take his virginity and walked away. The young man was stunningly beautiful and he looked over his shoulder smiling as I approached. I stripped naked and wet the end of my cock with saliva. I gently edged it to his hole and was surprised to find it very moist and wet. My cock slid in and was immediately enveloped with warmth but no tightness at all. The warmth loosely covered me and I slid in and out. In my dream, I came with a vengeance into the young man before collapsing with exhaustion. He disappeared.

When I awoke in the morning, I found dried cum all over my pubic hair in copious quantities. It had been a long time since I had had a wet dream and I was surprised at the amount of cum I had produced without even touching myself.

Similar dreams happened from time to time. Some were amazingly erotic but most involved the young men from the tribe. Sometimes they would smother me and kiss me, sometimes I would suck their cocks, sometimes I would fuck their inviting arses but every time I had one, I would waken with the encrusted cum around my cock and on the sheet under me. Maria and I had separate beds so our afternoon sex sessions were usually in her bed which gave mine time to dry fully.

One morning after a dream which did not end in me cumming, I awoke around 5.00 am, extremely horny. I crawled over to Maria’s bed and cuddled her. Thankfully she automatically responded and I wondered if she would allow me a bonus fuck. However, she still seemed to be in a drink induced slumber so I decided to perhaps just finger her and wank myself off. I slid myself down the bed to lick a little around her cunt and picked up the definite aroma of semen. In the dark, I inserted my finger into her cunt and found it sloppy wet. The sheets were also wet and the smell was cum, and lots of it. My heart was racing and my cock was solid. I had no idea why I wasn’t annoyed or disgusted. I was horny as fuck. I climbed on top of her, to no resistance and inserted my cock easily into her. I started to fuck her and it took me less than three minutes to explode into her cunt. Thank goodness she was on the pill.

I crawled back to bed and promptly had the remaining hour’s sleep. When I awoke, I figured I must have fucked Maria the night before in my drunken state and that the semen issue had been a dream. The moonshine we were drinking had amazing amnesiac side effects. When Maria awoke she was immediately aware of her wetness.

She smelled the wet with her finger, looked at me and said “pervert,” with a smile on her face.

Something similar happened two or three times over the next few weeks both me having an erotic wet dream , or Maria wakening and finding herself wet and blaming me for being a “horny little runt!”

She wasn’t far wrong though. I had never been so randy and I had to assume it was the mixture of nudity, my resurrected gay feelings and perhaps the local drink all adding to it.

On the full moon, we had a great celebration in the village with lots of fish, some root vegetables and, of course, the local brew. The following day had been declared a late day by the chief so everyone had some fun with dancing women and local lads acting silly. We crawled to bed in the early hours with our heads buzzing.

Another dream started almost as soon as I fell asleep. This time, I was on the stone table, lying on my back. I was hard and my cock was sticking up in the air. The boys I worked with were in a queue and all naked and hard. One by one the climbed on to the table and sat on my cock. Their arses were really tight and it took some time to get inside each lad but the overwhelming feeling was wonderful. They would sit astride me and ride up and down. I felt my own foreskin stretch back and forth. Just as I was going to cum, the boy would climb off and the next would take his place patiently.

I woke with a start and, in the bright moonlight I could see the face of the prettiest of the boys facing me, naked, his bottom pressed down on my cock. I did nothing, assuming I was still dreaming but then realized I was not. He really was sitting on my cock, his head back, his eyes closed and his erect cock bouncing as he impaled himself on my cock. I didn’t know whether to acknowledge I was awake or let it unfold. I decided on the latter and partially closed my eyes to see what else was going to happen to me. I was still very dazed from the drink but the adrenalin rush from this discovery was keeping my faculties alert. I could hear other movement and realized there were three other boys beside me. One leaned over and kissed my face, his tongue tracing over my clean shaven skin. He took my hand and made it grip his turgid cock and he fucked it in and out of my fist. I felt warmth and realized he had cum while doing this, the thin jets of teen cum firing up my arm and running back to floor.

My beautiful friend, sitting stride me took his own cock in his hand without missing a beat and stroked his black organ until it too fired up the length of my body, landing on my chest and face, the remains dribbling on to my pubic hair. It took all my willpower not to flinch when the liquid hit me. As my friend climbed off, two other lads from the group came forward and one placed his cock on my lips while the other lowered himself on to my cock to replace the lad who had just cum.

It was obvious to me that the special drink the villagers took had a similar effect to a date rape drug, but for some reason tonight, I had eaten a lot more and drunk a lot less and though they thought they could do what they wanted to me, I was awake and able to enjoy it. The boys were obsessed by my hair. The one rubbing his cock on my lips was also caressing my hair. I could feel his hardness and knew to brace myself for another cum bath. His cum jetted over me though the remaining few squirts dribbled on my lips and I opened my mouth slightly to allow it to trickle into my mouth. I suddenly came in the last lad’s arse. I couldn’t stop it and hoped it didn’t give the game away. I assume I had cum quite violently as he yelped as my hot spunk shot inside him. He wanked fervently as he explained, I assumed, what had just happened and then he fired his load over me to mix with that of his friends.

The real surprise was that, when they had finished, they just left. There was no attempt to clear up the mess of cum that covered me. I assumed that they were so sure I would think I had done it myself that they didn’t have to bother; either that or, after cumming fear made them get out as soon as possible.

I lay awake for some time after mopping myself up, pondering what to make of the events. Should I tell Maria, or should I confront the young natives and tell them this just wasn’t on? I could, of course tell the Elders of the village. The problem was I had an erection that wouldn’t go down. I decided that I should, perhaps wait and see. I figured these guys knew the “high days and holidays” when drinking was higher than normal in the village. They also knew the effect the local spirit had on newcomers and had used this to their advantage, driven by the excitement for white skin.

Next day, all was normal. There was no giggling amongst them while we worked on the jetty and they politely spoke in their limited Portuguese while within earshot of me so I knew they weren’t discussing the previous evening. The next “celebration excuse” was another “moon celebration” of some sort, coming up in four days time. Maria and I had taken to burning a small lamp in the hut overnight because, even with the light of the moon, the jungle was a densely dark place, plus, if it did happen again, I wanted a clearer look at their bodies.

When the night arrived, I was a little disappointed that I could not fully join in the celebrations as I wanted to be conscious for what might happen to me later. I kept the stone mug I drank from topped up with water pretending it was the dreaded “date rape” drink which had allowed this to happen. I didn’t limit Maria’s drinking as I wanted her to be in a deep sleep while I was “being seduced.” By the time midnight came Maria was past her best and I did a pretty good imitation of being in a similar state. We stumbled back to our hut and I helped her strip for bed.

Maria washed herself in the basin as best she could and made a passing attempt at being fruity before passing out. I covered her lightly and ensured the mosquito net covered her bed. She was wearing only a light cotton top as it was going to be too difficult to pull on any pants for her lower half. She looked so serene in the half light though her heavy breathing suggested she was well out of action within minutes. I washed and stripped naked, sliding under the covers with the flimsy net around creating a slightly surreal feel with the flickering lamp and the moonlight outside. If they were coming tonight they were taking their time.

Whispering voices seemed to be in my head and then I awoke with a start. It was them! They were very cautious, I assumed because of the lamp. It was the same four. They wore nothing but their little loincloths and, as they entered the hut, I could see they were all sporting erections which lifted the cloth at the front almost obscenely. They came over to my bed and pulled back the net. I waited with anticipation to be serviced again and I heard them talk in the local language before closing the net again. Disappointingly, they moved over to Maria and pulled her net back. Draping it back fully to expose the bed, they pulled Maria’s covers back and lifted her top leaving her almost totally naked in front of them. The tallest of the four boys, knelt on the bed and put his finger into her exposed cunt before bending forward and pushing his tongue into her.

My cock was hardening. This was almost as exciting as having it done to me! I wondered how far they would go so I moved slowly, still feigning unconsciousness, and turned so that I could stroke my cock while I watched. The smallest boy went to Maria’s head and placed his cock at her mouth. Her lips parted slightly and he put his five inch uncut cock gently into the opening while wanking himself. His remaining two pals, stooped either side and took one of Maria’s hands each, wrapping it around their hard members and helping move her wrists in a wanking fashion. The sight of these four black native Indians all naked and pouring over my wife like feasting vampires excited me no end.

The taller stood up and beckoned the smallest (youngest?) over. He pointed at Maria’s gaping vagina and spoke quietly. Obviously they were going to fuck her in size order. The lad lifted her legs in the air, not caring at all whether he handled her roughly and pushed his stiff dick into her without any preamble. They knew the drink’s capabilities obviously, and I wondered how much they had enjoyed the previous sessions before I had worked out what was happening. The youngest of the group was grunting now and hammering into Maria as only teenagers do, when his older friend pulled him off and called the second one over.

“Very democratic,” I thought.

He held his six inches in hand, a veritable rod of steel, and positioned himself entering Maria a little more cautiously before building up speed. The third guy was kissing her face while the others watched the spectacle.

I suddenly felt jealous.

I slowly pulled back my cover and quietly slipped out of the net from the other side, gently walking, stark naked with erection in hand, towards the small group who were intent in their actions. When my cock prodded into the backside of the eldest, his intake of breath stopped all the action and the boy who was fucking pulled out immediately. All started talking at once in their local language before realizing their pleading wouldn’t work unless they spoke Portuguese. The eldest apologized. He begged me not to tell anyone, least of all the elders. He told me that they were attracted to her beauty.

“So why did you do it to me just a few days ago?” I asked.

There was silence and they all hung their heads.

“Boys,” I said, and nodded down to the stiff erect cock in my hand. “Do I look angry?”

The white teeth slowly appeared as evil smiles appeared and if horns could have popped out of their heads, they would have.

“Why don’t you continue?”

The same boy’s erection rose swiftly and I held Maria’s legs as he entered her. I pointed to the oldest boy then my cock and he realized I wanted sucked. He was happy to oblige. The smaller lad swiftly moved around and stood behind me, his cock prodding at the lower part of my buttocks and his last remaining partner in crime took position beside Maria’s mouth; his hands wandering over hear plump breasts. I heard the groan as boy fucker number two emptied his balls directly into Maria’s cunt. If I had my way, this was going to be the first of five loads she would take.

The little one took up position and started his fucking while I had to stop the eldest before I came in his mouth. I knelt down and took his cock. It was a monster by any standards and I couldn’t take its length, even its width was a problem. The boy who had been at Maria’s mouth came over to me and bent, sticking his bum in my face as I struggled to suck the cock. I moved across to the sweet smelling anus and remembered that this was the one who had sat on me the earlier evening. He wanted fucked.

The younger one started to shoot into Maria and pulled a glistening, wet cock out to stand with the other spent lad, at the side of the hut. I pointed to Maria and the guy whose arse was in my face went to fuck next. As he went into her, I climbed to his back and rubbed saliva over my cock, pushing into him as he pushed into Maria. I used my fucking action to get him to fuck Maria and he seemed ecstatic. His friends gathered round to watch the ménage et trios. My actions quickly pushed him to the edge and he made a subdued grunt as his balls discharged into Maria’s love canal. With that he pulled out and I got the chance to see her really being fucked by the biggest lad.

He looked at me and smiled, pointing to his dick with a request to have it lubricated with saliva, and then he positioned himself ready to enter her. I am not sure if they have a word for “voyeurism” in the tribe but he caught on to my interest very quickly. He smiled, taking the back of my head and pushing it down close to where he was entering Maria. The squelch as his cock slid into her was audible in the quiet of the night. He then did something I had not seen anyone in the tribe doing while we had been there. He kissed me fully on the lips holding my head in place while he fucked her. He rode her slightly upright and back so that I and all his little fans could see his big cock as it slid into her cunt and withdrew smeared in white liquid.

I needed to cum badly and as I stroked my cock I looked up pleadingly. He smiled that evil smile again, closed his eyes and froze. I looked down and could see his cock pulse as it pumped his seed into Maria. Only then did his body relax. He stood back as I entered her. The copious fluid enveloped my cock giving a warm, slippery bath to my turgid organ and I started to fuck her. I leaned over her, pulled her upturned legs tightly to me and kissed her lips and her breasts in turn as I completed the flood of male semen filling her.

The guys looked at me and the taller one said, “Maybe she will let me do it when she is awake sometime?”

I said, “I hope so.”

When they left, I gently bathed Maria’s red and open cunt, removing as much cum as I could. Most of it poured out anyway. I felt very guilty and realized that it I could not let her be continually abused in this way. I hoped, however though that Maria could be persuaded, bearing in mind some of her comments on the local lads, to accommodate one or all of them while fully compos mentis some time soon.

Two more times I came that night, realizing that even if Maria refused, these young lads were more than willing to keep me contented over the remaining months of my stay.

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