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Air Force Sleepover by Kevinmojo

Air force sleep over
By Kevinmjo

All rights reserved. This story is the property of the owner and is a fantasy

I laid in the full bed next to Carl nearly fast asleep when I
felt him move over close to me then his arm came over my body laying on
my bare chest. I chuckled to myself thinking "Carl must be sound asleep
thinking I was his girl friend?

Then his bare foot was touching and then lying on top of my bare foot under the sheets. I stayed still my dick getting hard at the feel of my handsome buddie's foot and arm on me like
this. His body moved now and the one leg came over onto my hip as his
hairy legs were on top of mine moving ever so slowly. I felt the tip of
his hard penis touch ever so slightly against my crack. Than Carl was
still again laying his strong bare hairy legs on mine his bare foot on
mine and the tip of his hard dick just pressing against my crack. I moved
back a little to get a better feel of the cock certain Carl was asleep.

As I did his hard prick moved up my crack and his foot moved on mine. I
lay still now my cock hard as a rock. A long time passed and I moved back
some more. This time Carl moved his still hard cock a few times up and
down the crack of my ass, his bare foot moving more on mine and his hand
over me and on my chest and he was now rubbing my tit as he was dry fucking me
like this. His hand was now pinching my nipple hard and playing with it
and then as he did he was really dry fucking his big cock into my crack
and I was pushing back on him. My defense if he woke would be that I was
asleep too. Carl was pumping me and I was pushing back on his cock loving
the feel of my handsome buddie's dick against me wanting more of it
wanting it bare.

I was thinking at this point 'Why keep up the ploy? Carl must be
into it because he can't be asleep through all this?" but I knew Carl he was
a man's man and any who dared to doubt that for a moment would be surely
beaten to a pulp.

As much as I may have wanted to do more I would just
have to be happy with this much? Suddenly Carl pulled off me totally. I
heard him on his back. I felt empty and wanted him to keep it up. Then I
heard and felt the sheets moving and knew by this Carl was removing his
briefs. I heard them fall as he threw them on the floor. Now slowly his
arm came back around me again on my nipple feeling it and playing with
it. Then again his bare foot was playing footsies with mine. Then his now
bare cock was pressing into my crack again. I was wishing I had not had
my own briefs on but still enjoyed knowing he was doing this to me. His
powerful hand was now down on my abs pulling my ass back into his hard
erect cock more, While he was pumping me. Now Carl was really pounding
his hard dick against me and he now pressed his strong smooth bare chest
to my bare back. His hand moved down now and he reached it into my briefs
took hold of my cock and was beating off my big meat. My strong man's man
friend was holding and beating my bare dick like mad. He was now moaning
and I knew the man was going to shoot his load and I was ready to lose
mine in his hand.

Then he let out a loud moan and I felt his cum wetting
up the crack of my ass through my briefs. He shot load after load of his
cum on me and kept beating my cock off until I was cumming all over his
hand. I regained my breath and we both lay there not saying a word. I
soon heard Carl's breath and knew he was sound asleep. I pulled free from
his hand still loosely on my now soft, cum-soaked cock and got out of the
bed to use the bath room. In there I couldn't believe what had just

I had known Carl for just over a year. We were both Air force pilots
stationed in Maine. flying B-52's. Both Captains. we had formed a close
bond more so then with the others as we were the only two single guys in
the unit. I had known I was gay from a kid yet still entered the air
force to do my time get my pilots time in and then join up with an
airlines to make the "Big Bucks" Carl on the other hand was all gungho for
the Air Force and wanted to make General one day. How we came to be
sharing a bed that night was due to a fire at Carl's off base apartment. His
place was pretty much a total loss. He was offered emergency rooming on
base but he was depressed about that idea. I of course offered him to
sleep on my sofa for as long as he wanted. We were both off for the next
three days and so had a few too many beers. Carl had said if I could keep
it between us he saw nothing wrong with us sleeping in the same bed?

Needless to say I jumped at the chance with the hopes something might
happen which just had. I was confused.

Was it a dream on his part? Was he really gay too?

I decided to let it go tomorrow was another day.

Next day I was up and in the kitchen fixing breakfast for us when
Carl came walking in not looking too good. He did have on his briefs and
a pair of white socks.

He was rubbing his eyes and said 'Wow Kevin what a
night buddy but I did sleep like a baby"

We finished our meal then We showered and dressed. I got a nice look at his bare
soft cock as we changed in the room and thought how good it felt against me last night.
Nothing was said. We spent the day shopping for new uniforms and clothes
for Carl then back to my apartment. The night was filled with different
other pilots coming over for a drink and offering Carl some help. Again
we had way too much to drink by late that night. Alone at last as I was
getting us another drink.

Carl said 'Kevin is it still OK if I sleep in with you again tonight or
would you rather I sleep out on the sofa?"

Back at the bar with him I gave him the beer and said "Well I didn't mind
you sleeping in with me last night, so if you slept ok sure, then sleep in
with me again"

He smiled that handsome smile of his. Brushed his jet black hair from his
forehead and said with a wink. " Oh Kevin I liked it a whole lot buddy
and I am glad you did too. So the bed it is for us two"

I smiled hoping he had a double meaning to what he had said? We brought
our beers to the room with us and as the TV played we sat side by side on
the bed taking off our boots. I was looking from the corner of my eyes as
I wanted to see the feet that had been playing with mine last night.
Gorgeous is all that can be said of Carl's bare feet. So masculine and
strong. He and I quickly got down to just our briefs. We slipped under
the sheet and propped up on pillows to see the TV.

Carl said "Kevin I love it here and you have really made me feel like I am
at home so much I can never thank you enough buddy. Look I really owe you."

I said looking into his handsome face, " Carl I enjoy having you here and
if we get along as well as we did last night. Maybe even better? Then I
am one happy camper?"

I was praying he would get my own double meaning here? He looked at me
with that hot smile that really turned me on and said. " I promise you
Kevin I'll make sure it is my mission to insure you enjoy having me here
more tonight then last night? I was afraid something I did last night may
have pissed you off?"

I said, "What do you mean?"

Carl looking worried said. " Well I woke up in the morning with my briefs
off and on the floor. I am so use to sleeping naked I guess during the
night I slipped them off? I hope that didn't up set you?"

I gave him a smile and joked. " Oh Hell, Carl your company and in this
house what company wants company gets. If you feel better sleeping in the
nude then by all means go ahead?"

Carl looked at me and said "Really, I would like that? You sure? Do you
ever sleep in the buff?"

I said, "Hell yea almost every night. I think if you don't mind I will
tonight too?"

He was pulling down his briefs under the sheets saying, "Hell no I don't

We both threw our briefs down and off the foot of the bed. Carl
said "We may not be able to tell which is which tomorrow but I don't
think it will make much difference in the morning?"

He turned in the bed towards me and up on one arm. Under the sheet
his bare foot resumed his playing with my own bare foot as it was the
night before. I closed my eyes to let him know I liked it. He kept
rubbing his masculine bare foot on mine. Then his hairy leg came over
mine and he said as he was rubbing legs. "Kevin this is going to sound
weird but last night I keep remembering some of the things I was doing to
you and I got to thank you for not mentioning it to me today. Your a good

I said. "Well, I thought we both had a lot to drink Carl and no big deal?"

He was still rubbing my foot and leg with his and smiled as he did and
said 'Would you kind of like to get even with me tonight?"

I looked at his bare powerful chest the nice nipples and said "Yea I
would kind of like that Carl"

He smiled again and said 'Good I've been hoping all day I could make it
all up to you. Now this is between us two."

He just then turned over on his side facing away from me his bare
ass under the sheets. I looked at Carl's strong muscular back and arms
and I moved close to him putting my bare foot on his incredible bare
foot. As I did Carl let out a moan. I moved closer and closer. Then my
hard bare cock was just touching his hairy ass crack. I lined up my cock
along his whole crack and moved in arm over him my bare cock now on his
crack I began to pump his nice ass. feeling his nipples like he had mine
the night before. Carl was pushing back on me and moaning as I was dry
fucking his hot crack. After a while Carl reached back between my cock
and his ass took hold of my bare dick and was guiding it to his hole.
Lined up now I was pushing my cock head against his hole.

I said "You sure Carl? You want me to put it in you?

Carl moaned and said "Yea Kevin I really do but its big man real big dude. you got any stuff to put on it first?"

I couldn't believe my luck. The man was an Adonis in the flesh and mine. I got the KY out and did up my 9 inch cock as Carl watched. He resumed his position and again my cock head was lined up to his hole. His whole strong hard body was tense as my cock head entered into
him his pussy lips spreading to take my cock head into him and he wasmoaning so sexy, loving my dick fucking into him.

Slowly I was feeding my thick cock into my handsome pilot's hole making him mine. Then I was in to my hairy balls and said in his ear. " Oh Carl thank you man for giving this to me so tight so hot man I love my dick fucking into you buddy"

His breath was strained as he said "Hey thank you Kevin man I love that
hot big dick of yours and your hairy balls on me. Oh yea Kevin do it now
man do it for me. Fuck me man, fuck that man meat deep into me. Kevin keep
our bare feet touching while you fuck my hole man fuck me. Kevin fuck me

He was pushing back against my dick as I was pounding him fast like
a piston fucking his hole spreading his hole to fit my wide dick. My bare
cock skin against his bare cunt lips. My cock was repeatedly touching his prostate and he moaned more and more each time loving the feel of a bare hard cock skin on his prostate.
My bare hairy balls slapping his hole.

I whispered in his ear. "Carl I am going to fucking shoot my man load in you then I am going to fucking lick my own cum out of your hole dude."

He went wild pushing back on me more fucking back on me then I was
fucking into him taking my hard fat bare dick I was now shooting my load
hard into him flooding his hole with my cum round after round of my thick
cream filling his hole. Our bare feet pressed so hard as the last of my
load shot into him. He was now cumming on the sheets. I pulled him over
once I pulled out and was licking his cum from his big man meat. I then
had him on allfours while I was eating my own cum from his tight hot hole
and he was moaning more and more. Telling me he loved me and wanted me to
always do this to him. Soon this Air Force Pilot hunk would be fucking
his own big 9 inch cock bare backing into my hole and creaming my hole
with his own cum load.

I licked down his powerful hairy legs to his manly bare feet and was
sucking on his toes eating at his feet. Then up to his cock and balls big
hairy balls filled with more cum for me to eat up and get fucked into my

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