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He Was Asleep by Patersonwalex

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and that of love. Any resemblance to actual places, events, or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.This story may contain erotic and/or sexually explicit behaviour between an adult and a teen. If it is illegal for you to, or you find this sort of work offensive, don't download or read it!
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‘He Was Asleep’
(sleep, teen, cum)

He was asleep, splayed out on his bed arms spread wide, on his back. His mouth was slightly open as he breathed steadily, his chest rising and falling as he did so. His erect nipples were large on his broad smooth chest and there was only the slightest hint of a blond treasure trail running down from his belly button down deep into his sleeping shorts.
He was 18 years old and simply a beautiful boy, blond and slim with bright blue eyes, smooth skin and he was all boy.

I stood beside his bed watching him sleep for ages, mesmerised by the vision of youth lying in front of me. His top cover had slid off as he slept leaving his naked upper body in full view. He was wearing loose baggy sleeping shorts with wide legs and his legs were spread apart over the width of his large bed. The bed was suitable for two people and I was tempted to lie down beside him and hold him as he dreamed, but I couldn’t do that, after all I was his carer at least for two nights and that would be wrong. I would have to be satisfied with just looking.

He was called Jack and the only son of my next-door neighbour, Sue, a single mum who worked very hard to keep her small family together. Her husband, and Jack’s father, had left them when Jack was 4 years old and they never saw or heard from him again.

Sue had arrived at my front door earlier that day in a panic. Her boss had insisted that she make a vital presentation to some new clients and then have dinner with them, 200 miles away in the nearest large city. She would have to stay over two nights and her thoughtless boss had suggested that she simply leave Jack at home with cash for some food and he would be fine! There was no way Sue was going to do that, I was her only hope. I readily agreed to move in with Jack to make sure that he was safe and got to college and of course most importantly for a teenager, fed! Sue was so relieved and wouldn’t stop thanking me for being so kind. All I could think of was the possibility of seeing Jack with few clothes on as I had craved that opportunity since I met him when they moved in three years before.

I love teenage boys. I spend a lot of time boy-watching and since Jack had moved in it
was easy for me to indulge my passion with him just next door. I made neighbourly contact when they arrived with the removal truck and offered any help I could and was warmly
received by both mother and son. We all became good friends with Jack spending a lot of the summer in my yard as I was fortunate enough to have an in-ground pool and Jack
became a regular visitor.

He chose, as many young beautiful boys do, baggy swimwear and a Speedo underneath so there was no hope of seeing anything. In addition he always arrived ready for the pool so no chance of a ‘quick flash’ of anything while changing. He also went home at the end of swimming to change in his room. I did, however, really enjoy watching him splash around and spend endless hours in the warm water and the images I could recall were a source of many happy evening’s fun for me when I was in bed wanking my cock, seeing Jack in my head.

As I looked at him I wondered if I could just see his cock, just a glimpse and I would remember it forever, but I was so nervous and must have debated in my head for a good 20 minutes before deciding to leave it.

I went back to the family room and tidied up the remnants of our meal: two large pizzas and ice cream and the image of his beautiful body buzzed in my head. My cock was tenting the front of my sweatpants and that was in spite of having on tight white briefs too. I had to try and see his body naked.

I went back to his room and he was as I had left him, still on his back, legs spread uncovered and breathing steadily, deep in sleep.
I knelt down beside his bed and tried to see if I could see anything up inside the wide legs of the shorts and while the lighting in the room was low there was some spill from the lamp in the hallway outside his door, which helped.

I laid my hand very gently on his thigh just below the end of the shorts and waited to see if
there was a reaction. He never moved. I started to inch my way up his upper thigh now inside the shorts leg and as they were so baggy and loose it was easy progress, checking him all the time for a reaction but still none. As my hand got to almost the top of the shorts leg I touched the head of his uncut cock. It was still covered by his long foreskin and it seemed to be soft. I moved my hand gently feeling the length of his boy-cock and it felt soft and smooth with the long tip of the foreskin adding to the length by over 1” easily. I moved my fingers down under his cock to feel his balls in their smooth sack. They were about the size of walnuts and fully dropped.

I was sweating now as I suddenly wondered what excuse I could possibly use if Jack woke up – none came to mind, so I carried on the boy still sound asleep. I went back to his cock
and it had filled a little causing it to lengthen and the foreskin to pull back slightly. I played with his cock for a while then felt his sparse pubic hair it was wiry and short, but felt awesome. His cock was now well on the way to being fully hard, the foreskin was pulled back over the head which was moist to touch and there was a drop of pre cum on the tip which I managed to get onto my finger. I very gingerly removed my hand with its precious cargo and put it to my lips where I savoured the sweet taste of boy juice. Awesome!!
I wished that my fingers could ‘see’ as all I was getting was ‘touch’ and that was blowing my mind, I needed to see and perhaps even taste this beautiful boy. I grew bolder and decided to try and move his shorts down or away, so that I could get access to his treasures.

There was no way I could move them down far enough to get access so I decided that I
would work the other way and try to release his cock and balls by sliding the loose baggy
shorts leg up. I started to roll the loose material up his thigh and there was now a very visible tent in the shorts as young Jack had come to full hardness. I moved the material onwards and up and then just managed to get the shorts leg over his hard-on and now I could see it and his balls in their full glory.

My mouth started to water as I stared at the most beautiful uncut cock I had seen in a very long time. It was not huge or thick by any means but a good 4½” long and slightly thicker around than my thumb. It was smooth, pale and had dark veins running along its length. The foreskin was fully peeled back, revealing the beautifully formed moist pink cock head. I was in awe of the beauty of his boy cock and so happy that he had not been cut as is so often the case today. I love foreskin and the way it can be used to heighten the feelings of wanking, and apart from that an uncut soft cock just looks fantastic.

I was brought back to my senses when I heard Jack moan and move slightly on the bed, his hand clasping his boy cock as he slept. He started to move the skin up and down the slim shaft drawing deep breaths through half closed lips as he went on with his work.
I really wanted to take his cock in my mouth but realised that this might just be too much for him and anyway I was getting a first class performance from Jack himself as he pleasured his 18 year old cock in the way that only he knew how to.

His pace quickened and Jack’s hand moved faster up and down the shaft, his thumb sliding over the head every now and again to pick up the copious amounts of pre cum that was literally gushing out of his boy cock. I knew it would be over very soon and I decided that I would position myself over his cock to perhaps get a few drops of his delicious boy juice into my hot mouth. I moved into place over his rapid moving hand and waited as he got faster and faster his hand moving his foreskin up and down like a blur over his solid cock. He moaned a deep, long, guttural sound as the boyspunk started to fly from his cockhead. I missed the first spurt as it rose in an arc hitting his face but I caught the second, third, fourth and fifth spurts square in my mouth, and I savoured the taste on my tongue before swallowing it down. Pure boy nectar!

His hand slid off his softening cock and I watched it as it deflated, the foreskin slowly but surely creeping steadily back up over his cockhead. There were a number of drops of boy cum oozing from the head of his cock and I went for them lapping them up onto my tongue and savouring them too.

My own cock felt that it was splitting open it was so hard and there was a river of pre cum soaking my briefs. I stood up beside the bed and the still sleeping boy dropped my sweatpants and briefs negotiating them around my solid cock and I grabbed my cock knowing that it would take only a couple of strokes and that was it I shot my load over the boy’s cock, balls pubes and all over his chest six large strings of thick creamy man cum.
There was no way I could clean him up so I decided to leave him as he was and retreat to the family room and hopefully he would think that it was all his work when he finally awakened.

I went to bed anxiously awaiting the next morning when he would realise what he had done in his sleep and wonder if I knew.

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