Friday, 12 June 2009

Sleeping Boyfriend 01 by fhswarrior

Sleeping Boyfriend Ch. 01 (There are no further chapters)

by fhswarrior©

To the Readers: Recently, I corresponded with a woman who put pictures of her sleeping boyfriend on the net, asking for feedback from men and women as to what they would like to do to his body. Being bi-curious, I wrote to Sheila and asked if I could give her my fantasy version. This first chapter is the first night of the encounter. Sheila will share the second memorable night together with her sleeping boyfriend.

My first bi-sexual Encounter:

Sheila called me on the cell phone and asked me to stop by and meet her and her boyfriend Rick. Unfortunately, my plane got in late and I was quite delayed getting over to their place. When I arrived, Sheila answered the door and invited me in.

"My boyfriend was tired from work. He came home, took a shower, and fell asleep before you could get here," she explained.

Well, I was disappointed, but knew that Sheila still wanted me to "meet" Rick. I asked her if she thought I would awaken him if I went into the bedroom to " introduce" myself. She said no, but asked if she could watch from the other side of the room.

I said, "Sure, no problem."

Entering the bedroom, I could see that her boyfriend was laying on his back kinda curled up asleep. He did not have a stitch of clothes on. Rick's slumbering body was in a very relaxed state, including his nice, large, cut cock, which gently rested between his legs on his ball sack.I walked over to the side of the bed and spoke to Rick to see if he would awaken. No response. I gently blew hot breath on his neck, his chest, and finally, his cock, to see if he would move. No response.

I thought, "Mmmm, this might be interesting."

I pondered. Slowly, I took off all of my clothes. I sat on the side of the bed near his mid-section.Taking my hand, I caressed the top of his cock and curled my fingers around it. It stayed very limp. The thought of holding a cock for the first time since I was a teenager (the exploratory years of adolescence) was a huge turnon. My cock sprang to attention. As I caressed Rick's cock with one hand, I rubbed my throbbing member with the other. Slowly, I caressed his balls and the area between his legs. I was about to fulfill another fantasy not experienced since youth. I leaned down and took his limp cock in my mouth, gently feeling the soft head and shaft roll around in my mouth. It tasted wonderful. I took the whole member in my mouth, my nose pressing into his pubic hairs.

Gradually, his cock stiffened. I swallowed the entire member into my mouth, periodically releasing it to just lick and play with the nice cut head. Mmmmm. The taste was great.Afraid that he might cum too soon, I moved onto the bed and gently lay on top of him. Not my entire weight. Propping myself with one arm, I pushed our cocks together so that I could feel them rubbing together. Wow, what a great feeling. I grabbed both cocks in my hand and stroked them together. I was oozing a lot of precum, and spread it with my finger all over the head of his cock.

I could feel his pubic hairs rubbing my clean shaved pubic area. The sensation was terrific, rubbing cocks.Finally, I moved off and took Rick's cock in my mouth again. I sucked the length of his hard shaft into my throat and sucked with passion. Soon, I could feel his member throb. And like that, he came with a force. Four jets of cum streamed down my throat. I pulled off slightly to taste his cum. Very nice taste, not at all unlike my own (which I taste sometimes when I jerk off).Amazed that he never woke up, I just winked at Sheila. At this point, she had taken off all of her clothes and was rubbing herself feverishly. She knew I needed relief, but we had already agreed that she was not sharing her body with me, yet.

Finally, Rick rolled over. I wanted to fuck him in the ass, but knew he would wake up and probably kick my ass. I was still hard and desired relief. I moved on the bed between his legs. Slowly, I rubbed and kissed his ass, periodically licking his asshole. Mmmmm, I enjoyed licking him, running my tongue around his hole, then down between his legs to his ball sack and then back up to his crack.Finally, I could wait no longer, I laid on top of Rick and put my cock between his ass cheeks and fucked him along the outside of his ass crack, rubbing up against that ass, the only lubrication being my tongue wetness and my precum. I could wait no longer. The climax built up inside me and I came. All over his back. Shooting up almost to his shoulders in two hot spurts. I had not cum like that in 20 years.

Exhausted, I rolled off of him. Sheila said that she would clean her boyfriend up. I put my clothes on, Sheila gave me a long kiss goodnight, and I slipped away to my hotel for sweet dreams. After all that, I still woke up in the night, and remembering what had happened, I jerked myself off and came again horny as ever.

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