Thursday, 2 July 2009

Hot Night by Jackson 5311

When I was 18, my 19-year-old brother had just finished his freshman year in college. He moved home during the summer so he could work and save as much money as he could. Our parents were not well off and our home was fairly small so my brother and I shared a single bedroom and slept in a double bed.

My brother and I had always been close and I was glad he was home for the summer. Our house did not have air conditioning and the fan did little in keeping the room cool at night. On these nights, my brother and I often slept nude with just a sheet because it was the best way to stay cool. Being nude together was no big deal because we had grown up together and had always shared a room. However, this summer was different.My brother was now a college guy, which made him seem so grown up to me. Also, his body had become much more defined during his year in college and he was starting to get some blonde hair on his chest, where I was still smooth. At 19, he suddenly seemed like a full-grown adult.

One particular evening, our room was too hot and I wasn't able to fall asleep. I tossed and turned for about an hour before I finally gave up any attempt to sleep. However, my brother thought I was sleeping and very slowly pulled his side of the sheet down off his waist and began playing with his cock. My brother and I are both circumcised and the room was light enough to see that his cock, when erect, was a little longer and thicker than mine. At 15, I had already masturbated for a few years and just assumed all guys did it. However, I had never seen another guy masturbate, not even my brother, and I was very interested in watching what he was doing on his side of the bed. In hindsight, my brother was trying to be faithful to his girlfriend and that particular summer, jacking off was probably his only outlet.

I didn't let him know I was awake and secretly watched him as continued stroking his penis, thinking I was sleeping and being very careful not to waken me up. He glanced over at me several times and in spite of his efforts to be quiet, I could hear his breathing intensify, as he got closer to his orgasm. He was using both hands to bring himself off and I was getting more and more excited watching him. I also knew from his movements he was getting close to cumming and I really wanted to see him do it. Finally, still making every effort to be quiet, I saw my brother's cock twitch just before he started spraying his cum across his belly with some landing as high as his chest. When he finished, he looked over at me to make sure I was still sleeping and then wiped up his cum with the sheet. Next he just rolled over and went to sleep. Although I didn't jack off that evening, I wanted to. I realized I had gotten extremely aroused watching my brother cum.

The next night, the same thing happened. Once my brother thought I was asleep, he lifted the sheet off and started stroking his cock. This time I decided I couldn't just lie there while my brother beat off so I pretended to move in my sleep. My brother had always teased me for being a heavy sleeper and I felt confident he would think I was only tossing in my sleep.I rolled against him, very gradually, as if I was turning in my sleep. As my body touched his, he immediately stopped what he was doing and laid very still. I next laid my arm over his chest and nuzzled my head against his neck. My brother very gently moved my arm off his chest and placed itagainst my side but soon I started moving again and very casually laid my hand on his thigh. Again, I made every effort to appear natural and was unconsciously moving in my sleep.

This time my brother made no effort to lift my hand off him. I waited several minutes and began slowly turning my body over his, allowing my hand to move up his thigh until reaching his testicles. Although I seen him nude on many occasions, I was surprised by the way his balls felt in my hand. They felt much bigger and fuller than they looked and the hair was almost silky to touch. They were also warmer than the rest of his body. At this point, I waited for my brother to move me off him but he continued to lie very still so I began moving my hand very gently, tracing the length of his nuts and eventually running my hand along the underside of his shaft. When I did this, I noticed that his cock was hard as steel and felt incredibly smooth. When I did this, his cock started twitching as though my hand was an electric current. This was the first time I had ever felt another guy's erection, let alone my brothers, and the feelings I experienced were indescribable.

I slowly rolled in my sleep again and was now lying directly over him withour legs intertwined. I loved feeling his hairy legs against my own legs as I continued moving ever so slowly as though I was trying to find a comfortable position to sleep. Now my brother began moving under me and I felt my cock barely brushing against his. Soon I could feel our hard shafts pressing against each other as my brother placed his hands on mybutt and pulled my body tighter against his own. Unexpectedly, he slowly moved his hands up my waist and began gently tracing his fingers along my sides and across my back. This gave me goose bumps and made me think this is how a girl must feel lying in my brother's arms. I fleetingly felt as though I wanted to kiss him but of course, I didn't.

I could feel my brother's heart beating in his chest as he moved his hips and started thrusting his cock harder against mine. It only took a few moments for me to get a familiar tingling sensation in my balls to know Iwas going to cum if this continued. I suddenly began to feel very scared because I didn't want to cum on my brother. Never letting on I was awake, I gently shifted my body in an effort to move off my brother. However, once I moved onto my back on my side of the bed, my brother suddenly rolled on top of me and began pumping his cock vigorously against mine until Icouldn't hold out any longer. My orgasm was incredible and in minutes I was spraying my hot cum across his stomach and mine. After a few more thrusts, my brother held me even tighter as he also started to cum and I felt it spray against my stomach and chest. He continued to lie on top of me until both our orgasms subsided. Once he rolled off me, he simply wiped us clean with the sheet, rolled over and went to sleep.

That summer, we continued doing this almost every night. Although we never spoke of it. I think it made us even closer and that he enjoyed it as much as I did.

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