Thursday, 2 July 2009

My College Roommate by Marc Christopher

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and all the Freshman were just starting to arrive and find their rooms. When I got to mine, it was empty. Obviously, I had arrived before my roommate. I had never met him, but I knew his name was Cory.

After a couple of hours of unpacking, I had gotten the room looking pretty cool. Cory arrived right about then. He was almost six feet tall, blonde hair, blue eyes.... the typical surfer type. I helped him carry in some of his stuff and I asked him where he was from. He told me he was from California, and indeed he was quite heavily into surfing. He really fitted the stereotype of the "California Surfer Dude". He was quite a contrast to me. I was only about 5'8", 130 pounds. I had a slim, undeveloped boy's body and dark hair, only on my head and legs (and the other obvious places, too!).

When he finished unpacking, Cory said he needed to take a shower and I pointed the way for him. I didn't know anyone, so I just decided to stay in the room and organize things and maybe do a little reading. About 20 minutes later, Cory came back from the shower wrapped only in a towel. He had a great build, a beautiful swimmer's (or should I say surfer's) body. Very thin and tall with well defined chest and arms. He only had slight blonde hairs on his legs and arms and none on his chest. Now, I had never really labeled myself as gay, but I had known for some time that I was attracted to guys in a certain way that most guys were attracted to girls.

Certainly, Cory was someone that I enjoyed looking at. I felt my dick starting to get hard so I turned away into my book to try to get my mind off of his body and so it wouldn't be so obvious that I was looking at him. I didn't watch as he got dressed, for fear he might see me staring at him. Once he was set, he told me he was going to go out and explore the campus. As soon as he left, I locked the door, took out my cock and beat off with the image of Cory still fresh on my mind. It didn't take long for me to cum all over the place, thinking about him like that.

A few weeks passed and classes had begun. Cory and I both started to make our own friends. It appeared we were moving in different social circles. He tended to hang out with a "wilder" bunch of guys who liked to drink and chase after girls all the time, while I was quieter and stayed with a more intellectual crowd. There were several times during that period that I had gotten to watch Cory change without him knowing it. He had a very nice cock. I never saw it hard, of course, but even soft you could tell it was big. It hung low and was shaped nicely and complimented his big balls. He had tufts of blonde hair surrounding his pubic area and he was circumcised. I often jerked off thinking about his body.

Cory was a fairly good student and usually spent a few hours each night in the room studying. I was always there studying, too. Our relationship had developed into one only of roommates. We really weren't friends. We didn't eat together, we didn't have the same friends, we didn't party together. We were very nice to each other and respected each other, but that was about it. We really didn't even see each all that much. One thing about Cory is he really liked to party on the weekends. Pretty much without fail, he would stumble into the room every Friday and Saturday night and barely hit the bed before he passed out from all he had drank that night. You could smell the beer on his clothes and breath from clear across the room. Cory really liked his beer! I could only imagine some of the stuff that went on at the parties where he had been drinking.

Well, one Friday night it was particularly warm and the natives were restless, including me. Hot weather always tends to get me horny. It was about two in the morning and I couldn't sleep, because it was so hot and humid. I was horny and I started to beat off. Just I was really getting into it, I heard the key being put into the lock. I quickly clicked off the light, threw the covers over myself, and pretended to be asleep. Cory stumbled in, stripped down to his underwear and fell into bed. I could smell the beer. He was shit-faced alright. Not even five minutes had passed before he started snoring. He was out cold.

It was dark, Cory was out like a light, and I didn't see any harm in finishing what I had started. I flipped off the covers and started stroking my dick again. I was really getting into it! This was the first time I had ever jerked off with Cory in the room. Knowing that he was just a few feet away really made me hard and added to my excitement. I don't know where I got the courage, but I decided to get up and walk over closer to where he was sleeping so that I could look at him while I was jerking off. Quietly, I got up from my bed and stepped out of my underwear. Totally nude, I walked over to where Cory lay sleeping. He was flat on his back in just his Calvin Klein jockey shorts. It was so hot that evening, or maybe he was just too drunk, but he hadn't gotten under the covers. He just lay there atop his unmade bed. There was a fair amount of light which always came in from the lights of the campus walkways outside. As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I could see the outline of Cory's beautiful body. I stood above him and lightly stroked my dick up and down. If he had opened his eyes at that moment and saw me standing there naked, he probably would have killed me! I would have been labelled a fag for life on that campus! Well, I'm sure I don't have to tell you some of the things you find the guts to do when you're as horny as I was right then, but I leaned over and sniffed Cory's neck. He had the musty smell of a boy mixed with the smell of beer. The smell made me super-horny and made my cock as hard as steel! I got even closer and ran my nose down by his chest, then lower and lower until finally I was near the band of his underwear. I dropped to my knees and put my nose under his balls, just where his two legs met. I was insanely horny! I couldn't take it any longer! I had to taste that sweet cock of his!

I figured Cory was so out of it, that I could pretty much do anything to him and he wouldn't wake up. Ever so gently, I put my fingers under the waistband of his underwear. I watched his face and listened very carefully for any signs of him waking up but there was nothing. He was really out of it! I very slowly tugged at the front of his briefs and pulled them lower and lower. I would stop about every quarter inch so as not to take a chance on waking him. Finally, his limp dick fell free. It hung over onto his leg, sort of pointing in my direction. I leaned over and took a good whiff of it. It had an ever so slight smell of piss mixed with a musty smell of soap and sweat from being trapped in his jockey's all day. The smell drove me wild! I gingerly stuck out my tongue and touched the tip of my it to the tip of his cock. A small string of saliva formed between the two as I pulled back my tongue. I was beating my meat fast! I was almost ready to cum! The excitement of what I was doing was overwhelming! It was exciting and scary all at the same time. Man, if he had woken up just then.....

As I got bolder (and hornier!), I stared to gently lick his limp cock from tip to balls. Finally, I took it in my hand and guided it into my hungry mouth. I was able to take the whole thing because he was soft. I closed my lips around his cock and pressed my face against his cock hairs and balls. After about 30 seconds, his cock began to swell in my mouth. Soon, it was almost fully hard. It was big. I had never seen it hard before and it must have been at least 7 inches, and a good thickness too! By this time, I could only fit about half of his hard dick in my mouth. I started to work it up and down as it grew harder. Cory's breathing started to quicken. I looked up and he still appeared to be out of it. I wondered if he thought he was dreaming that some chick was sucking on his rod. I was beating myself faster and faster and bobbing up and down on Cory's cock faster and faster. All of a sudden I felt his two hands on the back of my head. I was in shock! I was caught! I jumped and tried to pull off of him. His hands only pushed harder on my head! I couldn't believe it, but he was pushing my head further down onto his cock. He wanted me to keep doing what I was doing! His cock was rock hard by this point! I added my hands into the action and stroked him up and down as I sucked. A few minutes passed and he started to moan and squirm under me on the bed. I knew he was about to cum. I stroked him faster and faster and was stroking myself with my free hand.

Cory's whole body tightened up and he squirted a tasty load of teenage cum into my mouth. I swallowed most of it and the rest dribbled back onto his cock hairs. This all was too much for me to take and I came all over the floor at just about the same time. I pulled the front of Cory's underwear back over his cock. I got up and went back to my bed, got in and went to sleep. I didn't think there were any words that were appropriate for that moment. The next morning, I was up and out of the room before Cory woke up. Later when I came back, he had just come from the shower and was dressing to go somewhere. At first, I didn't say anything. I was really scared of what might happen. Was he going to call me a fag? Was he going to tell everyone in the dorm what had happened?

He just said "hi" and asked me how breakfast was! He acted as if nothing at all had happened! I was shocked... but glad. This was the easiest way out for me. Maybe he liked it and wanted more. Maybe he was afraid if he told anyone they would think he was gay. Maybe he didn't remember the whole thing or thought it was a dream! I didn't really care! I was just glad he acted the way he did! Cory and I both went our separate ways that day.

As usual, on a Saturday night, I was in the room long before Cory. And, as usual, he stumbled in drunk again and fell onto his bed again, this time without even bothering to take his clothes off. I figured I had nothing to lose this time, and didn't need to be nearly as careful. I walked right over and looked at him. His eyes were closed, but I didn't think he was even asleep yet. I started to undo the buttons of his faded, ripped jeans. He moved his hands to mine and grabbed them. Very quietly, almost in a whisper he said "I'm not that way... I'm not that way".

I whispered back "I know Cory... don't worry... No one will ever know about this".

Slowly, his hands dropped to his side in abandonment. Without saying it, he was telling me to go ahead! He was telling me he wanted me to suck his cock again! I resumed unbuttoning his jeans and wasted no time in getting his cock in my mouth again. It didn't take long before he was moaning and squirming, and again, he shot his beautiful load in my mouth. There were many more nights like that during my Freshman year. I would suck Cory off almost every Friday and Saturday night. Sometimes during the week, too! When he wasn't drunk, I would usually wait until he was asleep before I would creep over to his bed and do him. He'd always stir a bit, wake up, hold the back of my head and give me his cum before falling back asleep. Cory never touched me... except to put his hands on the back of my head and guide it up and down as I was sucking him. No other words were ever spoken about it between us. I don't think he ever told anybody about it either. We treated each other during the day like nothing was going on, and at night I performed my silent ritual on Cory's magnificent rod without ever a word between us.

By the end of the semester, Cory had found himself a girlfriend. I knew the chances of us rooming together the next year were slim, and in fact, he is now rooming with someone else in a different dorm. We still see each other around from time to time and give each other a pleasant hello. I still jerk off all the time thinking about Cory and all the times I sucked his rod. I heard that he broke up with his girlfriend and sometimes dream that maybe next year we will be roommates again. I'll let you know what happens!

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