Monday, 31 August 2009

An Experience at Aaron's Party by War Browne

An Experience at Aaron’s Party by War Browne

It was a Saturday night in a month not too far away. I had agreed to host a party for my mate Tony's cousin, Aaron. It was a handful of his friends, plenty of booze and Tony and me as the responsible adults (yeah right!).

We got into some drinking games like bottles and matches and soon everyone was getting quite drunk. I am not sure what the pizza delivery guy thought, but shortly after we ate, Tony and one of Aaron's friends left. We didn't see them again until Sunday afternoon. During the night most of us got naked as a result of losing games but there were two guys who wouldn't go beyond their undies. One of them passed out first and so lost his undies because he was the first to pass out. One by one the guys passed out and the lounge had half a dozen drunks passed out in all sorts of interesting positions. Unfortunately, I had drunk too much to appreciate it.

I don't remember when I went to bed but about 5am I had to get up and take a piss. When I got back to my bed there was the one guy who had kept his undies because he hadn't passed out. He probably been there all night but I didn't remember. He was lying face down on the bed and was wearing white cotton briefs which were loose on him.

They were warm to the touch and when I touched his arse through them he didn't stir. I slid them down revealing the white flesh of his arse, still no response from him. Even though none of his jet-black hair was evident on his arse cheeks, the skin felt prickly to the touch. As there was still no response I gently pulled his cheeks apart. His crack was lined with very short black hairs. His pucker was not closed tightly but appeared to be slightly open. It offered my finger virtually no resistance. Emboldened by the lack of response from the guy, I rolled him over. There was a wet patch under his face where he had drooled during the night. His body was unresisting and floppy. There was hardly any bulge in the front of his briefs, something I had also noticed during the party.

When I peeled his briefs back his small cut penis barely was clear of his tight, round, shaved balls. The skin of his cock and balls were several shades darker than the rest of his skin. His jet black pubes had been shaved but were just starting to grow back. I pulled his briefs off and threw them in the corner. There was still no response from him. I wasn't able to make his cock any longer by fondling it or by probing his arse with my finger, but when I started sucking on his cock it started to grow a bit. His hole tightened up, offering resistance to my fingers and he also started to mumble and talk incoherently. I rolled away, feigning sleep, and watched as his cock grew to a respectable 6". He rubbed it a few times and then woke up.

He was lost at first, then got up and stumbled out of the room. I heard him slam the door to the bathroom open and him hitting the water in the toilet with his stream of piss. When he returned he grabbed his undies and I got a view of his arse as he put them on with his back to me. He then left and finished his sleep in the lounge with the other guys. I went back to sleep.

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