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Getting into Preacher Boy's Pants (parts 1-4) by Stimle

Getting Into Preacher Boy's Pants
Part 1

Josh Larson was big for his age. He was only 18 years old but was already 6’1 and 175 pounds. He’d spent the summer as a lifeguard at a hotel in Coronado and was tanned from head to toe, except for where he wore his shorts. His light sandy brown hair was sun-streaked and he had piercing blue eyes. He was toned from daily workouts and stared at by girls, women, boys and men. But Josh was oblivious... not to the female ogling, but to the eyes of the guys. In his world, which consisted only of church and football, such things has homosexuals and gay sex didn’t exist. The only gay people he’d ever seen were effeminate and faggy looking, limp-wristed and talking with noticeable lisps.

It was just before 1:00 pm on Sunday as Josh drove up his driveway in his red Jeep Wrangler. Josh was home alone this weekend. His dad was speaking at a seminar in Idaho and his mom and three younger brothers and sister had gone along.

Paul Thomas was looking out the window, staring at his hot young neighbor. Paul had lived next door to the Larsons ever since they’d moved to the neighborhood four two years ago. He was 23, good looking, dark hair and eyes, and gay. His parents were older and had retired a few years ago. Once Paul had started college they bought an RV and spent most of the year on the road. Right now they were in Missouri or Oklahoma. He couldn’t remember. But it was nice with them gone all the time because then Billy, his boyfriend, was free to spend as much time there as he wanted. No one in the neighborhood new that Paul was gay. He didn’t look or act gay and even dated girls on occasion to “keep up appearances.”

Josh was wearing a white oxford, tan chinos and brown shoes, and toting a Bible, which meant he must’ve just come from church. He looked like a walking ad for the Gap or Banana Republic. Paul also noticed that he was walking a little funny.

“Hey Josh,” Paul called from the open door, “you okay?”

Josh looked over at Paul and smiled. He liked Paul. For a guy a few years older he didn’t treat Josh like a kid. He’d always been cool toward him. “Rough game the other night,” he explained. “I got sacked like six times. Then I went horseback riding with Courtney all afternoon yesterday and my butt hurts. I haven’t been riding since we lived in Texas.”

“Well Billy’s here and we’re gonna watch the Chargers game if you wanna stop over,” Paul offered, hoping Josh would accept the last minute invitation.

Josh thought about it for half a second. He liked Billy, too. The three of them went to the beach and hung out sometimes and he’d taught Josh how to surf.

“That’s be great,” Josh said, inserting the key into the front door. “Let me change real quick and I’ll be right over.” He walked in, closed the door behind him, and immediately opened it again.

“Paul!” he cried out. Paul popped his head out his front door.
“What’s up?”

“I was thinking, you guys wanna come over here and watch the game? We got that new big screen TV last week with surround sound and stuff. Plus my family’s out of town for a few days. My mom left some money for food so we can order some pizzas of you want.”

“Sounds good to me,” Paul said. “We’ll be over in a few.”

“Just come on in,” Josh said. “I’m gonna change real quick.”

Paul watched as Josh went back into his house. Hmmm.... what an ass. If he played his cards right, in a few hours he and Billy could be in the kid’s pants. Paul let Billy know what was up, grabbed some beer, and headed over to Josh’s house. They walked in and waited for Josh in the foyer.

Josh came out of his room a few minutes later. He’d changed into a Dallas Cowboy’s jersey and track pants, the kind that snapped up the side. Paul noticed that Josh had missed a snap on the right leg of his track pants, up near his hip, and he could see the blue and gray of his boxer shorts.

Josh noticed the beer that Billy was holding. His eyes widened.

Billy noticed and looked into Josh’s eyes. “Is it okay that we brought this stuff?” he asked.

Josh looked nervous and he stammered as he replied. “W...w...well we don’t keep any alcohol in the house. I... I mean... my parents don’t drink.”

Billy shrugged his shoulders. “No prob, man. We can just take it back to Paul’s place.”
“” Josh stammered. “It’s fine. It’s just that I... er... I...” his voice trailed off.

“You’ve never drank before?” Paul asked.

Josh hung his head, shaking it, his face red. “No.”

“Do you want to?” Paul asked, hoping like hell that Josh would say yes.

A smile crept across Josh’s lips and his eyes brightened. “Do you mean it? I mean, my parent’s are so strict. They could never find out or they’d kill me.”

“Don’t worry about it, Josh,” Paul said reassuringly. “We’ll make sure we get rid of everything. By the way, when do they get back?”

“Tomorrow night,” he replied, his eyes not leaving the beer. “I don’t wanna get sick or anything, though guys.”

”Don’t worry,” Billy said. “It’s only beer.” He cracked one open and handed it to Josh and watch as the hot young teenager took his first sip of alcohol. His face grimaced slightly but, wanting to act like a man, took another swig.

“So?” Paul asked.

Josh nodded. “It’s good.”

“Now, about that pizza... get on the phone, my friend.”

The guys turned on the pre-game show and then called Dominos. Forty-five minutes later the guys were chowing down pizza and washing it down with beer. Josh was on his third by now.

“So, how do you like Valhalla?” Billy asked.

“Yeah, it’s all right. Sure beats Christian. And the girls are hot. It’s just that... well...”

“What?” Paul asked. “Is something wrong?”

“Well, they call me ‘Preacher Boy’ because my dad’s a pastor,” Josh said, looking a little downcast. Paul smiled to himself. ‘Preacher Boy.’ How appropriate.

“But they like you, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah, sure, but sometimes it just bugs.”

“Ah, don’t worry about it, Preacher Boy,” Paul advised, smirking. Josh smiled also and took another drink of his beer.

“Thatta boy, Josh,” Paul said, encourage the naïve teen to drown his sorrows. He noticed Josh was looking a little buzzed. “How you feeling?”

“Gooood...” Josh said, beaming, draining his bottle. He belched and all three guys laughed.

“Here,” Billy said. “Have another.”

“I gotta take a piss first,” Josh said. That was the first off-colored word either guy had ever heard Josh utter. The beer was obviously lowering the goody-two shoes’ inhibitions. They watched him as he pulled himself to his feet and made his way down the hall to the bathroom.

“It’s half-time. Should we break out the hard stuff?” Billy asked? “Jack goes great with beer.”

Paul smiled. “Yeah, but I got an idea first.”

They heard the toilet flush and watched as Josh came back. “Geez, that stuff goes right through you,” he said. He didn’t even flinch as Paul handed him another beer.

“You still sore from the game and riding?” Paul asked.

Josh nodded, rubbing his lower back and shoulders. “Yeah.”

“I think we got some muscle relaxants at the house if you want some,” Paul said nonchalantly.

“Really?” Josh said, putting his beer down. “That’d be great.”

“Let me go get them,” Paul said. “I’ll be right back.” He winked at Billy. Five minutes later he was back with a fifth of Jack Daniels, three shot glasses, and a bottle of pills. He’d also brought a gym bag filled with other goodies but he left that just inside the front door, out of site.

“What’s that?” Josh asked as Paul walked into the kitchen, looking at the Jack Daniels
“What’s what?” Paul joked. “Can’t you read? It’s Jack Daniels. Goes great with pizza and beer.”

“I don’t know, guys...” Josh hedged.

“Oh come on, Josh,” Billy urged. “Don’t be such a candy-ass.

Josh laughed, spitting his beer out. “Don’t call me that!”

Paul poured three shot glasses and handed them around. “Now, on the count of three, drink the shot and chase it down with your beer. One... two... three!”

The three guys drank up, Billy and Paul keeping their eyes on Josh. Josh visibly shuddered as the Jack Daniels slid down his throat and he washed it down with an extra long swig of beer.

“So, how was it?” Paul asked. “Not too much for you, was it?”

“Are you kidding,” Josh replied, trying to act all mature. He held out his shot glass. “Fill ‘er up.”
“Ooooh, look at the big man,” Paul teased, filling Josh’s shot glass. “Remember, you said you didn’t wanna get sick or anything.”

Josh laughed. It was obvious he was well on the way to being drunk. “Whatever. Just shut up and fill up,” he laughed.

Paul obliged and watched as Josh did another shot. He didn’t catch on that he was the only one who did a shot.

“Oh, hey,” Paul said, opening the bottle of pills. “Here’s those muscle relaxants.” He shook two into Josh’s outstretched hand. The muscle relaxants, combined with the amount of alcohol Josh had consumed, would put him into orbit for hours, giving Paul and Billy plenty of time to have some fun.

“Thanks,” Josh said, tossing the pills in his mouth and washing them down with yet another beer. The naïve teen appeared to have no idea that of the precautions against mixing alcohol with prescription drugs.

“Hey,” Billy called from the living room. “Half-time’s over. Get back in here.”

Josh flopped down into the recliner and leaned back. He grabbed a slice of pizza. Paul whispered to Billy about the muscle relaxants and they both smiled. He looked at his watch. In twenty minutes or so Josh was going to be in La La Land.

Sure enough, a couple of commercials later Josh was gone. His eyes were glazed and droopy and he couldn’t keep his head up. The guys chatted with him to gauge his condition and realized that the kid didn’t even know his name. It was time to have some fun.

“Dude,” Paul laughed, softly smacking Josh’s cheeks and moving the rocker to a straight up position. “You’re out there, man... past Pluto.

Josh slowly opened his eyes, struggled to focus, and laughed. “Pluto. That’s a planet. I’m not in outer space.”

“Yeah you are,” Paul said, rubbing Josh’s shoulders. “But before we go to Pluto why don’t we take a look at Uranus.”

“Uranus!” Josh slurred, laughing again. His head lolled back. He was toast. Paul pulled Josh’s jersey over his head and marveled at the teen’s body. He’d seen it plenty of times before, but never this close and never unencumbered. He was like one of the models in those Abercrombie & Fitch catalogs.

As well defined and cut as his chest was, there wasn’t much hair. He was, after all, still only sixteen. He had decent pectoral muscles and beautiful nipples that jutted out. Paul thumbed one and Josh moaned. It was a soft, quiet moan, but it was a moan. Paul wet his finger and thumb and twisted the nipple. Josh’s moaning got louder and he arched his back, pushing out his chest to meet the fingers.

“Ooooh.... somebody likes nipple play,” Paul said, tweaking away.

Billy was fingering Josh’s pale pink lower lip with his index finger, slipping it in and out of Josh’s mouth. “Do you know if this kid’s a virgin?”

“Definitely,” Paul replied, not missing a beat. “I’d bet my life on it.Eighteen years of pent up sexual frustration. Eighteen years of being a virgin. Eighteen years of cum all pent up in those big balls.” Paul leaned in to lick and nibble Josh’s titties. He turned and looked at Billy. “But he won’t be a virgin after today now, will he?” An evil smirk crept up his face.

But Billy was a little concerned. “Don’t you think he’ll know something’s happened to him?” he asked. “I mean, how can he not? Won’t he feel it?”

But Paul had an answer ready. “Okay, first of all he trusts us, right? Why would we ever do that to him? Plus, he got hit, hard, a lot in the game Friday night and was telling us how sore he was. And yesterday he went horseback riding with his girlfriend all day. He told me earlier that his ass hurt. I think he’ll chalk up any pain he’s feeling to everything else. And don’t forget to factor in the killer hangover he’s gonna have. His very first hangover. I doubt he’ll put two and two together. Plus, I’ll be gentle. And just look at him... it’s Josh! He’s like the fucking poster child for Innocence and Naïvete. Don’t tell me you’re gonna pass up a chance with his ass. This kid’s the hottest thing on two legs and he completely shit-faced. Come on, he got ‘do me’ written all over him!”

Billy shook his head. “You’re right, you’re right. How could I have ever doubted you?” he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. He lifted one of Josh’s eyelids. His eye was glassy and unfocused. “Josh! Josh! Can you hear me?” No response.

“Go get my camera,” Paul said. “My digital one. And my video camera. The tripod, too.”

“What do you have in mind?” Billy asked.

“I just want a record of it all,” Paul explained as he continued to rub and tongue Josh’s chest and nipples. “And maybe some blackmail action.” When Billy got back with tthe stuff Paul helped him set it up camera and began to snap picture.

Paul put his put his hand over Josh’s crotch and felt the heat radiating from the drugged teen’s dick and balls. Josh moaned and threw his arm over his face. How many times had Paul seen that? The straight boy hiding his face? He unsnapped a couple of snaps on each side of Josh’s track pants, up near his hips, and slid his hands. He began to run them up and down the teen’s muscular legs and up under his boxers. Something made him stop. “Mmmm... what do we have here?” he asked.

“What?” Billy asked, lowering the camera and taking a closer look.

“It looks like Joshie-boy’s wearing briefs or something under his boxers.” He yanked at the track pants and the snaps gave way, revealing gray and white Dallas Cowboy boxers. He pulled the pants completely off and tugged the boxers a couple inches from Josh’s flat stomach. There was an Old Navy waistband.

“Mmmm... looks like Josh wears tighty whities under his boxers.”

“A lot of guys do it,” Billy said. “They need to keep their boys in place but still wanna look cool to their friends. Hell, I did it.”

Together they pulled Josh to his feet. He was so out of it he could barely stand and had to lean heavily against the two guys. They lowered his boxers down over his hips and stripped them off. Because Josh was so tanned from his summer lifeguard job, his briefs were almost blindingly white. They were obviously new, having that crisp look to them, but on Josh they took on an even more virginal quality. Paul reached down and with his index finger softly poked and probed at Josh’s big nuts. He and Billy watched as Josh’s crotch began to expand and his shaft harden.

“Oh yeah, he’s feeling this,” Paul laughed, cupping Josh’s big balls and giving them a gentle squeeze. “And I think he’s liking what he’s feeling.”

Billy snapped another picture. Paul helped the dazed young teen walk down the hall. Josh was like a newborn fawn trying find its legs, stumbling about. Paul held him tightly, arm around his waist, taking the opportunity to gently caress his perfect ass. He reached around a few times and felt Josh’s bulging crotch. Even soft it was impressive and he couldn’t wait to make it hard, to milk load after load from it. He looked into Josh’s face; he looked like a deer caught in headlights. His mouth was hanging open ever so slightly and he had a look of concentration on his handsome, dazed face. Paul desperately wanted to kiss those lips, to drive his tongue into Josh’s mouth, to be the first man to explore that territory. Billy, meanwhile, was snapping away.

Eventually they reached a door. It was Josh’s parents’ bedroom. Inside was a four-poster king-sized bed. Paul looked at Billy and they smiled. Imagine, taking the kid right in his parents’ own bed... They flopped him down on the bed and spread him out. They took a step back to observe their prey. Josh, wearing nothing but his white Old Navy briefs, white athletic sock and a goofy smile, looked like a magazine centerfold. Paul wanted to jump right on the bed and ravage the kid, but instead he and Billy went back to the living room to get the video camera and the bag he’d brought over earlier.

Back inside the bedroom Josh was still on his back, moving ever so slowly, his soft low moans sounding incredibly erotic. After setting up the camera, Paul and Billy each sat down on one side of Josh. While Billy played with Josh’s sensitive tits, Paul lightly rubbed the back of his hand over Josh’s nut sack. Over and over he rubbed it, watching it magically expand as Josh’s balls began to fill will with fuck juice. The more he rubbed the harder he rubbed and he could feel Josh’s cock shaft beginning to harden and lengthen.

Paul took several lengths of silk rope from the gym bag and tied Josh’s wrists to the bedposts. Then he began to kiss him, starting from his forehead down. He kept one hand groping and squeezing Josh’s crotch the whole time.

“Ohhhh.... oooohhh....” Josh cooed, his mind in a totally drunken haze.

“Get the poppers,” Paul said as he nibbled at Josh’s tits.

“Unnghh.... ohhhhhhh.....wowwwwwww....” Josh moaned.

Billy uncorked the poppers and put them under Josh’s nostril. “Here, Joshie.... take a deep breath. You’ll like it.”

Josh took a deep breath and his head immediately snapped back. “Ohhh... gawd.... shit.... fuck....”

Billy and Paul were shocked. They’d never heard such language coming from Josh before. “My, my, my,” Billy said, giving Josh another hit of poppers. “Such language... and from a Preacher Boy!”

“It’s amazing what a little action will make you do and say,” Paul said as he continued his kissing, nibbling and fondling.

“Oh yessss....” Josh hissed, his back arching and his tongue wagging out of his mouth. “Unnngggghhhhh..... fuck me.....”

Paul shook his head in shock. Did he actually hear Josh say ‘fuck me’? He looked back down at Josh. “Josh, what did you say?”

Josh was still totally blitzed. “Unngghhh.... ohhhh.... fuck meeeee.... ooooooohhhhh....”
Billy gave Josh one more hit of poppers. “But aren’t you a virgin, Josh?”

Josh nodded. “Yes,” he moaned.

“Do me a favor, Billy,” Paul asked. “Go into the kitchen and fine me a pair of scissors.”

“What for?” Billy asked, looking confused.

“I’ve got an idea,” Paul said. “I wanna make a little snip in the ass of his underwear, stick in this little dildo and watch him cream himself.”

“Sounds hot,” Billy said, getting up.

“Oh, and find his room and make sure he’s got another pair of underwear just like this. I’m gonna keep this pair as a souvenir.”

Billy came back a minute later with a pair of briefs in his hand. “He’s got a drawer full. I doubt he’ll miss the one’s he’s wearing.”

Paul spread Josh’s legs, took the scissors and cut make a tiny slit right above Josh’s ass pucker. Then he gave it a little tug and ripped it a bit wider. He peered inside and saw Josh’s virgin ass pucker, pink and tight. He took a thin electric dildo from the gym bag along with a tube of lube greased it up. When it was all slick he slipped it into the ripped underwear and into Josh’s tightly clenched asshole.

“Ooohhh... owwww....” Josh moan in pain as his virgin nether portal was penetrated for the first time. A mask of pain covered his face and he grimaced.

“Give him more poppers, quick,” Paul urged, looking over at Billy. Billy put the bottle to Josh’s nose and the teen took a deep breath. Paul took the opportunity to slide the dildo all the way in and switch it on. A low whirr filled the room.

“Awww...awwww...ohhhh....mmmmnnnn.....ooooooooohhhh!” Josh screamed as his hips bucked and his bound arms thrashed. Paul and Billy watched as his briefs tented and twitched. A wet spot formed on the front of the briefs and continued to spread.

When his orgasm subsided, Paul slipped his soiled briefs down, licking the dripping cum from his penis tip and nut sack. Then he took the underwear, flipped them inside out, and shoved them into Josh’s mouth. This was probably Josh’s first time tasting cum, let alone his own, and he gagged. But Paul took a gag and tied the briefs into place.

“Come on, Billy,” he said. “Let’s milk this stud some more! See how much more cream these balls got in ‘em.”

Part 2

“Are you sure he’s not remember any of this?” Billy asked.

“Not a chance,” Paul said confidently, lapping every last drop of boy juice off Josh’s body. “That last beer had a roofie in it. And I gave him a Viagra when you were taking a piss earlier. Told him it was an aspirin. What a doof. Poor little Joshie’s gonna be one sore mother-fucker later, but he won’t know what the hell happened to him.”

Then a strange, twisted idea hit Paul and he turned to Billy and whispered it in his ear. Billy smiled. Paul always had the best plans.

Billy took the video camera into the family room where Josh’s various (and many) trophies were displayed in a wood and glass cabinet. He shot each shelf and then turned the camera off. He opened the cabinet and removed the trophies, setting them down on the floor. Then Paul came in with Josh. The muscle relaxants and roofie had combined to turn Josh’s legs into jello so Paul had to sling the naked, hunky teen over his shoulder and carry him into the family room. He propped him up against the cabinet and arranged the trophies all around him. They pulled the briefs gag from Josh’s mouth. Josh stirred a bit.

“Wassup?” he barely managed to get out.

“Nothing, buddy. You’re dreaming,” Paul said. He took the fresh pair of briefs Billy had found and slipped them up over Josh’s round, tight ass. He gave his balls a squeeze. “Howya doing, buddy?”

Josh looked up at him. His eyes were unfocused and vacant and he had the cutest, stupidest, and giddiest smile on his face. And his briefs were beginning to bulge. Obviously the Viagra had kicked in as well. “I feel gooooood.....”

Paul smiled and turned on the camera. “Okay Joshie. Why don’t you tell me about all these trophies here?”

Josh picked up the one nearest to him and looked at it. His actions were slow and deliberate and he talked really slowly. “Well. This is from when I was in Little League and I won the MVP.” He put it down and picked up another. “This is from last year when we won our division in football and I was MVP.” He looked quizzically into the camera and laughed. “I’ve been MVP a lot!”

“More like MFA,” Paul said.

“MFA?” Josh repeated. “What’s that?”

“Most Fuckable Ass,” Paul replied.

Josh covered his mouth with one hand and pointed at Paul with the other, suppressing a laugh.

“You said a swear!”

Paul and Billy couldn’t help but bust up laughing. Josh sounded like a five year old and, on top of that, just a few minutes ago he himself was cursing like a sailor.

They continued to film Josh in his fucked up state describing each trophy. This was some good shit and would undoubtedly sell well online. When they were satisfied with the footage they put every trophy back into its exact location, thanks to the footage they’d shot. All but one: last year’s MVP trophy. Paul had special plans for that one.

He helped Josh up to his feet and walked him back to his parents’ room, grabbing his ass and cupping his big balls all the way. He laid him back down on the bed, lifted his hips and lowered his underwear down to his hips. Josh’s erect dick popped up, a few droplets of jism hitting Billy and Paul. For a teenager Josh had an impressive cock. It was about 8 inches long, thick, and had a nice-sized head. His prick bush was light, like his hair, and his legs were coated with very fine dusting of hair.

“Nice,” Billy said, admiring the delirious young football quarterback.

Paul put his fist around Josh’s cock and slowly began to masturbate him, slowly moving it up and down and twisting it back and forth. Josh was moaning, but thanks to the cum-soaked briefs they’d shoved back into his mouth, the moans weren’t very audible.

Even though Josh had cum a few minutes earlier, because he was young and hung, Paul and Billy were pretty sure he’d also be full of cum. And they weren’t wrong. Within five minutes the kid was shooting his load like a champ. This time, though, Paul grasped Josh’s cock and aimed it into the trophy.

Paul could tell that Billy was pretty boned up so he had him shoot into the trophy as well and then contributed his own load. After they made Josh cum one more time (into the trophy which, of course, was all caught on video) Paul sent back Billy to his house to get a large beach towel which they put it under Josh so as not to soil his parents’ bedding. With the camera on and zoomed in, they slowly poured the trophy cup, full of cum, all over Josh’s naked torso, neck and face.

“You’re too cool,” Billy said, completely awestruck. “This is some great shit!”

“Hey, I’ve had plenty of practice,” Paul confessed.

“What do you mean?” Billy asked. They completely ignored poor cum-dripping Josh.
“Geez, when I was in college... during Spring Break guy were such easy pickings. It was so fuckin’ easy to slip a guy a roofie, walk away with him, and fuck him silly. You should see the collection of pictures, video and, not to forget underwear, that I have!”

“Really?” Billy asked incredulously, his camera still zoomed in on Paul’s face. “Tell me about one. Any guy. It’ll be like ‘The Real World’ or one of those true confession shows.”

Paul smiled and rolled his eyes and thought for a minute.

“Okay, okay. Two years ago... yeah... two years ago in PB... that’s Pacific Beach for anybody watching this...” he said, explaining. “Anyway, a group of us went to the PB Bar & Grill. It was Spring Break, of course, and it was wall-to-wall people. There was this guy, some fuckin’ hot kid who was just wearing board shorts and sandals and showing like 3 inches of Fruit of the Looms... I got this thing for tighty whities, okay? Anyway, he was with his friends and I was with my friends and we were all talking and drinking and getting hammered. Except me, or course. I was scoping the place out. Not drinking as much as everybody thought I was. So, I start talking to this kid about surfing and shit and he’s like totally eating it up. And we start talking about all the hot chicks. And he keeps grabbing his dick saying how fuckin’ horny he is and how he can’t wait to get laid. Shit... if I wasn’t sober I’d fucked him right there. He was here from Vegas, but he totally looked like a California Beach Bum. You know the type... tanned, blond streaked hair... But anyway, I keep buying him beers and we keep talking and our friends are leaving and shit and we’re like, ‘oh, go on, we’ll catch up in a minute,’ and when he goes to take a piss I slip a roofie into his beer. It was so easy. I’d already got a room down the street. You know, I just had this feeling I was gonna score. So, after he comes back and we have another beer, he all of a sudden starts to feel all tired and shit so I ask him where he’s staying and he tells me that he and his buddies got some place on Cass and I go ahead and lie and say ‘hey, that’s right by where I’m staying, I’ll walk with you.’ I told him I was from Arizona. So, we start walking and we pass my place. He’s really fucked up now and keeps stopping to rest, so I ask him if he just wants to come up to my place to chill for a few before he heads back to his hotel. He says ‘ok’ and we go inside. He sits down on the bed falls flat on his back. Out like a light. Well, not out, but out of it. You know... fucked up. I talk to him and he can’t even carry on a conversation. I had my digital camera and my video camera and I set it up on the tripod. I shucked his shorts and took plenty of pictures. Shit, that kid looked fuckin’ hot in his underwear. Even better than Josh here. If I had a bod like that I’d be a model. Anyway, I get him all hard in those nice whites he’s wearing, take more pictures then strip him. Shit, I milked three loads, at LEAST, outta him, and fed him at least three of mine. For a straight boy, he could sure suck cock. Anyway, when I was done with the pictures I fucked the shit out of. Well, not literally. But you know. He was crying and shit because it hurt and he’s all ‘I’m straight, dude, I’m straight’, but man... you don’t EVER accept a drink from a stranger! I figure he had to learn his lesson. I was just being a Good Samaritan. And he was so hot! So fuckin’ hot! I’m not gonna give out the name of the website I posted the original pictures to, but let me just say, his pictures somehow have found their way all OVER the Net. Mostly the nudes shot. Must be just the fetishists like me who like the undies shots, but Andreas... yeah, that was his name. Andreas. What a stud-puppy. Anyway, getting back to the story.... I hightailed it outta there as soon as I was done. I’d paid for the room with cash and a fake name so there was no way he’d ever be able to find me. I only wish I was around to see the look on his face in the morning. I even took his underwear! But I bet you a million bucks he never told anybody what happened. He probably told his buddies that he banged some chick and stayed at her place that night. Oh well. Is that good enough? Is our little interview over? Because, hello? Look at the hottie on the bed behind us?

Both Billy and Paul turned to the bed. Josh was lying back, snoozing, looking quite fuckable in his Old Navys.

“We’d better clean him up,” Paul said. Grabbing two washcloths from the bathroom and getting them wet. They slowly wiped the cum from Josh. Then they slid his briefs back up.

“How many loads we get from him?” Billy asked.

“Uh, counting the first one in his underwear... three, I think. I lost count.”

“Mmmm... do you think he has any more?” Billy asked.

“Billy... he’s eighteen. When I was that age I could come till the cows came home,” Paul said.

“I never understood that expression,” Billy said. “Till the cows came home. What’s up with that?”

“Fuck you,” Paul said. “All I’m saying is that it’s still early and I know Josh isn’t finished giving it up. Shit, I’ve only given up one load.”

“Yeah, me too, and I still haven’t fucked him yet!”

“And you’re not gonna fuck him,” Paul said.

“Why not?” Billy questioned.

Paul shook his head in exasperation. “Because, he’ll know something happened if you shove that fat cock of yours up his tight ass. Why do you think I used that thin dildo before? I say we keep using it and keep his fuck nut all buzzed with it.’

“I guess you’re right,” Billy conceded.

“You know I’m right,” Paul said. “Plus, just think about this: Josh already thinks we’re cool because we let him drink. I mean, look at this place. His parents are like fuckin’ Puritans. The poor kid never had a beer before today! You just know he’s gonna be comin’ to us in the future to score for him or to spend the night after a party or something.”

“So we can ease him into little by little,” Billy said.

“Sorta. Yeah. We’ll just have to see how the next time goes, and you know there’s gonna be a next time. I’d love to see him stoned and on E, lower his inhibitions. Slip in a porno... make some subtle moves on him and see what happens.... how he responds. I bet you a million to one if we did that he’d end up doing ‘gay’ things.” Paul used finger quotes around the word ‘gay’.

Billy laughed and groped at his crotch.

Paul continued. “And can you just imagine Little Joshie Christian’s guilt over that? He’d probably be doing Hail Mary’s or whatever the fuck they do... cryin’ and askin’ us for forgiveness. Shit man, this is making me hard! Where’s that fuckin’ dildo?”
Billy took the dildo and found a larger one in Paul’s bag. They greased the thin dildo with the cum-soaked washcloths and slowly inserted it back into Josh’s ass. As the teen moaned in pain, Billy lifted his head and gave him snorts of poppers.

Paul lowered Josh’s briefs and slipped them off. He wanted these ones to stay clean. Then he flipped the dildo on and watched as the kid’s cock suddenly started twitching and bobbing all on its own.

“Unnnhhhggghhh.... oooooohhhh......” Josh moaned, his prostate being pleasured. He was drooling and his moans were getting so loud that Paul had Billy run out and turn up the volume on the TV. When Billy returned Paul took the bigger dildo, also a vibrator, put it into his mouth and turned it on.

“Aaaggghhhhhhhhh...” Josh gurgled. Paul and Billy cracked up.

“Whoah! Watch it!” Billy cried out. “Here comes Old Faithful!” Josh’s dick shot another load and Paul quickly grabbed the kid’s dick and aimed it at his face. Josh shot seven streams of jot jizz onto his own face. Some went up his nose and some got into his mouth. Billy was right there with the camera, making a Kodak moment.

For the next two hours, until the drugs began to wear off, they used and abused poor Josh. He was photographed in one obscene pose after another. Other pictures showed him being all cuddly with the guys.

When they felt that Josh was starting to come around, the redressed him in the same clothes he had been wearing (except for the briefs, of course). They put him back into the recliner and sat down and watched TV. A little while later Josh opened his eyes and began to mumble.
“What happened,” he managed to get out.

“I think we let you drink too much, buddy,” Paul said, apologizing. “Sorry.”

Josh waved his hand. “S’all aright.”

“How ya feeling?”

“Tired. Beat.” He looked at the clock. It was already 6:30 p.m. “Man, did I pass out for that long?”

“Yeah,” Billy said. “You were pretty wasted.”

”And I don’t think you shoulda taken those muscle relaxants with the beer. That was my bad. Again,” Paul said, apologizing once more.

Josh flopped his head back. “That’s what musta did it,” he said, things beginning to make sense in his head. “I’d hate to think I was a light-weight or something. Hey, I didn’t say or do anything stupid, did I?”

“Nah,” Paul said. “We just let you snooze away. You didn’t move a muscle.”

“I’m sorry guys. Maybe we can do this again some time?” he asked, practically begging.
Paul pretended to act strict. “Well, we wouldn’t want your parents to find out or get you in trouble, you know. But if you want, you can always stay at my place. The fence between our places is pretty high and the yards are big. You could park in the garage and your parents’ll think you’re staying wherever you tell ‘em.”

Josh smiled. “Cool. They’re so freakin’ strict with me. I mean, they only let me start dating this summer. But you guys are cool. Thanks.”

“Any time, man,” Paul said, Billy nodding. “Any time.”

“You know, I hate to be rude and stuff, but I’m beat and I got school tomorrow. I know it’s way early, but would you guys mind if we called it a night? I wanna get to bed.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Paul said. “You need a hand with anything?”

Josh looked around the room. “Just make sure there’s no empties around or I’ll be dead.”

“You got it, pal,” Paul said. “Sleep well.” He and Billy picked up the room and headed back to Paul’s house where they uploaded picture after picture onto his computer and then viewed the video.

They couldn’t believe their eyes. They could make a mint off Josh if they posted the pictures and video to the right website. They were both so turned on that they spent the next two hours fucking each other before Billy went back to his place.

The next morning at 7:00 a.m. Paul was just getting back from his morning run. He knew Josh was up and getting ready for college and couldn’t resist the urge to go over and check out his latest handiwork. He walked on over and knocked on the door. When Josh didn’t come to the door he banged harder and kept banging until it opened. Josh was standing there, still dressed in the same clothes he was wearing the day before, hair all messed up, rubbing his eyes.
“Hey buddy,” Paul said. “You’re gonna be late for college.”

Josh shook his head. “I’m not feelin’ so good. I called them and told ‘em I was sick.”
“That was probably a good idea,” Paul said. “Pardon my French, but you look like shit, my friend.”

Josh chuckled. “Yeah, and it’s all your fault.”

“Hey man, you were the one who wanted to try it,” Paul said defensively.

Josh reached out and playfully punched Paul’s shoulder. “I know, I know. I was just kidding. I think I’m just hung over. One too many.”

“Just one?” Paul joked. “What time do your parents get in? I mean, I hope you’re feeling better by then. I don’t want them to suspect anything.”

“They just called, which is the only reason I even woke up. They’re staying until tomorrow morning.”

“Okay,” Paul said, turning to leave. “Well, I was just checking to make sure you were okay. I’ll go and let you get some more beauty sleep. You could sure use it.”

“Ha, ha,” Josh said.

“Just give me a holler if you need anything,” Paul said, leaving.

Josh stopped him. “Hey, you know, I’m still really sore. Do you have any more of those muscle relaxants?”

“Muscle relaxants? Sure. Let me run over and get you some.”

“Thanks,” Josh said. “Just come on in when you get ‘em.”

Paul couldn’t help but smile as he practically skipped back to his house. Josh Larson, Round Two was coming up. The kid’s parents were out of town until tomorrow morning and he’d just asked for more ‘muscle relaxants.’ “Oh yeah,” Paul muttered to himself. “I’ll get you some muscle relaxants.”

Paul poured a glass of juice and dropped a roofie into it. Might as well be neighborly, he figured. After all, Josh would need something to wash down those muscle relaxants. He went back to the Larson’s house and walked in. Josh was lying on the couch, flipping through the channels.

“Here buddy,” Paul said, handing him the muscle relaxants and the glass of juice. “I figured I’d be nice and pour you some juice, too. Don’t worry... it’s alcohol free.”

Josh smiled. “Thanks, man.” He tossed the pills in his mouth and downed the juice in one gulp. “How long before they kick in?”

Paul checked his watch. “Oh, I’d say twenty minutes or so. But you should go to bed, man. You’re gonna be pretty out of it, what with still being so soar and all. And tired.”

“In a minute,” Josh said, turning the TV to Sportscenter. “I missed the scores of the games yesterday. “Wanna stay a while?”

“Sure,” Paul said. He wasn’t about to turn down THAT invitation. “But I can’t stay too long.” Man, it was easy to lie!

“Thanks,” Josh said.

Paul’s dick was hard as a rock and he couldn’t wait for the roofie to kick in. Another session with Josh! Shit! How lucky could a guy get! He pretended to pay attention to what was on TV, all the while watching Josh out of the corner of his eye. Sure enough, Josh’s eyes were getting heavier and heaver. He dropped the remote.

“Josh?” Paul called. Then again more loudly. He shook his shoulder.

“Hmmmnnn?” Josh mumbled. The kid was out of it. He slipped a Viagra into his mouth and gave him a swallow of water to help it down. Even though he and Billy had taken plenty of pictures and video yesterday, Paul figured you could never get enough. He ran back to his house and threw everything back into the gym back. Back at Josh’s house nothing had changed. The drugged up hottie was still lying on the couch, totally out of it.

Paul set up the video camera and gazed down at Josh. He lifted his eyelid. His eye was rolled up. Oh yeah, snooze city. He grabbed the sides of Josh’s track pants like he did the day before and stripped them away. There was something so exhilarating about that. He heard once that some college basketball player who usually rode the bench got called in with something like 30 seconds to go in the game. The guy stripped off his track pants and the whole gymnasium went wild with laughter because the guy wasn’t wearing basketball shorts – he was wearing just his briefs. Shit, any opportunity to strip down a hot guy... He pulled Josh’s jersey up over his head and tugged down his boxers. Josh looked so yummy in his Old Navy tighty whities. Paul put his face to Josh’s big crotch and just nuzzled it. Mmmm.... yesterday’s smells... He reached up and gently roiled the drugged teen’s titties, eliciting soft moans from him.

“Yeah, Joshie... remember yesterday? Well, how about we do it all over again?”

Josh didn’t respond so Paul took it as a yes. He slipped his index fingers under the leg band of Josh’s briefs and slid it into his asshole. Josh opened his eyes and started to open his mouth to cry out, but Paul had a bottle of poppers ready and waiting and he gave Josh a nice snort.

“Ooohhhh....ohhhh.... mmmmmnnnn...” Josh moaned. Shit. This kid sounded like a virgin on prom night. If Paul felt any semblance of guilt over what he was doing, it wasn’t evident. Sure, he considered Josh a friend and liked the him, but damn! The kid was like the hottest stud in town! Totally fuckable and that’s exactly what Paul was NOT about to pass up. When would he ever get this chance again?

“Ohhhhh..... ohhhh...” Josh continued to moan and Paul kept playing with his body.
“Today my friend, I think I’m gonna teach you the fine art of cock sucking
Part 3

As Josh dozed on the couch, spinning in his roofie / muscle relaxant / poppers haze, Paul decided he wanted to play with Josh in his room. So he wandered through the house, found Josh's bedroom, and set up his video cameras, positioning them in strategic positions. He wanted to get some good shots. Then he went back to his incoherent hottie and gently his cheeks to rouse him. Josh slowly lifted his heavy-lidded, glazed eyes. He struggled to focus on Paul. "Whaa...?" he muttered. It was even a struggle for him to speak. The kid was a total lightweight, Paul laughed to himself. Well, to be honest, that combination of drugs would knock anybody their ass.

"I'm gonna walk help you to your room so you can get some rest, buddy."

"Thankssss..." Josh slurred, unaware that he was nearly naked. Paul pulled Josh to his feet and helped him walk down the hall to his bedroom. He laid him on his bed, sprawled sexily in his briefs.

"How're ya feelin', Josh?" he asked.

Josh smiled weakly. "Good... nice..."

"Do you like what's happening to you?" Paul asked, knowing full well the drugged teen was unable to form coherent thoughts.

Josh nodded, still smiling. "Yes..."

"Do you like what you're doing?"


Paul asked a variation of the question a number of times and each time Josh answered in a similar, affirmative manner, nodding and smiling. Paul planned to use these "canned"
responses later when he edited his tape. The night before, while he and Billy were going at it, he'd come up with the idea of blackmailing the young stud. Josh Larson's dad, David Larson, was the pastor of one of the largest, most respected churches in San Diego. In addition to his own church, he traveled across the country, speaking at various churches, rallies and conventions. He'd written several books and had made several motivational videos and tapes. He was also well known on the talk show circuit, appearing often both on local television and on the major cable news networks.

Paul wasn't quite sure what he wanted in return from the blackmailing, other than, of course, sex with the studly quarterback, but when he saw the photos in Josh's room, he instantly knew what he wanted. The walls and shelves were full of team pictures and of candid shots of Josh and his friends. Many of them were as hot as Josh. If he played his cards right, he could have a stable full of unsuspecting stud with little Joshie Larson as his pimp.

He opened the top drawer of Josh's dresser and found a pair of fresh briefs. He pulled down the Old Navy briefs Josh was wearing, again pocketing them as a souvenir, and marveled at the young stud's manhood. The eight-inch rod was erect, thanks to the Viagra and he zoomed his camera in on it. Josh's boner pointed upward and curved ever so slightly to the left. Bonus! It was leaking fuck sap! The veins in the shaft were evident and his dick hair, light in color like Josh's hair, was thick and wiry. Josh was evidently well into puberty. Paul focused on the circumcised dick head. The helmet. It had a wide flange and deep piss lips. Paul also knew from experience that it was very sensitive. He ran a rough finger over it, watching the fat head expand and contract. Josh meanwhile, was moaning and slowly thrashing on the bed. Thanks to the muscle relaxants, he couldn't do much.

"You like how this feels, Josh?" Paul asked, slowly moving the camera from the teen's throbbing dick to his face. Josh was still smiling, too dazed to know what was going on, other than that he was feeling enormous pleasure below the waist.

The virgin teen nodded, his grin spread clear across his face. "Yes..."

Paul smiled. "You're such good boy."

The drugs Josh had ingested would last only a few hours so Paul had to work fast. He already had plenty of footage from yesterday but he wanted more. He turned Josh onto his stomach and positioned him in a fetal position to showing off his nice round ass, white briefs stretched tautly across.

Then he put Josh back on his back and sat him up on the edge of his bed. He stood in front of him and lowered his sweat pants. He was wearing a pair of Josh's used Old Navy briefs and he lowered them as well. His dick was hard and drippy and he shoved it into Josh's mouth. Josh looked confused and tried to turn his head but Paul put his hands behind Josh's head and held it in place. He began to slide his cock in and out of Josh's mouth.

"Be a good boy and suck it. Yeah, that's it. Suck it good. Oh yeah. You like this, don't you?" Josh was too out of it to respond or resist. All he could do was let the dick in his mouth continue to fuck his face.

"Hmmm..... yeah.... you're good, Josh," Paul said, thrusting his hips and feeling his balls constrict. His breathing got heavier and his pace quickened. Suddenly he began to cum. He put one hand on Josh's throat and firmly stroked it, making the teen quarterback swallow the fuck swill. Some dribbled out of his mouth and onto his lips and chin.

Once his orgasm subsided, Paul licked the cum from Josh's face and began to French kiss him. In his dazed state, Josh returned the kiss.

For five minutes Paul made out with Josh, groping his body and moaning. When he finished he took a camera off the tripod and began to zoom in on various parts of Josh's body. Finally he lowered Josh's underwear and began to suck his dick.

"Ahhh.... ohhh.... yeahhhh..." the drugged up teenager moaned, rivers of pleasure coursing through his hot young body. Within minutes he was cumming and Paul swallowed it all.
After another hour of fondling and playing with Josh's hunky body, Paul re-dressed the teen the clothes he'd been wearing, kissed him on the forehead and mouth, and covered him up. He loaded up all his gear and went back to his house. He had some work to do.

That Saturday night the phone in the Larson house rang. "Hello?" Josh said, taking the phone from his mom.

"Hey Josh, it's Paul, how's it going?"

"Hi Paul. I'm doin' good. What's up?"

"Not much. But I got something I wanna show you. You gotta a minute to cruise on over?"

"Uhhh... sure. We just finished dinner and I gotta few minutes before we hafta leave for Saturday night service, but I'll be over in a few."

Damn, Paul said as he hung up the phone. He forgot about the Saturday night services. David Larson's church was so large that he held a Saturday night service to ease the load on Sundays. Apparently Josh was going to church tonight. Well, maybe that would work in Paul's favor. He could show Josh a few minutes of the tape and then let him sit in church and stew for an hour or so.

The doorbell rang and Paul let Josh in. "What's up," Josh asked. He was dressed in his church clothes.

"I got this video I think you'll really be interested in," Paul said.

Josh looked at his watch. "We're leavin' for church in a few minutes," he said. "Can I come by and watch it after?"

Paul sucked in his breath. "Sure, we can watch the whole thing later if you want, but you really need to see this part. It'll only take a minute. I promise."

"Okay, I guess," Josh said, shrugging his shoulders. He looked confused.

"Go on in the living room, buddy," Paul said, following the young stud and admiring his ass in his cargo pants. He picked up a remote control and pressed a button. The TV turned on and a video started playing. Josh froze when he saw what was on the tape. It was him, lying on his bed naked. And he was sucking Paul's.... sucking Paul's...

"What?" was all he could manage to utter.

"Just listen, Josh," Paul instructed, turning up the volume.
The TV got louder and the dialogue became clearer:

Paul: "You likin' this Josh?"

Josh: "Yeah... it's great."

Paul: "You like suckin' cock, don't you."

Josh: "Yeah... it's great.

Paul clicked the TV off and looked at the stunned teen. Josh's mouth was gaping and his eyes were wide open. "What... why...?"

Paul spoke very slowly and very calmly. "Apparently, Josh, you're a total cock hound. Now, it'd be a real shame if your parents and friends and teachers and coaches saw this tape, wouldn't it? I mean, it would fuck up your life. And it would ruin your daddy, too, wouldn't it."

Josh didn't respond. He still looked dazed and stunned.

"Josh!" Paul said loudly and the teenager snapped out of his stupor. He looked over at Paul. His face was a mask of shock and horror.

"Why? What do you want?" he asked, totally confused. It sounded like he was going to cry.

"Well," Paul said, "I want you to come back here after church and watch the whole video with me. Believe me, this is just the tip of the iceberg, buddy."

"I'm not your buddy," Josh snarled. It was the first time Paul had ever heard Josh used that tone of voice.

"Easy boy," Paul said, matching Josh's tone. "In case you haven't noticed, I'm the one calling the shots. Now listen up. Like I said, after church you're gonna come back here and we're gonna sit down and watch the whole video, okay?" Josh silently nodded. Paul continued.
"While you're in church tonight I want you to think of some friends who might wanna party some time."

Josh looked confused again. "Why would you want my friends...?" He stopped when he realized what Paul was getting at. "Oh, you can't make me do that."

"Oh don't worry, Josh. It's just gonna be a party. They won't know what's happenin' to them. You didn't. How do you think I made this video? I had you in a fuckin' fog for two days. You didn't even know your own cock suckin' name. Now, one more time... while you're at church tonight, think of a few guys you can bring over. I saw some pictures in your room if that'll help."

Josh was a basket case. He was walking back and forth in the living room, muttering to himself. He jumped and then cringed as Paul put his hand on his shoulder. The look on his face was a mixture of shock, horror, and hatred. Paul loved it.

"You better hurry up, Josh," he said. "You don't wanna miss church now, do you?"

As Josh walked through the house to leave, Paul called after him. "Oh Josh, when you come back over, don't wear boxers, okay? Wear some of those sexy Old Navy briefs from the video." The door slammed. Paul smiled and sat down on the couch, rewinding the video. He could watch this all day.

As he climbed into his dad's Ford Expedition, Josh's head was spinning. He'd never been good at hiding his emotions, but he knew he'd have to be good now. He couldn't let on that anything was bothering him. He had to play things cool. Oh man! What if Paul showed that tape to the people he'd mentioned? What was he going to do? Josh was silent on the ten-minute ride to the church, tuning out everything except the images on the tape and Paul's demands.

By the time they got to the church Josh was a mess. He ditched his family as quick as he could and sat with a group of friends. Maybe they could help him take his mind off of things. But it didn't work. Paul's evil demands kept resonating through his head: "Think of a few guys you can bring over. I saw some pictures of you and your friends and teammates in your room. I want those guys." He didn't realize that he'd memorized what Paul had said. Paul. How could've he have done that to him? He was supposed to be his friend....

Before Josh knew it, the service was over and was filing out of the building, still in a daze. He knew he had to go back to Paul's house and watch the whole video - a prospect he was NOT looking forward to. What could he do?

Paul saw the Larson's pull into their driveway and waited impatiently for Josh to come over. It was almost thirty minutes before he saw Josh walking over. The poor kid looked in a daze.
Paul met him at the front door. Josh refused to look him in the eye. Paul had an idea. Before he let him in he asked him, "do you have a yearbook, Josh?"

Josh nodded. "Y...y..yeah..." he stammered, looking at the ground.

"Go and get it and come right back."

Two minutes later Josh was back. He sat on the couch in the corner of the living room, obviously freaked, as Paul flipped through the yearbook. "Can I get you anything to drink?" Josh shook his head no.

Paul picked up the remote control and pressed play. "Well, let's get to it."

Paul and Billy had edited together a fifteen-minute video of Josh getting stripped, sucked off, creaming his briefs, and sucking cock. Paul watched Josh's reaction to the video. The horrified teen winced and cringed as he saw the degrading things being done to him and the even more degrading things he was doing.

"I have a shorter version that I plan on giving out if you don't come through for me," Paul said. "That one just shows you happily sucking my cock and telling me how much you like it."

"But I don't. I didn't..." Josh said.

"The camera doesn't lie, Josh," Paul said. "Who do you think they're gonna believe? And do you seriously think it's gonna matter? Once everybody finds out you're a cocksucker, you're toast."

"Whattaya want from me?" Josh whispered hoarsely.

"Well, to start off with, why don't you come sit closer to me?" Paul said, patting the cushion next to him. Josh reluctantly moved next to him.

"There, that's better, isn't it?" Paul said, rubbing Josh's knee. Josh was trembling.

"Oh, it's okay. Are you sure I can't get you something to drink?" Paul asked again.

Again Josh refused. He knew better than to accept any kind of drink from Paul.

"Well then, stand up and strip for me."

Josh shook his head. "What?! No way."

"Did you not see the tape, Josh? Don't fuck with me!" Paul snapped. "Now stand up and take your fuckin' clothes off. And I want you to do it like you're a male stripper. I'll even put on some music for you."

As Josh reluctantly stood up, Paul inserted a CD into his entertainment center. The song "I'm Too Sexy" blared through the speakers. It was the dance re-mix version. The extended version. Josh noticed that Paul was turning on a video camera and he froze.

"Come on, Josh," Paul said. Josh was still not moving. "Okay, you can leave your underwear on, but don't make me ask again. Now strip!"

As the music played Paul took a seat in an oversized easy chair as Josh slowly began to move in time to the music, awkwardly removing his clothes. He unbuttoned his shirt, fumbling with the buttons, and dropped it to the couch. Then he bent down and untied his shoes and slipped them off. He pulled his socks off next. He was now left wearing his cargo pants and belt. Paul stood behind the camera, gesturing for him to continue. Josh slowly undid his belt and unbuttoned his cargo pants. His Old Navy waistband came into view. He let the pants fall to his ankles and stepped out of them, almost falling in the process. He was now naked except his underwear. He was soft, but still had a big package. He looked over at Paul, a pleading look in his eyes.

"Dance," Paul mouthed, gesturing. Josh closed his eyes tightly for a moment. When he opened them he began to move his hips and dance. Paul let the humiliated teenager prance around in his underwear until the song finished playing, then he got up and turned the camera off. He moved the tripod and aimed the camera at the big chair he'd been sitting in and turned it back on.

Josh was picking up his clothes, about to re-dress. "Oh, no..." Paul said. "No clothes. Come over here and sit on my lap."

"No. Uh huh," he said. "I did what you asked, now let me go home. Please."

Paul sighed and leaned forward in the chair. "Oh Josh, Josh, Josh. You're not in any position to tell me what to do. See that table over there? The one with all the tapes and envelopes on them? Well, they're all addressed to your friends and your teachers, and to your dad's church. Do you really want everybody to see that tape?"

Josh's shoulders slumped and he dropped his clothes. With a completely defeated look on his face he slowly walked over to the chair and sat down on Paul's lap.

"That's a good boy, Joshie," Paul said, caressing the teen's crotch. Josh was shaking.

"Are you cold? Nervous?" Paul asked in mock concern. Josh didn't respond. Paul picked up a bottle of poppers from the side table and opened it. He put it to Josh's nostril. "Why don't you take a nice sniff of this. It'll make you feel all warm."

Josh shook his head.

"I wasn't asking," Paul said. "And you loved this stuff the other times." He put the bottle back to Josh's nostril. "Now take a deep breath." Josh obeyed.

"Unnggghhh..." he moaned, his back arching slightly. Paul switched the bottle to the other nostril and told him to breathe again. Josh did. "Ohhhh... nnnn...."

"Yeah, it's good, isn't it?" Paul said, licking Josh's neck.

Three hits in each nostril later, and Josh was like a limp rag doll in Paul's lap, totally high. Paul slipped the teen's briefs off and after giving them a good sniff, tossed them over with the rest of his clothes. He then took Josh's soft cock in his hand and slowly jerked it until it got hard.
Josh's dick was just getting hard as he was coming out of his popper-induced haze. "Welcome back," Paul said, releasing the throbbing organ. Josh looked down in horror, realizing he was buck naked. He opened his mouth to talk but nothing came out.

Paul picked up Josh's yearbook. "Now," he said, flipping through the pages, "where was that picture I saw before?" He found it and showed it to Josh, who was clearly uncomfortable in his naked state. The picture was a candid shot of Josh and three other handsome young studs, sitting in the cafeteria.

"This picture here," Paul said, looking at the caption. "Let's see who your buddies are... Josh Larson, that's you... Ryan Patterson, Justin Diehl and Tony Hall. I take it they're friends of yours?"

Josh nodded reluctantly. "Can I get dressed please?" he asked, his voice cracking.

"Sure, go ahead," Paul said, "but come back when you're done." As Josh got up, Paul slapped him playfully on the ass. Josh jumped and Paul snickered.

"Now, these guys... Ryan, Justin and Tony. You say they're friends of yours. Do they like to party?"

Josh was nearly dressed. "Yeah, I guess. I know Justin and Tony party a lot. Ryan goes to my church, but he goes to parties, too."

Paul took the yearbook to his computer desk and flipped up the top of the printer/copier/fax/scanner combo and photocopied the page. Then he handed the yearbook back to Josh. "Next Friday night, after the game, I want you to invite them here for a party. Just the four of you. And me and Billy. Understand?"

Josh put the yearbook under his arm and nodded. "Yes," he said in a subdued tone.
"Don't sound so glum, chum," Paul chuckled. "They won't know what hit 'em. Just be sure you clear it with mommy and daddy that you're spending the night at a friends, okay?"

Josh nodded. "Can I go now? Please?" Clearly the kid was freaked out.

"Yeah, go on home, Joshie. But remember, party next Friday night!"

Part 4

Tuesday afternoon after college Paul saw Josh in his backyard trimming the bushes and edging the area around the patio. He went to the fence separating the two properties and called the teen over. He could see the reluctance on Josh’s face, but he came over.

“You ready for Friday night, buddy?” Paul asked casually, aware that Josh’s parents were just yards away on their back patio firing up the grill.

“I’m not your buddy,” Josh whispered defiantly.

Paul let the comment roll off his back. “Well, I have a tape that says you are, so unless you want your family and friends watching you do un-Christian acts, you’re gonna be my buddy and do what I say. Understand?”

A crest-fallen look came across Josh’s face and he nodded.

“That’s better,” Paul said. “See how much easier things are when you listen to me? Now I want you to tell me about the guys coming over Friday night after the game.”

“Okay, okay...” Josh said in a hushed tone, looking over his shoulder. His parents were looking over and Paul waved.

“Hi Mr. and Mrs. Larson!” he called out cheerfully. “Nice day, huh?” They exchanged pleasantries for a few moments and then Paul turned his attention back to Josh.

“You were saying?”

“Ryan Patterson. He goes to our church. He’s a junior like me. He’s 17 but he’ll be 18 in March. He’s on the water polo team and the swim team.”

Paul was making notes on a pad. “Go on,” he said. “Describe him.”

“I don’t know...” Josh said. “Maybe 5’10 or 5’11. Kinda skinny. He’s in good shape. He’s got light brown hair and um, green eyes. Yeah... green eyes.”

Paul nodded. “Next?”

“Justin Diehl. He’s 18 and on the football team with me. Tony is, too. Justin’s about 6’4 and let’s see, I’m 175 pounds so he’s gotta be at least 200 or 210. He’s pretty big... brown hair but he gets it highlighted. And he has brown eyes, too. He’s a big partier and he always has a new girlfriend. Oh, he’s got some scouts from USC, SDSU and UCLA lookin’ at him.”

“Good to know,” Paul said. “And Tony?”

“Tony Hall. He’s 18, too, and on the team. He and Justin are seniors. He’s almost as tall as Justin and weighs just about the same. He’s part Italian and he’s got black hair and brown eyes. His dad’s American and his mom’s Italian. He and Justin are best friends and hang out all the time.”

Paul finished taking notes. “Excellent,” he said. “Now listen carefully, Josh. Did you tell them about Friday night?”

“Yeah,” Josh replied. “I told them I knew some guys who live by me who were gonna have a party. They all wanna come.”

”Even Ryan? I thought he went to your church?”

“Ryan gets teased sometimes because his dad’s a pastor, too. He’s my dad’s assistant. They call him a goody-goody and he wants to show everybody that he’s not. But he’s a good guy. Just ‘cuz he doesn’t play football doesn’t mean anything.”

Paul made a mental note to figure out something special for Ryan. “How do Justin and Tony get along with Ryan?”

“Oh, they’ve gone to all the same schools growing up. In fact, their moms are all friends and they get along pretty good.”

“Good,” Paul said, nodding again. “I think Friday night will be fun.”
“What’re you gonna do?” Josh asked.

Paul smirked. “Well, I might as well tell you. We’re gonna get ‘em all drunk and have some fun. But we’re gonna make sure you stay sober ‘cuz you’re gonna be the one who’s gonna have the fun.”

Josh’s eyes narrowed. “Whattaya mean, me? What’m I supposed to do?”

“Not much,” Paul said, lying. “We’re just gonna watch some movies and play some drinking games. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you don’t get anything with alcohol in it. But you have to pretend that you’re drinking. That’s very, very important. You have to act like you’re getting drunk, too. Understand?”


Paul shook his head. “Come on, Josh, think! Once the guys are drunk and we’ve slipped them a little bit of extra stuff, you’re gonna suggest that you all play strip poker.”

“Strip poker!” Josh almost yelled. He quickly lowered his voice. “That’s totally gay! They’ll never go for it.”

“Oh believe me,” Paul said. “Once we give your friends the stuff they’re gonna be like putty. They’ll do whatever you say. And you’re gonna suggest strip poker. Or Quarters. I’ll let it be your call, got it?”

Josh hung his head. “Yeah, I got it.”

“Oh, and Josh...? Make sure you’re not wearing boxers. Briefs. White briefs.”

“You’re kidding, right?” he asked. “The guys’ll laugh at me.”

“So they’ll laugh. I don’t care. You just do as I tell you, okay?”

“Okay,” Josh said softly, resigned to his fate.

Paul continued. “And if someone just happens to pass out, well, I want you to suggest that the rest of you guys goof on him.”

“Goof on him? Whattaya mean?”

“Play tricks on him,” Paul said. “You know, shaving cream in the hand, pulling his pants down, posing him. Maybe you can stick your ass next to his face.”

Josh shook his head. “That’s so gay!”

Paul was starting to get pissed but he kept his temper in check. “Look Josh. I’m calling the shots here, understand? ‘Cuz I can mail out those tapes any time, so don’t fuck with me on this.” Clearly his words had the desired impact because Josh immediately straightened up and looked him in the eyes.

“Yeah, I get it. When someone passes out I’m gonna suggest that we fool around with him. I got it.”

“Now, you covered about Friday night? Where you’ll be staying?”

“Yeah, I’m telling my mom and dad that I’m staying over at Justin’s. They won’t check.”

“Good,” Paul said, silently pleased. “You’ll have fun. Trust me.”

“Can I go now? Please?” Josh asked. Another person came out onto the patio and was talking with Josh’s parents. He looked to be in his mid-20s. Paul was intrigued.

“In a minute, buddy,” he said, distractedly. “Who’s that with your mom and dad?”

Josh turned around to look and gave a quick wave. “Oh, that’s Derek Fullerton. He’s the youth pastor and he heads up the church basketball team, too. Justin and Tony play on it with me. It’s the only way they’ll go to church.” No sooner had he spoken the words than he knew he’d made a serious error. “You’re not gonna....”

“Never you mind, Josh. Don’t worry about it,” Paul said. “You just go and have a nice dinner.”
As Paul watched Josh saunter back to the patio, his nice tight ass swaggering just so, he couldn’t take his eyes off of Derek Fullerton. From what he could see, the guy was a couple inches taller than Josh and looked to be in his mid-20s. He had to find out more. He called Josh back.

“Oh hey, Josh! One more thing!” Josh came back.

“Tell me about Mr. Fullerton.”

“Whattaya wanna know?” Josh asked, knowing full well what Paul wanted to know.
“What’s his story?” Paul asked.

Josh explained that Derek Fullerton was 28 years old and had been wild growing up. He went into the Marines to avoid a life of nothingness and just before he got out he “found” God. He went from partying every weekend and banging every chick in site, to devoting his life to ministry. From what Paul learned from Josh, Derek Fullerton had a girlfriend but apparently hadn’t had sex or a drink of alcohol since he changed his life almost seven years earlier. Shit... seven years without sex. The guy HAD to be horny! Paul knew what he had to do.
Friday night finally came and Paul and Billy had pulled out all the stops. They made sure they had plenty of booze, porn and some joints, just in case anybody wanted to smoke. Knowing teenaged boys, they’d be chomping at the bit.

Around 11:00 p.m. the guys arrived. They’d won the game and were pretty pumped. Billy came out with beers for everybody, already opened and spiked with just a bit of GHB.

Ryan looked a little nervous since he’d only drank a few times, but Josh did his as he’d been instructed and put the teen at ease. They all picked up their beers and clinked them in a celebratory toast. As he took a drink, Josh realized his was sparkling apple cider. He made sure not to let on.

Justin looked over at Tony and Tony nodded. “Hey, Paul,” Justin said. “Tony and I are goin’ to another party tomorrow night. Would you buy for us?”

“Sure,” Paul said. “Whattaya want?”

Justin ticked off a list of alcohol and Paul nodded. “Sure, why don’t you guys come over around 6:00 p.m. and I’ll have it here for you?”

“Cool, thanks,” Justin said.

“Yeah,” Tony agreed.

“Now, how about some porn?” Paul suggested, opening a cabinet to a whole shelf of pornographic videos. Justin and Tony were on their feet instantly, checking out each title while Ryan nursed his GHB-laced beer and Josh did his best to not let on that he knew more than he did.

Two more drug-laced beers later, one shared joint, and the porno was just ending. Paul nodded to Josh. He could tell just by looking at Justin, Tony and Ryan that the three boys were under the influence of both the GHB and the beer.

“How about we play Quarters?” Josh suggested, nervously looking around.

“Fuck yeah, that’d be great,” Justin said, and Tony agreed.

Ryan looked confused. “What’s Quarters?” he asked sheepishly.

Paul sat next to the buzzing young teen and explained the game to him. “See, you take a shot glass and bounce a quarter onto the table. If it lands in the glass, the person to your right has to drink a shot. Got it?” Ryan nodded and smiled.

They all sat at the dining room table and Paul set out six shot glasses. He and Billy were pretty good at Quarters so they made sure to sit to the left of Tony and Justin. They also were in charge of the booze. Jack Daniels laced with GHB. Paul would pour the Jack for Ryan, Justin and Tony, while Billy would pour apple cider for Josh, himself and Paul. They also had Josh sit on Ryan’s left, instructing him to miss as much as he could. They didn’t want Ryan too drunk. Yet. Their main focus right now was Justin and Tony. Especially Justin. At the right time, a roofie would be slipped into his drink.

So there they were at the table. Josh, Ryan, Paul, Justin, Billy, and Tony. Justin and Tony weren’t in any condition to get quarter into the glass and as a result, Josh and Billy didn’t have to drink much and when they did, it was apple juice. On the other hand, Billy and Paul rarely missed and Justin and Tony, amid the random curse, were downing shots left and right. Josh missed about two-thirds of the time, but Ryan was still drinking enough to keep him nice and impaired. Compared to Justin and Tony, though, he was sober. The two older teens were well on their way to getting sloshed. But they were enjoying it, all giddy and talkative. Especially Justin. The kid could talk and talk and talk. He had everybody so distracted by the stories he was telling that he didn’t realize it when Paul dropped the roofie into his shot. He just downed the shot and continued to talk.

The game went on for a couple more rounds, delayed continually by Justin’s drunken stories. He was pretty funny and animated. He talked with his hands a lot, using wide gestures. He obviously wasn’t feeling any pain. His words were slurred and his movements awkward and clumsy. By the time it was his turn, his head was down on the table.

“Yo Justin!” Tony called out. Justin lifted his head wearily and then fell back into his chair, passed out.

“Mmm... looks like Justin’s passed out,” Paul said.

“What a lightweight,” Tony said, laughing.

Paul kicked Josh under the table and gave him a knowing look.

“I have an idea,” Josh said. “Why don’t we goof on him?”

“Goof on him?” Tony asked.

“Sure,” Paul said. “Play some tricks on him. You know... hand in warm water, shaving cream in the hand and tickling his nose. Or you could do other stuff.”

“Like what?” Tony asked.

Tony and Ryan would be drunk and drugged enough to be amenable to Paul’s plan without questioning it and he knew it. “We could pants him and take some pictures of him. Whattaya think, Josh? Sound like a good idea?”

Josh, the only sober teen at the table blinked quickly. “ shh.. sure,” he stammered. “It’d be cool.”

“Let’s do it,” Tony said, laughing. “I can’t believe Justin wussed out first. What a pussy! I can’t wait to razz him tomorrow!”

“I know,” Paul said. “Let’s take him to my room and put him on my bed. We could put him in a bunch of embarrassing positions and stuff. Wouldn’t that be funny, Josh? We could even take pictures.” The boys were unaware that their whole evening was already being videotaped with hidden cameras.

Again Josh was forced to agree. Together they dragged the passed out Justin to Paul’s bedroom and flopped him down on the bed.

“Okay, Josh, you do the honors,” Paul said.

“What?” Josh asked, his voice tinged with nervousness.

“I mean, you strip him,” Paul said. Tony and Ryan just stood by and giggled.

“I ain’t goin’ past his underwear,” Josh said.

Billy spoke up quickly. “Why would we do that? That’d be queer.” He looked around carefully and saw that Tony and Ryan were nodding in agreement.

Josh was about to undo Justin’s jeans when he noticed Billy had picked up a video camera and was in the process of filming him. “Wait...” he said. “What’re you doin’?”

“We’ll show it to Justin later. You know, to embarrass him,” Billy explained quickly. Again Tony and Ryan seemed to think it was a good idea.

Josh glared at Billy and then at Paul. He couldn’t believe he was being made to strip one of his best friends. He undid Justin’s jeans and started to lower them. Ryan and Tony lifted Justin’s hips so Josh could get the jeans down past his nice bubble butt. He pulled them down to his knees and stopped.

“Okay,” Paul said. “Mmm... why don’t you put his hand on his dick?” Josh rolled his eyes but obeyed. “Now... Ryan, Tony... why don’t you guys pull up his shirt and pretend like you’re suckin’ on his titties.”

“Eww...” Tony said. Ryan, however, was already in the process of pulling Justin’s t-shirt up.
“Aw, it’s only pretend,” Paul said. “Josh doesn’t mind, do you Josh?” Josh shook his head. “Why don’t you help Tony with that shirt, Josh?”

Together Josh and Tony and Ryan got Justin’s t-shirt up and tucked under his armpits. Justin was wearing plaid boxers and didn’t look half bad in them. Being on the football team had kept his big boy body in shape.

Paul excused himself and said he’d be right back. He came back a minute later holding a tray with shots for everybody.

“Okay guys,” Paul said, handing each another shot. “One more down the hatch and then let’s mess around with ol’ Justin here.”

The guys downed their shots. Paul looked over at Josh and noticed the look on his face. This time he’d been given Jack Daniels like the other guys, and it was laced with a bit of GHB. Paul had determined that Tony would be next and had spiked his shot with a roofie.

“All right, boys,” Paul said. “Get to work there. Pretend you’re suckin’ on Justin titties. Then we’ll pose him and shit, okay?” Ryan and Tony laughed and did as Paul said. They even went as far as lick the dazed stud’s rubbery little nipples. They laughed harder when they heard Justin moan.

“Oh shit,” Tony laughed. “Is he gettin’ off on this or something?”

“He might be,” Billy said, still filming. “Does Justin have a girlfriend?”

“Yeah,” Tony said. “But they broke up.”

“Mmmm... and he’s moaning when you touch his titties. Maybe...”

“Maybe he’s a closet fag!” Ryan laughed, the GHB clearly clouding his mind.

“Fag or not, let’s get to work,” Paul said. “Josh, why don’t you turn Justin over and put the pillow under him like he’s humpin’ it.” The guys giggled again at the idea. Josh rolled his passed out friend onto his stomach, turning his head to the side to ensure his airways were unimpeded, and slid the pillow under him.

“You know what would be really funny,” Paul said, his hand on his chin.

“What,” Tony asked, his voice slightly slurred. The roofie was just starting to take effect.
“Josh, you should drop your pants and put your butt next to Justin’s face like he’s kissing your ass or something.”

Again Tony and Ryan giggled. Josh reluctantly dropped his cargo shorts to his ankles. Just as he’d been instructed, he wasn’t wearing boxers, just his Old Navy briefs. He was thankful that Tony was too blitzed to tease him. He went to the bed and put his butt next to Justin’s face like he’d been instructed. Billy was still filming and now Paul had a Polaroid camera.

“What’re you doin’?” Josh asked, reaching down to pull his shorts up.

“We gotta give him some kind of souvenir. Whattaya think Tony? Should we take some polaroids, too?”

“Fuckin’ yeah!” he said loudly. Too loudly.

Paul lifted the camera and aimed. “Go ahead and take your shirt off, Josh,” he suggested. It might as well have been an order because Josh knew there was no way out of it. He obeyed and stripped his shirt off. After all, what choice did he have?

“It looks like he’s kissing your ass!” Tony laughed, pointing. The teen was blitzed and obviously feeling no pain. Ryan was busting up, too.

Tony, though, was really feeling his roofie now and sat down on the bed. His eyes were all droopy and he was swaying back and forth.

“What’s with you?” Ryan asked. “Don’t tell me you’re gonna pass out, too?!” No sooner had the words left his lips and Tony slumped over.

Paul smiled. Things were going just as planned. “You know what...” he started to say.
“...we should goof on him, too!” Ryan cried out, interrupting him, and finishing his sentence.

He couldn’t stop laughing. “We can put him on toppa Justin like they’re doin’ it or somethin’.” He started to undo Tony’s pants. “Here, let me get his pants off.”

Mmm... Paul thought to himself. Ryan didn’t seem to need any prompting at all. Either he was a prankster or the GHB and booze were bringing out a hidden side to him. Regardless, he was next.

“Anybody for more shots?” Paul asked.

“Me!” Ryan said, raising his hand. The kid who’d been so shy and inexperienced earlier in the evening was now one of the last men standing and acting like a pro.

“How about you, Josh?” Paul asked. “Ready for another?”

“I guess,” Josh said, trying to sound cheerful.

As Paul poured the next round of shots he added a few more drops of GHB to Josh’s. The kid was too tense and needed to get happy. He also put a roofie into Ryan’s drink. Time for night night Ryan Baby! He carried them back to the boys.

By now Ryan had Tony stripped completely down to his boxers. The yellow Joe Boxer ones with the big smiley face on the crotch. He looked at the young man, at his olive-skinned body.

He was hairier than Justin’s, but it looked like Justin hit the gym harder because he had more definition in his chest and abs. He gave Josh and Ryan their shots and told them to drink.
Ryan handed back his shot glass, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. It would only be a matter of minutes now before the kid dropped. “Don’t forget to take the pictures,” he said, drunkenly and loud.

“Why don’t you start posing them, Ryan. Just do what you feel like,” Paul urged the spaced out stud.

“Okie dokey,” Ryan said, giggling uncontrollably. “Juss watch thisss....”

As Ryan was starting to pose Tony, Paul stepped in and put his arm around his shoulder. “Hey, Ryan, you know what we should do? We should pull Justin’s boxers down in the back and then pull Tony’s dick through the slit in his boxers. Then we can turn their bodies back to front so it’ll look like Tony’s about to do Justin in the butt.”

Ryan laughed but Josh didn’t look amused. Between the booze, GHB and roofie, Paul was surprised Ryan was still standing, but he knew it wouldn’t be for much longer. What did surprise him was how bitter Josh still seemed despite the GHB. Well, they were just going to have to deal with that later. He watched with amusement as Ryan tried to position the two larger boys.

Paul decided to apply the peer pressure. “Whattaya say, Josh... why don’t you give Ryan here a hand?”

Even with the GHB taking effect, Josh tried to refuse. “Nah... I don’t think so,” he said.
“Come on Josh,” Ryan said, his voice slurring. “Don’ be a pussy!”

Paul nudged Josh and gave him a knowing look. Josh got on the bed and together he and Ryan put Tony and Justin in a couple of obscene and compromising positions. After a few minutes of filming, Paul and Billy were ready for the polaroids. They were halfway through the first cartridge when Ryan passed out, falling over right onto his two sleeping friends.

Billy immediately stripped Ryan down to his underwear and sandwiched him between the two older, bigger boys. Ryan was a briefs wearer and they looked good on his suntanned skin.
The plan was working just as Paul knew it would. Now he needed Josh out of it enough so he wouldn’t know what he was doing. His plan was to make a couple of blackmail tapes, personalized for each party guest. He reached for a bottle he had sitting on a shelf.
“Here Joshie,” he said, handing him the bottle. “Drink this.”

“What is it?” the wary teen asked.

“You don’t need to know. You just have to drink it. Understand?”

Josh knew better than to continue to question Paul so he downed the contents of the bottle. It was some kind of juice, but he knew there had to be something in it. Sure enough, within a few minutes the cute stud was stumbling around as if he was bombed off his ass. He’d had a few drinks and was sorta buzzed on GHB, but the new drugs he’d just ingested put him in a completely different place. It was a combination that would not only mess with his mind but also make him helpless to resist suggestion. He didn’t even put up a struggle as Billy and Paul slowly stripped him, peeling off his socks and lowering shorts. And when he was just down to his underwear he just stood there as they felt him up, his ball bag, ass, dick, everything. Then they let go of him and watched and he stumbled around, barely able to stand and having to hold onto the back of an easy chair to keep from falling down.

The last thing Josh clearly remembered was being put on the bed between Justin and Tony. Ryan was somehow gone and the two passed out teens were on their backs with their hands down their underwear. Josh was kneeling between them and rubbing their chests while they moaned. His dick was hard and he didn’t know why.

Then he was vaguely aware of being taken to another room where he saw Ryan lying passed out on a bed. Because Ryan was on both the water polo and swim teams, he kept his body shaved. Plus he was in the best shape of all the teens. Six-pack abs, sculpted chest, tight waist. The white of his briefs stood out in nice contrast to his tanned skin.

The last image Josh had was of himself sticking his dick into Ryan’s mouth. Then nothing.
Late the next morning the four teens awoke with killer hangovers but no remembrance of the events of the night before. They had all been re-dressed and were lying on the floor in the living room, the TV still on. Josh knew something had gone down but wasn’t in a position to say anything since he had been one of the orchestrators of the party. He kept his mouth shut.
Paul and Billy had been awake for hours, busily editing videotapes and printing out digital photos. When they heard the boys stir, they went into the living room.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” Paul asked.

“Hangover,” Justin mumbled. “Aspirin.” He stuck his hand out.

Billy smiled. “I’ll be right back.”

“Anybody feel like breakfast?” Paul asked. Everybody shook his head no. “Well, you have should have some juice, at least.” He went into the kitchen and came back with four glasses of juice on a tray. Each boy took a glass and two aspirin. Josh looked at his suspiciously.

“What, Josh?” Paul asked pointedly. “You don’t think I’d give you a screwdriver this early in the day, do you?” The other boys laughed as they drank their juice. Josh finally drank his.
“I gotta go,” he said.

“Well, you’re supposed to be stayin’ at my house and I’m parked a few blocks away so I’ll go with you,” Justin said, getting up. “Ohhh... I feel like shit.”

“But you had a good time, right?” Paul asked.

“Awesome,” Justin replied. “And you’ll still buy for us tonight, right?”

“You bet,” Paul said. “Like I said, come here around 6:00 p.m. and we’ll hook you up, okay?”
“Thanks, man,” Justin said. He and Josh left through the side door, followed soon after by Tony and Ryan. Except for Josh, none of the hot teenagers had any idea of what really went on last night, and even Josh was only aware of the tip of the iceberg. Things were going to start getting interesting.


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Bryan Cartier said...

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