Thursday, 20 August 2009

My Marine Stepbrother by David (Headguy22)

Sleeping Marine Stepbrother by David (Headguy22)

My folks divorced when I was 6 and my dad re-married the year after. The woman he married had two daughters and one son. The son, at the time they married was 11. Over the next few years I spent a lot of time at my dad's. My step-brother and I got along very well and did a lot together. My step-brother joined the Marines when he was 18. The first couple of years I got to see him often, but the last two, hardly none at all. I could see though that being in the Marines had given him one hell of a body.

One thanksgiving, when I was 18, my stepbrother was home on leave. He, a friend of his, my dad and me drove up to the Northern part of the state where I live to spend a three day weekend with my aunt. Now, I knew beyond any doubt that my stepbrother was straight. He also had girls galore chasing him. At this time he was 5'10" about 155shaved head (Marine style) and had a rock hard body. Over the years I would have died to touch it, and do other things with it. We showered together when we were younger and I knew he was no slouch in the dick department. The one thing I knew about him is that he is a very sound sleeper. It always took an act from Congress to just get him stirring.

On this trip my dad slept in a separate room and my brother, his friend and I slept in a guest room. My brother and I took the bed and his friend on the floor. I could do anything but sleep. I had that hot, nervous feeling in my stomach. Just lying next to him drove me wild. I then remembered that he was a sound sleeper and knew I had to make a move. I only wished I'd thought of this earlier. When I knew he was out I placed my hand on his upper leg then getting bolder, I moved it to his crotch. For a while I just rubbed it and ran my hands over his stomach. I then ran my hands under his underwear waistband. I could feel his pubic hair which had a very wiry feel. I then went further and felt of his dick. As I played with it I felt it begin to grow. It scared me as I thought he might be waking up, and I backed off. I shook him and called his name.

When I knew he was still out, I resumed playing with his dick. Once again, it began to grow. I pulled down the front of his underwear and pulled it out. He is about 7.5 inches and had a good sized head. Lust took over and I bent down and licked the head & shaft. I was able to lower his shorts just enough to get to his balls. I licked them and took them in my mouth. I then went back to his dick and took the head in my mouth. I was in heaven. I began in earnest to suck him. I took him all the way until I felt those black wiry pubes in my nose. After a few minutes of sucking him I felt his dick get a little harder, I knew what was coming, he then released his load. I felt 5 hard spurts against the back of my mouth. I had to swallow a couple of times to keep up with it. I came also. This is the only time I can ever remember that I ever came without touching myself. I think it was because of the circumstances and the fact that I was finally able to suck off my hot Marine Stepbrother. I pulled his shorts back up and fell sound asleep.

I don't know if he ever knew what happened, but he has never said anything about it or alluded to it in any way, and it has been 19 years since it happened. I don't see how anyone can sleep through something so intense but he was and is a very hard person to get up once he is in a sound sleep.

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Read this one a number of years ago. It’s still as hot as when I first read it.

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