Sunday, 13 September 2009

Roberto by "C"

One hot summer back in 1997 on the 4th of July my father had invited his friend Roberto to share the holiday with us. Roberto was Hispanic in his early thirties, tall and slim. His skin tone was a light golden brown. He had short wavy hair and wore a moustache and beard. My father and Roberto spent the whole day in the back yard barbecuing and drinking lots of whiskey.
Later that night Roberto had lost his car keys. My father suggested Roberto spend the night and look for his keys in the morning.

Both my father and Roberto were drunk. I helped my father to his bedroom and helped guide Roberto to the guest room next to my bedroom at the back of the house. Later that night I rolled over and felt a warm body lying next to me in the dark. I jumped up and turned on the light I discovering it was Roberto, who had gone to the bathroom sometime during the night and mistaken my bedroom for the guestroom. Roberto was snoring very loudly and was stretched out on his back wearing only his red boxers.

While growing up I always had a crush on Roberto so seeing him this way made me very horny. I bent down and kissed him on the lips tasting and smelling the liquor on his breath. I rubbed his sweaty chest and pinched his hard brown nipples. I used my tongue to go in and out of Roberto's belly button like I was fucking him. I was excited and nervous at the same time when I pulled down Roberto's boxers. He had a lot of crotch hair around his average size dick but it was wide and covered with a long thick foreskin and two big balls which hung low in a hairy sack. I noticed Roberto's dick and balls were a darker color than the rest of his body. I sucked and nibbled on Roberto's foreskin like it was taffy. Pushing back his foreskin I uncovered a big dick head that was warm and moist. Like a sex addict I eagerly sucked and jerked on Roberto's dick and balls until I came and was exhausted. I could not get Roberto to fully ejaculate but he did leak a lot of pre-cum.

I grabbed a towel and wiped the cum off myself and Roberto then pulling up his boxers I kissed him again before going to sleep dreaming about my beautiful Roberto.