Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Chlorofromed Cop by Stimle

The Chloroformed Cop

(drunk, chloroform, seduce, nc, MM)

My friend John has always turned me on. He's a cop and a total stud. When he isn't working he's either at the gym or surfing. He's got blond hair and a killer tan from all his time in the sun. He's just under 6' and has a pretty hard body. The night I got him he had come over right after his shift, still in uniform. He had brought along a change of clothes, and after showering and changing we went to a hockey game and then out to shoot pool and darts.

We had a few beers at the hockey game and when we got to the pool hall John was a little tipsy. I decided to take advantage of the situation so I kept feeding him drinks. John rarely drinks because he's an athlete and always working out, so by the time we left the pool hall he was hammered. I don't think he had any idea how much he had been drinking because I had been getting the drinks from the bar and was putting extra alcohol into his from a flask I was carrying. He was so drunk that he didn't even catch on when I started to feel him up in the car.

I leaned his seat back and ran my hand softly up and down his crotch, squeezing every now and then. He moaned like a horny schoolgirl. My roommate Greg was spending the night at his girlfriend's apartment and I suggested to John that he spend the night on my couch. He nodded drunkenly. When we got back to my place he couldn't even walk straight. For some reason he thought it was funny and couldn't stop laughing. I tried to shush him as I helped him through the front door, my hands roaming all over his ass. I let him slip down to the floor once we were inside. He started to crawl through the hall on his hands and knees until he caught sight of himself in the hallway mirror. He pointed to his reflection and started laugh again. I grabbed the chloroform and a rag from my room and when I came back John was sitting on his haunches talking to himself in the mirror and doing some lame DeNiro imitation.

I soaked the cloth and set it down on the floor next to him. I started to unbutton his shirt. I pulled it from his pants and reached in to unbuckle his belt when he pushed my hands away and told me in a very drunken voice that he could undress himself. He was still laughing. I helped him to his feet and encouraged him to continue. I hummed a few bars of an old burlesque song to get him going. Soon my drunk friend was stripping off his clothes like an amateur stripper with me egging him on all the way. After tossing his shirt to me he peeled his t-shirt off and swung it around, laughing, before throwing it across the room.

He was unsteady on his feet and leaned up against the wall while taking off his belt. Finally he was down to his pants! I had never seen John's underwear before and was completely surprised to find him wearing tight white boxerbriefs! Since he was into surfing I had assumed he wore boxers, but shit! This was going to be great! I only wish I had my video camera running.

John had his khakis around his knees and was trying unsuccessfully to steady himself while stripping them off. Every time he lifted his one leg he would nearly topple over. He finally pitched forward onto his hands and knees, pants now around his ankles. He was laughing and trying to sing the tune I had been humming earlier.

I picked up the rag and knowing that he was so fucked up he'd never remember anything, clamped it over his nose and mouth. I saw his reflection in the mirror. His eyes were open wide, trying to figure out what was happening to him, his hands flailing, trying to tear mine away. I held him close to me and could feel him struggle for about 20 seconds. Then was out cold.

I grabbed him by his shoulders and dragged his limp body, pants still at his ankles, to my bedroom and hoisted him onto my bed. I mounted the video camera on its tripod and took his pants off the rest of the way, along with his socks. I sat down next to him and lightly ran my hand over his bulge. I couldn't believe my luck. Here I was with Mr. Macho Cop, Straight Surfer Stud, unconscious and in his underwear.

Then an idea hit me. John always looked so hot in his uniform. I had to get some pictures of him in it, and some of me stripping him out of it! I took his uniform from the closet where he had hung it up earlier and started to put it on him. While I was pulling up his pants he began to come to. I grabbed the rag, re-saturated it with the chloroform and put it over his face. He was out again almost immediately.

I got several pictures of him in his cop uniform and being stripped out of it. When I had him down to his underwear again I took more pictures of him. Some with his hands all over me and some of just him in various positions and poses. I was so turned on I had to change my briefs twice that night.

I laid him out flat once more on the bed and snapped another picture of him. His boxerbriefs were tented and bulging. I pulled his hard dick through the fly, put his hand around it, and took more pictures. Then I slid his shorts down his thighs. His thick, fat dick stood up like a tent pole but soon started to go soft. I grasped it gently between my thumb and forefinger and ever so slowly jerked it, rubbing the pad of my thumb over the tip, until it went hard again. I fondled his balls with my other hand. I slipped my mouth over his rigid cock and began bobbing up and down. Slowly at first, and then more quickly. I felt his balls constrict and another moan escaped his lips. Just as I felt him ready to shoot his load I pulled my mouth off and pulled his underwear up, my hand still inside jerking his throbbing cock. His hot, sticky cum filled his boxerbriefs. I got the rest of his clothes back on and laid him out on the couch. The load of cum in his boxerbriefs soon soaked through his tan khaki pants, creating a huge wet and sticky spot on his crotch. I smiled and covered him with a blanket.

I had to knock out John out three times that night so I could do everything I wanted, but it was worth it! And I got it on video, along with plenty of stills. I especially like the pictures I got of him in his uniform with his fly open. I love seeing a guy with his fly open. I posted some of the pictures I took of John to a web site specializing in cops in their underwear.

The next morning John was sicker than a dog. He assumed it was the alcohol and vowed over and over that he was never going to drink again. I chuckled at him and pointed to the stain on his crotch. He quickly pulled his shirt out of his pants to cover it up, embarrassed.
It felt great getting John like that and I was glad that I got pictures. I'd never have that kind of an opportunity with him again!


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I wish you would do that to me

Fainting Man said...

I wish you would knock me out like that

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please put me to sleep