Saturday, 10 October 2009

Getting Greg by Stimle

Getting Greg
(drunk, chloroform, seduce,nc, MM)
It had been easy enough to get the chloroform. It was a fluke, really. I have a neighbor who teaches high school English and awhile back when his car was in the shop for a few days I offered to drop him off and pick him up from work for a few days. One day when I came to pick him up he was helping a student with a report and asked me if I wouldn't mind waiting. I wandered down the hallway until I came to a biology lab. The door was open so I walked in. One of the walls housed a set of cabinets filled with bottles and flasks of all sorts. I took a closer look. There were three bottles of chloroform in one of the cabinets. I remembered back to my high school days when my lab partner in biology class almost passed out from accidentally inhaling chloroform. Taking a quick look around to see if anyone was watching, I tested the cabinet door. It was unlocked! I grabbed all the bottles of chloroform and stuffed them into my gym bag.

That night I poured a little chloroform onto a wash cloth and held it to my nose. I inhaled deeply and immediately coughed. It gave off a sickly sweet, overpowering scent that burned my nostrils. I moved the cloth a couple of inches from my face and took another breath. Slower this time. That was better. No burning. I took another breath and then another. Nice and slow. I felt my head dip a little. I put the cloth over my nose and mouth. I found I was able to take deeper breaths now. I lay back on my bed and began to inhale more deeply. My head began to feel light and I heard a rushing sound in my ears like ocean surf. I could feel my heart beating loudly like a drum. My vision dimmed and I was out.

For the next few nights I continued to knock myself out, but that wasn't enough. I desperately wanted to try it out on another person. Of course, I wasn't about to go out and chloroform people at random. Then it hit me. Maybe I could use it on my roommate. I could sneak into his room at night and knock him out while he was sleeping.

My roommate Greg is a really great guy. Okay, sometimes. Sometimes he's a real pain in the ass. But we get along for the most part. He's 6' and weighs about 170 or so. He works out a few nights a week and usually walks around the house without a shirt. His chest is pretty buffed and tan and I joke with him that he should do commercials for the gym he belongs to. Sometimes in the evening he just walks around in his boxers. He's also very easy on the eyes. Always smiling, the life of every party. He works for what he calls a "slave driver" in the accounting department of a large law firm and frequently comes home pulling his hair out.
One Friday night Greg came home stressed out. He had had the week from hell so I asked him if he wanted to go out and have a few drinks. I knew he could drink me under the table any day of the week, but I also knew he was a heavy sleeper and if he was just a little drunk when he went to bed maybe he wouldn't wake up while I was trying to knock him out.

We hooked up with a couple of Greg's friends at the pool hall that night and I told Greg that I'd drive so he could let loose if he wanted to. He didn't disappoint. He was pretty ripped when we got home, and needed help to make it to his room. I helped him get his shoes off and was starting to unbutton his shirt for him when he hauled off and slugged me. He said that only fags undressed other guys and that I'd better not be "no fuckin' fairy." He managed to get his shirt and pants off before he crawled into his bed and passed out. In all the time I've known Greg I've never tried anything with him when he was drunk or passed out, but tonight was going to change all that.

I waited for almost an hour before I made my move. I wanted to give him time to fall into a deep sleep. I opened his door a crack and peered in. The light from the hall fell across his bed, and there was Greg, lying on his side, snoring lightly. I crept into his room and knelt beside the head of his bed. I poured some chloroform onto a cloth and held it to his nose. He jerked a bit when he caught the first whiff so I moved the cloth back a few inches. Every time he took a breath I moved the cloth a little closer, letting more and more of the drug get into his system, gradually dulling him. I did this for almost 5 minutes, replenishing the chloroform whenever it evaporated. Finally I couldn't wait any longer. I was sure Greg was pretty out of it by now. I wet the cloth once more and folded a dry section over it. Taking a deep breath I put the cloth completely over his mouth and nose. His eyes slid open slowly and I gasped. They were glazed over and were rolling upward. He moved his hand to the cloth but was too weak to do anything. I held both his hands with my one hand and pressed the cloth firmly down over his face with the other. Within seconds his eyes slid shut. I held the cloth for a few more seconds just to be sure and then released it.

I lifted his eyelid and watched as his eyeball rolled back. His breathing was slow and even. He was out cold. I felt my dick lurch and I adjusted myself. I pulled back his covers. He was wearing blue and white striped boxer shorts. Calvin Klein. I lifted him up and over my shoulder. He was heavy. Pure dead weight. I took him to my room and laid him on my bed. I had hooked some restraints to the bedposts earlier and now I fastened them to Greg's wrists. I carefully removed his boxers. His cock, about 6 inches soft, rested against his leg. Even though he was out for the count, I still didn't dare touch it. I pulled out a pair of brand new white briefs from my drawer. They were my favorite kind, white full-cut J.C. Penney Staffords. In my opinion the softest, best fitting briefs on the market. I slipped them onto Greg, rubbing and caressing his tight body every inch of the way.

Wow! He looked so hot lying there in white briefs! I grabbed my digital camera and began taking pictures. Then I spread his legs and kneeled between them. I ran my hands lightly up and down his legs, from his ankles to his thighs and to his bulge.
I couldn't believe it! I had my hunky, straight as they come, boxers-only roommate, out like a light and tied spread-eagled to my bed in tighty whities! I snapped more pictures and was about to get a little playful when he slowly opened his eyes and began to moan. I started to panic. Shit!! I'd left the chloroform in his room! I sprinted out and grabbed both the bottle of chloroform and the discarded cloth, wetting it on my way back.

Greg was still moaning and was now struggling slightly against his bonds. His eyes were glassy and unfocused. I clamped the cloth over his face and waited. Almost immediately his eyes closed. He was out again.
I traced his softening cock with my fingers and continued to knead and nudge it until it was hard again. Then I ran my hand down between his legs and pushed softly, through the briefs, between his butt cheeks. I slipped my finger under the cotton fabric and worked it around his tight hole. I looked up at his still sleeping face. No change. He must've been under too deep to react.

I untied him and then stripped out of my clothes and down to my underwear. I mounted my camera on a tripod and took a few pictures of me with Greg. I posed him in a number of positions, both alone and with me. These were going to be great pictures. I was so hot and hard that I almost shot my load while holding Greg's soft face so close to my hard dick during one shot. I got more with him leaning against my shoulder, his hands on my crotch.
I carried him back to his room and laid him back on his bed. I stripped off the briefs and pulled his boxers back on, but just up to his hips. I looked at him and a devilish thought crossed my mind. I was still a little pissed at his faggot remarks and decided to get a little revenge.

When I was a junior high school I had some buddies come over while my parents were out of town. One of the guys' older brothers bought us a case of beer and we proceeded to get trashed. One of the guys, Kevin, passed and another guy, Jay, filled a bowl with warm water and dipped Kevin's hand in it. In a few minutes a dark spot appeared on the crotch of Kevin's jeans and began to slowly spread. We all cracked up. I took my polaroid camera and snapped a couple of pictures of Kevin in his pissed pants. Then Jay had another idea. He unbuttoned and unzipped Kevin's pants and pulled them down to his hips. Kevin was wearing white Fruit of the Loom briefs but they were now stained yellow with his piss. We all laughed more and I took a couple more pictures. The next morning Kevin was so embarrassed he almost cried.

Now looking down at Greg I had the same idea. I pulled his boxer shorts back up and went to get the warm water. I softly stroked his stomach, chest and nipples while his hand rested in the bowl. Within a few minutes I could see the light blue stripes on his boxers turn dark blue with piss. Because he had drunk so much beer, his urine was dark yellow. The spot spread and soon the sheets all around the middle of his body were soaked with his piss. I dried off his hand, thought better of it, stuck it down his wet boxers instead, and pulled his blankets up.
I didn't sleep well that night... a combination of the thrill and the nervousness I felt. I was hoping that Greg wouldn't suspect anything or remember anything from the few seconds he came to.

The next morning while I was eating breakfast I heard his shower. A few minutes later I heard him open his bedroom door and I turned to greet him. His was rubbing his eyes as he walked. He was wearing a pair of Notre Dame boxers. It was now or never. Greg wasn't afraid of confrontation, and if he had any suspicions at all about last night, well, I was in for it! But he didn't say a word. He only complained of a slight headache and blamed that on the drinking he did the night before. He made no mention of his "accident" but then I didn't think he would. He also didn't seem to remember anything about the comments he made and I chalked them all up to his being drunk. I looked at him and started to go hard thinking that just a few hours ago I was fondling and photographing this hot stud and I couldn't wait to do it again!
Actually, I didn't wait much longer. I chloroformed Greg again that night. He had gone out drinking with some buddies and had a few more beers when he got home. After I knocked him out I set up the video camera and got some footage of me stripping him out of his boxers and into white briefs. Then I gave his hard body a tongue bath. I was still a little mad about his faggot comments from the night before, so after I put his boxers back on I slowly rubbed him through the flannel material until he came in his shorts. I was so hard by then that I began to jerk myself and unloaded my jizz all over his already soiled boxers. I put his hand in some warm water and when he had finished wetting himself, I pulled out my dick and started pissing all over him and the area immediately surrounding him. When I was done I rolled him onto his stomach. The wet spot was huge and I had to laugh watching my roommate asleep in cum and piss stained boxers.

Sunday morning Greg got up early to do laundry. He left the house shortly afterward and returned a couple of hours later with a new mattress. He made some lame excuse that his old mattress was getting worn out. He had wrapped the old mattress in the plastic from his new mattress, but I could smell a faint scent of urine mixed with Lysol. I didn't let on that I smelled anything. He grabbed the old mattress and his keys, told me he was running to the dump, and left. I waited until I saw his truck drive away and then went into his room. I checked out the new mattress and was surprised to find a plastic liner under the sheets!

Of course Greg has no idea that I know, nor does he have any clue that every time he comes home drunk he ends up getting the sweet side of the cloth. I've got several nice pictures and videos, too. This boy has become quite a celebrity on the internet. I've posted several pictures to an internet web site featuring drunk or sleeping guys in white briefs and have got quite a bit of good feedback. Of course, I'm always careful not to show his face, using either a blindfold or a mask.


jeffthomas95825 said...

Hey, I really enjoyed your story. It reminds me of my roommate I had in the military. He always paraded around in his white briefs and always had a hard-on when coming out of the shower. Even all these years later, I still fantasize about looking under his briefs! Any way you can tell me where to find the pics of your roommate?

jeffthomas95825 said...

Hey, I really enjoyed your story. It reminds me of my roommate I had in the military. He always paraded around in his white briefs and always had a hard-on when coming out of the shower. Even all these years later, I still fantasize about looking under his briefs! Any way you can tell me where to find the pics of your roommate?