Monday, 16 November 2009

Aaron's New Friend

Aaron’s New Friend
By waratplay

MMMM/seduce/drunk/feigned sleep/anal

This one can be considered a fantasy as not all the sleeping was real. My mate Tony shares his rented house with his younger cousin Aaron. Aaron had caught a guy checkin him out when had passed out drunk, for a short while at a party. Tony had refused to help him get back at the guy, but I was willing to help.

First, Aaron made friends with the guy. This was important to get him to come over and also to work out how gay he was. Next we had to persuade Tony to help even though he had said he wouldn't. Finally we had to get the guy over and play out our game.

The date was set and as evening set in, I was over having a couple of drinks with Tony and talking about old times. As expected he suggested a soak in his new spa pool, so we were soaking, naked, in the pool as it was getting close to the time Aaron was due to come home with his new friend, Carl. Tony started to get sleepy and recognised what Aaron and I were up to. He said some very unkind and untrue things about my parents before he succumbed to sleep. He had gotten heavy since he had stopped role-playing with us, and it took a few minutes to get his body dried and resting peacefully in his bed.

I was 'drunk' in the lounge, dressed in a pair of shorts by the time the boys arrived. Carl was probably about 5'7”, straight jet black hair, brown eyes and ears that reminded me of a pixie. He had an endearing grin and kept looking down at crutch level, never really meeting your eyes. Aaron made the introduction and I didn't noticed that Carl was having difficulty keeping his eyes off where my legs disappeared into my shorts. As he sat on the couch, while he and Aaron had a beer each, I moved my leg so that he got a glimpse further up my shorts. Aaron suggested they take a spa, but Carl declined, his well filled jeans suggested why. Straight to plan B and I 'fell asleep'.

No waiting around, if this was not going to work we didn't want to waste the whole evening. Aaron came over and shook me. I moaned but stayed asleep. Aaron headed out of the room to 'take a piss'. While he was gone, Carl angled to see right up my shorts, but my leg was not quite in the right position so, with a trembling hand, he carefully moved it. His hand felt soft and his touch was gentle, giving me a full-on erection. Aaron came back in and demanded to know what Carl was up to. The poor lad could only mumble something I didn't catch and turn bright red.

Then Carl said, “Don't play around, if you want to do it, just do it. I do all the time when they are drunk!”

With that he pulled my shorts down and right off. It also pulled me half off the chair. Carl just stared. He was licking his lips and I thought the stitching would burst on his jeans. Here he was, in a strange house for 10 minutes with a quality beer in his hand and a sexy guy stripped naked and so hard he was leaking pre-cum in front of him. Aaron started feeling me up and offered for Carl to do the same, but he declined. He seemed a bit dazed. Then he snapped out of it and asked Aaron what he meant by they – as in they get drunk. Aaron said that his cousin was passed out upstairs and would Carl like to see him. He seemed overenthusiastic in pointing out that Tony was younger than me.

Carl agreed and they headed upstairs, beers in hand. After a few moments I followed. They were in Tony's room. He was sprawled naked on his bed, hard thanks to the Viagra that had been in his drink. Tony's cock is not long but very thick. Aaron was encouraging Carl to touch and wank him. The drinks had been left on the dressing table just beside the door and I dropped into Carl's glass what had been in Tony's. Aaron had moved between Carl and the door, just in case, and slipped out of his clothes. He stood there wanking himself as I slipped back downstairs. They came down some minutes later, both were now naked and hard. They stood wanking themselves in front of me and Aaron started to play with me. Carl's hand joined in and my cock performed brilliantly. When Aaron slipped his fingers into my arse, I nearly shot, but pretended to rouse a little instead so they both quickly backed off.

Then Aaron suggested carrying me upstairs, Carl agreed and they both made a poor job of it, banging my head on nearly every doorpost we went through. Then they laid me on the bed next to Tony and with, some positioning, got his thick cock against my unresisting hole (I was passed out, remember). I managed to get a good view of Carl. His cock was in proportion to his build. Side on it looked so cute. I started to wake up, riding back onto Tony's cock as I did and grabbed hold of Aaron who was leaning over me. I applied a font sleeper hold and he put up a pitiful fight, allowing me to sleeper him. I let him drop onto Tony and my bodies. Aaron has shaved all his body hair to make himself look hotter. In my opinion, he only looks skinnier. As soon as he passed out, his skinny cock shrunk into its foreskin and almost disappeared into his balls. However, his hole was stretched wide open and in full view. Carl did not take advantage of it but just stood there jerking himself off.

As I watched, Carl orgasmed. It went all over the bed and Tony with some on Aaron. Then he saw me watching him and quickly grew nervous. I just winked at him and started to jerk myself off. It was only a few moments later he grew too tired to stay awake and crumpled onto the cum soaked bed. The Viagra had kept him hard, so I had a bit of fun making him fuck Tony and Aaron. Then I had a go. Aaron woke up and we fucked each other, filling Carl's crack with our cum. He had a nice round hole surrounded by cum filled short black hairs but that will keep for when he role plays with us another time. We also jerked Tony off so he didn't miss out and it was also his mess on the sheets.

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