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A Moment of Opportunity

A Moment of Opportunity
By kewtieboy

MMMM/First time/NC/sleep/drunk/gay/anal

It’s tough growing up in the rough side of a city. It’s even tougher when, in your early teens you discover you are probably gay. Not that you have anything to judge “gay” by as gays are talked about as though they are alien creatures who come from somewhere else but certainly not the part of Liverpool I came from. By the time I was 18 the possibility of going to gay bars reared its head but then, of course the danger was that someone might see me there, nearby, or even coming out of a bar. There was also the chance that someone I met might talk.

I wasn’t a gay virgin by any means but I had not had what you might call “satisfying sex” in that everything I had done was a quick fumble, quick suck or a quick wank. I longed for some time to enjoy another guy’s body, to look at his naked form and take my time to enjoy it. Unfortunately the friends I had grown up with were rough diamonds. Thankfully we didn’t actually get into trouble but we went to football, went out on the town drinking and generally did most things together.

The hard core group were Gary, a 19 year old and 6 feet tall skinny guy with a mop of curly dirty blonde hair. Gary wasn’t an Adonis but he wasn’t bad looking even though his main dress code involved track suit bottoms, white trainers, a football top and baseball cap which tended to be on the wrong way round. He was a mad Liverpool supporter. Gary worked in warehouse of a local Tesco supermarket.

Next in the group were the twins. Jack and Len were a different kettle of fish. One description will do both as they were almost identical. Both stood 5 feet 9 inches tall. Both were medium build with a muscular frame from a bit of working out in the local gym. Both had reddish/blonde hair which was almost sandy coloured so both had freckles on their forearms and upper body and a few on their faces. They were the jeans and t-shirt type, no matter the weather. Both were also stunningly good looking with butts to die for. They were individually popular with girls and each had a long score sheet. Jack worked as a bricklaying apprentice and Len moved furniture and anything else he was asked.

The fourth member was Yu. Now Yu was slightly incongruous. His father was loaded as he owned 6 Chinese take-away restaurants and some property in the city. Yu had been working in one of his dad’s units in our run down part of the city when we met him and when we started taking the piss out of him, he gave back as good as he got. We all liked him and soon, he was one of us. His father was not too pleased but as he wasn’t actually getting into trouble he let him be. Yu was actually born in Liverpool of a Liverpudlian mother so had mixed Asian looks which were strikingly attractive. His build was slightly larger than I imagine he would have been with a Chinese mother so he was around 5 feet 9 inches tall too. He had blue black hair which was often styled quite freakishly. He loved his hair gel. He too was slim and had a beautifully developed body and dazzling white teeth!

That leaves me. When dad left mum and took his money with him, we ended up in a council house in this run down area. I learned to fend for myself and my karate lessons in late primary, early secondary school stood me in good stead and allowed me to be left in peace. At 5 feet 10 inches I have a pretty good frame and look like I can fend for myself so it allowed me, and my fellow friends to steer clear of the gangs who are prevalent in the area, and we formed our little crew! My name is Declan, or Dec to friends and being aware of being gay has been with me since my earliest teens. So far I had managed to avoid too many girlfriends without attracting suspicion but the day was coming when I would have to come out or get out and I wasn’t sure how the group would take to it.

So that’s us and now to the main reason for writing this.

Another mate, Lou, was getting married and had decided that a group of guys should go to Brighton for a long, wild weekend party to celebrate. This stag party would have a group of around 20 including our fabulous 5. It was set for mid-November so we all started saving. I was the only one with a white collar job, if you call working in an insurance office an upmarket job.

I managed to find a 3 bedroom flat for the 4 nights we would be there with the rest staying in bed and breakfasts around Brighton. The flat had 2 double rooms and one single one so perfect for us guys to crash out. We were staying from Thursday through to Monday so on the Thursday night we all went out to meet the others for the beginning of our pub crawling weekend.

I won’t stretch the story out too long but needless to say the guys managed to get absolutely trashed. By the time we made pub number six the toll of pints and shorts meant that the group had fragmented and our little gang were splayed along the promenade wall. We all staggered back to the apartment as quietly as we could and crashed out in the lounge. The twins were dead to the world on the sofa and Yu, Gary and I had just one more beer each. I think it was Gary’s idea as we looked down on the snoring twins, to pull their pants off and spray shaving foam on their privates, then to take a movie for YouTube. I wasn’t going to stop him as I had long wished to see the boy’s cocks and was eager to help.

Yu joined in the fun and it amazed me that with all the sniggering and laughing plus the hauling of jeans, neither twin woke. We were able to strip jeans and briefs down to expose two perfectly matching cocks and balls, red pubic hair neatly around each. Yu started filming and Gary suggested getting them hard for the film. I knew YouTube wouldn’t publish these but I wasn’t going to tell Gary.

“I’m not touch their cocks!” he said to me, “You grab them and I’ll hold them if they waken.”

“Reluctantly” I gripped Jacks soft cock and rubbed it a little. I was surprised that it grew almost instantly and by the time I moved to his brother, it was standing 6 inches tall and solid as a rock. His brother followed suit and we all laughed our heads off as we took film of them then covered their cocks and balls in foam. We left them sprawled on the sofa and went to bed. Gary was sharing with Yu. I had done the booking, so I had organised the rooms!

It was already well past 3.00 am when we got to bed and when I awoke with a stiff cock and a need to pee, I padded through the flat and after going to the toilet, looked in to see the two boys still lying where we had left them. I had an urge to fondle their cocks again, but thought better of it.

It took us until midday to surface and it was Len, whose roar woke us.

“Fucking bastards; look what they’ve done to us Jack!” I heard him shout.
There was much laughing and frivolity and we had a light-hearted breakfast while planning the day. There wasn’t really much planning except to go out earlier and to drink longer!

Once more, I won’t bore you with the day but we all managed to meet up with the rest of them and continued much as we had done the previous day. By 11.30 pm, I was much the worse for wear and felt I couldn’t go on. The group had slightly fragmented anyway. I could see Yu and one of the twins but that was all. I headed off back to the flat.

When I got in, I showered to waken myself up and had a few drinks of water to rehydrate myself. I was just heading to my room dressed in my tight little CK shorts when I noticed Gary and Yu’s room door wide open and a shape on the bed. It was Gary.

“Hi mate, didn’t know you were back?”

There was silence. I put on the light and the room was ablaze. Gary had one leg out and one leg in his track suit bottoms. His football top was raised over his head showing his hairless chest but one arm was still in it, and his cotton boxer shorts were half pulled down, a strip of pubic hair visible as the band lay at a 45 degree angle. He had made a feeble attempt to get to bed and failed.

“C’mon mate, let’s be having you,” I said loudly and lifted his body on to the bed.

He was a dead weight and just moved over and started to snore. I don’t know why but I went to the flat door and threw the safety catch on the door before returning.

“I’ll give you a hand Gary,” I said loudly, pulling his football shirt over his head. He flopped back on to the pillow.

I took his trainers and socks off and then pulled his track suit bottoms down. I lifted his legs on to the bed and pondered whether I should go further. I leaned forward and lightly smacked his cheek. No response. I shouted louder and shook his arm with still no response. I took the band of his boxers and pulled them down.

Gary’s uncut cock lay across his heavy balls. His pubic hair was rich, dark blonde and quite thick with a trace heading up to his navel before fading to a hairless body except for a few wisps of hair in the middle of his chest. I went to my room and grabbed my digital camera, setting it to movie status and filmed his naked body for a future wank session and then laid it on the bedside table still running. I sat beside him and gripped his warm cock. It was about 4 inches soft but seemed much thicker than mine. My own cock was already stiff.

I leaned forward and kissed the soft foreskin. The smell of urine was pungent but surprised me by being erotic. I was only going to have one opportunity so being fussy was not an option. I engulfed his cock with my mouth and rolled the flaccid penis in my mouth, enjoying the way it flopped around inside me. I stroked my own cock as I did so. Next I went between his legs and licked his heavy, sagging balls. I took one of the monsters into my mouth and rolled it around before going back to cock sucking. I held his cock with one hand and forced a movement around the head with my tongue.

Gary made a small grunt as though he was aware of something going on, before his breathing returned to its steady pattern. His cock suddenly had some substance. Blood was filling it. I was greedy now. I gripped the base to force his erection and sucked the head for all I could. Once the erection started, its growth was steady and it took around 3 minutes before I had a stunning 7 inch, thick cock in my hand. It was absolutely rock hard.

I devoured it. I grabbed the camera and both filmed and snapped it from all angles including one with my mouth wrapped around it. I pulled off my pants and climbed on to the bed, sinking my hole on to his saliva coated cock. I had never been fucked but I wanted to try. I pushed my arse hard against his cock and even managed to get the head inside me but it was going no further.

I went back to sucking him and frantically wanked him with my face looking into his one eyed monster. I sucked and wanked and his erection was rock solid. He whimpered again, his subconscious mind aware something was happening. I looked up to ensure he wasn’t wakening and, as I turned to continue my attention to his cock, a blast of warm thin cum splattered on my face. I opened my mouth quickly as I wanted some of Gary inside me. When he had shot his final spurt, I wrapped my mouth around his cock and sucked all the cum I could from it. I then stood over him and emptied my own 6.5 inch cock on to his balls.

Panic set in and I grabbed kitchen towel from the kitchen, mopping as much as I could from his balls, his stomach and my face. I grabbed his shorts and pulled them up as far as I could the rolled him into bed and covered him up. I strewed his clothes as though he had stripped as he walked to his bed and then grabbed the camera and ran to my bed.

Once my heart stopped beating I slept like a corpse hearing nothing until the rattle of tea cups at 11.00 am next day. I was scared to look at Gary but he said nothing, apart from saying how glad he was he had left early as a good night’s sleep had done him the power of good. It had certainly done me a power of good.

Yu asked a lot of questions about who had been in first and who was asleep first. He said that Gary had been like a corpse when he got home at 3.00 am and he could do nothing to raise him. He smiled at me when he said it and I must have flushed so I looked away.

Saturday was the big day and we were all meeting at 4.00 pm for a few drinks, then a meal then, drinks, then a club looking for “birds.”

All happened in exactly that order. Yu was with me for a good part of the afternoon and also at dinner. He was keeping pace with everyone. I tried not to do the chaser drinks and somewhere in my subconscious, I wondered if another opportunity might arise tonight too. I was as horny as fuck and really wanted some cock awake or asleep! I had also acquired some lubricant and was hoping that if Gary was out of it again, I might get his cock inside me.

The club was reached at 11.30pm and we were all very, very drunk. I lost contact with everyone within minutes of arrival. Actually not everyone as I saw Gary with a bleached blonde, chatting her up in a corner.

“Lucky bitch,” I thought, “She’s going to get it inside her, instead of me.”

I lost him again and decided I would head back to the flat again in the hope Gary wouldn’t score. As I reached the main door of the block I found Jack and Len heaped behind the main door. It looked like one had tripped, the other had fallen over him and neither had the strength to get up.

As with Gary the previous night neither heard a word I said. I tried lifting Jack off Len just as another guy came into the stairway.

“Is there any chance of a hand with these?” I asked.

“Sure mate,” he said, lifting Jack as though he was a child.

I helped a little but we got him upstairs and into his room before dumping him on the bed. We repeated the process with Len before I thanked the guy. I quickly showered well and stripped to my briefs before lubricating my arse in hope!

I once more, put the lock on the front door then entered their room. Following the same process as the previous night, I stripped them down until they lay naked, side my side on the double bed. I shook them again but I knew that three nights of hard drinking had taken its toll. I knelt facing both bodies and held a cock in each hand and was surprised that, like our first night there, the speed the cock rose to full height was amazing. Stiff cocks were in both of my hands in minutes. Once more I filmed for wanking fodder later. I sucked each in turn and the boys were giving satisfied purrs as I did so. I crawled up the bed and pushed my own hard cock in Len’s face separating his lips. I managed to get the dripping head between them and for a short moment he took the head of my cock in his mouth. He started to shake his head so I stopped, fearful I might have to explain why their straight friend was pushing a dripping cock into his mouth!

I lubricated my arse and climbed on to Len. Holding his hard cock I sat astride him and sank my hole down on to it. It slid in surprisingly easily and I started to ride up and down. It was wonderful! My years of fingering my hole had successfully made losing my virginity easier than I expected. I had to have both. I slid over on to Jack and repeated the procedure. His cock slid inside me and I was fully engrossed. This wasn’t some wild erotic session as I was too scared to be really active with them so the actual fucking session was short. Jack started to stir and in his drunken haze he started to get up and walk towards the door. I panicked and pulled my briefs back up then steered him to the room door. He was almost sleepwalking, completely oblivious to my presence as I guided him to the toilet and as he stood, I took the opportunity to hold his slowly dwindling erection as he pissed in the bowl. I found it really erotic. Once finished, he turned and walked back to the room on his own and climbed back beside his brother on to of the covers. I stood at the door and watched and within minutes his breathing had once more returned to the heavy inhale and exhale of a drunken coma. I walked back in and knelt once more between the two guys. I started sucking Len’s cock which quickly returned to its previous excited state. I managed to swallow all of it down my throat, tasting his salty precum as I did so.

“Need a hand with that!”

The sound of another voice in the room really made me jump and I turned quickly to find Yu standing by the doorway in a pair of tight boxer shorts.

“I was just putting them to bed,” I mumbled unconvincingly.

“I like your style then,” said Yu.

“How did you get in?” I asked.

“I’ve been in bed for ages and heard all the movement which woke me up and now I found you having sex with our two good friends. How could you?”

It was at that stage I saw the tent in his shorts and realised he was interested in what he was watching.

“Would you like to help me put them to bed?” I asked.

“If you like,” he replied with a nonchalant look as though he didn’t care either way.

He slipped off his shorts exposing a sizeable cock which was about 6 inches long but remarkably thick. His curly blue black hair was thick but confined to his pubic region and his remaining upper body was hairless though I noticed his legs were covered in dark hairs. He walked over, knelt beside me and took Jack’s cock in his mouth sucking it fervently. It felt so naughty and dangerous with both of us doing it. I looked at Yu as he sucked and he looked at me and winked. I realised the digital camera was lying on the bedside table to my left capturing the whole thing.

We each stroked a cock and sucked in between strokes.

Yu looked at me and said, “I think this one is hard enough to………”

As he said it, a jet of cum shot out of Jack’s cock and sprayed his face. He stuck his mouth over it and caught the rest.

“See if you can get him to cum,” he said, picking up my camera, which I thought he hadn’t noticed, and zooming in as I sucked and wanked Len.

It took over 5 minutes before I received the same reward he had. He smiled as I took my hand off Len’s cock and leaned over, kissing my face and licked the cum.

“Let’s tidy up here and go through to my room,” he said.

We did and I ended up, not only having my first ever real sex session, but being fucked for over an hour my a surprisingly energetic Yu. He fucked me doggy fashion, legs in the air and straight forward up the rear, before spraying his wonderful cum over my chest and then sucking me off.

Afterwards Yu confessed that he had also sucked Gary off the previous night when he had returned back to the flat. He had been amazed how little Gary had cum but noticed dried cum between his legs. It had crossed his mind that perhaps I had been playing around with him but he put it out of his head.

We kept our secret and three months later, I moved into a flat with him. I was one of his dad’s properties from his small empire. I, of course, was a lodger helping to pay the rent.

That’s life to date, a great and still secret affair and an even bigger secret to be kept from our three straight friends. We often watch the footage from that night as we have sex and remember the time we grabbed a moment of opportunity!

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