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Ozark Mountain Boys by Tanda2000

copyright by Tanda 2/2001

Billy rolled over in his sleep. Dread filled his belly and his face flushed with mixed feelings of shame and excitement. He could hear Uncle Buck and Ma goin' at it in the other room. She was yellin' at him again. Yup, he was drunk.

Billy lay there listenin' to the two of them, wonderin' why he was still livin' at home. Why hell, he was 20 years old now and he should be out getting' his own claim settled and startin' a family of his own and he couldn't figure why Uncle Buck was still stayin' with them. He had
to be at least 23 or 25 by now, a growed up man and should be out on his own. Billy knew the reason - whiskey, and Ma always said that Uncle Buck was just a wanderer.

There weren't no reason at all why he was still here exceptin' that he had figured he'd stay on and help Ma ever since Pa has passed on. That's just the way it was done up here in the mountains. Folks stuck together and Billy didn't feel right leavin' Ma with just Seth, who was just turned a young 18, to tend to the land and all the chores. Hell, it was almost more than they could handle even with Uncle Buck's help.

Uncle Buck was Pa's younger brother and that's why Uncle Buck had come to live with them, to help out but sometimes he seemed to be more bother than he was help. If he wasn't so scared and worried, Billy reflected, it would be downright funny. Uncle Buck could be a real hoot and even Ma loved him 'cuz he always made us laugh and somehow they always ate. Pa had
always demanded that there be food on the table, no matter what. He contended that if ya didn't eat there was no way in hell ya was gonna be able to work. Ma carried on the tradition even though sometimes all it was rice and beans and Uncle Buck always somehow got us some kind of vittles. He also knew how Uncle Buck could be when he'd been hittin' that brew.
He could hear Ma and Uncle Buck goin' at it now in the other room as he laid in the makeshift mattress on the floor.

"Buck, damn ya. You been hittin' that jug again?"

"Yeah, so what?", Uncle Buck stated beligerently.

"Well," Ma chided. "You know'd that you're a worthless lard ass when you been drinkin'. We got things to be done 'round here. And we don't need ya all juiced up."

Billy lay there in the dark with the light streaming in from the cracked open door. There was silence in the other room now. Seth laid next to him sound asleep. Lucky fucker, Billy thought. That boy could sleep through a friggin' tornado.

Billy could hear the fire being stoked in the other room and knew that Ma was bankin' the fire like Pa had taught him to do. It would keep the coals hot all night so's it wouldn't be so damned cold in the mornin'.

The silence was broken by Ma.

"Now, get yer ass in there and get some shut eye, Buck. We got a full day tomorrow in them fields and I'm gonna need all you men folk to be workin'. And don't wake up my boys!"

"Yeah, yeah," Uncle Buck muttered. Billy could hear his boots shuffling towards the door. He quickly rolled over on his belly and lay there pretendin' to be asleep. Best this way. Uncle Buck could be downright cantankerous when he'd been hittin' the sauce.

He squeezed his eyes shut and let his brown hair flop over his face and laid there tryin' to control his breathin'. Through his pinched eye lids, he could see the light brighten as the door opened wide. Uncle Buck was in the room. Billy dared to crack his eyes open just a tad and could see the big framed man standin' right next to the bed weaving. Uncle Buck was a big 'ol boy. 'Bout 6 foot 3 inches or so and a good 220 pounds. But beefy like a big side of beef. Uncle Buck was a growed up man but still hadn't found hisself a gal yet. Billy suspected it was mostly 'cuz he was likin' his whiskey too much and didn't have no property to settle on like Ma and Pa did.

A big belch filled the room and a muffled chuckle came from Uncle Buck. Only a crack of light lit the room now since he had closed the door on his way in. In the semi darkness, Billy seen Uncle Buck's overalls drop to the floor as the man stood there weaving. From his position in the bed, all Billy could see was Uncle Buck's muscled calves with the overalls bunched down around his ankles, his boots still on.

Even though he felt a mounting excitement in his groin, he silently hoped that Uncle Buck would just get into bed and fall asleep and leave him alone, but that weren't to be.

Billy heard Uncle Buck quietly slur, "Well, well. What we got here?"

Billy felt the covers being pulled off of him and he suddenly felt kinda naked even though he was wearin' his long johns. He felt exposed and vulnerable to the drunken man. He shivered inside but didn't move a muscle, concentratin' on breathin' deep like Seth who was still sound
asleep beside him.

Billy felt a callused paw rubbin' on his backside through his long johns. "Bastard," Billy whispered to hisself but he couldn't deny the secret longing that was filling his own young manhood.

Uncle Buck knelt down on the mattress next to him with his overalls still around his ankles. Through his slit eyelids, Billy could see Uncle Buck's big 'ol horse cock swingin' between his muscular thighs.

"Damn," Billy thought. That thing was already half hard and he stared at it in the darkness as it swung between his Uncle's legs.

He watched it grow just inches from his face as he felt his young ass being mauled by the big rough hands and almost jumped when he felt Uncle Buck yank open the back of his long johns, ripping the buttons right off.

"Oh, shit," he thought. "Not again."

He laid there not movin', tryin' to fake sleep even though he couldn't fight the growin' of
his own cock.

"Damn, this bastard," he thought, but he laid there not

There was nothin' to be done about it. Not without wakin' Seth up and getting' Ma all pissed off and the whole danged place in an uproar. Billy decided that he would just lie there and let Uncle Buck do whatever he had to do 'till he passed out. Hopin' that it wouldn't be too long. He
was pretty shit faced.

He felt Uncle Buck's hand slip inside his long johns and rub the tender flesh of his smooth buttocks. He watched as the man's huge shaft of meat grew and the big 'ol mushroomed head reminded Billy of the wild mushrooms they picked on the other side of the mountain for vittles and such. The pendulum of meat waved menacingly inches from his face as he felt the big fingers slide between his smooth crack. His own eight inch manhood was lying like a hard tree branch against the mattress. He hated Uncle Buck for getting' him all roused up like this. He had to get some sleep, dammit! But his own cock was achin' in his long johns and wanted

As he continued to fake sleep, he felt Uncle Buck's big hands push his legs apart and go down between his legs, rubbing against his full young balls. His hand wandered even further underneath him and Billy cringed when Uncle Buck's hand touched the base of his rock hard cock.

He heard Uncle Buck snicker. "Ya little faggot. You're likin' this, ain't

Billy didn't move. He just laid there breathin' like he was sound asleep. He didn't know what else to do. He was so pissed that he was sportin' wood and just hoped like hell that Seth wouldn't get woke up by Uncle Buck's goings on.

He felt the hand on his butt push up under his worn out long johns and push them up over his back, rippin' the tired fabric. Uncle Buck's hands were roaming all over his young, smooth muscled back and then down again to his tight ass. Uncle Buck reached under Billy and roughly yanked his hard 8 inch cock down between his spread legs.

Billy moaned in pain, but still didn't move. Through his half shut eyes, he saw Uncle Buck's big cock, leaking pre cum from the slit of the mushroomed head. For some reason, Billy found his mouth waterin'.

Damn, he hated this shit! He had to get some rest tonight or he was gonna be as
worthless as tits on a boar tomorrow.

Suddenly Uncle Buck's hand left his backside and Billy felt nothing and heard nothing. He sighed a sigh of relief. Maybe he had lost interest, too drunk to carry on. But all too soon, he watched as Uncle Buck took both of his hands and wrapped them around his big 'ol horse cock, squeezing it and stroking it right in front of his face.

Then the man scooted closer to the boy and started rubbing the big cock all over Billy's hair and face.
"Mmmmmmmmm," was all he heard as he felt the sticky shaft of meat glide over his face.

Abruptly, he felt Uncle Buck start to lightly slap his face with the engorged organ. Then the man grabbed Billy's long brown hair and roughly pulled his head towards his waiting manhood and felt the big mushroomed head pressed against his full,
tender lips.

"Suck it, faggot," Uncle Buck growled quietly.

Billy defiantly turned his head over and pressed it into the pillow away from the demanding cock.

Billy felt Uncle Buck grab his head and forced it back towards his hard cock. The man held the boy's face in his hands and, again, pressed the leaking head against his closed mouth. Reluctantly, Billy parted his lips and the big cock forced it's way into his unwilling mouth.

"Now, suck it good, faggot boy. Ya wouldn't want yer little brother to wake up and see ya bein' taken like a girl, would ya?"

Billy stated sucking the big piece of meat that was crammed in his mouth just knowing that he would die a thousand deaths if Seth was to wake up seein' this. It's best to do what Uncle Buck wanted and get it over with. But secretly, he was enjoyin' the big piece of meat invading his
mouth and he liked the taste of his Uncle's juice as he tried to wrap his lips around the big head suckin' it like a young calf on a tit.

As he diligently sucked on the big cock, Uncle Buck rolled him over on his side and, yankin' the fly down to his long johns, firmly grabbed his hard cock and began stroking it. Billy moaned in pleasure around the big cock in his mouth. Uncle Buck started sliding his big rod in and out of
the unwilling boy's mouth as he stroked him and squeezed his balls painfully. Billy could barely breathe, his mouth was so full of dick and he could feel his Uncle's big balls hitting against his chin as the man fucked his mouth.

As he laid on his side with his torn long johns hanging off of his young muscled body, he felt used and humiliated but so fuckin' turned on by the way the man was using him for his drunken pleasure. As he was suckin' the big cock, he kept wonderin' what Ma would say or,better yet, what Seth would say if he was to wake up and see his big brother suckin' a cock like a faggot. Billy had often seen Seth's young hard body when they was skinny dippin' and knew the boy had a sizeable cock swingin' between his legs and had often thought about suckin' him off, but was too scared to say so.

These thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of his Uncle's big blunt finger forcing it's way into his small tight asshole without any lube. He winced from the pain, but his cock throbbed in Uncle's hand but kept on sucking. He knew that Uncle Buck could get real mean if he was
pissed off so he just whimpered around the big cock in his mouth while the finger violated his tender young ass.

Suddenly, his worst fears were realized when he heard Uncle Buck
say, "Looks good, don't it, Seth?"

Dread and shame washed over Billy as the man kept sliding his big tool in his mouth and he knew that Seth was watchin' all this.

"Noooooooo," he cried inside.

"Sure do, Uncle Buck." Billy could just hear Seth grinning in the dark.

Billy paused in his sucking. Uncle Buck's hand found the side of his face and smacked him a good one. "Keep suckin' it, ya little faggot bitch boy."

Knowin' it was best not to get Uncle Buck pissed off, Billy obeyed and kept suckin' the man's big cock while his own throbbed between his legs, tryin' to ignore the fact that he knowed that Seth was behind him watchin'.


"Yeah, Uncle Buck?"

"Sneak in onto the kitchen and grab me some lard."

"Yes sur!" Billy heard his little brother say all too eagerly.

He felt the movement on the mattress and knew that the boy was getting' up. With the big cock still in his mouth and his ass cheeks glowin', he saw Seth's naked body snake into the kitchen and when he seen the hard cock between his brother's legs stickin' out like a sword, his own cock swelled even more in his Uncle's hand. He kept slidin' his big dick in and out of Billy's now sore mouth, holdin' onto his head as he fucked the boy.

"Now we're gonna have ourselves some fun, bitch boy," he growled as he pulled his wet organ out and began rubbing it all over Billy's tortured face.

Billy panted for breath as he felt the huge wet organ cover his face.

It weren't no time at all before Seth come back into the room proudly carrying the cask of lard he swiped from the kitchen. He proudly handed it to Uncle Buck as his young hard cock waved proudly between his legs. Billy didn't say a word, just lay there quiet with the big dick
still lodged in his mouth.

"Thanks, boy," Uncle Buck acknowledged. "Now come on over here and watch your brother take care of your Uncle. Jest like I showed ya before."

Amazement ran through Billy as he watched his Uncle Buck grab the boy's cock and pull him next to him so both of them were watchin' Uncle Buck's big cock sliding it and out of his mouth. He was so ashamed. Be he was so hot watching his Uncle stroke and squeeze his brother's hard cock as they watched him. So, Seth and Uncle Buck had done this before? Couldn't be, but must be. Billy's cock was achin' and leakin' like a sieve.

Uncle Buck patted Seth's young backside and said, "Now get on back to bed like a good boy. You're way too young to be doin' stuff like this."

"Bullshit!", Seth declared. "I'm all growed up now. Least wise that's what ya said the other day!"

Uncle Buck slapped Seth's naked buttocks soundly. "Don't sass me, boy! But if ya think ya man enough, come on over here and get some of yer brother's hot mouth. The faggot's got talent.Must run in the family. He does as good as you do, boy."

Billy was stunned. Uncle Buck pulled his still unsatisfied cock from his mouth and guided Seth's 7 inch cock over to his waiting mouth. Billy clamped his lips shut tight as Seth's young cock waved in front of his mouth.

Uncle Buck chuckled. "If ya think you're man enough, then get some, boy."

Seth stubbornly held his cock up to Billy's lips and pushed the head of his smaller dick against his brother's lips.

Uncle Buck crawled down the bed and rolled Billy on his belly. He slapped the boy's firm ass and told him, "Suck the boy's cock, bitch. Suck it now."

Billy parted his lips lightly and felt Seth's young manhood slip into his mouth. It had a sweeter taste than Uncle Buck's which made his own cock throb even more as he gobbled the boy's cock down his hot throat.

While he sucked on his brother's cock, Seth grabbed Billy's hair like he had seen his Uncle do and started to fuck the mouth of his trapped older brother with awkward, inexperienced thrusts.

Uncle Buck knelt between his legs and roughly spread his legs wide like the wishbone of a chicken. Uncle Buck yanked the young man's long johns all the way down around his ankles and Billy felt him slap a big glob of grease between his exposed ass cheeks. Billy involuntarily pinched his buttocks together but Uncle Buck wasn't taking no for an answer. He brutally forced Billy's cheeks open wide, exposing his tight pink hole while Seth filled his mouth with his young dick.

Billy laid on his belly feeling the head of his Uncle's big greasy cock head sliding up and down his smooth, hairless crack. Without any warning, Billy felt the oversized head ease into his tight hole as Uncle Buck held his ass cheeks wide open. He grimaced from the pain and the
humiliation of being used by these two mountain men and ashamed that he was so hot and hard himself, but they weren't caring about that. All they was caring about was havin' their own way with him, and they did.

Uncle Buck stood at the foot of the bed and roughly pulled Billy up by his slim hips and impaled the entire length of his hard cock into his tight unwilling ass. Seth's hard, wet cock plopped out of his mouth, but not undaunted, he crawled up on the bed and knelt in front of Billy and shoved his young, hungry cock back into his brother's hot mouth. Billy grabbed a hold of Seth's firm muscled thighs as he sucked his cock into his mouth and felt his Uncle slamming into his sore ass. He was so hot and felt like he was going to explode all over the sheets, but suddenly, he felt Seth's thrusts go faster and faster and then the boy moaned and he felt his mouth fill up with warm, salty fluid as his brother released his full young nut sack into his mouth. Seth's cum was hot and sweet and Billy sucked it down greedily as his ass was being filled with long stabs of hard cock.

As he was being fucked hard, Uncle Buck started slapping the sides of his hips as his cock pounded deep into his hot tight ass, filling it with his pent up man meat. Suddenly, Uncle Buck pulled out of the hot ass and dropped Billy carelessly on the bed and jerked off his hard shaft all over the rounded used cheeks of Billy's ass. Billy felt the hot spasms of the man's cum fall on his butt and shoot on his back. Billy was insane with lust and his hard cock twitched madly against the mattress.

Billy was roughly rolled over and Uncle Buck laughed. "Well, well. Look at this, will ya, Seth? The faggot's got a fuckin' boner. Come on down here and take care of it like I showed ya."

Much to Billy's surprise, Seth crawled over Billy's body and, without a word, sucked in his engorged cock like a pro. Billy moaned with the heat of Seth's hot lips wrapped around his hard cock. He dared to raise his head from the mattress and watch as Seth knelt on his hands and
knees sucking his cock while Uncle Buck looked on, absently stroking his own spent cock.

Uncle Buck got another glob of grease and Billy watched in amazement and lust as he saw Uncle Buck slap it onto Seth's upturned ass and start to penetrate him while he sucked Billy's cock. As Uncle Buck finger fucked the boy, he took his other hand and roughly shoved it between Billy's spread legs, forcing two of his fingers deep into his already
violated ass.

Billy couldn't hold back no longer and, as he felt hisself getting' finger fucked by the two blunt fingers and seeing Uncle Buck's fist working on Seth's backside, he shot his load deep into his brother's hot mouth and watched as some of the full load dribbled out the sides of his full lips.

Uncle Buck grunted and laughed a wicked laugh. "That's right, boys. Now I got me two bitch boys. I want you both to lick up this mess and then get some rest. You're gonna need it. I got lots of work for you two boys and I don't mean in the fields!"

Seth and I looked sheepishly at each other and both of us dutifully started towards Uncle Buck as he laid back on the mattress with his big muscled arms behind his head.

"Now, lick it clean, bitches," he growled.

Not quite sure what to do, we both started in on his big semi hard cock lying on his muscled thigh like a big 'ol snake. We licked it clean and our tongue darted over his cock, touching each other's as we worked.

"Kiss him," Uncle Buck snarled.

Our lips met awkwardly and our tongues fought a fight for dominance as we kissed while Uncle Buck lay there watching his two bitch boys suck face like two little faggots.

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