Sunday, 22 November 2009

Playing with Dad by Phil

There he was, sprawled out on the couch again. Drunk, passed out and snoring. I had just got home from soccer practice. I went upstairs being very quiet. I felt sorry for my dad. Mom left us 4 months ago and he had recently been laid off. Depressed and drinking a lot. I stepped off my clothes and rubbed my crotch watching myself in the full length mirror. I am 5'11 trim and muscular. I look very much like my dad. Very dark brown wavy hair. I had black hair all around my nipples that grew to the center of my chest. A thin black line down to my navel and disappeared into my jock. My crotch was covered in hair. I rubbed my sweaty nuts through my
jock strap and sniffed my fingers. I knew I was going to be hairy like my dad. He had jet black hair and sparkling blue eyes. The kind that bring most people to a halt. What I found so interesting was the patterns of body hair he had. It was very soft like the hair in his head. He was covered with it from head to toe. Even on his shoulders and back. He was a muscular man, Working out doors most his life. Deep tan and shirtless most of the time. His buddies teased him.

I laid back on my bed spread out and rubbed my body down. My cock fully erect and trapped in my jock. I rubbed my fingers into my ass cheeks and played with the furry ring. Man that felt good. I heard a thump from down stairs and jumped out of bed. There he was face first on the floor between the couch and the coffee table. I helped up as he babbled something only he
could understand. His robe fell open and I could see his semi erect cock. Man he had a nice cock. almost four and a half inches soft. Black wiry hair covering his large balls. I couldn't help looking.

Dad was walking up the stairs with me arm over my shoulder. I watched his cock the whole time. It swayed back and forth while we stumbled through the hall. I had only seen dad naked a few times in my life.He was almost dead weight when I got him to his bed. His room was a wreck. I smelled like him. Dirty clothes everywhere. I got him to his bed and sat him down on the edge. He immediately laid back. Naked in all his glory. Legs spread out. I could see
it all. He mumbled something and squirmed up on the bed a little further. He began snoring.

My cock was throbbing looking at my dad. He was so handsome. I walked back to room. My cock lead the way. I hopped into bed and started rummaging through my night stand. Cum rag,lube and my favorite poppers. I took a sniff and peeled my sweaty jock off. Hard as a rock my almost six inch cock throbbed in my hand. My nuts contracted and I could feel my pre-cum
coating the head. I fisted it up and down until it was covered. Man I knew I could blow any second. I was so horny thinking about my dads fur covered body. I wonder what it would be like to feel his body from head to toe. I was very close and stretched out. I could hear my dad snoring from his room. I stopped and sat up. What if? I knew he had been drinking all day.
He wouldn't even know.

I snuck down the hall naked. He was just where I had left him. The sun was setting and rays shined on his hairy body. My heart was racing as I approach his bed. Still sprawled out on his back. His robe covered his hairy shoulders. I sat very quietly on the edge of his bed
and stared at him.

He was sound asleep. A very heavy sleeper. I rubbed his furry chest paying very close attention to his eyes. I didn't budge. Very softly I moved my hands back over his chest touching his nipples then down his furry trail to his pubic bush. His body hair was so sexy. I noticed his cock was getting a little thicker. His heavy cock hung loosely over his hairy thick balls. I slowly moved my hand to his cock and gently rubbed his. He still snored lightly as I began to manipulate his cock in my sweaty hand. I looked back at his face. His deep black eye lashes fluttered but he continued to sleep.My cock was rock hard and dripping into my hairy black bush. I was rubbing his furry balls and dad spread his legs and moaned into his new
position. his head rolled to the side away from me. My hand frozen on his nuts I began rubbing again very slowly. I watched his cock grow to a full erection. Throbbing with his heart meat.His uncut cock was now almost seven inches long with a red flared head. A clear drop formed at the head as I licked my lips. He had a strong masculine smell. His arm pits were damp and matted down. A sheen of sweat formed over his body. The smell of beer strong.

I moved down and healed between his furry legs. I slowly rubbed my hands all over his thighs and calves. I rubbed the tops of his feet. His toes were even hairy. I had never really noticed my dad like this before. Dad had very muscular legs. Messaging his muscles I lifted his leg up on the mattress. I could see his dark hairy crack. The hair there must be at least an inch longgrowing in a tight circle around his hole. It looked tight and the same color as his nipples. I rubbed his inner thighs down into the crevasse of his legs. Manipulating his hard cock and balls then up to his knees. I leaned in and inhaled. He smelled like soap and man sweat. I had to taste him. I grabbed his seven inch cock in my hand and admired its thickness. A clear drop of pre-cum landed on my hand. I opened my mouth and placed half the length in my mouth and closed very slowly. I watched my dads face. A slight moan escaped his mouth. His mouth opened slightly and you could see his sparkling white teeth and a slight smile. His four days of beard growth looked so hot.

I began to wiggle my tongue just under the head while jacking my cock. I closed my eyes and could not believe I was doing this. His cock pulsed in my mouth and I could taste his pre-cum. Man there was a lot. It tasted a little salty. He brought both legs up on the bed and moved a
little. Slurring his words about something and began snoring again. My heart stopped. Here I was nealing between my dads legs. Four inches of his cock in my mouth jacking off while he sleeps. I could feel my nuts contract. My load begging for release. Dad relaxed and his legs spread out wide in front of me. I could smell his manly crotch while I inhaled deeply. I let go of his cock and focused my attention to his hairy ball sack. I lapped at them like crazy. His cock bobbed with each swipe of my tongue. Pre-cum dripping just above his navel. His cock bobbed wildly as my tongue went lower and lower. I don't know what I was doing but I could not
stop. My tongue found his hairy crevasse and licked that special spot that I love to rub while I jack off.

Dad moaned again and shifted trying to squirm away from my tongue. I dove deep with the point and hit the target. He was tight and soon began to relax and let me ravage his hairysweaty crack. I licked up his nut sack to his cock and gripped it holding it straight up. More pre-cum ran down the side. I crammed as mush as I could in my mouth and it jerked uncontrollably as he released five thick shots of his seed into my mouth. The next few
shots were not as strong but, tasted sweet as it landed on my tongue. I swirled his cock around my mouth and blew my load all over the bedspread. I was not even touching myself. My surprise and grabbed my cock to milk out the last of my load. We were covered in sweat. Dad babbles out something again very soft. I came back to reality with his cock in my mouth and most of my dad's seed in my gut. I started getting really scared again until dad
began snoring again. He was still asleep. I stood up and wiped my sperm covered lips. Tasting my dads sweet load. I was hooked. I had to have more.

I snuck back to my room and grabbed the poppers. My wet cock still dangling half erect when I walked back in the room. Dad had roll over. His robe trapped underneath him. He was on his belly with his ass cheeks exposed, His moist damp hair parted into his crack. I started getting hard again. I leaned over his muscular ass and licked his fur trail all the way up to his lower back. I spread his ass cheeks and his ring winked at me. I dug my tongue and face deep in between his cheeks. Fucking his tight hole with my tongue. I was scared he would wake up. I was rock hard again eating out my dad's hairy ass. I got on my knees between his legs and pulled his robe belt from under him. I grabbed both his thick wrists and pulled the gently
down his back and tied the together tightly. Still sound asleep I placed my wet cock head to the edge of his furry hole. I knew this would wake him but, I could not resist. I placed my head in the entrance and humped very slow back and forth. His tight ring giving way a little with each stroke. My whole body began to shake as I felt heat surrounding my thick cock head.

Dad began to move a little. I took my poppers and placed it under his nose. I laid gently on top of him till all my most of my body weight was on him. He snored deeply and the poppers took effect. I placed my hand firmly over his mouth and probed deeper with my cock. The heat and
moistness was driving my insane. Dad began to move around trying to escape my cock. I began to fuck him deep and as fast as I could. As I blew my second load deep in him I held the poppers under his nose and I could feel his ass ring contract around my cock milking the last drops of cum. Dad must have passed back out. He laid very still underneath me. I was
dripping sweat and our bodies rubbed together. I stood up very slow. Kinda dizzy and looked at my dads sweaty ass cheeks. His hole starting to tighten back up. A little bit of my load was leaking out. I lapped at his hole a few more times tasting his ass juices and my cum. I could see the cum leaking under his nuts where he blew his second load.

I untied his arms and they dropped to the bed. I snuck back out of his room My mind was going a mile a minute. What have I done. I raped my dad while he was drunk and passed out. I sat on my bed and began worring If he would remember anything. I woke a short while later. Dad was at my door in his robe and said I had a phone call. I watch him walk down the hall
and limped a little. It was my best friend Ron on the phone trying to get me to come over for a while. I told him I was kinda tired and was going to hang out here. Dad walked back by kinda dazed and wanted to know what time it was. I was relived he was not pissed at what I did. He scratched his head and walked back to his room. I then realized I was completely naked
when he walked by. I started thinking of everything I just did. My cock started to grow.

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