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Stolen Sex by Candy

Stolen Sex by Candy (

Husband and wife have mediocre sex, until one fateful day when the neighbor boy is found drunk and passed out in their carport. (MF/F-teen, nc, rp, alcohol)

My husband and I live in a 1950s subdivision where the lots are postage stamp size and you can almost reach out of your bedroom window and touch your neighbor's house. We live in a nice expanded cape with 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, kitchen and living room. While small, we enjoy it there and have a good relationship with our neighbors.

One Saturday evening we put our little ones to bed and broke out a bottle of champagne to have a little party for two. I don't know what it is about champagne, maybe its the bubbles, but when I drink it with Evan I usually get tipsy within 2 glasses. We lit some candles in our bedroom and were beginning to get 'friendly' with one another. I was looking forward to our special time alone, even if I knew how abruptly it would end. I love sex with my husband Evan, but I am often disappointed when he cums within a couple of minutes after entering me. He says I should take it as a compliment, that my love box feels so good and is so perfectly fit to him. Of course I do, but its tough to feel that way when he rolls over, sleepy and satisfied and I'm just getting warmed-up. We've talked about this little problem and he understands, so he tries to bring me close to climax before he inters me. Sometimes I get a little tongue action, sometimes a little digital manipulation. What I love the most is the sliding of my trusty vibrator in and out while Evan bites my nipples; especially the left one. On this particular Saturday, even with all the wonderful foreplay (I got the works) Evan finished the race before I did and collapsed on his pillow. I didn't complain, it was wonderful sex, but I wished I was collapsing on my pillow too.

We lay there 10 to 15 minutes when the dog started barking. Evan was determined to ignore it, but I insisted that he get up and check to see what was going on outside.

He went to the window. "Gretchen is barking toward the carport, but I can't see what she's barking at. I'll go downstairs and peek out the kitchen door," he said.

Evan went downstairs to check outside and I went to the bathroom to clean-up a bit.

After a moment, Evan, in a loud whisper so as to not wake the kids, called upstairs, "Honey you gotta see this."

"What is it?" I whispered back.

"It's Ray. He's laying out cold on the car port floor!" Evan reported.

Ray is the 18 year old neighbor kid. It wasn't unusual for Ray to be drunk and out cold, but it was unusual to find him in our car port. To compound the problem it had rained earlier that night so he would also be lying in a big puddle of water.

"What do we do?" Evan asked.

"I guess we call his mother. She can come over and get him out of the water at least," was the best thing I could think of.

Evan was usually irritated by this sort of 'adolescent nonsense', as he called it, so I expected him to tell me to call. But to my surprise he said, "Maybe we should bring him in and clean him up before we do."

"Um, okay." I replied, wondering why he wanted to do that.

Evan went outside and tried to wake Ray so that he could him get into the house under his own power, but he wasn't successful. Ray was really out of it and he couldn't even stand.

"Help me drag him in," Evan requested.

Now I was getting a little irritated. After letting out a minor expletive I went to help my husband drag the boy inside. We got Ray to his feet and put his arms over our shoulders and dragged his limp body up the steps and into the kitchen. Then we put him on the floor and closed the door.

"Great! Now my robe is all wet," I whined. "Let me go upstairs and get a dry one."

For my second surprise of the night, Evan said, "Just throw it in the laundry room. You don't really need it with the heat on."

This surprised me because Evan knew I had nothing on under that robe. However, it did seem that Ray wouldn't know or remember what I was wearing or not wearing so I threw the robe in the clothes hamper and came back to the kitchen, feeling a little self conscious, but also a little excited about being nakedness in front of this boy.

"Well... what do we do now?" I asked.

Evan's plan was, "I guess we should take off his shirt and pants and put them in the dryer for a few..."

I looked at Evan quizzically, wondering what had gotten into him. Normally, he would have probably brought the dog in the house and left Ray to sleep off his drunk in the puddle, but before I had a chance to ask, Evan asked me to help him take off the wet clothes. I felt a little strange doing this, but obliged. At certain points during this effort I was unable to keep from touching Ray's skin and where I had been completely un-aroused and annoyed by the task at first I now found myself thinking thoughts that a 34 year old woman shouldn't be thinking about a 18 year old boy. Ray was not a small kid, so getting his pants off took some work. While I was on my hands and knees trying to roll him from one side to the other to work his pants from under him, Evan put his hand on my ass and slid it between my legs.

"You're a sight," he said. "My wife naked, on her hands and knees, trying to strip a 18 year old boy. And her pussy is getting moist too!" he added while licking his fingers.

"Shut up Even!" I barked. "Just help me get these cloths off and into the dryer," I directed.

He was right, this was strangely arousing, Ray was a handsome teenager, but I was embarrassed to admit it. We got his pants and shirt off and then Evan took them to the basement to put them in the dryer. Still naked, and still on my hands and knees straddling Ray's right leg I stared down at the most amazing thing. Drunk and out like a light, Ray's teenage-cock was as stiff as one of those mini baseball bats and almost as big. We hadn't taken off his Hanes, so I instantly wondered what that cock looked like naked. I looked around the room guiltily. Evan was out of the room, I thought, why not just take a peek, Ray wouldn't know. I lifted the elastic waist band and moved my face closer to see the most beautiful thing.

As I was ogling the boy's equipment, Evan startled me with, "Well, why don't we take those off too."

"No! What! Why? Really?" I was confused and didn't know what to think or say.

Evan just said, "It's all right. He's so drunk he'll never know and I don't mind. In fact, it's hot watching you like that with the boy."

In fact, I could see that it was. My heart was racing and my hands were shaking. "Help me!" I said.

We got his briefs off and there he was, completely naked, young, gorgeous, male meat. It still amazed me that he was erect, but unconscious. I touch the tip of his dick and some pre-cum started to ooze.

It was on my finger and while looking at it Evan said, "Go ahead, taste it." I touched my finger to my tongue. I hadn't been so excited in a long time. Maybe since my first fuck.

I was freaked but amazingly excited. Evan encouraged me again, "Go ahead. Suck it."

I looked up at my husband and licked my lips nervously, but he just nodded his head and gestured for me to go ahead. I moved hesitantly at first, licking some more of that delicious nectar from the tip. Then, I sucked him into my mouth. Ray moaned and I jumped back. I looked at his face, but there was no sign consciousness. I licked the tip again and moved my mouth slowly down over that huge young shaft. Ray moaned again, but this time I kept my eyes directed at his face and his eyes did not open. It seemed that while his brain was taking a break his body was on auto-pilot. His continued moans turned me on more which in turn heightened my activity. Suddenly I was like a ravenous she-wolf bobbing my head up and down rapidly, going in for the kill; all the time his moaning sounds of enjoyment. In the excitement, I lost awareness of where I was and who was there with me. Suddenly, I felt Evan's cock press between my legs from behind. From years of experience it found its way into my now hot steaming love box and when it did I release Ray's cock and moaned loudly, throwing my head back reveling in the unbridled feeling of being squired by my lover! I had never experienced 2 men before. And it was great! Evan, dick still inside me, leaned on my back and began to massage my tits. I quickly felt myself approaching the point of no return. When Evan pulled out.

He pulled me away from Ray into an upright position and whispered in my left ear. "Fuck him. Do it!"

Without hesitation I climbed over the prostrate boy and positioned myself over his enormous cock. (It was much bigger than Evan's) and slowly, ever sooo slooowly, I lower myself down to engulf him. It was different than I was used to and exciting. I felt so full of that 17 year old cock that I thought it would touch my heart.

I stopped and held very still for what seemed like for so long that Evan finally asked, "What's wrong Babe?"

I was visibly shaking as I drew breath through my teeth. I couldn't even speak normally. I was on the precipice of orgasm and wanted the feeling to last.

"Are you okay," Evan asked again in a concerned voice.

As soon as I was able to speak again I gasped, "Evan, kiss me!"

He grabbed me forcefully and fiercely ravaged my mouth with his lips and tongue. At the same time I began to move vigorously like a piston up and down on Ray's stiff cock. Within moments I was screaming and then crying into Evan's mouth. My body with a mid of it's own began to jerk uncontrollably, My pussy throbbed as orgasmic surges pulsed through my entire body, numbing my mind to anything but the feeling on that boy's cock rubbing my insides so deeply, so wonderfully. Finally I collapsed to the floor beside Ray, squeezing my thighs together as if to retain that feeling forever. When I had recovered enough I looked over at Ray.

His eyes were open and he was smiling at me, "Far out, what time should I stop by tomorrow Mrs. Alpharetta?"

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