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Feeling up a Bud by EE

Feelin' up a Bud

It was 4:00 o'clock in the morning, the floor was covered with empty beer cans and pizza boxes. Tom Stevenson had taken advantage of the fact that his parents were away for the weekend to ask some buds over for a party.

Eight of his buddies from university had come over and they'd played video games, drunk two cases of beer, told rude jokes and just messed around like students do. Tom was 18 years old and popular at uni, star second baseman on the baseball team. He was blond, almost six feet tall, in excellent shape and tanned deeply. Right now he was drunk. The rec room had emptied out gradually with guys who had to work the next morning, a Sunday, leaving with the guys who just needed to crash staying on to leave later.

Now it was just Tom, his best friend Pete Sackley, also 18 and dark haired to Tom's blondness, but he was equally fit and athletic, and Randy Paige, senior captain of the football team, tall, beautifully muscled, and passed out snoring on the couch.

It was summer and none of the three boys were particularly overdressed. Tom had a jockstrap under his gym shorts, white socks on his feet, no shirt. Pete was dressed almost identically but had a tight, white T-shirt over his muscular chest and flat stomach. Randy was down just to his shorts, and that is where the late

night got interesting.

Randy was sprawled out on the couch, one leg propped up against the back, the other stretched out. He had one hand on his muscular stomach, the other thrown back over his eyes, and there, hanging out the leg of his shorts was a pair of balls, lightly downed with blond hair, stretching down low. Clearly, Randy wasn't wearing a jockstrap, and Tom wondered blearily how he hadn't noticed before.

Tom and Pete's deepest secret was that in addition to being best friends, they were also occasional fuck buddies. At the age of nine the two of them had made themselves a fort out in the woods behind Tom's back yard, and eventually it was only natural for them to get naked, only natural for them to notice each other's penises, only natural to find out that their penises felt really good when they touched them and rubbed them, only natural to be with each other when, at the age of 12 and one week apart, they had produced their first sperm. The first night the two of them had swiped some beer out of Tom's basement refrigerator (his dad had noticed, and Tom had got a lecture later, but not a very angry one

- his dad had had his wild days, too), they'd got a good buzz on and, for the first time, inexpertly taken each other's growing cocks into their mouths, reveling in the great feeling of having your meat slurped.

Now, six years later, they both went out with girls, but they kept gravitating back to each other, because they knew each other's bodies intimately and

knew exactly how to make the other feel great. The boys didn't think of themselves as gay, they were jocks, after all, but where chicks were soft and squishy, boys were hard-bodied, and besides, chicks didn't know how to suck cock worth shit, and neither of the friends had ever fucked a girl - here in Kansas there were unwritten rules about shit like that. Truth be told, Tom had only ever had one girl give him a blow job, and she had used so much teeth that he hadn't cum despite having taken six weeks to manoeuvre her into bed. Pete had taken care of him half an hour later, sympathetic at his friend's blue balls and painful cock. Pete didn't use teeth.

Now Tom nudged Pete, who was sitting next to him, swaying slightly and

holding a half-empty bottle of beer in his hand. "Look at that," He

whispered. Pete looked.

"Man," he breathed. "Look at them balls!"

The two boys looked at each other and cracked up, sputtering and snorting to keep from laughing out loud. In Tom's crotch, alcohol was battling with natural teen horniness, and he felt his cock waking up. "Dare ya to feel 'em," he said.

Pete grinned at him drunkenly. "Ya think I won't?"

He scooted over to the couch on his butt and carefully reached out his hand. With one finger, he poked the hanging balls and then withdrew his hand as if he had been burned.

Pete looked over his shoulder at Tom. "Now you," He said.

"You're a pussy," Tom whispered, "That ain't what you do to a guy's


He slid over next to Pete and took Randy's ball sac in his hand. "This is what you do."

He rolled the big balls in his hand gently, feeling their heft. Tom had never seen Randy naked before, they didn't move in the same circles at school, but now there was no doubt that Tom's cock was demanding some action, beer or no beer.

"Your turn," he whispered to his friend. "Dare you to touch his cock."

Pete looked at him. "You mean through his shorts?"

Tom nodded. "Yeah, for now."

Pete reached out and gently put his hand on the front of Randy's silk

shorts. His eyes grew big. "Man, he's packin'!"

"Lemme see." Tom pushed Pete's hand aside and felt up the senior himself.

Pete was right - Tom could feel the heat through Randy's shorts as his hand

rested on a cock which seemed to be nice and fat. He still couldn't understand how he hadn't noticed it bouncing around before, but the guys who had been there were all pussy hounds, and so staring at another dude's crotch definitely would not have been cool.

As Tom ran his hand up and down the silk-covered shaft, Randy grunted. The

two boys leapt back, but the older boy was still asleep, he'd just shifted

his left leg so that it, too, was now stretched out on the couch. There

was a pronounced bulge in the front of his shorts.

"Dare you to pull 'em down," Pete whispered, grinning lasciviously.

Tom nervously looked at Randy's face and quickly determined that their friend

was out cold. He knelt alongside the couch and took the elastic waistband of the royal blue shorts in his fingers. Slowly, ever so slowly, he started to pull the pants downward, inch by inch - dark pubic hair first, then the bottom of what was a fat cock, no doubt about it, then one inch, two inches, four inches - maybe six inches of prickmeat, a beautiful cockhead down at the end, flopping down over the low-hanging balls.

"Motherfucker," Pete whispered beside him. "What a prick!"

Tom's cock was painful against the rough cloth of his jockstrap, and he reached down and fished his boner out through the leg hole of his own shorts. Six inches of boned prick stood straight up as Tom reached out and softly ran his hand down the length of Randy's cock. It was soft and silky and very, very hot.

"Lemme feel it," Pete whispered, reaching out with his own hand.

Now Randy had two hands stroking the shaft of his meat, and as the boys watched, fascinated, the cock began to expand in length and grow harder. It started to rise up from the balls which were nestling it, angling upward into Tom's hand. It didn't take more than a minute, and Randy Paige was asleep but

rock hard between his legs. There had to be eight inches there - Randy was

a shower, not a grower. Pete rolled back a bit and yanked down his shorts and jockstrap, exposing his raging six-and-a-half inch cock. Tom had seen it so many times, sucked on it, played with it, but he thought that he'd never seen it as erect as it was right now. Tom's own penis was also rigid, the burning feeling of

the palm of the boy's hand as it ran slowly up and down Randy's big shaft

rushing through his arm and down into his crotch. Randy slept on, oblivious.

"I'm gonna suck 'im," Tom whispered.

He knelt beside the couch and lowered his face toward the jock's penis. He stuck out his tongue and tasted the salty musk of a teenager's cock and then horny teenage hormones kicked in hard, and Tom took Randy's cock into his mouth, rolling his tongue around the red cockhead and then sinking down, down and down until the prick banged the back of his throat, and his nose was in Randy's pubes. Tom was very good at giving blowjobs, he could always get Pete to give up a load in four or five minutes.

Just a few weeks ago he'd been in town at the mall, where, in the men's room, a guy had given him the eye. Next thing Tom knew, the two of them were in a stall, the guy's pants around his ankles and his sizeable dick in Tom's mouth. The guy looked to be about 25, maybe 30, and he was definitely getting off on having a teen jock suck him off. He banged Tom's face as if it was a pussy, and no more than three or four minutes passed before he filled the boy's mouth up with a load of cum, not noticing or caring that underneath, sitting on the toilet, Tom was masturbating himself to climax, too, splashing cum between the guy's legs and into his underwear, which was bunched down around his shoes. If the

dude felt the warm slime on his balls when he pulled his pants up, he

didn't say so. He gave Tom $20 and then was gone.

Now Tom ran his face right up and down the length of Randy Paige's jock cock, cupping the heavy balls in one hand as he sucked. Randy was still snoring, gone from the world around him. Through the corner of his eye, Tom could see Pete beating off and watching. Pete wasn't as big on cocksucking as Tom was. He blew his buddy when his buddy needed it, and he took loads down his throat like a man, but as far as Tom knew, Pete had never had anybody else's cock in his mouth. He sort of liked that, knowing that he was the only one who felt his best friend's tongue running along the base of his cock and lips caressing his cockhead. Randy's snores were coming faster, and his cock was so hard in Tom's mouth that it seemed about ready to burst. He could taste salty precum oozing

out of the tip of Randy's beautiful tool, and he did the best he could to suck the big cock, sort of wishing that Randy were awake and egging him on

- "Suck me, Stevenson, suck that big cock of mine," but there was just the

teenager's snoring.

Tom grasped the shaft of the fat cock in his fist and began to masturbate the sleeping Randy, keeping his mouth firmly clamped on the cockhead, running his tongue around and around. He no longer cared if Randy woke up and beat the shit out of him for touching his cock, he was going to make the star football player jet a load and into his mouth. Tom knew he'd be whacking off to this image for the next three months. Pete scooted up to sit beside his friend again and took Tom's cock into his hand. He could see it pulsing and knew that Tom's hands were busy - one jerking off the star of the football team, the other supporting him on the cushion of the couch. Pete ran his thumb across the tip of his buddy's cock and found it wet. He got into a rhythm, stroking himself with his

left hand and Tom with the right. It was anybody's guess who was going to sperm first, but Pete guessed that Tom would get Randy off first - that was

always sexier. When Tom gave Pete blowjobs, he always masturbated, but he

never shot his load before Pete had given him his.

Then, suddenly, Randy Paige gave a growl in his sleep, and Tom felt the first blast of cum hit the back of his throat. He quickly raised his head as another rope of sperm shot out, just to give Pete a look. It splashed onto Randy's chest, and Tom quickly took the sperming prick back into his mouth. Randy might believe that he'd had a wet dream, but how would he explain his shorts on and cum all over himself? His strong arm continued to rub the shaft of Randy's prick hard and fast, willing every drop of cum to shoot out of the low-hanging balls. Just as the liquid ran out, and Randy's penis began to soften back to its original state, Tom felt the welcome warmth of his best friend's hand on his cock, jerking for all it was worth, and then, Randy's penis still in his mouth, Tom gasped and

released a mammoth load onto the front of the couch. Beside him, quietly, Pete masturbated himself to orgasm, too, unfamiliar with the feeling of his left hand on his cock, but horned up totally to see his friend sucking down the juice of the studly teenager. His first blast shot straight up and hit him on the chin, which almost made him bust out laughing again.

Tom leaned forward and very carefully licked Randy's sperm off his chest and ripped stomach. Then he cautiously pulled the teenager's shorts back up, covering up the dick that had only moments before been shooting cum into his mouth. The beer kicked back in, and Tom felt a bit woozy. He looked at Pete beside him and saw that his friend was a bit worse for the wear, too, still holding his softening, wet cock in his hand.

"Think it might be bedtime?" Tom whispered. Pete gazed at him with red eyes.

"Yeah, I think so. Don't even need to suck you tonight."

That did get them laughing, snorting and spluttering while Randy, oblivious to being brought into a faggot game, as he would think of it, slept on.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Nights with Tom (Part 2) by JKReegan

Nights with Tom (Part 2)

A couple days later, Tom spent the night at my house.

My parents were home, and we just hung out and goofed off... typical teenager stuff. That, of course, meant no alcohol though, which I guessed would put a damper on anything else happening that evening.

However, once the lights were out, my hormones took over. All I could think about was how great it was to have his cock in my mouth, how much I loved the taste of his cum. I had to try again. I waited as long as I could, at least until I heard his breathing change into
nice deep breaths.

This time I was in my bed, and he was on the floor. I got up and moved over to him, and slipped my hand underneath the sleeping bag. I touched his shoulder again, squeezing it a little. I was prepared to say "Did you hear that?" if he woke up, as if I had heard something go bump in the night. Seemed reasonable.

He didn't wake up though, and I slowly worked my way down to his crotch once again. He was soft, but quickly hardened in my questing fingers. Despite the higher risk tonight because of his missing alcoholic haze, I moved faster, and with more daring. I pulled the covers back, pulled him out, and had him in mouth in just a few seconds.

I took time tonight to lick him all over, even sucking in his balls one at a time. I was prepared this time when he came, and I didn't miss a drop.

Afterwards, I went back to my bed and jacked myself off.

The next morning, I woke up early, probably around 7 or so, early for a Saturday at least. I figured my parents would be down doing laundry. They'd gotten into this ritual of going down to the Laundromat every Saturday at 5 or 6 in the morning ever since our washing machine broke. Why they hadn't called a repairman, I didn't know.

However, that meant I didn't have to worry about being disturbed by them... especially since I was thinking of repeating my recent activities. I figured Tom would be asleep for a few hours at least... it had only been about 5 hours since we had gone to sleep. So, I decided to give it another shot.

I moved down to the floor again and had him out and hard in record time. While I sucked on him again, I pulled myself out of my briefs and stroked myself. Everything was going great, until I heard footsteps coming down the hall, and I heard my mother say "Let me see
if they're up."

I only had time to throw the sleeping bag back up over him and pull my own briefs up before the door was opening. I pulled my knees up and sat with them against my chest as my mother walked in, hoping my erection was well hidden.

As for what my mother saw and thought, I can only imagine. She walked in to see her son, clad in only his briefs, hunched near another sleeping boy in a sleeping bag.

I saw the strange look on her face, and said the first thing that came to mind. "He's talking in his sleep. I'm trying to hear what he is saying."

All things considered, it was somewhat plausible, and not bad for being on the spot. My mother seemed to buy it, though the questioning look never really left her face. She told me they had
overslept, and wanted to know if we'd like breakfast.

I told her it was way too early for breakfast, and we'd get something later. She left and pulled the door closed (thank god). I figured I'd pushed my luck and reached in only to pull his briefs back up over his erection and then went back to my bed... definitely not

And I knew I'd try again.

A short time later, school was out, and he and I spent the night at each other's house often. Every time, without fail, I sucked him off, and he never woke up.

At first I wondered if he was just faking it, but every time I went to him at night, he was always soft. I knew that if I had been expecting a blowjob sometime in the night, I would have been rock hard all night waiting for it. But he was always soft, so I never really knew for sure.

As the summer progressed, I grew increasingly daring. A couple of times I kissed him softly onthe lips, but the most daring was using his hand to jack myself off.

That was a revelation in itself, another that lead me to believe he wasn't as asleep as he appeared to be. I found that if I had my hand on his cock, and his hand on my cock, whatever I did he copied. Who knows, maybe he thought he was touching himself... yeah, sure.
However, it got me more and more turned on to stroke him while he stroked me.

Evening blowjobs also turned into afternoon blowjobs when the occasions arose that Tom decided to take a nap. My suspicions that he was faking it were pretty much confirmed. Once, after a trip to an amusement park, his mother dropped us off at his house while she went grocery shopping. She told him to mow the lawn while she was gone, but instead Tom took a nap on the couch, with me "resting" in a nearby chair.

When Tom rolled over with his hard on quite visible in his jeans, I went for it, as usual. I had only unbuttoned the top few buttons of his jeans and was licking the tip when I heard his mother's car in the driveway. I quickly buttoned Tom back up and dashed for the
chair. Tom's erection was very obvious in his jeans, but I couldn't do anything about it.

Just before she walked in, Tom "conveniently" rolled over to face the back of the couch, hiding his erection from his mother quite well. She walked in, saw him sleeping on the couch, and immediately started yelling about mowing the lawn. Apparently she had forgotten her coupons or something, which is why she came back. She made him get up before she left again, but in those few minutes his erection had wilted. There was no sign of it when he got up.

Towards the end of the summer, part of me felt satisfied, but another part of me felt unfulfilled. Basically, I wanted more. I wanted some action in return. I didn't want to mess up the situation though, but I grew more frustrated.

Finally, one night the dam burst. A blowjob turned into me kissing him all over his body, including his lips. As my lips touched his, I thought of how it was only fair that he should do the same favor me that I had done so often for him. I told myself that he wouldn't notice the difference between my lips and my cock brushing against his lips. I told myself that just feeling his lips on my cock would get me through.

Of course, once I had slip up his body and kneeled across his chest, and my cock touched his lips, it was far from being enough. I spread his lips open and rubbed the tip of my cock along his teeth. Next I was pressing his lower jaw down, and slipping my cock in and resting it on his tongue. Each sensation just drove me further and soon I was thrusting myself into his mouth, my cock scraping on his teeth but I just didn't care.

And when his hand came up my leg, onto my thigh, and finally onto my ass as I thrust into him, it didn't even occur to me that a sleeping person doesn't do that. I was way too into it.

The scraping was making me more and more sensitive though, and in a painful way, not in a good way. One particularly painful jab made me stop. I pulled out and slid back down his body and began kissing him again, turned on by the fact that I was kissing lips that had just been around my cock.

I fully explored his mouth this time, my tongue sliding around everywhere. I pulled back to catch my breath for a second, and my world froze when I heard him whisper "Only one time."

I was stupefied, and stupidly, I blurted out "You're awake." I froze and didn't say anything else. I didn't know if that meant only that one kiss, if he knew about the rest, I was just in mass confusion.

And within seconds, he was asleep again, or at least was pretending to be.

I was still frozen for a time, but then I finally decided to take action. And definitive action it was.

I decided "Only one time" meant tonight. And that whatever I was going to, it had to be tonight.

That meant I was going to get fucked tonight, because that was what I wanted.

I got up and went to the bathroom and grabbed some Vaseline. I knew I needed something to lube up with from my own explorations of my ass. I went back to my room, rubbed some my Vaseline into my hole and then straddled him. I rubbed some Vaseline along his still hard cock and lowered myself onto him.

It hurt like hell, being larger than anything I had put up there before, but I was determined. It took a while for me to adjust to him, but eventually I was bouncing up and down on his cock, loving every second of it.

Tom still pretended to be asleep.

That pissed me off, but I was also getting what I wanted... and I wanted this fuck more than anything.

I stroked myself as I rode him, and his orgasm inside me got me so hot that my own followed a few seconds later, spraying out along his chest.

When I could breathe again, I cleaned my cum off of him with a sock, and then went to the bathroom to clean myself up. I even brought back a washcloth to wipe down his dick and chest. I finished it off with another kiss to his lips and went to sleep, well satisfied. I could have been more satisfied, of course, if he had been an active partner, but it was still the best I'd ever had.

The next day, he acted as if nothing had ever happened, just like he always had. It frustrated the hell out of me.

So, I decided to confront him. I thought that if we just got it all out in the open, it could be better than ever. It was obvious.

So, I did the mature thing and wrote him a note. I know, I know. Childish, but I was still kind of chicken about it. Basically, in the note I confessed everything, and voiced my suspicions about his own actions, told him I was in love with him... the works.

I left it for him and waited to see what would happen.

When the phone rang later, I knew it would be him. I answered it, and sure enough it was. But everything was all wrong.

He was angry, and couldn't believe I had done those things to him while he slept. He said he wasn't gay and wanted nothing more to do with me. He told me that if I ever got near him again, I'd regret it.

And that was it. He never changed his mind, and never spoke to me again. I tried to speak with him, but he'd ignore me and hang up on me.

Eventually I gave up.

But several years later, he called me, with questions about what had happened before. He wanted to know exactly what I did... blow by blow, so to speak.

While I had moved on, I hadn't left my hurt feelings behind. I told him that if he needed material for his jack off fantasies, he wouldn't get it from me. He had gotten all he would ever get from me. Then I hung up.

I had a certain satisfaction that now instead of me left wanting him, he was left wanting me.

Something felt very right about that.

Nights with Tom (Part 1) by JKReegan

Nights with Tom (Part 1)

When I was 17, almost 18, I met a guy named Tom. We were both at Uni together, but he was already 18. He had been held back a year a long time ago. Tom was one of the cool guys... popular, a jock, etc. I, on the other hand, fell more on the nerd side, definitely
more of a goodie-two-shoes, unfortunately.

At the end of the college year, for a reason that still eludes me, Tom became my friend. He lived only a couple blocks from me, so I'm sure that was part of it, but we had almost nothing in common. However, I was willing to talk about anything he wanted, because he was
attractive, had a fine body on him already... and I was completely infatuated with him.

Well, one night when his parents were gone, Tom introduced me to alcohol. I wasn't all that thrilled about the idea, being a goodie- two-shoes and all, but reluctantly went along with it. Reluctant, that is, until I saw the effect the alcohol had on him.

In no time at all, Tom was talking about girls, and how horny he was. He'd often reach down and adjust himself, taking his time about it. Just watching him, I was already hard as a rock. When I started to feel the buzz kicking in from the alcohol, I realized it was time to hold back. I began nursing my drinks, and made sure he didn't realize how little I was drinking in comparison.

A couple hours later, he was out. But I was very sober by then, and so hard I thought I was going to burst.

He was lying on the couch and I moved over to him, shaking his shoulder a little to see how far gone he was... and he was gone. Feeling encouraged by this, I slid my hand down his chest and across his stomach, and he didn't even twitch. I moved lower, and finally got my hand on what I wanted... his denim-covered cock.

I was rubbing him quite a bit, but not getting any response. I was disappointed, because I hadn't realized that he would be that far gone. However, that didn't mean I couldn't take a look at it, you know? Maybe a little taste?

I was about to undo his zipper when the grandfather clock in the room chimed. I jumped back, startled, until I realized it was just the clock. Unfortunately though, it was already midnight, and I knew his parents would be coming home soon. I really wanted to explore, but I didn't want us to get caught drinking... or get caught sucking their son's dick in his sleep.

So, I did some quick cleanup, hiding the liquor bottles and such, and then went back to try to do something with Tom. I had to get him back to his room, and tried shaking him again, much harder. No luck. In desperation, I just started pulling him off the couch, and when his ass hit the floor, he woke up just enough. I told him I had to get him to bed, and he leaned on me heavily as we walked to his room.

When we got near his bed, he went down like a log. Seeing my opportunity to legitimately get his clothes off, I started undoing the buttons of his shirt. He kept pushing my hands away, asking what I was doing. I told him I thought he was too drunk to manage it, and
that his mother would think something was up if she came in and found
him passed out in his clothes. Hearing that, he dropped his hands and said "whatever".

I undressed him quickly, trying not to take too much pleasure in it since he was somewhat coherent. My hands undoing the top button of his 501's got his attention though, and he pushed my hands away, slurring "I can do that" at me.

Taking his pants off was too much effort for him though, so I slide them down his hips casually, but my eyes were riveted to the lump I could see in his white briefs. Finally, I got the jeans off, and he was laying there in nothing but those tighty-whiteys.

He was already starting to drift off again, which was really fine by me. I hit the lights so they wouldn't wake him up, and waited a few minutes.

The down side was that I wasn't sleeping in the bed with him, but in a sleeping bag on the floor. So, I waited, my cock painfully hard, just waiting.

When I thought he was probably deep asleep again, I got up off the floor and moved to his bed. I reached out and placed my hand on his chest, testing his reaction. He didn't respond, so I squeezed one of his pecs a bit, and again, nothing. I was moving my hand down his chest when I heard a car door slam out in the driveway. It was his parents.

Panicking, I pulled his sheet up over him and dove back down to my sleeping bag on the floor. I didn't know if his father or mother would come check on us or not, but I didn't want to take the chance.

Sure enough, about 10 minutes later, his mother quietly opened his bedroom door and peeked in. I heard her say, "They're asleep."

She sounded a bit tipsy herself, and there was this tone in her voice I couldn't quite place, not until her husband spoke that is.

As she shut the door, I heard Tom's father say, "Then they won't hear us, baby" or something like that.

Fat chance.

I spent the next half hour or so listening to the two of them moan and grunt. I made a mental note to ask Tom if he regularly could hear his parents have sex, or if tonight was just a fluke. You know, drunk and uninhibited... and damn loud.

Imagine... I was laying there, hard as a rock, just mere feet away from my goal, my best friend's cock, maybe the only chance I'd ever get, and I had to suffer listening to other people have sex! Hearing Tom's father saying things like "I know you like that, baby, don't you? You like my big rod, don't you?" Yeah, he honestly said "rod" ;I think that was a more common euphemism back then.

All I can say is that Tom's father was a talker. Listening to him, a rather hunky man himself, narrate his sexual encounter was exquisitely wonder torture, but torture nonetheless.

At long last, there were a few louder moans with some "I'm there, baby, I'm there. I'm coming," mixed in, and it was over.

I imagined Tom's father passed out already, just like his son, and probably naked. I'd be lying if I told you I didn't have thoughts of sneaking into their bedroom, believe me.

I heard a toilet flush, and figured that was his mom, and then it all went quiet. I waited again, wanting to make sure they were asleep.

Finally, my big moment was upon me. I got up and went over to Tom's bed, repeating my actions from before, adding a gentle nipple pitch in this time. He was still out cold.

I moved my hand down to his groin, and gently placed my palm on the lump in his briefs. This time, as I gently squeezed and rubbed, it came to life.

I was so excited and so scared at the same time that I started shaking, and I mean shaking like it was 50 below in that room or something. I couldn't control it, but nothing was going to stop me.

As I rubbed him, and he got harder, his dick started to press against the elastic waistband of his briefs, fighting to get out. Fortunately, there was a Good Samaritan around to help it out of its
predicament... me!

As I lifted the elastic, his cock practically leapt out of its confinement, straining up towards his belly button. It was long and thick and perfectly straight. I still don't know if I've ever seen one as perfect, at least in real life. I was mesmerized. I pulled the elastic down and slide it slide up underneath his balls, so I had everything exposed.

I ran my fingertip along its length, and down onto his balls. As I brought my finger back up to the tip, his dick was pulsing up towards my finger, twitching. I let my fingers curl around his shaft, and stroked him firmly, watching the tip engorge even more.

I knelt down, leaning over him, nuzzling my nose into his balls, and breathing in his musky scent. My tongue slipped out of my both, and slowly slid across one of his balls, and then I removed my hand to allow my tongue to continue up his cock. Finally I got to the tip and I swirled around a little before lowering my mouth down on to it, gagging a little as I went too deep.

I pulled back a little and then began bobbing my head up and down, sucking stronger and stronger each time.

I had given up caring about waking him, I guess. It wasn't even a thought in my head. No matter what happened, I had this moment, and I intended to make the most of it.

My own cock, still trapped in my own underwear, was screaming bloody murder. I pulled it out and stroked myself while I sucked on him. It only took a few strokes to get my own release... it was almost like a secondary concern. I was solely focused on sucking his cock.

After a time, I used my hand along with my mouth, stroking him as I sucked him. I wanted to taste his cum badly. When he did cum, it took me by surprised, and I pulled my head back for a second, the second volley hitting me in the face, and the third on his stomach. I got my mouth back on his cock for the fourth and fifth though, and the couple of small ones that followed.

I swallowed every bit, loving the taste. I had never tasted cum before, not even my own like a lot of young guys do. It only took one taste to know I loved his though.

I used my finger to wipe off the cum he had sprayed on my face, and licked my finger clean. Then I leaned over his belly, and ran my tongue along his firm belly, licking up the rest. I added a few more sucks to his softening cock, just to make sure there'd be no evidence
(and for the pleasure of doing it, of course).

I gave it a last kiss, and then pulled his briefs back up, making sure he was tucked properly inside and pulled the sheets back over him. As I did so, I noticed the spots my own cum had left on his sheet, and I used one of my socks to mop them up as best I could. They were still a bit damp, and I prayed there wouldn't be a stain... or if there was, he wouldn't notice it.

I went back to my sleeping bag and laid down, but I certainly didn't sleep. I was way too excited from my little adventure.

When morning finally came, Tom woke up and complained of a hangover, but said nothing else. We got up and had breakfast with his parents, which was weird considering what I had heard them do, and what I had just done to their son. I went back home to shower and we met later at the arcade.

He never said a word about it, so when he stayed the night at my
house a few days later...

Friday, 5 February 2010

Coming Out

Coming out

Witnessing his best friend molest his own nephew while he is drunk makes a divorced straight guy discover his own sexuality

“Well that was something different. If you had told me a year ago that I would be sticking my cock up some guy’s arse I’d have punched your face!”

“I have to say that when you started talking to me in the bar downstairs it didn’t cross my mind you were…well, you know… one of THEM. You kind of did the pick up in a nice way though and the thought has crossed my mind once or twice so I suppose you just pressed the right buttons.”

“Before? No this is my first time with a guy and you would think at 42 I would have known I wanted to do it before but I didn’t really. When my wife and I split up four years ago I hadn’t even thought of guys as sex objects. Sex had become pretty boring and she said I had lost interest in her sexiness. I had, because I didn’t fancy sex with her any more.”

“Well now that you ask, perhaps I did have an inkling I wanted to do something like this. Then something happened that shocked me and I have never told anyone about it. I suppose I was too embarrassed then and I also had guilty feelings about it. Surely you’re not interested in my sordid past? You are! Well Ok then, here goes!”


“When the wife and I split, we had a grown up daughter and she went with my wife. It was quite amicable especially since she quickly shacked up with a successful businessman. I rented an ex-council flat with one bedroom, lounge, bathroom and kitchen and a little boxroom which I used for my computer and stuff. My best friend Steve had split with his wife too, she said he had forgotten how to fuck so at 38, he was in the same position as me. He had a few more extra friends whom I never met and often went into town at the weekends so he was more of a party animal. He seemed to be getting enough sex judging by the constant grin on his face but he didn’t really discuss it with me. I was getting very little sex and had lost interest in the real thing, using my internet access to keep me satisfied. My little flat in Manchester was enough for me and was handy for the city centre and work.

I received a telephone call from my sister to say that my nephew Lewis was celebrating his 18th birthday and at the same time, his best friend, 21 year old Paul, was about to get married and his stag party was coinciding. As they lived 40 miles from Manchester, could I put the both up on the night of the joint party? I had a sofa bed so told her that if they didn’t mind sharing, I had no problem. She phoned back 30 minutes later to say the boys had asked if I wanted to join the group on their pub crawl. Mindful of my age, I said I would if Steve could come along to keep this old timer company amongst the young drunks. It was all agreed. I suggested that Steve stay over too if he didn’t mind sharing my bed on the night.

Well the night was successful if you consider 35 guys all having pizza at 6.00 pm and then trawling around bars until they were all senselessly drunk a success. The evening had been fun though and it passed very quickly, finishing a lot faster than I had expected. All four of us were back at my place by 1.30am. As it was a Saturday night, I had recorded the football highlights earlier and Steve suggested we crack open a few bottles of beer and settle down to watch the television. There wasn’t much room so both Lewis and Paul stripped down to their briefs and climbed under the duvet on the sofa bed while Steve and I sat in the chairs and sipped our beers.

Both lads were attractive. Lewis took after my side of the family and he was a well built, curly blonde haired lad with a well shaped and defined but not over muscular body. He still had a certain childishness to him. Paul on the other hand was over 6 feet tall, short dark hair and was quite slim. He looked a little older than his 21 years and I noted his body had only a small patch of chest hair though his legs were quite hairy.

I was struggling to stay awake and when I looked across at the lads, they were back to back, sound asleep. I mentioned to Steve that perhaps we should get to bed but he said he wanted to see the end of the programme so I stood up and headed down the hall to the bedroom. I stripped down to my briefs and went to bed. I was out like a light in seconds.

Something woke me. There was no noise, no bright light. I just suddenly woke. I looked over to find I was still alone in the bed and checked the time noting that it was 3.30am. Assuming that Steve had dropped off in the chair, and as I could still hear the television blaring, I got up and carefully walked down the hall not wishing to waken the boys. The concrete build of these flats meant no creaky floorboards. When I reached near the top of the dark hall, the small table lamp in the lounge displayed Steve beginning to stand up from a sitting position on Paul’s side of the bed. The duvet was pulled back and Paul’s slim 7 inch cock was absolutely erect and standing straight up from his body. There was a glistening of moisture as though it had just been sucked. Steve was totally naked; his thick 7 inches looked much bigger than Paul’s. Steve was stroking it, pulling the foreskin back and forth as he looked down on a sleeping Paul. He was completely oblivious to my presence. He slowly pulled the duvet back, exposing both boys. Lewis was on his back, his briefs still intact whilst Paul’s had been pulled down to his knees, I assumed by Steve. Steve then climbed between the boys and gently pushed Paul’s briefs down and off before pushed his legs apart. I could see his anus as his legs were spread. Steve then dropped down and engulfed Paul’s brick hard cock. He held the base firmly in his left hand while sucking the top third. I was amazed how hard Paul looked.

I decided I had to stop this before realising my cock was sticking out the top of my own briefs, brick hard. I decided to wait a little until it subsided.

Steve was now sucking frantically and I was amazed he hadn’t woken Paul. For a brief moment, he took his mouth off the rampant cock head and as he did, I saw Paul’s body slightly arch and a jet of cum shot straight up about 3 feet in the air. Steve reacted immediately, quickly covering the head with his mouth and the gulping sounds suggested he was dining out on Paul’s seed. I had never seen anything like it and was amazed at the ease with which Steve performed this act. He was no virgin to gay sex that was sure.

He slid Paul’s briefs back on and pulled them up. I decided had better slip back to bed now that he was finished and was just about to pull away when I saw his hand move over to my nephew’s bulge. This was too disgusting for words, my own nephew being molested by my best friend. I was riveted as he slid Lewis’s brightly coloured Calvin Klein briefs down, revealing a soft uncut cock resting on a pair of surprisingly large balls. Dark blonde hair curled around them and a little path of hair led up to his navel. Steve moved over to the other side of the bed and slipped the briefs off. He raised them to his face and inhaled them deeply. His own cock stood rigid and he stroked it from time to time. He then leant forward and took Lewis’s soft cock in his mouth. I could see him rolling it around in his mouth as he caressed Lewis’s balls. When his mouth came off slightly, I could see that Lewis was responding to the administrations. For all I knew, he could have been a virgin and here his first sex act was being molested by a pervert. My cock was aching so I slid my own pants down and started to stroke my cock. I was ashamed of myself but very excited too.

Soon Lewis had a 6.5 inch erection. It was quite thick, though. Thicker than average and I remember thinking that some girl is going to enjoy having that sliding inside her cunt. Steve was sliding Lewis’s foreskin back to reveal his pink head, then enveloped it once again. He cupped his balls and even fingered the entrance to his hole a few times. Lewis was soon brick hard. Steve then repeated the performance he had made on Paul. He gripped the base and tightly sucked Lewis’s cock head up and down. Lewis whimpered in his sleep, obviously having one heck of a dream. His back seemed to rise and then slump back on the bed as Steve took delivery of his second load of young cum in ten minutes. I stayed until he slid Lewis’s pants back up before tiptoeing back to bed where I just made it before I heard the television being switched off and Steve heading down the hall.

He climbed into bed and whispered my name. I feigned sleep. I was lying on my back, aware my cock was still brick hard. It came as a shock to me when I felt his hand stroke the front of my briefs. Without any nervousness, they were slipped down and Steve’s mouth wrapped around my cock. He took my limp hand and placed it on his own hard cock and it took all my willpower not to grip it and start to wank him. I couldn’t have coped with the embarrassment of him knowing, I knew what he had done to my nephew. I was also guilty that I had found it so exciting to watch. He slid out of the bed and into the bathroom and I heard him rattling around before returning. I couldn’t look so had to lie there, my cock standing up. I felt something cold being rubbed on my cock and realised he was lubricating it I presume with some cream from my medicine cabinet. Surely he wasn’t going to want fucked?

From his movements I realised he was sitting astride me facing me as he lowered his arse on to my hard cock. I felt a resistance as I met with the entrance and then with a push, my cock started to slide inside him. He slid up and down, more of my cock entering him each time until he was up to my balls. I could hear his cock being rubbed and his balls bouncing on my belly as he slid up and down in a squatting position. I couldn’t possibly last. No sex for months and just having witnessed what I had meant that my cock erupted from the base of my balls and it felt like Vesuvius as my cum fought to escape to fill his rectum. He was aware, he could not avoid being aware as the boiling fluid forced a passage into his body and I felt his own cum spray across my chest and hit my face. Some trickled over my lips and I allowed then to part slightly and let a small drip enter my mouth, the saltiness spreading quickly.

I heard his say, “Oh shit,” as he realised the mess I was in.

He slid his arse off my cock and ran to the bathroom where I heard tissues being ripped and taps being run as he cleaned firstly himself and then ran back setting to work on my cock and chest. It took fully 5 minutes before he eventually climbed into bed and it took me a great deal longer than that to fall asleep.

I realised then, that Steve was gay but I never did let on to him. Nothing happened like that again though my nephew did arrive at my door drunk one night three months later and I let him stay and, telling him there was a problem with the mechanism on the sofa bed got him to crash out with me. I chickened out a bit though. I managed to stroke him to full erection and managed to suck his cock but was shaking so much, I ended up wanking myself off while his cock lay in my mouth.

I haven’t done anything since and here I am with a real live queer. Are you doing anything next week?”