Friday, 5 February 2010

Coming Out

Coming out

Witnessing his best friend molest his own nephew while he is drunk makes a divorced straight guy discover his own sexuality

“Well that was something different. If you had told me a year ago that I would be sticking my cock up some guy’s arse I’d have punched your face!”

“I have to say that when you started talking to me in the bar downstairs it didn’t cross my mind you were…well, you know… one of THEM. You kind of did the pick up in a nice way though and the thought has crossed my mind once or twice so I suppose you just pressed the right buttons.”

“Before? No this is my first time with a guy and you would think at 42 I would have known I wanted to do it before but I didn’t really. When my wife and I split up four years ago I hadn’t even thought of guys as sex objects. Sex had become pretty boring and she said I had lost interest in her sexiness. I had, because I didn’t fancy sex with her any more.”

“Well now that you ask, perhaps I did have an inkling I wanted to do something like this. Then something happened that shocked me and I have never told anyone about it. I suppose I was too embarrassed then and I also had guilty feelings about it. Surely you’re not interested in my sordid past? You are! Well Ok then, here goes!”


“When the wife and I split, we had a grown up daughter and she went with my wife. It was quite amicable especially since she quickly shacked up with a successful businessman. I rented an ex-council flat with one bedroom, lounge, bathroom and kitchen and a little boxroom which I used for my computer and stuff. My best friend Steve had split with his wife too, she said he had forgotten how to fuck so at 38, he was in the same position as me. He had a few more extra friends whom I never met and often went into town at the weekends so he was more of a party animal. He seemed to be getting enough sex judging by the constant grin on his face but he didn’t really discuss it with me. I was getting very little sex and had lost interest in the real thing, using my internet access to keep me satisfied. My little flat in Manchester was enough for me and was handy for the city centre and work.

I received a telephone call from my sister to say that my nephew Lewis was celebrating his 18th birthday and at the same time, his best friend, 21 year old Paul, was about to get married and his stag party was coinciding. As they lived 40 miles from Manchester, could I put the both up on the night of the joint party? I had a sofa bed so told her that if they didn’t mind sharing, I had no problem. She phoned back 30 minutes later to say the boys had asked if I wanted to join the group on their pub crawl. Mindful of my age, I said I would if Steve could come along to keep this old timer company amongst the young drunks. It was all agreed. I suggested that Steve stay over too if he didn’t mind sharing my bed on the night.

Well the night was successful if you consider 35 guys all having pizza at 6.00 pm and then trawling around bars until they were all senselessly drunk a success. The evening had been fun though and it passed very quickly, finishing a lot faster than I had expected. All four of us were back at my place by 1.30am. As it was a Saturday night, I had recorded the football highlights earlier and Steve suggested we crack open a few bottles of beer and settle down to watch the television. There wasn’t much room so both Lewis and Paul stripped down to their briefs and climbed under the duvet on the sofa bed while Steve and I sat in the chairs and sipped our beers.

Both lads were attractive. Lewis took after my side of the family and he was a well built, curly blonde haired lad with a well shaped and defined but not over muscular body. He still had a certain childishness to him. Paul on the other hand was over 6 feet tall, short dark hair and was quite slim. He looked a little older than his 21 years and I noted his body had only a small patch of chest hair though his legs were quite hairy.

I was struggling to stay awake and when I looked across at the lads, they were back to back, sound asleep. I mentioned to Steve that perhaps we should get to bed but he said he wanted to see the end of the programme so I stood up and headed down the hall to the bedroom. I stripped down to my briefs and went to bed. I was out like a light in seconds.

Something woke me. There was no noise, no bright light. I just suddenly woke. I looked over to find I was still alone in the bed and checked the time noting that it was 3.30am. Assuming that Steve had dropped off in the chair, and as I could still hear the television blaring, I got up and carefully walked down the hall not wishing to waken the boys. The concrete build of these flats meant no creaky floorboards. When I reached near the top of the dark hall, the small table lamp in the lounge displayed Steve beginning to stand up from a sitting position on Paul’s side of the bed. The duvet was pulled back and Paul’s slim 7 inch cock was absolutely erect and standing straight up from his body. There was a glistening of moisture as though it had just been sucked. Steve was totally naked; his thick 7 inches looked much bigger than Paul’s. Steve was stroking it, pulling the foreskin back and forth as he looked down on a sleeping Paul. He was completely oblivious to my presence. He slowly pulled the duvet back, exposing both boys. Lewis was on his back, his briefs still intact whilst Paul’s had been pulled down to his knees, I assumed by Steve. Steve then climbed between the boys and gently pushed Paul’s briefs down and off before pushed his legs apart. I could see his anus as his legs were spread. Steve then dropped down and engulfed Paul’s brick hard cock. He held the base firmly in his left hand while sucking the top third. I was amazed how hard Paul looked.

I decided I had to stop this before realising my cock was sticking out the top of my own briefs, brick hard. I decided to wait a little until it subsided.

Steve was now sucking frantically and I was amazed he hadn’t woken Paul. For a brief moment, he took his mouth off the rampant cock head and as he did, I saw Paul’s body slightly arch and a jet of cum shot straight up about 3 feet in the air. Steve reacted immediately, quickly covering the head with his mouth and the gulping sounds suggested he was dining out on Paul’s seed. I had never seen anything like it and was amazed at the ease with which Steve performed this act. He was no virgin to gay sex that was sure.

He slid Paul’s briefs back on and pulled them up. I decided had better slip back to bed now that he was finished and was just about to pull away when I saw his hand move over to my nephew’s bulge. This was too disgusting for words, my own nephew being molested by my best friend. I was riveted as he slid Lewis’s brightly coloured Calvin Klein briefs down, revealing a soft uncut cock resting on a pair of surprisingly large balls. Dark blonde hair curled around them and a little path of hair led up to his navel. Steve moved over to the other side of the bed and slipped the briefs off. He raised them to his face and inhaled them deeply. His own cock stood rigid and he stroked it from time to time. He then leant forward and took Lewis’s soft cock in his mouth. I could see him rolling it around in his mouth as he caressed Lewis’s balls. When his mouth came off slightly, I could see that Lewis was responding to the administrations. For all I knew, he could have been a virgin and here his first sex act was being molested by a pervert. My cock was aching so I slid my own pants down and started to stroke my cock. I was ashamed of myself but very excited too.

Soon Lewis had a 6.5 inch erection. It was quite thick, though. Thicker than average and I remember thinking that some girl is going to enjoy having that sliding inside her cunt. Steve was sliding Lewis’s foreskin back to reveal his pink head, then enveloped it once again. He cupped his balls and even fingered the entrance to his hole a few times. Lewis was soon brick hard. Steve then repeated the performance he had made on Paul. He gripped the base and tightly sucked Lewis’s cock head up and down. Lewis whimpered in his sleep, obviously having one heck of a dream. His back seemed to rise and then slump back on the bed as Steve took delivery of his second load of young cum in ten minutes. I stayed until he slid Lewis’s pants back up before tiptoeing back to bed where I just made it before I heard the television being switched off and Steve heading down the hall.

He climbed into bed and whispered my name. I feigned sleep. I was lying on my back, aware my cock was still brick hard. It came as a shock to me when I felt his hand stroke the front of my briefs. Without any nervousness, they were slipped down and Steve’s mouth wrapped around my cock. He took my limp hand and placed it on his own hard cock and it took all my willpower not to grip it and start to wank him. I couldn’t have coped with the embarrassment of him knowing, I knew what he had done to my nephew. I was also guilty that I had found it so exciting to watch. He slid out of the bed and into the bathroom and I heard him rattling around before returning. I couldn’t look so had to lie there, my cock standing up. I felt something cold being rubbed on my cock and realised he was lubricating it I presume with some cream from my medicine cabinet. Surely he wasn’t going to want fucked?

From his movements I realised he was sitting astride me facing me as he lowered his arse on to my hard cock. I felt a resistance as I met with the entrance and then with a push, my cock started to slide inside him. He slid up and down, more of my cock entering him each time until he was up to my balls. I could hear his cock being rubbed and his balls bouncing on my belly as he slid up and down in a squatting position. I couldn’t possibly last. No sex for months and just having witnessed what I had meant that my cock erupted from the base of my balls and it felt like Vesuvius as my cum fought to escape to fill his rectum. He was aware, he could not avoid being aware as the boiling fluid forced a passage into his body and I felt his own cum spray across my chest and hit my face. Some trickled over my lips and I allowed then to part slightly and let a small drip enter my mouth, the saltiness spreading quickly.

I heard his say, “Oh shit,” as he realised the mess I was in.

He slid his arse off my cock and ran to the bathroom where I heard tissues being ripped and taps being run as he cleaned firstly himself and then ran back setting to work on my cock and chest. It took fully 5 minutes before he eventually climbed into bed and it took me a great deal longer than that to fall asleep.

I realised then, that Steve was gay but I never did let on to him. Nothing happened like that again though my nephew did arrive at my door drunk one night three months later and I let him stay and, telling him there was a problem with the mechanism on the sofa bed got him to crash out with me. I chickened out a bit though. I managed to stroke him to full erection and managed to suck his cock but was shaking so much, I ended up wanking myself off while his cock lay in my mouth.

I haven’t done anything since and here I am with a real live queer. Are you doing anything next week?”

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