Friday, 19 February 2010

Feeling up a Bud by EE

Feelin' up a Bud

It was 4:00 o'clock in the morning, the floor was covered with empty beer cans and pizza boxes. Tom Stevenson had taken advantage of the fact that his parents were away for the weekend to ask some buds over for a party.

Eight of his buddies from university had come over and they'd played video games, drunk two cases of beer, told rude jokes and just messed around like students do. Tom was 18 years old and popular at uni, star second baseman on the baseball team. He was blond, almost six feet tall, in excellent shape and tanned deeply. Right now he was drunk. The rec room had emptied out gradually with guys who had to work the next morning, a Sunday, leaving with the guys who just needed to crash staying on to leave later.

Now it was just Tom, his best friend Pete Sackley, also 18 and dark haired to Tom's blondness, but he was equally fit and athletic, and Randy Paige, senior captain of the football team, tall, beautifully muscled, and passed out snoring on the couch.

It was summer and none of the three boys were particularly overdressed. Tom had a jockstrap under his gym shorts, white socks on his feet, no shirt. Pete was dressed almost identically but had a tight, white T-shirt over his muscular chest and flat stomach. Randy was down just to his shorts, and that is where the late

night got interesting.

Randy was sprawled out on the couch, one leg propped up against the back, the other stretched out. He had one hand on his muscular stomach, the other thrown back over his eyes, and there, hanging out the leg of his shorts was a pair of balls, lightly downed with blond hair, stretching down low. Clearly, Randy wasn't wearing a jockstrap, and Tom wondered blearily how he hadn't noticed before.

Tom and Pete's deepest secret was that in addition to being best friends, they were also occasional fuck buddies. At the age of nine the two of them had made themselves a fort out in the woods behind Tom's back yard, and eventually it was only natural for them to get naked, only natural for them to notice each other's penises, only natural to find out that their penises felt really good when they touched them and rubbed them, only natural to be with each other when, at the age of 12 and one week apart, they had produced their first sperm. The first night the two of them had swiped some beer out of Tom's basement refrigerator (his dad had noticed, and Tom had got a lecture later, but not a very angry one

- his dad had had his wild days, too), they'd got a good buzz on and, for the first time, inexpertly taken each other's growing cocks into their mouths, reveling in the great feeling of having your meat slurped.

Now, six years later, they both went out with girls, but they kept gravitating back to each other, because they knew each other's bodies intimately and

knew exactly how to make the other feel great. The boys didn't think of themselves as gay, they were jocks, after all, but where chicks were soft and squishy, boys were hard-bodied, and besides, chicks didn't know how to suck cock worth shit, and neither of the friends had ever fucked a girl - here in Kansas there were unwritten rules about shit like that. Truth be told, Tom had only ever had one girl give him a blow job, and she had used so much teeth that he hadn't cum despite having taken six weeks to manoeuvre her into bed. Pete had taken care of him half an hour later, sympathetic at his friend's blue balls and painful cock. Pete didn't use teeth.

Now Tom nudged Pete, who was sitting next to him, swaying slightly and

holding a half-empty bottle of beer in his hand. "Look at that," He

whispered. Pete looked.

"Man," he breathed. "Look at them balls!"

The two boys looked at each other and cracked up, sputtering and snorting to keep from laughing out loud. In Tom's crotch, alcohol was battling with natural teen horniness, and he felt his cock waking up. "Dare ya to feel 'em," he said.

Pete grinned at him drunkenly. "Ya think I won't?"

He scooted over to the couch on his butt and carefully reached out his hand. With one finger, he poked the hanging balls and then withdrew his hand as if he had been burned.

Pete looked over his shoulder at Tom. "Now you," He said.

"You're a pussy," Tom whispered, "That ain't what you do to a guy's


He slid over next to Pete and took Randy's ball sac in his hand. "This is what you do."

He rolled the big balls in his hand gently, feeling their heft. Tom had never seen Randy naked before, they didn't move in the same circles at school, but now there was no doubt that Tom's cock was demanding some action, beer or no beer.

"Your turn," he whispered to his friend. "Dare you to touch his cock."

Pete looked at him. "You mean through his shorts?"

Tom nodded. "Yeah, for now."

Pete reached out and gently put his hand on the front of Randy's silk

shorts. His eyes grew big. "Man, he's packin'!"

"Lemme see." Tom pushed Pete's hand aside and felt up the senior himself.

Pete was right - Tom could feel the heat through Randy's shorts as his hand

rested on a cock which seemed to be nice and fat. He still couldn't understand how he hadn't noticed it bouncing around before, but the guys who had been there were all pussy hounds, and so staring at another dude's crotch definitely would not have been cool.

As Tom ran his hand up and down the silk-covered shaft, Randy grunted. The

two boys leapt back, but the older boy was still asleep, he'd just shifted

his left leg so that it, too, was now stretched out on the couch. There

was a pronounced bulge in the front of his shorts.

"Dare you to pull 'em down," Pete whispered, grinning lasciviously.

Tom nervously looked at Randy's face and quickly determined that their friend

was out cold. He knelt alongside the couch and took the elastic waistband of the royal blue shorts in his fingers. Slowly, ever so slowly, he started to pull the pants downward, inch by inch - dark pubic hair first, then the bottom of what was a fat cock, no doubt about it, then one inch, two inches, four inches - maybe six inches of prickmeat, a beautiful cockhead down at the end, flopping down over the low-hanging balls.

"Motherfucker," Pete whispered beside him. "What a prick!"

Tom's cock was painful against the rough cloth of his jockstrap, and he reached down and fished his boner out through the leg hole of his own shorts. Six inches of boned prick stood straight up as Tom reached out and softly ran his hand down the length of Randy's cock. It was soft and silky and very, very hot.

"Lemme feel it," Pete whispered, reaching out with his own hand.

Now Randy had two hands stroking the shaft of his meat, and as the boys watched, fascinated, the cock began to expand in length and grow harder. It started to rise up from the balls which were nestling it, angling upward into Tom's hand. It didn't take more than a minute, and Randy Paige was asleep but

rock hard between his legs. There had to be eight inches there - Randy was

a shower, not a grower. Pete rolled back a bit and yanked down his shorts and jockstrap, exposing his raging six-and-a-half inch cock. Tom had seen it so many times, sucked on it, played with it, but he thought that he'd never seen it as erect as it was right now. Tom's own penis was also rigid, the burning feeling of

the palm of the boy's hand as it ran slowly up and down Randy's big shaft

rushing through his arm and down into his crotch. Randy slept on, oblivious.

"I'm gonna suck 'im," Tom whispered.

He knelt beside the couch and lowered his face toward the jock's penis. He stuck out his tongue and tasted the salty musk of a teenager's cock and then horny teenage hormones kicked in hard, and Tom took Randy's cock into his mouth, rolling his tongue around the red cockhead and then sinking down, down and down until the prick banged the back of his throat, and his nose was in Randy's pubes. Tom was very good at giving blowjobs, he could always get Pete to give up a load in four or five minutes.

Just a few weeks ago he'd been in town at the mall, where, in the men's room, a guy had given him the eye. Next thing Tom knew, the two of them were in a stall, the guy's pants around his ankles and his sizeable dick in Tom's mouth. The guy looked to be about 25, maybe 30, and he was definitely getting off on having a teen jock suck him off. He banged Tom's face as if it was a pussy, and no more than three or four minutes passed before he filled the boy's mouth up with a load of cum, not noticing or caring that underneath, sitting on the toilet, Tom was masturbating himself to climax, too, splashing cum between the guy's legs and into his underwear, which was bunched down around his shoes. If the

dude felt the warm slime on his balls when he pulled his pants up, he

didn't say so. He gave Tom $20 and then was gone.

Now Tom ran his face right up and down the length of Randy Paige's jock cock, cupping the heavy balls in one hand as he sucked. Randy was still snoring, gone from the world around him. Through the corner of his eye, Tom could see Pete beating off and watching. Pete wasn't as big on cocksucking as Tom was. He blew his buddy when his buddy needed it, and he took loads down his throat like a man, but as far as Tom knew, Pete had never had anybody else's cock in his mouth. He sort of liked that, knowing that he was the only one who felt his best friend's tongue running along the base of his cock and lips caressing his cockhead. Randy's snores were coming faster, and his cock was so hard in Tom's mouth that it seemed about ready to burst. He could taste salty precum oozing

out of the tip of Randy's beautiful tool, and he did the best he could to suck the big cock, sort of wishing that Randy were awake and egging him on

- "Suck me, Stevenson, suck that big cock of mine," but there was just the

teenager's snoring.

Tom grasped the shaft of the fat cock in his fist and began to masturbate the sleeping Randy, keeping his mouth firmly clamped on the cockhead, running his tongue around and around. He no longer cared if Randy woke up and beat the shit out of him for touching his cock, he was going to make the star football player jet a load and into his mouth. Tom knew he'd be whacking off to this image for the next three months. Pete scooted up to sit beside his friend again and took Tom's cock into his hand. He could see it pulsing and knew that Tom's hands were busy - one jerking off the star of the football team, the other supporting him on the cushion of the couch. Pete ran his thumb across the tip of his buddy's cock and found it wet. He got into a rhythm, stroking himself with his

left hand and Tom with the right. It was anybody's guess who was going to sperm first, but Pete guessed that Tom would get Randy off first - that was

always sexier. When Tom gave Pete blowjobs, he always masturbated, but he

never shot his load before Pete had given him his.

Then, suddenly, Randy Paige gave a growl in his sleep, and Tom felt the first blast of cum hit the back of his throat. He quickly raised his head as another rope of sperm shot out, just to give Pete a look. It splashed onto Randy's chest, and Tom quickly took the sperming prick back into his mouth. Randy might believe that he'd had a wet dream, but how would he explain his shorts on and cum all over himself? His strong arm continued to rub the shaft of Randy's prick hard and fast, willing every drop of cum to shoot out of the low-hanging balls. Just as the liquid ran out, and Randy's penis began to soften back to its original state, Tom felt the welcome warmth of his best friend's hand on his cock, jerking for all it was worth, and then, Randy's penis still in his mouth, Tom gasped and

released a mammoth load onto the front of the couch. Beside him, quietly, Pete masturbated himself to orgasm, too, unfamiliar with the feeling of his left hand on his cock, but horned up totally to see his friend sucking down the juice of the studly teenager. His first blast shot straight up and hit him on the chin, which almost made him bust out laughing again.

Tom leaned forward and very carefully licked Randy's sperm off his chest and ripped stomach. Then he cautiously pulled the teenager's shorts back up, covering up the dick that had only moments before been shooting cum into his mouth. The beer kicked back in, and Tom felt a bit woozy. He looked at Pete beside him and saw that his friend was a bit worse for the wear, too, still holding his softening, wet cock in his hand.

"Think it might be bedtime?" Tom whispered. Pete gazed at him with red eyes.

"Yeah, I think so. Don't even need to suck you tonight."

That did get them laughing, snorting and spluttering while Randy, oblivious to being brought into a faggot game, as he would think of it, slept on.

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