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Nights with Tom (Part 1) by JKReegan

Nights with Tom (Part 1)

When I was 17, almost 18, I met a guy named Tom. We were both at Uni together, but he was already 18. He had been held back a year a long time ago. Tom was one of the cool guys... popular, a jock, etc. I, on the other hand, fell more on the nerd side, definitely
more of a goodie-two-shoes, unfortunately.

At the end of the college year, for a reason that still eludes me, Tom became my friend. He lived only a couple blocks from me, so I'm sure that was part of it, but we had almost nothing in common. However, I was willing to talk about anything he wanted, because he was
attractive, had a fine body on him already... and I was completely infatuated with him.

Well, one night when his parents were gone, Tom introduced me to alcohol. I wasn't all that thrilled about the idea, being a goodie- two-shoes and all, but reluctantly went along with it. Reluctant, that is, until I saw the effect the alcohol had on him.

In no time at all, Tom was talking about girls, and how horny he was. He'd often reach down and adjust himself, taking his time about it. Just watching him, I was already hard as a rock. When I started to feel the buzz kicking in from the alcohol, I realized it was time to hold back. I began nursing my drinks, and made sure he didn't realize how little I was drinking in comparison.

A couple hours later, he was out. But I was very sober by then, and so hard I thought I was going to burst.

He was lying on the couch and I moved over to him, shaking his shoulder a little to see how far gone he was... and he was gone. Feeling encouraged by this, I slid my hand down his chest and across his stomach, and he didn't even twitch. I moved lower, and finally got my hand on what I wanted... his denim-covered cock.

I was rubbing him quite a bit, but not getting any response. I was disappointed, because I hadn't realized that he would be that far gone. However, that didn't mean I couldn't take a look at it, you know? Maybe a little taste?

I was about to undo his zipper when the grandfather clock in the room chimed. I jumped back, startled, until I realized it was just the clock. Unfortunately though, it was already midnight, and I knew his parents would be coming home soon. I really wanted to explore, but I didn't want us to get caught drinking... or get caught sucking their son's dick in his sleep.

So, I did some quick cleanup, hiding the liquor bottles and such, and then went back to try to do something with Tom. I had to get him back to his room, and tried shaking him again, much harder. No luck. In desperation, I just started pulling him off the couch, and when his ass hit the floor, he woke up just enough. I told him I had to get him to bed, and he leaned on me heavily as we walked to his room.

When we got near his bed, he went down like a log. Seeing my opportunity to legitimately get his clothes off, I started undoing the buttons of his shirt. He kept pushing my hands away, asking what I was doing. I told him I thought he was too drunk to manage it, and
that his mother would think something was up if she came in and found
him passed out in his clothes. Hearing that, he dropped his hands and said "whatever".

I undressed him quickly, trying not to take too much pleasure in it since he was somewhat coherent. My hands undoing the top button of his 501's got his attention though, and he pushed my hands away, slurring "I can do that" at me.

Taking his pants off was too much effort for him though, so I slide them down his hips casually, but my eyes were riveted to the lump I could see in his white briefs. Finally, I got the jeans off, and he was laying there in nothing but those tighty-whiteys.

He was already starting to drift off again, which was really fine by me. I hit the lights so they wouldn't wake him up, and waited a few minutes.

The down side was that I wasn't sleeping in the bed with him, but in a sleeping bag on the floor. So, I waited, my cock painfully hard, just waiting.

When I thought he was probably deep asleep again, I got up off the floor and moved to his bed. I reached out and placed my hand on his chest, testing his reaction. He didn't respond, so I squeezed one of his pecs a bit, and again, nothing. I was moving my hand down his chest when I heard a car door slam out in the driveway. It was his parents.

Panicking, I pulled his sheet up over him and dove back down to my sleeping bag on the floor. I didn't know if his father or mother would come check on us or not, but I didn't want to take the chance.

Sure enough, about 10 minutes later, his mother quietly opened his bedroom door and peeked in. I heard her say, "They're asleep."

She sounded a bit tipsy herself, and there was this tone in her voice I couldn't quite place, not until her husband spoke that is.

As she shut the door, I heard Tom's father say, "Then they won't hear us, baby" or something like that.

Fat chance.

I spent the next half hour or so listening to the two of them moan and grunt. I made a mental note to ask Tom if he regularly could hear his parents have sex, or if tonight was just a fluke. You know, drunk and uninhibited... and damn loud.

Imagine... I was laying there, hard as a rock, just mere feet away from my goal, my best friend's cock, maybe the only chance I'd ever get, and I had to suffer listening to other people have sex! Hearing Tom's father saying things like "I know you like that, baby, don't you? You like my big rod, don't you?" Yeah, he honestly said "rod" ;I think that was a more common euphemism back then.

All I can say is that Tom's father was a talker. Listening to him, a rather hunky man himself, narrate his sexual encounter was exquisitely wonder torture, but torture nonetheless.

At long last, there were a few louder moans with some "I'm there, baby, I'm there. I'm coming," mixed in, and it was over.

I imagined Tom's father passed out already, just like his son, and probably naked. I'd be lying if I told you I didn't have thoughts of sneaking into their bedroom, believe me.

I heard a toilet flush, and figured that was his mom, and then it all went quiet. I waited again, wanting to make sure they were asleep.

Finally, my big moment was upon me. I got up and went over to Tom's bed, repeating my actions from before, adding a gentle nipple pitch in this time. He was still out cold.

I moved my hand down to his groin, and gently placed my palm on the lump in his briefs. This time, as I gently squeezed and rubbed, it came to life.

I was so excited and so scared at the same time that I started shaking, and I mean shaking like it was 50 below in that room or something. I couldn't control it, but nothing was going to stop me.

As I rubbed him, and he got harder, his dick started to press against the elastic waistband of his briefs, fighting to get out. Fortunately, there was a Good Samaritan around to help it out of its
predicament... me!

As I lifted the elastic, his cock practically leapt out of its confinement, straining up towards his belly button. It was long and thick and perfectly straight. I still don't know if I've ever seen one as perfect, at least in real life. I was mesmerized. I pulled the elastic down and slide it slide up underneath his balls, so I had everything exposed.

I ran my fingertip along its length, and down onto his balls. As I brought my finger back up to the tip, his dick was pulsing up towards my finger, twitching. I let my fingers curl around his shaft, and stroked him firmly, watching the tip engorge even more.

I knelt down, leaning over him, nuzzling my nose into his balls, and breathing in his musky scent. My tongue slipped out of my both, and slowly slid across one of his balls, and then I removed my hand to allow my tongue to continue up his cock. Finally I got to the tip and I swirled around a little before lowering my mouth down on to it, gagging a little as I went too deep.

I pulled back a little and then began bobbing my head up and down, sucking stronger and stronger each time.

I had given up caring about waking him, I guess. It wasn't even a thought in my head. No matter what happened, I had this moment, and I intended to make the most of it.

My own cock, still trapped in my own underwear, was screaming bloody murder. I pulled it out and stroked myself while I sucked on him. It only took a few strokes to get my own release... it was almost like a secondary concern. I was solely focused on sucking his cock.

After a time, I used my hand along with my mouth, stroking him as I sucked him. I wanted to taste his cum badly. When he did cum, it took me by surprised, and I pulled my head back for a second, the second volley hitting me in the face, and the third on his stomach. I got my mouth back on his cock for the fourth and fifth though, and the couple of small ones that followed.

I swallowed every bit, loving the taste. I had never tasted cum before, not even my own like a lot of young guys do. It only took one taste to know I loved his though.

I used my finger to wipe off the cum he had sprayed on my face, and licked my finger clean. Then I leaned over his belly, and ran my tongue along his firm belly, licking up the rest. I added a few more sucks to his softening cock, just to make sure there'd be no evidence
(and for the pleasure of doing it, of course).

I gave it a last kiss, and then pulled his briefs back up, making sure he was tucked properly inside and pulled the sheets back over him. As I did so, I noticed the spots my own cum had left on his sheet, and I used one of my socks to mop them up as best I could. They were still a bit damp, and I prayed there wouldn't be a stain... or if there was, he wouldn't notice it.

I went back to my sleeping bag and laid down, but I certainly didn't sleep. I was way too excited from my little adventure.

When morning finally came, Tom woke up and complained of a hangover, but said nothing else. We got up and had breakfast with his parents, which was weird considering what I had heard them do, and what I had just done to their son. I went back home to shower and we met later at the arcade.

He never said a word about it, so when he stayed the night at my
house a few days later...

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