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I Conquered Big Ben by SJ

I Conquered Big Ben by SJ
MM, alcohol, feigned sleep, oral, size

Ben was a cocky student who worked at the club when he came back home during the holidays. I'd describe him as geek totty.

He was about 6', very slim with a wiry build (you know the ones, where muscle is apparent but they're still damn skinny -- phwoar for me!) and he wore some studenty specs which added to my intitial interest. He was always confident, friendly and outgoing and always willing to flirt a little. This came from his humongous cock that he never shied away from talking about. I'm sure we've all met a 'Ben', if for any reason the subject came up, he would be glad to take over with comments about his thing and the fact that everyone wanted a bit of it . . . . according to him!

After much flirting and after I was about to move on elsewhere with work, we arranged the night out we'd been flirting about for ages. We decided we'd go to G.A.Y. I went to his house and we caught the tube into town, flirting very much the order of the day. At this point, I sort of fancied my chances but was well aware that it was more than likely he was straight and if he
was going to have a dabble at some point, I wouldn't be the one he'd be 'dabbling' with.

Anyway, after a genuinely good night out and most of the flirting out of the way, we headed for the bus stop to catch the night bus home. He lived north east London so it took a good hour. He flirtingly said he nearly always got a hard on when he travelled on the bus. After the sleepy journey, he poked me and got me up to get off the bus. As soon as the bus pulled away, he
told me he'd got a hard on and showed it to me through his trousers.

When he did this, I knew the game was back on! I played on it straight away and touched it (I swear at his invite) Fuck me! It was massive! I was gob smacked and instinct kicked in, I shoved my hand down the front of his trousers and gave it a good squeeze! Twice! Not only did he allow it, he seemed quite pleased with himself that I'd finally paid his main attraction some attention!

I said to him the first alley we came to I was dragging him down it for a closer look. Heart going ballistic in my chest, we walked back to his flat and I was desperately looking for somewhere to molest him! We ended up not finding anywhere, I was shitting it in case someone caught us and fancied a bit of queerbashing so in hindsight, I think I was a bit too choosy and wish to fuck that I'd have jumped him over a hedge or something.

When we got back to the flat, we had a drink and made pleasantries, my heart still going, and I was getting a little dismayed that I hadn't taken a chance on the walk home. Anyway, he got me some blankets and sorted the sofa out for me to sleep on. My feet and head hanging over the ends, he left me and got into his own bed. I was a little disapointed but not

After about five minutes, I plucked up enough courage (aided by the valid excuse of the sofa not being long enough) to take my blanket to his room and declare that I'd have to top 'n tail with him, not to worry and that I'd leave him alone. No protest from him so game on me

After about half an hour where I swear he could have heard my heart pounding in anticipation and excitement, he started fake snoring. It's so obvious when someone does that; no one snores so evenly and as perfect as that. So I joined in 'snoring' and started to move around a bit, occasionally brushing against his leg to get a reaction. He wasn't giving any sign so either he was sleeping or was a bit scared to say anything. I started to move my hand in my `sleep' and each time got a little nearer to his groin area. After what seemed like ages of probing and testing, I was shitting myself but brushed over his cock. I should have fucking guessed, it was
rock hard. Oh how hard was I!

This sounds so cliched but it was busting out of the top of his black Calvin boxers he'd worn to bed. It was bloody huge! I gently brushed a few more times and got no reaction from snoring boy apart from the odd time where he had to swallow saliva that had built up in his mouth. Why the fuck did he have to keep on pretending!!! Off I go at this point, lightly stroking his
most impressively fat shaft through his boxers. This went on a short while and I don't think I gave a fuck after a while. I was in absolute horn heaven.

Fuck me this was one of the horniest encounters I'd ever had! I went for the next step which was to try and get it out. Pull down his shorts or go for the fly buttons? The latter. I gave him his excuse not to 'wake up' and to carry on the pretence. Button 1, button 2 and now to pull the fucker out . . . which took some doing. My God, it came out and I was surprised at the girth and the length. It was easily 9" with a decent foreskin and what surprised me the most was that it was so clean. We'd been out on the piss, were well oiled and most mens' (me not included) penile hygiene slips when they're out on the drink (nothing to wipe ya winkle on at the trough) so for me this made it all the more juicy and suckable.

I started to wank him gently, playing the game, anything too rough and he'd have had to make some sort of reaction. Fuck me how horny am I!!!!! I'm wanking myself now cos I'm so wet, moist, oozing my own precum, it couldn't be left out of the action. After a while I turned myself around in the bed so I could go down on his huge hard on, and may I say his cock pulsed far
too often for a sleeping guy . . . . Jesus, I started sucking it gently then more rapidly, Fuck it, I just couldn't help myself by this time.

I started to speed up and go for it. He was still pretending to be asleep for God's sake, was this guy on drugs?!! I worked it and worked it, played with his balls, needed them, sucked them, licked him to the tip of his big cock, worked the head in my mouth, oh my God I'm going to pop!! He was letting me get away with all this and not say a word. Was this the ultimate
form of denial? Not acknowledge what was, I'm sure, the best hand job and suckfest he'd ever had? Bloody straighties!!

There was a few noises coming from above the covers, I'd like to think he was about to come and what a dilemma it must have been for him! Come and blow his cover or do what he
did which was grunt, moan a bit and put it back in his Calvin's while still pretending not to take part! Fucker! Fucker! Fucker!!!!!

I have to say it was so close but if only he'd have said `fuck it, let's have some fun'. I was gutted and the owner of the biggest hard on in the world!!!!! (not specifically in size but you get the idea).

My world had just deflated. I got the message and backed off and gave a little `snore' of my own.

I'm still gutted to this day It went like it did, I'm sure I could have done more, if only I'd have found the holy grail (alley on the way home). Regrets, regrets, regrets.

Anyway, at least I got what I got and still have the memory to wank about it
10 years on.

Morning came and I said sorry and he sheepishly said no worries and swiftly changed the subject in another display of denial. I've spoken to him a couple of times since and the last time I thought fuck it, lets air this horny secret he didn't want to talk about. Complete memory loss from him! What a surprise!

Oh well, I thought I should write it down and let others have a read. My account is a little wordy but fuck me, If I ever got another go at that big cock I think I'd spear myself on it! Ooh the fantasies keep coming about the time I got lucky with big Ben. The year 2000 was indeed a good year....

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