Tuesday, 16 March 2010

When I was 18 by JDunstan

I had my first blow job when a family friend came to stay a while when I was 18.

Rob was about 34 and realy good looking and we were real good mates so he had the spare bed in my room.

One night I had gone to bed while Rob had a shower and when he came in with just a towel. I pretended to be asleep. Rob dropped the towell and I could see him in all his glory. I hadn't done anything with any other guys just the usual horsing around with a few mates but had never seen anything like this. He was very muscular and had the roundest firm arse I had ever seen. When he turned I could see his cock. It must have been 6"-6.5" on the slack.

He was soon in bed but instead of going to sleep he lay on top of the bed and started wanking. He kept looking over at me but I stayed "asleep" and could see him from under my sheet. I was laying on my side with just a pair of boxers on and a sheet pulled up almost covering my face, the way I always sleep.

His cock just kept growing and getting harder so was mine. It looked so nice as he worked on it.
Then he got up and walked over to my bed cock swaying as he walked. I thougtht he had caught my watching him and I got realy nervous, so had to stay "asleep".

He called my name a few times and lightly shook me but I didn't "wake". He then slowely started to pull back the sheet. I was petrified and scared but wanted this to happen even though I didn't
realy know what was happening.

When the sheet was off he ran his fingers down my chest and over my crotch. My cock which went slack with fear of being caught was now getting to attention again. He soon had my boxers down and was jacking my cock. To get a better go at me he gently rolled me over onto my back and now had my cock in his mouth. I had never had this before and was in heaven but all to soon I was spurting great globs of cum into his mouth. He seemed to stay locked to my cock for ages
but he must have been wanking himself off cause all of a sudden he stood up a gave out a few muffled grunts and I felt splashes of hot cum splatter across my cock and chest.

He then pulled up the sheet and went to bed, after a while I rolled
over and whent to sleep feeling very happy .

The next morning Rob asked me how I slept I said I had a great sleep and must have had a wet dream as I was all sticky when I woke up.

Rob just laughed and said, "Yeah they can be great."

This was repeated nearly every night for about a week till he caught
me out but that's another story!

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