Saturday, 8 May 2010

Masturbation of Others Sleeping by anon

Masturbation of others sleeping:

I've been turned on by guys since I've been able to be turned on.

Growing up, I used to love sleep-overs and affairs like that, because we'd almost always end up plyaing "truth or dare," and in my group of friends, the dares always involved some degree of nudity. Anyway, we never *touched*, but we did a whole lot of LOOKING. And it was fun. Anyway, that's not the story. The story is me, and sleeping near other guys who I like.

One poster mentioned that he jerked off a friend of his to orgasm while the friend was sleeping. While I've never quite done *that*... When I was in high school, I went on a trip with a whole bunch of my class-mates, and we sayed in a hotel. There was a lot of drinking going on (I wasn't drinking, but other people were *trashed*). My friend Brett was so wasted he was throwing up on someone's floor, and so they asked me to take him back to his room, which I did. And he passed out on the bed pretty quickly, and I was feeling really horny. There he was, lying there on his back, wearing nothing but an old t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, and a pair of worn red sweatpants with no underwear (he'd told me that part) -- nothing else. I just couldn't help myself.

I rubbed his chest slowly, with increasing firmness, and moved my hands slowly southward. Pretty soon I was rubbing his crotch, and I could feel his cock there, limp. It didn't stay that way for long. I started rubbing his crotch with my palm, and felt for the outline of his cock through the material. It started to grow, and I wrapped my hand around it and started stroking it. He still hadn't moved, and I was feeling pretty bold, so I pulled on the elastic waistband and pulled his sweatpants down to expose his cock and balls. I fondled his balls a little bit, then pumped his hard cock with my hand. I was really getting off on this, but he started to move, and I was getting paranoid. I held his dick in my hand for a minute longer, then pulled his pants back up, and put a cover partly over him. As it turned out, I was lucky to have done that when I did, because about two minutes later, some of the guys sharing the room with him came back, and I was sitting down by this time in front of the TV, and was able to hide my raging hard-on. Pretty soon after they left he woke up, and thus ended that little experience. But wait -- there's more!

In college, I guess I was 19 at the time, or about to turn 20, my friend came in to visit me at school. None of my roommates had come back from Christmas break yet, so we had our 2-bedroom + 1-common room suite to ourselves. He slept in my roommate's bunk, which was below mine. Now this guy is *very *cute -- probably 6'2", slim and firm, brown hair, long legs, smooth body...ooooh! Anyway, he went to sleep wearing a sweatshirt, boxer shorts, and white athletic socks (I *love* those!) It wasn't long after he fell asleep that I really wanted to get in those boxers. I tried to restrain myself, and stayed in bed as long as I could. Of course, I jerked off, trying to work out my horniness. I shot a pretty big load, but it didn't help. So, okay -- I was going to invade his privacy and personal space to get myself off. I was resigned to this.

I climbed down and started rubbing and smelling his feet. I moved my hands slowly up his legs, feeling his hard calf muscles, kneading them with my trembling fingers. But I didn't dawdle... I kept moving up, felt the hem of his boxers, and then put my hand square on his crotch. I moved around to the side of the bed to get a better position, and put my hand back there. I pushed his sweatshirt up a little bit, and felt his taut, smooth stomach. I rubbed his rubbery penis through the loose boxer shorts, and felt it start to rise. I reached in through the fly opening and put my fingers around it. Gingerly, I pulled it out of his boxers, and then, for good measure, pulled his ballsac out too. Pretty quickly, his dick stiffened to about 6 and a half or 7 inches, and I could see it in the dim light from the street lamp outside the window. It was pulsing. It was very warm. I started jerking him off, very slowly, savoring the moment. I felt as though, at the time, I had activated some sort of mental recording device, saying to myself at the time, "I won't forget a moment of this." I certainly haven't yet!

I cupped his balls with one hand and kept stroking the length of his shaft with my other hand. This went on for about five minutes, when I thought I saw some pre-cum on the tip of his cock. I was afraid he'd wake up if I went all the way, so I decided to restrain myself, and put it away. Before I did that, though, I leaned in as much as I could and put the end of it in my mouth. The pre-cum was salty, and his dick was warm and silky soft. But I knew I had to stop. I pulled away, tucked his rock-hard cock back into his boxer shorts, and covered him up again. I climbed into my bunk above him and jerked off to another huge orgasm, splattering cum all over my face and in my hair. What a glorious mess!

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