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Drugged Introduction by Xavier L

Drugged Introduction
by Xavier L

This is a fictional story containing sex between a father and his son
and an unrelated teenager. If you have a hard time separating fantasy from
reality, or if this theme turns you off, you shouldn't continue reading.

If you have ideas or fantasies you'd like to see turned into stories, feel
free to email me as well.

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I was out playing poker with the guys and left my son Jack at home with his friend Devon. They're great guys so I didn't even think twice about it. That was until I got home. One was sprawled on the couch and the other in a chair. Their odd positions told me they had passed out versus just fallen asleep. I walked over and shook my son firmly, and there was no response. I looked around but didn't see any
bottles, so my next guess was something that really pissed me off: Drugs.

I went over to Devon next. He had his shirt off, and I admired his toned body and dark skin. He was black, and his skin looked as smooth as silk. I placed my hand on his chest and shook him while simultaneously enjoying the feel of his hairless torso. No response from him either. I pondered what to do and finally decided on taking them to Jack's room. I grabbed Devon and half carried and half drug him to the room. He didn't even budge.

I put him in the other bed in Jack's room. He already had his shoes and socks off. I undid his jeans, unzipped them, and then tugged them down his firm thighs. When I finally had peeled them off, I enjoyed the sight of his football player's legs. As my eyes drifted upward, I noticed that his boxers had come down halfway. Unlike my son, Devon wore tight jeans. I moved to pull them back up but caught myself wondering about his package. I had never seen a black guy naked before and wondered what Devon had "down there."

Carefully, and I don't know why I bothered since nothing else had awoken him, I pulled his boxers down until they were mid thigh. Feeling a little nervous, I quickly peered down the hallway outside to make sure Jack was still passed out. He was. So I returned to Devon and pulled his boxers down to his knees and moved a leg upward so that they spread. I ran my hand up his velvety thigh and gently stroked his sac. He had tight curly hairs on his sac and at the base of his dick which looked like it was slowly stiffening.

Once again I checked his face and saw no sign of waking. I began stroking his dick and watched it earnestly as it responded to my touch. When his dick was hard I examined it closely. Not being an expert on cocks, I'd say it was bigger than average. I slowly stroked it hypnotically for a few moments before deciding to remove his underwear. When I had removed them, I pushed his legs apart more and moved in between them. I then lowered my mouth to his cock and started sucking on it. OK, this may sound really odd, but fuck he tasted good!

I slid my hands underneath him and gripped his ass as I continued working his cock. His ass felt like it fit perfectly in my palms. As I swallowed his meat until my nose pressed into his pubes, I breathed in his musky scent. I began sucking him faster. I heard his breathing change but that was it. Soon I noticed his dick seemed swollen. I kept devouring his dark rod until suddenly I was choking as his cock unloaded down my throat. I forced myself to swallow and keep sucking.

After I milked him dry, I got up off of the bed. I was going to put his boxers back on, but his ass intrigued me. I rolled him onto his side and then maneuvered him until he was on his stomach. He had a small bubble butt. I spread his cheeks and stared at his tight, puckered hole. I tore my vision away to look at Jack's clock and spied his bottle of lotion. I rubbed my aching cock through my pants and looked back at Devon's ass.

In a flash my mind was made up. I quickly unbuttoned my jeans and slid them and my boxer briefs down. I squirted some lotion onto my cock and then put more in my palm. Returning to Devon I lubed his hole with the lotion. I did a test by inserting my finger. It was so fucking tight!

I quickly positioned myself on top of him. It took some interesting positioning to be able to get my cock inserted into his hole enough that I could use both my hands to support me. He moaned, which scared me, but that was all that happened. So I kept inserting my meat. I was glad he was unconscious so I didn't have to worry about hurting him. I couldn't believe how incredible his ass felt! As I thought of him standing naked in the showers with his football buddies, I started pumping his hole faster.

I'm ashamed to admit I even pictured him talking to my naked son, soap running down their wet bodies. . . and then I blew. It was one of the best orgasms of my entire life! When my cock finally stopped spasming, I got off of Devon, grabbed one of my son's dirty socks from the floor and wipedhis ass of lotion and jizz.

Still naked I walked out to the living room to get my son. I got him into his bed with some effort. I took his shirt off of him and then removed his baggy pants. He was freeballing, so I ended up standing there staring at his naked form. He was toned and better built than Devon. I slipped my hand between his legs and felt his large balls. I was surprised at the amount of pubic hair he had, although I don't know why.

I started rubbing his cock and felt my dick stirring too. I was amazed that my cock was responding so soon after having fucked Devon! Jack was laying there with his mouth open, which he usually did when sleeping. I moved up to where his head was and leaned over him until my dick was at the opening of his mouth. Of course it could barely go in, but I took my hand and swabbed his lips with my precum.

Then I moved between his legs and spread them. I stopped looking at him as my son and simply felt lust. I climbed onto the bed and pushed his legs apart further. I wasted no time in getting his cock into my mouth. I could still smell the scent of soap on his skin, and I deepthroated him savoring every inch of his young rod.

Briefly I thought about how good my son's cock felt in my mouth. The realization that I was blowing my boy made it even hotter, and I found myself sucking him even faster. I imagined him fucking my mouth. When I would lift my head up, he would
shove my head down.

He couldn't that, of course, but to help with my fantasy, I took his hand and placed it on my head. I put my hand on top of his and pushed my head down while pretending it was Jack. I was getting so hot I released his dick and sucked on his balls. Then I moved to his chest and sucked on his nipples. I noticed his breathing, and I so wished he had been awake!

I moved to his neck and smelled his cologne. I moved to his open mouth and kissed him on the lips. I found my tongue moving into his mouth and tried frenching him. It wasn't working the way I wanted since he couldn't return it, so I quit and moved back to his delicious cock. I thrust his dick deep into my throat as I massaged his nuts. I placed his hand back on my head and started sucking him harder and faster. I heard him moan, and I went crazy! Soon his dick was swelling like Devon's had, and I got excited. I started deepthroating him more, moving even faster, desperate for the taste of his cum in my mouth. And seconds later my reward was exploding into my mouth. His cum had a sweeter taste to it than his buddy's. I found myself
greedily devouring his juice.

After the flow slowed down, I released him. I then took his hand and wrapped it around my cock. Holding it firmly closed, I fucked his fist until my cum was landing on his torso. I stood there looking at my jizz on his body. I reached down and dipped my fingertip into it. I looked at the glob on my finger and then at his open mouth. I moved back to his head and put my finger in his mouth so that my cum was on his tongue. He smacked his lips reflexively, and I felt chills.

I was going to reclothe the boys, but then I got a wicked idea. I positioned Devon onto his side facing the window. Then I moved Jack overonto Devon's bed and placed him on his side as well, his front pressed against his friend's firm ass. I then took his arm and draped it over Devon's side placing his hand on his buddy's groin.

Smiling to myself I turned out the light, shut his door, and left his room. I rinsed off in the shower and climbed into bed. It was a little tough falling asleep. Images of the naked boys kept running through my head. Oddly enough I didn't feel the guilt I expected I would.

In the morning I woke up and slowly cracked the bedroom door open. They were still asleep. I laughed softly to myself and shut the door. After breakfast I thought I heard some . . . intense discussion, so I went by the

". . . fucked me!" I heard Devon's voice saying.

"No, I didn't!"

"Then why is it my ass hurts but yours doesn't?!" Devon's voice sounded higher than normal in his anxiety.

"Dude, I don't remember us doing ANYTHING!"

"Then why are we naked, in the same bed, and my ass hurts?"

"I . . . I . . . I dunno," my son replied.

There was some silence followed by soft voices. I hesitated. Do I just barge in? Knock first? It just seemed weird to hear the quiet voices. Finally I decided to just open the door.

The boys were sitting on Devon's bed and were slowly jacking each other off. When I walked into the room, they quickly tried to cover what they were doing.

"Morning boys. Didn't know there was a party going on this morning."

"Dad. . . "

I waved him off and sat down next to him. "No problem. Boys will be boys and all that. I wouldn't mind an invitation to join though."

They sat there with stunned expressions. They had NOT been expecting that response from me! I moved between them, each boy scooting over. As soon as I was seated, I took each of their shrinking cocks into my hands and starting stroking them. They were so damn tense, I finally said "Oh relax!
It's just us guys helping each other out."

Devon was adjusting easier. Finally I decided what the fuck, and I got up,
pushed Devon's knees apart and sank down between his legs. He watched me closely, his eyes wide. I smiled back, opened my mouth and then shoved his cock into my mouth.

"Holy shit!" I heard my son say.

I grabbed Devon's hand and put it on my head. He immediately started bobbing my head up and down. He relaxed more and eased back. Getting my courage mustered, I released Devon's cock. I moved over, pulled apart my son's knees, and before he could say or do anything, I had his cock in my throat.

"Fuck!" he said aloud. After 2-3 passes of deepthroating him, his hand was on my head.

My fantasy was coming true! Except I found my fantasy evolving. I wanted to feel his cock inside my ass. What was wrong with me? Yeah, I've been curious before, sucked some cock in my life, but getfucked? BY MY SON?

But I wanted it. I wanted it bad. I released his dick. "I can't suck both of you at the same time guys. Devon, lay down on the bed."

Devon swung around as we vacated our spots. I quickly stripped out of my
clothes. I moved between his legs and sucked on his balls. His legs
spread wider, and he moaned softly. "Jack, put some of that lotion on your
dick. A lot of it."

He looked confused but did as I asked. I watched him while I slowly sucked
Devon's large dark brown cock. When he had finished, I told him to get in
back of me.

"What am I going to do?" he asked.

"Gee, your dick is hard, it's slippery, and you're behind my ass. What do
you think?"

His mouth fell open, and he stood rooted to the spot.

"You're wasting time son!"

I felt chills runs through me as he moved in behind me. I could feel his
hot body, his hard-on was pressed into my skin. I stopped sucking my
chocolate rod and reached behind and guided my boy's cock to my hole. As
his dick entered me, I felt his hands tentatively rest on my ass. "Take
over Jack."

I moved back over Devon's cock. Sliding my hands underneath his butt
cheeks, I guided his hips up and down so he was fucking my mouth. He took
over immediately. He had his hand pushing my head down, and his hips
shoved upward until I was almost choking.

It took all my concentration to ignore the pain that was ripping through my
ass as my son invaded me. When I could feel him pressed into my ass, I
reached back and grabbed his cheek. I let Devon's cock flop out of my
mouth as I breathed "Fuck me son. Fuck me hard!"

Jack's grip tightened on my hips as he begin slowly fucking me. He
couldn't go too fast yet because my ass had a death grip on his rod, but he
sped up as my cherry hole began relaxing more. Meanwhile I worked Devon's
sac with my lips. "Devon, talk dirty to me."

"Like how?"

"Ever seen a porno?" I said in halted cadence as my son's cock sent fresh
waves of pleasure and pain through me.


"It's cool man. You said things like `Suck my dick bitch!'"

"You want me to say that?" he asked, doubt and confusion evident in his

"Yes!" I replied as I returned his young meat to my mouth.

He moaned loudly, which blended with my son's grunting, and said "Suck my
dick bitch!"

Fuck it was so hot! I put my hand on top of his and shoved it down. He
started forcing my head down to meet his upward thrust.

"Yeah, bitch! Suck it!"

My son was getting turned on hearing this. Well, that's what I assumed as
his fucking picked up the pace.

"Take it, Dad! I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you!" he said unconvincingly.

I moaned loudly, a sound muffled by the presence of Devon's thick shaft
pounding my throat, to encourage him.

Devon's cheeks tightened, and I could feel his cock swelling again. I
braced myself.

"I'm gonna cum Mark!" the boy cried in warning.

In response I shoved his dick deep in my throat.

His breathing became more ragged and his movements more stiff, and seconds
later his salty load was blasting my gullet.

"Shit!" my son said and began pounding me harder. He was getting off on me
swallowing his buddy's load. I tightened my hole around his cock. "Fuck!"
he almost screamed, and I could feel his cock twitching inside of me. His
fingers dug into my skin as the full force of his orgasm expanded.

I milked Devon's cock while my son's load filled my hole. Jack's body
rested against mine, his torso on my bare back.

"That was hot!" Devon said. Devon got up carefully and went into the

"Leave it in," I said as I slowly lay down on the bed. Jack followed me so
he didn't dislodge his cock.

Devon came out of the bathroom and looked at my watch. "Shit! My mom's
picking me up in 10 minutes!"

The boys quickly mobilized to get dressed. We went into the living room so
Devon could get his shoes. As he tied them, he asked "Can I spend the
night tonight?"

"Hell yeah!" I said.

He grinned widely, and I heard a car horn outside. He ran out, talked to
his mom, and returned to the door. "She said yes! See you at about 4!"
Then he spun around and ran back to the car.

Jack went into the kitchen and grabbed some cereal and sat down to eat
breakfast. There was an odd silence between us. I decided to just read
the paper and give him some time. He spent the rest of the morning in his
room which made me rather nervous.

I got lunch ready and called him in. We ate, again, mostly in silence. I
put the dishes away and headed toward the living room. Jack came in behind
me. I grabbed the remote off the TV and walked by Jack.


"Yeah?" I replied, stopping in front of him.

"Did you. . . did you really like that?"

"Fuck yes!"


I looked at him considering. I put the remote in my pocket and knelt down
in front of him. He watched me carefully as I reached up, grabbed his
sweats and pulled them down. His dick was growing rapidly. "Yeah,
really," I said, and then I took his cock into my mouth.

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