Friday, 13 August 2010

While he Slept by Aaron


While He Slept...

Unlike many of the stories on this page, this one is completely true.

Trust me, you'll see by the end that if I was telling you my fantasy things might have been a little different. It's so true, in fact, that I will leave out any type of name and most details except the encounter just in case someone I know stumbles upon this story.

First, me. I'm in my late teens, and I've been in love with my best friend for years now. He's just absolutely gorgeous, he can have any girl he wants. I would describe him, but once again, it would give me away. Just think of your dream boy in his place. I'm a few inches shorter than him (about 5'9") I'm really thin and I weigh in at 160 with blue eyes and brown hair. He and I spent all of our time together before we went off to school, so I had plenty of chances to check him out, although I never got a good look at his dick. Sure, I'd see him walk accross the room with morning wood or catch a glimpseof his balls while he was sitting on his bed in his boxers, but my fantasies about what lay behind his underwear were rampant.

I won't bore you with my relationship with him, I'll just get right to the point. A group of 6 guys (my friends) were together in a vacation house. No one was gay. No one was bi. Just a buncha guy friends having fun. The second night we got nice and drunk and sat around talking for a long time, and eventually headed to bed. 3 of us were taking the guest bedroom with the double bed, I called the bed, so the other two were going to have to take the floor.

My friend rolled out his sleeping bag at the end of my bed and was laying down when he said "Screw this, I'm not sleeping on the floor!" and threw the sleeping bag up on the bed with me.

I was pleased by this, but it was nothing new, I'd had to sleep with him before. Besides, he was on top of the covers in a sleeping bag while I was under them. Well, in a few minutes he had shucked the sleeping bag and gotten under the covers, but the lights went out and he was asleep in minutes.

He has this great habit of rolling around in his sleep and pressing up against my body in so many various positions that I can never fall asleep because of the raging hard-on in my boxers. We maneuvered through many positions over an hour or an hour and a half, him sleeping peacefully, me on the verge of a touch-free orgasm the whole time. We finaly ended up with him on his left side with his knees bent forward and me on my right side facing him. My left hand was resting on his right thigh, which was enough to drive me crazy.

While he slept, I moved my hand up his leg so slowly I could barely tell it was going anywhere. The soft hairs on his inner thigh thinned out as I neared his groin, but I soon realized that his slick mesh gym shorts would be too tight around his cock for me to get to it. However, I had come too far to stop now. I slid my hands over his shorts to the lumps resting in between his legs at the bottom of his belly. It took me a few seconds to distinguish each object from the other, but I eventually located his two balls, almost exactly the same size as mine, and then his cock, completely limp, resting along the crevice between his leg and lower stomach.

Keep in mind that before now, I had never had my hands on anyone's cock but my own. Since his balls had been pushed upwards by his legs resting together, only the head of his dick and about an inch or two of the shaft were available. However, I went immediately for what I knew to be the most sensitive place on my cut dick, technicaly called the "glans", I think, or the little rough spot on the underside just below the head. I slowly stroked about an inch of the still loose skin up and down the shaft.

I noticed no change in his breathing and his body didn't move, but in a minute I felt the soft shaft begin to harden ever so slightly under my finger. The head scooted slowly up the crevice, inching along. I continued to slowly rub his semi-hard cock, my heart racing faster than ever before in my life and my dick standing straight out of the fly in my boxers, rock hard and ready to go. I could soon tell that his cock had reached its full potential. The flesh was soft to the touch but hard and throbbing when I pressed firmly. I now used several fingers to stroke up and down his shaft, playing with his balls at the bottom of each stroke. I could hear his breathing quicken, coming faster and staggered. Only the faintest moan could be heard on my more carfully placed strokes.

I was incomplete ecstacy. I would have layed there pleasuring my dream boy for hours. I could have been masturbating him for 5 or 50 minutes, I couldn't tell, but I felt his cock begin to swell even more under my fingers. My cock swelled too, aching against its tight skin and throbing uncontrollably. On my downstrokes I could feel his balls tightening up against his cock. His was now breathing so hard and quickly that it was blowing against my face. His sweet breath drove me wild and I felt my balls begin to tingle. I slid my fingers hard down his dick through his nylon shorts and felt his whole lower body tense up. On the upstroke I felt his cock go rigid and he grunted hard in his sleep. His hot cock began to throb under my fingers, and I could feel the large wet spot forming at the tip of his dick as I stroked more quickly now. I looked up at his face and saw it twisted up in pure pleasure and it was too much... my cock flinched and shot a geyser of semen all over my stomach. He groaned and continued to pulse in my hand. I had never seen so much cum come out of my penis, and I was loving it. For all I know the whole bed was shaking with our dual orgasm, but I didn't even care. His cock began to relax and his leg musclses loosened. I reached my hand down and grabbed my dick head and squeezed tight as I slid my hand down my now cum-coverd cock.

This final sensation gave me my last hard throb in my orgasm. My whole body ached with pleasure and cum drooled out of my dick and down my shaft through my fingers. My body relaxed and I looked over him. His eyes were still closed and his mouth was hanging open, his breathing more relaxed now. Cum was dripping out of the bottom of his shorts, but he was none the wiser. I reached my hand over and ran myfingers through the pool of his cum on his thigh and brought it to my mouth. I had never tasted semen before then, not even my own, and it sent shivers down my spine. He shifted suddenly and scared the shit out of me. He rolled over to his right, his right shoulder coming right by my head, turned onto his stomach, and pressed his still hard cock into the matress, straining it up against his belly. You guys know how good that can feel, and he let out a loud sigh, and then rolled over onto his back, still asleep. I admired the glistening film of cum around his belly button, and bussied myself with wiping the remander of mine into the bedsheets. I promptly rolled over and fell asleep.

He woke up the next morning unaware of the dried cum on his belly and all in his pubes, or so it seemed. I've never actually had a consentual encounter with a member of the same sex, but this was close enough for me, and I'm going to jerk off right now just from typing about it.

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