Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Sleepover at my best friend's place by Jose Pico

Sleep over at my best friend's place

This story happened when I was about 18 the same age as my best friend. I'm about 5'9 and weighed 135lbs at that time. We still are best friends till this day but we don't fool around anymore. I still remember the first time that we met. My cousin was moving into this new apartment and I was helping him move in. We were joking around and just being lads, you know how that goes.

Anyway about a week or two later my cousin was telling me that the kid upstairs had a Super Nintendo with cool video games and my cousin knew how much I loved games and how good I was at them. They told Richard (which was the kid upstairs) that I would be able kick his butt in games. So he told them to bring me over. But long story
short, I kicked his butt and we became best friends in an instant.

As time went by I grew attracted to him and I didn't know why because he was my best friend and I thought best friends didn't do things like that. He was about 230 lbs 5'8 at the time smooth dark brown skin with a bald head, he was a hot young teen and still is a hot chubby guy till this day. I remember being alone in my room getting ready for bed and just lay there thinking about him a lot and how cute he was. I would even beat off to the thoughts of him. I could not just get the thoughts of
him out of my head on how badly I would like to do anything with him.

Late one late afternoon he called my house and asked if it was ok that I spend
the night at his place. I was so happy that he asked if I could because I
have never stayed at a friends house before. I went to check with my parents and they said that it was ok. He told me that him and his mom were going to pick me up in a few minutes. As I got done pulling my stuff together there was a beep outside and it was him and his mom I told my mom that he was here and I was going. She waved me off and I was on my way.

We finally got to his place and went straight to his room. He told me that he had rented some new games. We where playing for a long time into the late night. As we were playing I just kept looking at him with the cute smile on his face as we played games laughing and just being guys. I remember sitting there and I just got a hard on. I was embarrassed by this because I have a big dick. It was about 6 1/2 inches
and cut so it would clearly show a bulge through my pants. Playing off like my back hurt from sitting up so for so long, I laid down on his bed. Plus it was the only thing in his room besides the TV and the dressers to conceal my erection. As we got tired and bored of playing games, I told him that I had some weed. He was all happy because he was hoping that I did have some (yes we were major pot heads back then) so we could smoke and be high together. It didn't take much for us to get high, plus, we didn't want his mom to smell that we were doing it in the house (not that she knew we did it). When we were done smoking we started talking about all kinds of
things because we were high as hell.

I don't know why I sad it, but I did. I told him that I had really hairy balls and with a quick response, he told me that he did too I was shocked that he was still into the conversation, so I started telling him that I went through puberty when I was 11 and he told me that he is starting to go through it as well. I then asked him if he had ever had sex.

"I had a girl at my old apartment suck my dick before," he answered.

I thought to myself that he was a lying sack of shit but I didn't care so I told him that I had sex with a girl when I was 11 years old at my old house in Chicago. He asked me how it was so I gave him the details and he was very fascinated by it. Then I told him that I saw this porno magazine that had this one guy with skin at the tip of his dick and that he didn't have that. He told me that he has that and that it was called foreskin. I was surprised that he would tell me about is genitals. I guess things got a little weird because we both stopped talking for a minute.

We both decided that it was late and time to go to bed. As I started to go into my bag so I could change into my sleeping shorts, he thought that he would do the same and change into his sleeping clothes. As he was changing, I could not help but to sneak a peek but I didn't want him to notice that I was. He pulled off his pants and his shirt with his back toward me and mine toward him as well. I saw his little chubby rolls and his tighty whities. God was he so hot I thought to myself. When we were both changed and ready to go to sleep, we crawled into bed and under the sheets. It stood quiet for a long time till he started to snore telling me
that he was finally sleeping. With me laying there still wide awake
thinking about what we had talked abou.

I had another erection growing in my shorts. I then started to touch myself, rubbing my cock up and down very slowly so that I would not wake him because he was sleeping right next to me. He then turned over to his side with his back towards me. I, thinking that he was waking up from me stroking myself, froze laying there in still
motion. I know that he was still sleeping as minutes went by feeling like hours. I scooted closer to him because I wanted to feel his skin against my body because we both were just sleeping with our shorts on. Minutes went by again and I finally built the nerve to spoon with him. I did this very slow so that he wouldn't wake.

Now I was really rock hard pressing against his ass with my cock. Slowly I moved my arm so that I could rub his belly with my hand and that was really hot for me because I had never touched another boy before. I decided to take the next step. I slowly slid my hand down into his shorts over his underwear feeling his warm cock through his underwear. By this time my heart was racing because I had never done this
before and I didn't want to wake him and see that I was doing that to him. I laid there still for about a half an hour just holding my hand there. Now I thought to myself I want to know what a foreskin feels like. Carefully, I pulled his underwear down with just my fingers. I first felt the top of his pubes. It was so soft and warm. Now I found myself pressing harder against his ass with my cock feeling like I was going to cum at anytime. Finally I slipped down deeper to touch his uncut cock. It was wonderful!

I felt a shock surge through my whole body as my hand laid there. I felt him getting harder by the second. Me thinking to myself "Is this happening? Is this really happening?"

I then started stroking his cock very very slowly because I am still thinking that he is sleeping. By now, I'm really pressing hard against his ass dry humping him and
precumming like a mother fucker, feeling like I am going to cum at any second. I feel his cock throbbing more and more. Pulling back on his cock all the way into his pooch while I am pressing on his ass really hard, I finally explode in my shorts and it was a huge one as well. Feeling the sensational shock though my entire body holding his cock in my hand.

Now my dick starts to soften as I am falling asleep with my hand down his pants. I know that I can not stay this way because if he'd waken up and see me on him this way, what would he have to say or think of me. So I pull my hand out of his shorts, turn over so my back would be toward him, and start to fall asleep. When I feel him turn over about a half hour later, he started to spoon me. I thought nothing of it thinking that he is just sleeping and getting comfortable. When all of a sudden he's putting his hand down my shorts and starts rubbing my cock. I was so surprised that
I didn't know what to do so I just lay there in stillness acting as if I was sleeping now.

He felt my cum in my shorts and started to rub it with his finger then he whispers in my ear, "Are you awake?"

I turn my head and said "Yes."

He then asks another question "Can I fuck you?"

Me not saying a thing I nodded my head. He then slowly pulls down my shorts to my knees and he did to himself as well. Now I can feel every smooth part of his skin
against my back side and it felt wonderful. He rubs his dick on my ass which makes me moan. I move my hand over to feel his smooth, soft, warm butt, pressing him harder against my ass with his hard cock that was about 5 1/2 inches long uncut. He then puts the tip of his dick on my asshole and shoves it in very slowly.

I tense up from the pain and he asks, "Do you
want he to stop?"

I told him no because it was already in. Pumping slowly on my ass, the pain fades and turns into sexual pleasure. He then starts to pump faster and faster in the spooning position he whispers to me, "I'm
going to cum!"

He pulls out and sprays his warm cum on my butt as I cum for the second time that night.

We then laid there and giggled hearing his
mother say from out side the room "Be quiet and go to bed it is very late!"

We both looked at each other and quickly put our shorts back on, not even cleaning ourselves first, closed our eyes and fell fast to sleep. The next morning we spoke nothing of what happen the night before. But after that incident we did it like almost everytime I stayed the night at his place.