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Dad and His Mates - Part 1 by Spirokram

Subject: Dad and His Mates (incest)

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Chapter 1

Friday night and I was out with my mates as usual, down the pub, feeling
horny and looking for some pussy to shag, Brian my mate has scored with some
fat bird and the two of them have disappeared, he's probably got her behind
the pub with her knickers around her ankles and his cock wedged up her hot
cunt giving her a good shagging, good old Brian, anything with a hole and
he'll shag it, there's been many a night we've gone home as horny as we went
out, but Brian always managed to score.

Me and Terry were busy scanning the pub for any single girls, I thought I
saw one who was passable, but she just scowled at me when I offered her a
drink, and Terry wasn't doing much better,

"I think we may as well go home and fuck each other Terry, at least that way
we'll get a shag tonight"

Terry agreed with me, but never took me up on my offer, I wouldn't have
accepted him anyway he's an ugly bastard, later on Brian reappeared with a
huge grin on his face, the bastard had definitely scored.

"Well lads, that's me for the night, Jesus she was some fat bird, took me
ages to find her pussy, but boy when I did! it was so tight, she might even
have been a virgin, hey! how cool is that, I might have shagged my first

Terry and me just told him to shut the fuck up, we'd had enough of him
rubbing our noses in the shit 'cause we hadn't scored yet, and as it was
nearly closing time we decided to call it a night and go home, so we said
our goodbyes agreeing to meet up tomorrow at 10am for footie practice.

When I got home the house was still lit up so I knew dad had probably passed
out drunk again, I couldn't blame him for getting wasted at the weekend, he
worked away all week driving a delivery truck all over the country, so he
deserved his me time, Id usually have to put him to bed were he would sleep
it off till the following day and wake up with a hangover, and then start
all over again, but when I got into the house his mate Danny was there with
dad, still drinking, Id known Danny for years, him and my dad were at school
together so they went back a long way, I got myself a beer and sat down to
chat with them, looking at dad it was obvious he was wasted, he was slurring
and his eyes were drooping, eventually he dropped off to sleep while me and
Danny carried on drinking and chatting.

"You not score tonight then lad?

"Nah, thought I had at one point but she was with her mates and didn't want
to know"

"You should come out with me and your dad one night, we'll show you how to
pull the birds, we never failed when we was your age lad"

Yea right, but now your just two old farts, so who's gonna give you two a
second look now? some old grannies" I laughed.

"You'd be surprised lad, said Danny grabbing his crotch, me and your dad can
still spring a good hard on you know, we ain't that old yet"

I had a quick look at Danny, he was the same age as dad and still in good
nick, trim waist, no beer belly for him, still got all his hair, dressed
quite smartly, and I wondered why Id rarely seen him with a woman, he always
seemed to be on his own, I knew he'd been married once and had a daughter my
age, 17, but she lived with her mother, just like me and dad really, he was
divorced from my mum, except she didn't want me spoiling her fun when she
got divorced, and dad always said he would have fought tooth and nail to
keep me, besides I wouldn't have stayed with mum.

Finally it was time for bed, I asked Danny if he was staying over, and he
said he would sleep on the sofa, so I suggested since dads bed was a double,
he could bunk up with him like they did when they were kids, so we both got
a hold of dad and got him upstairs to his bedroom, Danny said it would be
OK, that he would get dad undressed, so I left him to it and went to my
room, I played around on the computer for an hour or so, and then decided to
check on dad and Danny before I turned in, so I crept down the hall in case
they were asleep, and slowly opened the door, I could hear some rustling and
creaking of the bed, and fleetingly wondered if Danny was having a wank, so
I just opened the door enough so I could see them in bed through the
wardrobe mirror, as there was only the moonlight lighting up the room I had
to adjust my eyes to see inside, I could see Danny crouching on the bed, but
what was he doing? and then I realised he was crouching over dad, when
suddenly it hit me, he was sucking dads cock! yea I could see it quite
clearly now, his head was bobbing up and down and he was rubbing his hands
up and down dads chest, I just stood there gobsmacked!

I kept looking at dad to see if there was any movement from him but there
wasn't, he was still out cold but his cock I could plainly see was rock
hard! Danny was really sucking dads cock for all he was worth, now and then
licking dads big hairy balls, then he did something that really surprised
me, he threw dads legs over his shoulders and nearly bent him double so he
could get to rim dads arsehole, Id heard about people doing this, but Id
never seen it before, and it looked really hot and horny the way Danny was
trying to get his tougne into dads hole, he kept doing it for quite a while
then he let dad down again and carried on licking his balls and sucking on
his cock, which never lost its hardness, dad might have been passed out, but
he was clearly horny at what Danny was doing to him, I also realised then
that my own cock was rock hard watching them, I had so much pre-cum leaking
out, the front of my briefs were soaked with it, I grabbed hold of my cock,
squeezing it while I watched them, and wanting to be in there with them.

Danny's head was really going up and down while he wanked dads cock, I knew
that he was nearly there, he was about to cum and Danny was gonna get a
mouthful of his hot cum! fuck, I was on the verge of cumming myself,
watching this hot scene, then I heard Danny slurping and knew dad
was shooting his hot load, he just kept sucking and sucking to get every
last drop, dad moaned softly, moving his hips slightly as Danny swallowed
the last drop, fucking hell! I thought, Ive just watched my dad get sucked
off by his mate while he was passed out drunk, and my cock was rock hard
watching them, In fact, I thought it was way better than any porn flick I
ever watched!

I slipped back to my bedroom and had one of the best wanks Id ever had, in
fact I had three wanks before the morning came along, I woke up around 7am,
and just lay there listening for any sounds of movement but there was none,
I was dying for a pee and got up to go to the bathroom, sneaking down the
hall I slipped into the bathroom and there stood Danny, bollock naked after
having a shower, If I thought he looked in good nick with his clothes on?
he looked even better with them off! he had a great hairy chest Id never
noticed before, why should I have? I never saw him in a sexual way before,
his belly was flat and tight and his legs muscular and very hairy, but it
was his crotch that held my gaze, his cock looked to be about 6" soft, and
quite thick and uncut, his balls looked huge and hairy hanging between his
thighs, I couldn't tear my eyes of him, he looked so fucking masculine and

"Hey, I hope you don't mind me using the shower? just thought Id get in
there before the house woke up, wish I had a unit like that instead of the
crappy old stuff I got at home"

"Yea sure......... I heared myself saying, still staring at his
crotch........ come round, use ours whenever you want, help yourself,
anytime you want to"

"Mark! Mark! are you OK Mark? you were looking a bit lost there mate"

suddenly I realised that Danny was talking to me and I snapped out of my
trance, I couldn't say anything to him 'cause I knew it would come out as
babble, and he would probably think Id lost it, so I just turned and went
back to my bedroom completely forgetting that I was still dying for a pee,
as I lay there listening for Danny to leave the bathroom, there was a
thousand things running through my mind......... was I queer, why was I
turned on watching Danny sucking dads cock, why did I want to be sucking
dads cock, why did I find looking at Danny's naked body, such a turn on? I
only knew I was horny and needed another wank, so thinking about Danny and
his amazing body, I grabbed hold of my hard cock and started yanking,
suddenly the door was thrown open and there stood Danny, towel wrapped
around his waist, with his mouth open, ready to tell me something but
stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me wanking, we just stared at each
other, then Danny stammered " I'm sorry, I'm sorry," and left me to it,
but by now I was burning with embarrassment, that's twice in the space of an
hour I had been caught out, and both times by Danny! shit, how am I gonna
look him in the eye now, for sure he will probably be thinking I'm a right
little poof! and I'm not, up until yesterday, I thought I was as straight
as they come, Id never thought of guys having sex, I was always into pussy,
at least I thought I was.

So with all these questions in my head, I forgot about my wank and dropped
off to sleep, I woke up a couple of hours later when dad brought me in a mug
of tea, he sat on the side of the bed shaking me awake.

"Morning sleepy head, sleep well did you, how did you get on last night,
find yourself a girlfriend down the pub did you, I never heard you come in,
what time was it?

"Dad, you never heard me come in 'cause you were passed out cold in a
drunken stupor, how do you think you got to bed? it was me and Danny who got
you to bed, I left Danny to it, its him you got to thank for getting you
undressed and into bed, and the poor sod had to sleep beside you in your
drunken state.

I watched dad closely to see if there were any signs that he knew what went
on last night, but he showed nothing, surely he couldn't have been fast
asleep while Danny was sucking his cock and then him coming too, could he?

"Now you wouldn't begrudge your dad a drink after a hard weeks work would
you son? its the only bit of fun I get these days because of that fucking
driving job, but things may be on the up and up, Ive put in for a new job,
delivering locally, and then I will be home every night, and still have the
weekends off, so we can do loads of stuff together, go to matches, cinema,
have some guys round for some drinks and a card game, hell! I might even get
myself a girlfriend, its been so long now, my old cocks forgetting what he's
there for, ha, ha"

"Oh dad, that would be great if you did get the job, its OK your sis coming
round and all, and its great I can call her when your away, but its not the
same as having you around dad, I miss that, and sure, we can do all the
thing you say too, sometimes it gets really lonely without you here"

"Well even if I don't get the job son, I'll keep looking for something
local, OK"

"Sure dad, that's great, what have you got on for today, Ive got footie
later on, do you want a takeaway when I come home?

"Yes that would be good son, then I have to meet Danny down the pub at 2pm,
you wanna come, have a few drinks with your old man?

"OK dad"

With that dad left me alone, I wondered if Danny was still downstairs, I was
dreading facing him again, and then thought, fuck it! why should I be
embarrassed, we can be adults about it.

In the pub later on and with 2pints down me, and Dad and Danny with a good
buzz on, I thought I saw Danny giving me some funny looks, like he was
checking me out for something, nothing I could put my finger on, I decided I
needed the loo and no sooner was I in there when Danny was right next to me,
he stood just a bit too far away from the stall and as I glanced over at
him, he wasn't even peeing, just waving his cock about, pulling the foreskin
back and forth over his knob end and then said.

"Ive been watching you lad, since you were about 14, Ive been watching you,
and I'm liking what I see, your turning out to be a hot young man, bet you
got loads of girls running after that big cock of yours ain't you, eh lad?

"Danny are you drunk already, I thought you could hold your beer, and how
the hell would you know how big my cock is, you've never seen it soft or
hard, so how would you know?

"Oh yea, Ive seen it lad, last night when I was having some fun with your
dad and you were standing at the bedroom door with your big prick in your
hand, just a shame you didn't come in and join us for a three sum, I could
have shown you how good I am at sucking cock, your dad reckons I'm the best!

"Fuck off Danny, I spat, your so full of shit! and don't think my dads a
queer like you are, you were the one sucking his cock remember, and he was
passed out cold!

With that I left him standing and went back to dad at the bar, Danny came
back like nothing had happened, but I knew now that he knew I was watching
last night, suddenly the penny dropped, that's why he was giving me funny
looks, he was eyeing me up, probably imagining what my arse looked like,
what my cock tasted like, would I let him fuck me, or me fuck him? I knew he
was thinking all those questions, 'cause I was thinking the same about him,
and the more I drank the hornier I was getting for him, and he knew it,
every now and then his hand would steal down to his crutch and he would
squeeze it, or rub his cock eyeing me at the same time and winking at me, my
mind was doing flip flops, I was really getting turned on by this guy, so
when dad went to the loo, Danny grabbed the opportunity to stand next to me
and discreetly grabbed the cheeks of my arse and squeezed, he leaned close
at one point and whispered.

" I wanna fuck that tight virgin boy cunt of yours, you are a virgin ain't
you lad? arse wise anyway,

I just smiled at him, then dad was back at the bar with us, a few more pints
later and I was ready for a nap, so I left the two of them in the bar and
headed home, Id have to sleep of my afternoon drink before I met the lads
tonight, so I went straight to bed and fell fast asleep, I woke up about a
couple of hours later and just lay there thinking about Danny, and what he
was up to? when I heard a noise on the landing, and thinking dad must be
back from the pub, I continued to lay in bed, about half an hour later I got
up and headed for the loo and as I passed dads door it was slightly open, I
peered in to see if dad was there? and sure enough there was dad, laying on
his bed with Danny on top of him giving dads arse a good shagging, and dad
moaning and groaning like fuck, now I was confused! okay, dad got his cock
sucked by Danny last night, and yea, he shot his load down Danny's throat,
but dad was passed out, he wasn't to blame, but here he was now, taking it
up the arse from Danny, and he's moaning and groaning, and definitely not
passed out! I went to the loo making as much noise as possible so they
would know I was about, then I went back to my bedroom and lay there,
confused and thinking to myself, not only was I a little queer, but so was
dad, fucking hell! did it run in the family was it hereditary, was grandad
and my uncles homo's too? it was all to much, so I decided, fuck it! I'm
just gonna take it as it comes, if dads into cock and getting shagged? who
was I to criticise, its his life, it was only then that I realised, dad
wasn't queer, he was bisexual, that sounded a lot better than a plain old

That's the end of chapter 1, but theres lots more to come, first dad, then
Danny, but best of all, the card games!

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