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Dad and his Mates - Part 3 by Spirokram

Though this story isn't fully relevant to the subject of the blog, it seems sily not to post all the parts to let readers enjoy them

Subject: Dad and his mates chapter 3.

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Chapter 3

With the weekend over, dad and me slipped back into our weekly routine, he
went of to work for the week and I went to school and afterwards went to my
par time job in the local deli, and that was pretty much it, but I couldn't
get the thoughts of dads hot body out of my mind, and was wondering when I
was going to have full sex with him, preferably with him awake, Id never
been fucked before and I knew it would probably hurt the first few times,
especially considering the size of dads cock! but I knew I would get to
enjoy it too, all those girls I had fucked, they went crazy for my cock, and
soon I would know what was so great about getting fucked, I couldn't wait.

The week soon rolled by and now it was Wednesday already, school was a pain,
my little job was no better so I was glad to get home and shower, and maybe
have a long slow wank thinking about dads hot bod, hell! there was no maybe
about it, I would probably end up with two or three wanks before the night
was out.

The door bell rang just as I'd finished dinner, I wondered who it was as I
wasn't expecting anyone, I wasn't too surprised when I opened the door and
there stood Danny with a case of beer.

"Hi lad, well ain't you gonna invite me in? I thought you might be lonely
on your own, so I brought you some company and some beers, hows that sound?
good huh.

"Hey Danny, you didn't have to do that, I was gonna have an early night, got
some exams tomorrow so I want to be good and fresh, but come in for a while,
but you cant stay long, OK.

Danny settled himself on the sofa with his big legs spread wide and his
heavy package on full view, I knew it was for my benefit, this was him
coming onto me, and as I was horny myself, I didn't mind, he came round
tonight to try and seduce me, but I was thinking, I'm gonna be the one
doing the seducing, and he was gonna do exactly as I wanted before the night
was over.

I told Danny I was going to change so I nipped upstairs and got on a pair
of tight silky red shorts and a cut off t.shirt with no arms, and no shoes,
then bounced downstairs, when Danny saw me he nearly swallowed his can and
his eyes were popping!

"Fucking hell lad! you go out in public like that and you'll get arrested
for indecent exposure, but Jesus! you sure look hot in them shorts, I swear
I can see your foreskin from here, why don't you come sit over here with
your dads old mate, eh?

"Sure Danny, that's cool, its a bit warm tonight so I just thought Id wear
my shorts to cool off in, you don't think there too short do you Danny? the
girls at school are always staring at me when I wear em, the other guys hate
it though, 'cause the girls just ignore them, I think their cool, and I
usually end up with a hard on when I wear em, see look! my cocks starting
to harden already"

"Yea I can see that lad, and you certainly take after your dad in the cock
department, hey you remember when we was in the pub on Sunday? and I said Id
been watching you since you were 14 or so, well I have, and you've turned
out to be one hot fucker, look at the way my cocks stiffened, I wanna ram
that up your tight little arse and fuck you rotten, you up for it lad? do
you wanna get fucked by a real man?

"Hell Danny, I dunno, acting all Innocent like, Ive never been fucked
before, I'm dying to try it though, tell you what, if you let me fuck you
first? I'll let you fuck me, deal!"

Danny looked at me not knowing whether to take me seriously or not, he was
thinking hard, I knew he was desperate to fuck me, but how desperate? my
cock was rock hard just thinking about it, if he let's me? it will be my
first time fucking a guys arsehole, how cool will that be! I briefly
wondered what dad would think about his son fucking his best mate up the
arse, but why should dad worry? Danny was fucking him up the arsehole on
Sunday afternoon.

"OK, its a deal, I ain't been fucked in a long while and looking at the size
of your cock, I guess its gonna hurt some, but it will be worth it to pop
your hot cherry ass! where we gonna do it, here or upstairs?

Next thing I knew, we were stretched out on my bed, bollock naked! Danny
was all over me like a rash and I let him explore my hot body, he sniffed
and licked everywhere, especially my hairy hole, he love slurping on that!
so did I, he was quite good with his tongue, and not bad at cock sucking
either, as Danny was going to town on my body a plan was forming in my
perverted little mind.

"Hey Danny, are you up for trying out some unusual stuff? I got an idea I'd
like to try out on you if your up for it"

"Yea lad, you know me I'm up for anything, what you got in mind?

"well I always wanted to tie someone up, you know, have them as my slave,
then I could do whatever I wanted to them, that sort of stuff, nothing nasty
like, just a bit of fun"

"Okay lad, I'm up for that, so what you gonna do first, tie me up so I can
be your slave?

"Yea Danny we'll start with that, I'll tie you to the bed and then we'll see
what fun we can have, you OK with that Danny?

"Yea lad, go ahead, do your worst"

To start with, I got Danny to lay on his belly, he wasn't expecting that,
but he did it, then I got various ties of mine, and tied him to the four
corners of the bed, now he was all mine to do exactly what I wanted to do
with him, and boy! was I gonna have some fun.

First I got a large bottle of cream from the bathroom and smeared it all
over his back, his bum, and his legs, then proceeded to rub it in, he liked
that, it felt like a massage to him, so he lay there purring like a cat, I
payed special attention to his hairy arsehole, rubbing the cream well into
his hairy hole, and slipping a finger inside him, then two, then three, and
now I was going for four fingers!

"Mark, what the fuck you doing lad, are you trying to get your whole hand up
my arse? go easy there lad, remember I ain't been fucked in a long while, so
I'm bound to be tight back there"

"Oh shut the fuck up Danny! I'll do whatever the fuck I like, remember your
my slave and I can do what I want with you, and If I wanna fist your tight
man cunt? I will, and you'll fucking enjoy it too, okay big lad"

I saw the look on Danny's face, he suddenly realised the situation he was
in, and there was not a dam thing he could do about it! I had him exactly
were I wanted him, tied down and helpless to do whatever I wanted to do, so
I carried on with my finger fuck, and got the fourth finger wedged up his
hole, and he was moaning like fuck! I didn't know how far I could go, but I
tried for the thumb too, and it slid up his hole to, this was getting
seriously hot now! Danny's hole was stretched real wide, just like a
woman's pussy, it looked so horny as I turned and twisted my hand in his
hole and always shoving at the same time, suddenly my hand was up Danny's
hole and had snapped around my wrist! shit I thought, I hope I can get my
hand back out? Danny meanwhile, was panting for breath and moaning loudly
begging me to take my hand out of his hole, no way, I thought, this is way
to horny to stop now so I made like I was fucking him with my hand, slowly
moving it back and forth, gently at first, then gradually building up speed.

"Ah shit man, this is too fucking much! it hurts like fuck, but it feels
so good too, like I'm being fucked by an elephant, oh lad don't stop! don't
stop! oh fuck it, my cocks never been this hard, I think I'm gonna cum with
a fist up my arse, how perverted is that?

This is just what I wanted, Danny, under my control, and it felt great, I
was so horny if Id just touched my cock I think I would have cum there and
then! I reached under Danny and grabbed his balls, and squeezed them
tightly! he screamed loud enough to wake the dead, then I yanked them
downwards once or twice, he was begging me to go easy, but I was on a roll
now, I wanted Danny to beg me to let him cum! so I grabbed his rock hard
cock and started wanking him, at the same time thrusting my hand in and out
of his tight arse, now he was moaning like fuck! thrusting his arse back
and forth onto my fist, trying desperately to cum, he was nearly there too,
when I let go of his hard cock, and left him humping fresh air!

"My cock lad, get a hold of my cock for fucks sake! and make me cum, come
on, get a hold of it, wank me for fucks sake!

This is were I wanted Danny, begging me to let him cum, so I grabbed hold of
his cock and started wanking again and he gave out a great sigh of relieve,
it was short lived though, as I kept bringing him to the brink then stopping
him from cumming, I kept this up for a good hour, and all the while my fist
was wedged tightly up his arse fucking him, I looked under at his cock, it
was throbbing a deep purple colour, so I thought Id better let him come
soon, so I got my fist out of his arsehole, and he let out a great yelp as
my hand came out with a loud plop! I cleaned my hand up and untied him, he
was too knackered to do anything except lay there panting for breath, so I
bent down to his throbbing cock and put my mouth over the head, and gave him
a long slow blow job, he was moaning softly, his hands on my head, feeding
his cock into my mouth nice and gently, needless to say it didn't take long
before he filled my mouth with his hot load, and I gobbled hard and fast to
swallow the lot! I was so hot and horny by now, I hunched over Danny and
while he gently held my bollocks I yanked my cock, shooting my hot load all
over his hairy belly then collapsed on top of him, exhausted! the two of us
fell into a fast sleep, and there we stayed for a few hours in each others

When I woke up two hours later, we were both messy with cold cum, I woke
Danny up and told him the time, he nearly shit himself as he had to pick his
wife up from work, an hour ago, so he cleaned off his belly, and hurriedly
got dressed and ran out the door, saying cheerio, and that was that! Danny
still didn't get to pop my virgin arsehole, but I didn't get to fuck him
either, maybe next time, but that's another chapter.

So all you horny readers, I hope you enjoyed this chapter and will stay with
me for the next one, please keep your comments and

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