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Dad and his Mates - Part 4 by Spirokram

Subject: Dad and his mates. Ch 4

When dad came home at the weekend he was really excited, I could see he had
a few drinks under his belt but at least he wasn't about to pass out.

"So what are you so excited about dad, you look like you won the lottery or

"Better than that son, I noticed he was grabbing his crutch, and it looked
like he was getting a hard on, Ive got the new job I was telling you about,
the one were I get to come home every night, ain't that the best? and I
start on Monday"

"Dad, that's just great, that's brilliant! now we can do all the things we
planned, you can come watch me at footie, and we can eat dinner together,
and do loads of stuff, that will be so cool, do you realize there's some
mates of mine that you've never even met yet"

"Yea I know son, but that's all gonna change now, were gonna be a family
again, just you and me, best buddies huh"

Then dad grabbed me in a bear hug, and I knew then that he had a hard on! I
could feel it pressing into my stomach, I was dying to put my hand down to
grab it and give it a squeeze, but that would come later, but I wanted dad
to know that I knew he was rock hard, so I said.

"Hey dad, you must be really excited, your cock is rock hard! maybe you
should go and pull one of the wrist before you cum in you pants, eh"

Dad looked at me and blushed crimson, and muttered something I didn't
understand, then said he was off for a shower and to change out of his work
clothes, so I plowed ahead with the dinner, 'Lasagne' his favorite, dad
came bounding down the stairs still in a great mood, he'd changed into grey
woolly cut offs which showed his cock off brilliantly, and a t.shirt, he
smelt great and I couldn't help but admire his body, tight and rippled, and
I could see his thick hairy chest through the thin t.shirt, my cock started
to react! he was so fucking hot looking!

We sat down to dinner and he asked me about school? and what was happening
in the neighbourhood etc, and he told me what his new job would be like, and
he promised he would never take another job were we had to be separated
again, I was chuffed at that, and told dad so, he was really happy, and I
was happy for him, as we ate, I got this urge to see his cock! I wonder, I
thought, if I just accidentally drop my fork and have to bend down to pick
it up, I wonder what else I can see under the table, dad was sat with his
legs spread wide, the leg of his shorts were wide and baggy, and sure
enough, there it was, dads cock! half hard hanging out of his shorts, Wow! I
thought, Id love to crawl over there and give dad a nice long blow job, how
cool would that be? then dad asked what was keeping me? shit! Ive been
rumbled I thought, but dad just carried on talking about the new job and
about this and that.

So with dinner over and the two of us washing up, we went to lay down in the
sitting room, but dad decided to go and get some beers, so we could
celebrate, I was a bit disappointed that I may not get my way with him
tonight, but hell! there would be other nights, besides, dad was in such a
good mood, I couldn't spoil it for him, so I got a DVD and dad got the beers
out, this was great I thought, we can do this every night.

Now I was on my third beer and I was getting a good buzz on, I glanced over
at dad, he was absentmindedly rubbing his cock through his cut offs, I could
see he was getting hard, and that, and the beer was getting me hard to, I
kept looking from dad to the DVD and back again, and then I caught dad
looking at me, as I was rubbing my cock through my jeans, but he quickly
looked away, so now he knew that I was getting hard too, so was this dads
intentions? was he leading up to something, hey, maybe I wasn't gonna be
disappointed tonight after all !

"Hey Mark, why don't you come over here and lay down on the sofa with me, I
haven't cuddled you since you were a boy, come on, it'll be like old times,
just me and you"

"Dad would you behave, in case you haven't noticed, I'm not a little boy
anymore, I'm 17 and taller than you, you know"

"Ah come on, your not embarrassed to lay down here with your old dad are
you? you used to love laying with me while we watched TV, come on, don't be
a woos, its not as if theres anyone to see us is there"

My little show of embarrassment was working, so I got up and dad moved
over to the side, holding his arm up for me to lay down, then he put his arm
over my chest and moved right in close to my back, now his had cock was
rubbing into the small of my back, and dad was obviously enjoying himself,
moving back and forth, pushing his hard cock into my back as if he was
fucking me, and all the while rubbing my chest though my vest, paying lots
of attention to my nipples, it didn't take much stimulation for my nipples
to harden, then dad moved his hand down to my belly, rubbing it gently as we
watched the DVD, though neither of us were taking much notice of the TV by
now, I wondered if dad would be bold enough to go for my crotch? his hand
was only inches away from it now, then suddenly his hand was on my cock,
just holding it, nothing more.

"Dad is that why you wanted me to lay here with you, to feel me up and grab
hold of my cock?

"No son, I just wanted to make you feel good, don't it feel good what I'm
doing? if it don't, I'll stop, if that's what you want"

I didn't answer 'cause I had a feeling that dad damn well knew it was
feeling good to me, he knew I wouldn't ask him to stop, so much for me being
the clever one, my silence let dad know that I was enjoying myself, so now
he grabbed my cock and squeezed hard!

"Jesus son, you've grown up so quick Ive hardly noticed, and your cock I
swear! is bigger and thicker than mine, I'll just bet you get plenty of
pussy at school, I'll bet they flock round you to get you to fuck their
tight little cunts eh?

I didn't dare answer dad, I was getting too excited at what he was doing to
me, and by now he had his hand inside my jeans and was rubbing my throbbing
cock, pulling the foreskin up and down the sensitive head of my cock, I
closed my eyes and moaned a good few times, god! I thought, he's getting me
so worked up, if he keeps rubbing my cock like he's doing, I'm gonna shot my
load in my jeans!

"Dad. could you please stop, I'm on the verge of coming! you've got me so
hot and horny and I don't think we should be doing this with each other, do

Now I was changing tactics, I knew dad was up for it, I just wanted to hear
him coax me into doing what I already wanted to do, what I was dying to do,
I wanted to suck his cock, rim his hairy arsehole, but most of all, I wanted
him to pop my cherry! I wanted him to fuck me, and fuck me hard!

"Is that what you want son, are you sure you don't wanna carry on? after
all its just a bit of harmless fun between a father and his son, wheres the
harm in that, eh! tell you what, Ive had enough beers for tonight, why
don't you sleep in my bed tonight, like you used to when you were a little
boy, come on son, lets go to bed".

Dad got off the sofa and held my hand leading me towards the stairs, I
meekly followed with a huge grin on my face, this has gone way better than I
could have hoped for, now I knew as I went up the stairs, that tonight, dad
was gonna pop my dreaded cherry, at last I was gonna feel what it would be
like to get fucked by a man, and believe me! dad was all man, even if he
was partial to getting fucked occasionally, but tonight it was my turn to
get fucked!

We stripped off in the bedroom, eyeing each other up and down, dad had such
a hot body for his age, hairy chest and belly, muscles in all the right
places, and balls the size of tennis balls, full of hot spunk, and then
there was his cock! that was the best, long and thick, with a heavy
looking foreskin, I was looking forward to chewing on that foreskin, teasing
it, getting it between my teeth and nibbling it, and running my tougne
around the inside to lick out all the pre-cum that's gathered there, and
then there was dads big hairy arse, God it looked magnificent! no wonder
Danny like fucking dads arsehole, it certainly looked fuckable, and given
time, I too would get to fuck dads arse, but not tonight, tonight was dads
turn to fuck.

"Well what happens now? I said as we lay there both a bit shy and
embarrassed, Ive never done anything like this before, not sure what to do

"do you wanna play with my cock for a bit, Id play with yours but I'm afraid
you'd cum if I so much as touched it, and I want this to last, Ive waited
so long for this night, I'm not gonna rush it now that its here"

"What do you mean you've waited so long for this night, this night for what?
I don't understand"

"You dope son, did it never occur to you that all those cuddles and all
those touch ups I used to give you, and all the times I used to let you see
my prick, and I always knew when you used to watch me in the shower when you
thought I didn't know, I knew alright! and I used to put on a show for you,
soaping my cock up, getting it hard so you could see it, showing you my
hairy arse, and I remember a few times while I was having a wank on a
Saturday morning that you were watching through the door crack, well it was
all leading up to this night, Ive been dying to get you into my bed since
you were 10 or 12, but I had to wait, till you were old enough to make up
your own mind, you do wanna be here with me don't you son?

"Yea dad, I do wanna be here with you, I want you to teach me all you know
about man to man sex, teach me some of the things you and Danny get up
too, Ive always thought you were hot, and so do some of my mates, they've
told me so often enough, so maybe later we can all get together sometime,
but not tonight, tonight is ours"

"Hold on, how do you know about Danny and me?

"Well there was the time that you were drunk, and Danny put you to bed, and
when I went to check on you an hour later, Danny was hunched over you with
your rock hard cock down his throat, and he was sucking the spunk outta your
balls, I thought it was amazing, 'cause you were still passed out drunk!
then there was the other Saturday when you both came back from the pub and I
passed your room and heard you moaning, and the door was ajar, and when I
peeped in, you were on your belly, and good old Danny was on top of you
fucking your brains out, and no! you weren't passed out that time, you were
loving it"

"Wow, so Ive been rumbled, now you know my dirty little secret, does Danny
know you know, has he tried anything on with you?

I didn't tell dad about me and Danny, he didn't have to know, I wanted him
to think he was the first guy Id ever gone to bed with, so now we got down
to business, we both came together and cuddled, we kissed long and hard,
then dad placed me on my back, and started licking my chest, nibbling my
nipples, making them hard, then moving down my belly with his hot tougne
till he got to my prick, he held it upright with one hand, rolling my balls
in the other hand, then bent over to engulf my throbbing cock in his hot
mouth, Oh fuck! this was heaven, dad sure as hell knew how to suck cock!
he pulled my foreskin back with his lips, swiping the pre-cum of my knob
end, and sucking hard, all at the same time, I was on the verge of coming.

"Dad, dad, I'm nearly there, if you don't stop I'm gonna cum in your mouth,
dad! I'm nearly there, stop dad, stop!

"Let it go son, shoot your hot spunk into my mouth, I wanna taste your hot
boy cum"

Then dads mouth was back on my cock, teasing my foreskin, moving his mouth
up and down my throbbing cock, I felt the spunk bubbling up in my balls,
just waiting to erupt, then I felt that familiar tingling when I'm just
about to cum, I felt the spunk gushing up the length of my cock, then
BANG! it erupted into the back of dads mouth in great creamy ropes of hot
spunk! I lay there frozen, not able to move while I had the most intense
orgasm Ive ever had in my 17 years, when I finished coming dad collapsed
onto my belly gulping great mouthfuls of air, I was gasping myself and
enjoying the sensations of just coming.

"Fucking hell son! are you always that intense when you shoot your load?
Ive never met anyone like you before"

"No dad, I was just so horny and dying to cum, that's just the way you make
me feel, your one hot fucker dad, do you know that?

Dad just looked at me and smiled, but I knew he was pleased at what Id just
said, I looked down at dads cock as he lay there, it was hard and throbbing
for release, the knob end poking out of his thick foreskin, oozing pre-cum,
and it was running onto the sheets, I thought to myself, what a waste, so I
slithered down to lap at his pre-cum, god! it tasted sweet, I licked and
lapped all I could, then got down to the serious business of sucking dads
big hairy cock!

I swallowed as much of his cock as I could, which wasn't much as Id not had
that much experience, I gagged a bit every now an then, but it didn't seem
to bother dad, he grabbed hold of my head and started humping my hot
mouth......... "ah yea! I thought, this is what I want, dad to just fuck my
mouth hard! till he cums his hot load"........... and he didn't disappoint
me, with one final thrust he held my head tight and jammed his cock down my
throat and started coming! thick hot jets of boiling spunk, it filled my
mouth and ran down my chin, it just kept coming, and coming, and dad kept
humping my mouth, suddenly he fell back on the bed gasping for breath, his
cock slipped from my mouth, and still the spunk was oozing out of his cock!
Christ I thought, dos he never stop coming?

I too lay on the bed, enjoying the taste of dads spunk in my mouth, it was
sweet and salty, quite thick and creamy, I couldn't wait to see what it
would feel like up my tight virgin hole, that was yet to come, I looked up
at dads handsome face with his day old stubble, and knew we would do this
again, and again, then dad looked down at me and smiled.

"You okay Mark, did you enjoy that? 'cause I sure as hell did, it was worth
waiting all those years just to taste your hot cum! what do you wanna do
now, do you wanna go to sleep? you must be tired by now"

"Like hell I do, I wanna do a lot more before the night is over, besides
neither of us has to get up in the morning, so we can stay up for as long as
we like, eh"

There was one thing that had always fascinated me about dad, and that was
his big hairy arse! I knew it was hairy 'cause Id seen him bending over in
the shower when he was putting on a show for me, except I didn't know it at
the time, so here was my chance to explore, I got dad to turn over onto his
belly and spread his legs, and Wow! what a sight that greeted me, a big
dark hairy hole, I just sat and gazed for a while, I wanted to remember this
image for a long time, then I dived in, sniffing and licking, rubbing and
squeezing his soft but muscly arse cheeks, god it was so horny, dad squirmed
around on the bed, moaning softly, every now and then, raising his hips to
give me better access to his man cunt, I rimmed his hot hole for ages,
sticking my tougne as far into his hole as I could, I licked and nipped his
arse till my mouth was dry, I couldn't get enough of dads hot funky hole!
finally, I got up and just lay down on dads broad back, feeling his
breathing through my chest.

"That was great son, you've got a talented tougne there, if you lick the
girls cunts out the same way you just did to my hole, they must be in
seventh heaven! were you getting my hole lubed up with your hot tongue to
fuck your dads hot arsehole? you already know I like to get fucked, yea sure
you've got a bigger cock than Danny's, and I know your cock will probably
hurt a lot, but it will be worth it, go ahead son, fuck my brains out with
your big thick cock!

"Yea dad I do wanna fuck your hot arsehole, badly, but not tonight I don't,
tonight I want you to fuck my brains out, I want you to dump your hot load
up my tight virgin cunt, and make a man of me!

"You really mean it, you want me to fuck you son? if you've never done it
before it can hurt a helluva lot you know, and I don't wanna hurt you, you
know how big and thick my cock is, hell! even Danny wont let me fuck him
'cause he reckons my cock is an offensive weapon, And Ive seen him get
fucked loads of times at school, he used to be a right cum bucket! if you
really want me to I will, but its up to you, OK son!

"Yea dad, I want you to pop my cherry, come on quick! before I change my
mind, (no chance)

That was all the encouragement that dad needed, he flipped me over onto my
belly and got down to rimming my virgin hole, the only lube I was gonna get,
he got me well slicked up and then hovering over me he aimed his cock head
at my hole and pushed forward slightly, I could feel the pressure on my hole
and thought....... "he's never gonna get it in there"......... then suddenly
his cock broke through the barrier, sinking deep into my tight hole, sweet
Jesus! did it hurt, it felt like my arse was on fire, like dad was shoving
an arm up my arse, I grabbed onto the pillow, biting down hard to stifle my
moans, meanwhile dad kept pushing his hard cock deeper! and deeper! till
finally it was all the way in my tight hole! I begged him to stay still for
a while so I could get used to it, I kept feeling sharp jolts of pain and a
fullness up my arse, but gradually it started to feel good too, so after a
while, I told dad to go ahead gently, and he slowly moved in and out, Wow!
now that did feel good, feeling his huge cock throbbing in me as he moved
in and out, he started to slowly pick up speed, really banging my hole which
still felt sore, but good at the same time, dad was clutching my chest and
breathing heavily.

"Cant hold it any longer son, I'm gonna cum in your tight hole, your old dad
is gonna breed your virgin cunt, oh shit, here it cums, get ready
son.............I'm cuuuuuuuuuuming, oh fuck! oh shit! it was never like
this before"

It was then I felt dads spunk flood my hole, hot fiery gobs of cum shooting
deep inside me, he seemed to go on for ages, there was so much of the stuff
it started to leak out of my hole and run down my balls and onto the sheets,
that was it! that all I needed, my cock blasted off, I was coming like a
fountain, shot after shot of hot cum soaking the sheet below me, and with my
dads hard cock still up my arsehole, this fuck was everything and more that
I wanted out of a first fuck, I was exhausted but felt great! Id lost my
dreaded virginity and it was dads big throbbing cock that had done it too!

Dad rolled off me laying on his side to face me, I knew he was a bit
embarrassed that he had just fucked his son, I looked at him and grinned
from ear to ear.

"When can we do it again?

"You mean you really enjoyed me fucking you? weren't you feeling hurt or
anything son, it must have hurt you some time?

"Of course it did dad, for a little while, then it started to feel great,
and the thought that it was you, my dad, who was fucking me was the biggest
turn on of all, I loved it, I want you to fuck me every day if poss, but I
also wanna fuck you too dad, do you reckon you can handle that?

"Yea sure I can son, if you can handle my big cock? then I can handle
yours, besides Id love to feel you pounding my hot hairy arsehole and
dumping a hot load up me, sounds really horny, but now I'm beat son, so what
you say we have a little nap, and see what happens in the morning eh? since
it will be Saturday, we can fuck each others brains out the whole day!

So with that, dad and me dropped off to sleep wrapped in each others arms, I
slept with dad all the time since that first night, and not every night do
we fuck each other, but usually theres not a day goes by when we don't have
a wank, or a blow job, or even a hot fuck with each other, life is great
now, and couldn't be better with dad around full time now.

The end.

Well guys, that's another chapter ended, I hope you all enjoyed it? and
will take the time to e.mail me at
and let me know how much, look out for the next chapter which will be out

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