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The Sleepwalker by kewtieboy

The Sleepwalker
By kewtieboy


The apartment block I lived it had around 16 flats in it. Most were 2 bedroomed except for the grandly titled “penthouse” flats. Both of them had 3 bedrooms and open roof space. The majority of owners were older though there was a sprinkling of younger couples, some who rented from absent landlords. I was a 29 year old gay guy who enjoyed the block as it gave me a fair amount of anonymity.

One of the main attractions was that, though the elevator was entered from the main hall, the stairs were behind them and to the rear. Any casual trade could be brought in without any nosy neighbours commenting on my choice of sleeping partner.

I was staring out of the window from my flat on the third of the four floors when I saw new neighbours move in. Though the removal men were doing most of the work I could see a couple in their forties and a pretty young boy who looked like he might be their son. It was difficult to judge his age. His image looked to be about 14 or 15 but there was a chance he was older. The skater boy image and soft curly blonde hair played tricks and he was horsing around with one of the removal men making him look quite young.

It was 2 days later when I bumped into the couple. They were taking a suitcase out to a top end Mercedes E-Class, I introduced myself and they reciprocated. When I offered help if they needed it, they pointed out that they were not, in fact, staying and they had bought the flat for their son who was going to be at University and would be staying on his own unless they came to visit. Their flat was on the floor beneath mine and on the opposite side.

“I’ll go and get Sean for you,” said Mum, “so you can say hello.”

With that she popped upstairs and came down with this apparition of beauty. Sean was obviously 18 but small and slim. His blonde hair was a mass of curls which though untrained, somehow seemed to form a style. His eyes were so piercingly blue that they almost looked like coloured contact lenses. He wore surfer shorts and a white vest and he had little freckles on his arm and his nose.

“Hi, I’m Sean,” he said putting out his hand and flashing dazzling white teeth.

“Rick,” said I. “Feel free to knock on the door if you have any questions about the neighbourhood.”

He said he would and ran back upstairs.

Any doubts I had that Sean could be gay, were sadly dashed within a week of his parents going. He had a steady stream of friends, male and female and, though there were no noisy parties, there were quite a few “gatherings” of friends with some staying overnight and cases of beer being taken in. I was left as a randy spectator, feeling particularly old. I have to say that fantasies about what I could do with Sean featured heavily in my late night wanking sessions.

One Saturday night I was out moderately late. It was around 12.30am and as I walked into the small estate, I saw Sean ahead of me weaving his way towards the house, the worse for drink. I caught up with his and gave a quick “Hi,” keeping pace until we reached the apartment block and we used the lift, him getting off at the floor below mine.

It must have been around 1.30am when I went out to put some newspapers down the rubbish chute. I heard a voice in the stairwell at the rear of the flats. The stairs were reached through a door and were carpeted but rarely used because of the lifts. I gently pushed the door open and walked down the first flight to see Sean sitting on the steps talking to himself.

“…..bitch wouldn’t put out. Frigid cow!”

I walked down and said a quiet “Hi Sean.”

He kept rattling on about the girl he had made a pass at and been rejected by as though I wasn’t there.

“Are you ok, Sean?” I asked.

There was still no response. His eyes seemed open and he looked into the middle distance. I touched his arm and he lifted it to put his hand on mine, still mumbling. I realised he was asleep. I tried gently waking him but to no avail. I couldn’t remember what one was meant to do with a sleepwalker so I gently took his arms and asked him to stand, trying to get him back to his flat. He stood.

“So you’re going to come back then,” he said.

Playing along, I said I would. I assumed he was talking to the girl in his dreams.

He stood and I took him down to his flat. His door was on the latch so I pushed it and took him inside. He walked in and turned to the bedroom, sitting on the edge of the bed and started to strip. I was getting nervous as I didn’t want him to waken and find me there but I also wanted to see how far he would go. His trainers slipped off, his t-shirt pulled over his head, socks slipped off and then his shorts pulled down to reveal white Armani hipsters with a blue band and a nice package. He pulled back the bedspread and climbed into bed pulling a single sheet over him.

I spoke again to him with no response. I sat for about 15 minutes and spoke again - still no reaction. I gently pulled back the white sheet to reveal his body and he rolled on to his back as I did so. I looked at this beautiful creation and knew I had to try something. I put the palm of my hand on his bulge and pressed ever so gently. I then rolled it slowly back and forth over the head of his cock. There was little reaction. I gently tried to pull the band of his briefs down but it was proving difficult when he suddenly lifted his bum off the bed and stripped them down and off before flopping back down on the bed.

His cock was only about 3 inches soft with sagging balls, a little redder that his cock. His blonde hair was reddish and his cock was uncut. I lifted it with my fingers and slowly stroked it. I then knelt beside him and slowly placed my mouth over the soft meat, taking all of it inside. I squished it around tasting the musky teen organ. I felt it slowly fill with blood and once it started the rise to full size was quite quick. Soon it was a little over 6 inches and stiff as only a teen cock can be. The foreskin slid slightly back to reveal his pink head and I was gripping with one hand and sucking with the other. He was pushing upwards as I sucked down.

I cupped his balls as I sucked and I then released my own cock, holding and sucking with my left hand while wanking myself with my right. How I wished I had my camera. I stood up and placed my dripping cock against his lips. My precum dripped on to his lips and he unconsciously licked them. I was ready to cum without even touching myself.

I opened his legs and teased his rosebud with my finger and I heard him moan softly. My mouth found his cock again and I started to suck him quite forcefully now.

“That’s it bitch,” he said, startling me. “Take my load you stuck up cow.”

I had slightly slowed down as he spoke terrified he would open his eyes but he just kept thrusting his hips to push his cock into my mouth. When he came there was no groan, no moan. I just suddenly had a mouth full of teen cum. When I say “full” I mean “full.”

The cum was trickling down my mouth and I inadvertently swallowed quite a lot. I’m not a great fan of the taste of cum but for him I made an exception. He gave no reaction at all as his cock slowly shrunk from my mouth.

I stood up, looking down at him and wanked myself ready to catch my cum in my hand but such was the force that it shot across his balls and soaked his already cum covered pubic hair.

I was scared now. I quickly wiped him with his briefs, pulled up his sheet and slipped back to my flat with heart thumping.

When I next saw him a couple of days later he was his cheery self and seemed to be none the wiser. It was at a community meeting in a neighbour’s flat when an awkward looking Sean, not sure what his part was in such an event, relaxed with a few glasses of wine and confessed that he was an occasional sleepwalker. He told me that he had been so since he was 6 and nowadays it happened when he was stressed and drank too much. He also told me he had once been found a mile from his parent’s house so he tended to always double lock his flat door from the inside to stop himself “escaping.”

I hoped another opportunity might arise sometime.

I would be lying to you if I didn’t say that I hung around on Saturday nights for a few weeks hoping for a repeat but it didn’t happen. Any time I did see him, he had mates or some girl her had picked up in tow. I therefore gave up assuming it was the chance of a lifetime to have my way with a 100% straight cutie and I should consider myself lucky it happened at all.

Things changed one Friday when I heard the obvious ruckus of a party in his flat as I came home. It was around midnight and he was obviously trying to get rid of some mates who had overstayed their welcome. I passed him on the ground floor as he waved his farewells. I caught some of the conversation but it seemed he was dumping everyone because he had a “hot little bitch” waiting upstairs. I also heard the comment that she was already too far gone to be any use to him. How I wished I could be a fly on the wall when he returned to his flat. I would have loved to see him in action, even with a female.

At 2.00am I looked out of the window down into the street and saw Sean sitting on the wall. Fearing something may have happened I pulled on some shorts, a t-shirt and, for some reason, picked up my camera before heading down. I approached him quietly and then asked how he was. There was no response to my question but he stood up and quietly walked back into the block, using his key to enter as though it was quite normal. I knew he was sleepwalking.

I followed, quietly talking to him. “How was the fuck?” I asked.

He mumbled, “Gonna do her right now!”

I kept beside him and decided that under the pretence of making sure he got home, I would go into his flat and see the lie of the land. His door was unlocked but he tried to open it with his key until I pushed it open and we entered. In the flat and lying on the sofa was a naked young girl. Her legs were wide apart and her vagina gaping open. She was out cold. Beside her on the floor were three used condoms, none of which had any cum in them. I got the feeling he had been shagging her but getting little response had given up.

I took his arm gently and steered him to the bedroom where the double bed had been slept in but only on one side suggesting he had given up and gone to bed only to get up and sleepwalk an hour later. I started to strip him but he took over and soon stripped naked his soft cock hanging over his balls. He just stood there so I took some pictures of him in the nude and then stroked his balls while I took another with my spare hand. He started to push me on the bed mumbling about wanting to fuck.

I stripped my shorts off quickly and let him push me. He kissed my lips and started to squeeze my tits. Thankfully I am not hairy so there were no shocks for him. I rolled him on to his back where he instantaneously fell silent, his cock now slightly erect. I went down between his legs and started to suck him. His cock responded far quicker than last time and I soon had his full 6 inches in my mouth. My own cock was up to the full 7 inches and leaking. I slid out and took some more pictures of him sprawled on the bed with his erect cock sticking up in the air when an idea came to me.

I went to the bathroom and found some antiseptic cream in the cabinet and quickly used it to lubricate my hole. I dashed back and climbed on top of him to sit on his still erect cock. It took a little work but the semi-conscious Sean started to work with me and I assume he thought he was fucking his little friend from the sofa. He grunted as he thrust upwards and his fabulous little cock felt amazing inside my hole. I snapped a few close ups of his entry for future wanking fodder and then laid the camera down to take my own cock in hand. Dangerous or not I wanted his cum inside me. I rode up and down while squatted over his body and Sean’s body moved upwards to meet me. My hands stroked his nipples which he seemed to enjoy and when I could I snapped as many shots as I dared without losing the action.

He grunted and pushed harder than ever and I felt his warm teenage cum forcibly squirt into my hole. My cock erupted in a dangerous volcano of cum which splattered on his chest and lips.

I sat still with his shrinking cock slowly slipping out as his erection faded and followed by the trickle of his copious load. I slipped out of bed and grabbed a towel to mop him and me. I leaned forward and slid my tongue into his mouth as I kissed him. There was a meagre response and he grumbled and turned on his side to sleep.

I dressed and left.

Within a month the Summer recess had started but Sean never did return. His parents eventually sold the flat and I have no idea why he pulled out of college. I may not have another opportunity to get into Sean’s pants but I still have my memories and photos.

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