Wednesday, 16 March 2011

College Suck by Wildcard

It was my freshman year in college. We'd recently moved to the state for my
dad's job and everyone I knew from my home town lived 1,500 miles away. I
literally knew no one in the college town and was a four hour drive from my
parents. To say I felt alone is putting it mildly. Thankfully, I'd met a
couple of people during that first day who told me about the fraternity
parties that would be going on all week for rush week. My first night I got
drunk off my ass but knew frat life was for me. I'd met a couple of guys
who seemed cool at this one frat so I decided I'd give it a shot and rush
that house. As it turned out, my dorm room roommate, Larry, had some
friends from high school who were also rushing that house. Larry told me
that, while it was a cool house with good guys, he wasn't going to rush
there since he wanted to meet new people and too many of his high-school
friends were rushing that frat. In any event, Larry introduced me to his
buddies from high-school and so, when I got accepted into the frat as a
pledge, I already knew some people. It seemed that my college life wouldn't
be as lonely as I'd thought.

The year went along like any other freshman year. I spent most of my free
time at the frat doing what the brothers told us to do. Got drunk too
much. Screwed up some classes, and tried to get laid every chance I had,
which wasn't much. By the end of the school year, I hadn't gotten fucked
once. Finals were done and most of the students were getting ready to
leave town in the next few days. Larry and I went out that night bar
hopping and trying to pick up chicks. As per my usual, I went home empty. I
didn't feel too bad as Larry had likewise struck out. We got back to the
dorm drunk and horny. We laid down in our respective beds and tried to stop
the room from spinning. We started talking about some of the girls we'd
seen that night. The blond roommates who could have been twin sisters both
wearing short shorts. The brunette in the miniskirt who only wanted to know
if we had any blow on us. the dark haired stunner with the green eyes that
looked like she'd bite your dick off. We talked aobut which girls had the
best tits. Which ones we knew from sororities that we thought would put out
and which ones belonged to soroities that were notorious for frigid prudes.

As we talked, I could tell Larry was getting more and more frustrated - as
was I. Finally he blurted out, "I'm so fucking horny I could jerk off right
now!" I replied, "Me too. Go ahead if you really want to." I watched
carefully as Larry slipped his hands under his blanket and I saw the
tell-tale up and down movement of his comforter that told me he was
stroking his cock. Larry was 5'8" and had medium brown curly hair and dark
brown eyes. He was fit and in shape from all the work he had to do as a
pledge at his frat house. I too was 5'8" but I was the polar opposite of
Larry. I was blond with blue eyes. My hair was thick and wavy and a little
longer than Larry's...just down to my shoulders...because I hadn't had
money for a haircut in several months. I was also pretty fit from the work
I'd been doing at my frat house as well. I'd seen Larry's cock in the
shower a few times and when he'd dress in the mornings. His cock was about
the same size as mine, about an average 6" when hard I'd guessed, but his
helmut head flared out more than mine. Several times during the past year
I'd caught myself looking a little too long at his dick and wondering what
it would be like to suck it. I didn't consider myself gay - or even bi - at
that time as I really liked women. I'd sucked a friend once when we were 13
and I'd liked wearing my sister's panties when no one was home and I'd jerk
off, but I never really considered myself to be anything other than
straight. Those times I'd caught myself staring at Larry's cock I just
attreibuted to being extra horny.

Now, though, I began to imagine what larry's cock looked like hard under
those blankets and I didn't bother to stop myself nor to try and kid myself
that I wanted to suck it. My own hands found my prick and I pulled my
underwear off under my sheet and began to stroke myself as well. Larry and
I were watching each other and I was getting more and more turned
on. Suddenly, Larry said, "Hey, you know what Nikki left the last time she
weas here?" Nikki was a girl Larry had dated for all of about five
minutes. He said they'd fucked but I'd never believed him. I shook my head
and Larry jumped out of his bed, swaying slightly, and went over to his
dresser. I stared at his slim, well muscled body and his hard cock poking
out. He had very little hair on his body and a tight ass. I wanted to grab
his ass and run my fingers across his washboard abs and feel his dick in my
mouth, but I just lay there with my hand on my dick.

Larry opened his dresser drawer and reached way int he back and pulled out
a pair of red nylon and lace bikini cut panties. He held them by the
waistband and showed them to me with a big shit-eating grin on his face. "I
told you I fucked her," he said. "They still smell like her pussy," he
added and held the crotch up to his nose and sniffed. "Wanna smell," he
asked. I nodded and he walked over to my bed and stood right next it. I sat
up and couldn't help but notice his hard dick only inches from my face. I
forced myself to look up as he hadned me the panties. I held them to my
nose and sniffed the crotch as he'd done. Sure enough, I could smell the
faint odor of pussy, a slightly fishy, perfumed scent. I moaned. I looked
up at Larry and grinned back at him. Then I brought the panties under the
covers and slipped them on beneath my blanket. They cupped my cock and
balls and made me even hornier. Larry asked, "What are you doing?"

I threw back the covers to let him see that I was wearing the panties. He
laughe3d and said, "Ohhh sexy," in a teasing manner. I rubbed my cock thru
the panties and looked down from Larry's face. He was sawying a bit
drunkinly and his cock was inching closer to my mouth each time. I noticed
a small droplett of pre-cum oozing from the tip of his pink piss slit and I
licked my lips involuntarily. Suddenly larry sawyed just a bit too close
and the tip of his dick touched my lips. I looked up into his eyes and he
was still grinning at me. "Oops, sorry," he said. I opened my mouth
slightly and waited half a beat. Sure enough, Larry swayed closer again and
this time I felt the head of his dick slip past my lips into my open
waiting mouth. I opened wider and Larry moved his hips and I suddenly had
half his prick in my mouth.

"Oh shit," Larry moaned. I closed my lips around his shaft and began to
move my tongue around the soft spongy head. I tasted the precum ozzing out
and flicked my tongue across his piss slit. I looked up into Larry's eyes
and saw he had them closed. "Oh fuck tat feels so good, don't stop," he
whispered. I began to move my head up and down on his prick tracing the
veins with my tongue and swirling it around the flared glans. I reached out
one hand and cupped his balls and that set him off. He began to thrust
forcefully in and out, fucking my face with his beutiful prick. I rubbed my
cock harder through my panties but didn't want to cum just yet. I closed my
eyes and relished the feeling of having my mouth fucked. I felt Larry's
hands on my head, holding me in place as he continued to face fuck
me. Raping my mouth with his fuckstick and calling me his "Hot fucking
bitch. Fucking cocksucking slut." In and out he pumped his rod. Faster and
harder. His balls slapping my chin. I felt the tip of his cock hit the back
of my throat a couple of times and almost gagged, but it was too quick and
I swallowed hard so I could keep sucking him. Suddenly he gasped and said,
"Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck I'm gonna cum gonna cum gonna cuuuuuuummmmmmm..."
and I felt his prick twitch and then tasted hot salty sperm flodding my
mouth. I swallowed and swallowed as he shot each load into my hot wet
mouth. Some of his cum leaked out of the corners of my mouth but I felt
most of it go down my throat and warm my belly. He gave one final thrust
and I tasted a few more drops oozing out. I sucked/slurped his softening
prick as he pulled it out of my mouth and, without so much as a thank you,
staggered back to his bed and promptly passed out.

I waited a few minutes. Licking the cum from the corners of my mouth and
then stood up and staggered over to his bed. I shook his shoulder to see if
he was sleeping or really passed out. He was out. There was no way he'd
wake up. I pulled the panties down below my cock but left them covering my
balls. I rubbed my balls on the satiny material and stroked myself once,
twice. Then I rubbed the tip of my prick against Larry's lips. A drop of
pre-cum wet his lips as those I was putting lip gloss on him. I rubbedmy
cock against his mouth and he finally parted his lips some. I slowly
slipped the head of my cock in past his lips and in his drunkin stupor he
sucked me. Perhaps he was dreaming of sucking on a straw or a lolipop. I
didn't care. I'd sucked his cock for him and he was damn well gonna suck
mine. I slipped it in a little deeper but not so deep as to make him
gag. By now I was so horny it didn't take much more than a few sucks from
Larry before I blew my load into his mouth. He coughed and choked a bit but
in his sleep he swallowed and smacked his lips. A drop leaked down from the
corner of his mouth and I leaned down and licked it off him.

I took the panties off and stuffed them back in his dresser and passed out
in my own bed. When I awoke hours later it was mid-morning, nearly noon,
and Larry was gone. I had a massive hangover but I remembered everything
that had happened. I wondered howmuch Larry remembered. I took a handful of
aspirin and showered and went to the frat house for breakfast. I didn't see
Larry all that day and he didn't come home that night. I saw him briefly
the following day when I'd come back from the frat house. He'd finished
packing his stuff up and was heading home for the summer. He just gave me a
friendly hug and didn't mention anything aobut the other night and merely
told me to have a good summer and he'd see me around next year. I told him
to have a safe trip and also said I hoped to see him around.

I only saw him a few times after that over the next few years. Since we
were in different frats and didn't have the same majors, we only saw each
other occasionally when we were with our mutual friends. Each time we only
saw each other for a few minutes and didn't talk about that night. I still
wonder how much he remembers.....

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