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Freshman Roommate by The Badman

Freshman Roommate (MM, college)
By The Badman (c) 1987


The dorm was a modern and colorless building. Midwestern
had not followed the lead of many other schools and started coed
dorms. The president of the college was an old-fashioned man and
he didn't feel that girls and boys who were still teenagers
should live together.

Robbie went to the desk in the lobby and got his room
assignment. It was quite late at night by this time and Robbie
was hoping that his roomie was asleep. He took the elevator up
to the sixth floor and headed for his room.
He unlocked it and walked in. The first thing that he heard
was a loud snoring. He switched on a small light which he felt
next to the bed that the snoring wasn't coming from. The light
came on and Robbie saw a note on his desk.

"Dear new roomie. Welcome to school. Make as much noise as
you want, I sleep like a log. Your new pal, Tommy."

Robbie smiled and looked over at Tommy. The boy was laying
on his stomach and there was a little smile on his face. Robbie
thought that it was really decent of the guy to have left that
little note. It made Robbie feel more comfortable.
Robbie unpacked a few of his things and sat on the bed and
lit a joint. He was finally starting to relax. Robbie was kind
of glad that his dorm was all male. He imagined all the boys
sleeping in all the rooms. He thought of all their cocks and all
their balls.

Suddenly, he heard a loud snort and he saw that Tommy was
rolling over in bed. Now his blond roomie was laying on his
back. His cock was hard! Robbie felt his heart start to pump as
he looked at the covers tenting up over the boy's crotch. Tommy
looked like a young surfer, all tan and blond and with very
smooth-looking skin. That cock looked like it was pretty damn
big, the way it was making those covers tent up.
Robbie wanted to see that cock with no covers on it. He
quietly got out of bed and walked over to his roommate's bed.
Robbie knew he was being very bold and that Tommy would be pretty
weirded out if he woke up and found Robbie doing this, but Robbie
really didn't care. He wanted to see that cock. He NEEDED to
see that cock.

Robbie couldn't take his eyes off that tented cover as he
stepped lightly across the room. The light from the lamp was
hitting the side of the tent and Robbie could make out the slight
shadow where the head met the shaft. That head looked huge!
Robbie wished that Tommy would toss off the covers on his own and
expose himself.

"Lucy...Lucy," Tommy moaned.

Robbie stopped, not daring to breathe.

" love you..."

Tommy started to toss and turn on the bed. He rolled on his
side and the covers slipped down to his waist, exposing him from
the waist up but still covering his jewels.
Robbie quickly went back to his own bed. He was sure that,
given time, Tommy would push the covers off completely.
Robbie drank in the sight of the naked upper torso. The boy
was a real beauty, with a surfer body that was a perfect match
for his surfer head. Tommy's totally hairless chest was a
beautiful tan color. His nipples were large and they jutted out
from that perfectly formed chest. The boy's naked stomach was a
perfect washboard. His arms were well shaped and well muscled.
All in all, the boy was the all-American California surfer dream.
His cock was still rock hard, but since he was on his side, it
was not as visible, being lost in the folds of his covers.
Robbie's cock was rock hard as he watched his roomie.

He reached down and pushed his jeans over his hips. His huge cock
sprang up from between his legs, and he reached down and started
to pull on it.

" me..." Tommy sprawled out, turning over
completely as he dreamed about his girl.

Robbie was holding his breath and praying.
His prayers were answered. The handsome surfer pushed his
covers down and kicked them off in his sleep. Now the blond
beauty was naked, on his back.
Robbie couldn't believe the body on the kid. It was like
something from a painting. It was a model of well-defined
perfection. The legs were perfectly shaped and Robbie could see
that they were covered with a furry blond fuzz. Tommy's cock was
huge, almost as big as Robbie's, and it was sticking up with
burning passsion, pushing into his stomach. His legs were spread
and two large balls hung down from the cock and spread out over
the bed.

Robbie started to really beat his own meat as he drank in
the incredibly erotic sight of the naked boy across the room.
The light from the dim lamp was highlighting the naked teen in
such as a way that only served to make his wild natural beauty
more enticing.

Robbie looked at that cock and those balls and he knew once
again with certainty that he was gay, and he loved cock more than
anything else in the world. He toked deeply on his joint and
looked at his new roomie. His eyes roamed freely over the expanse
of naked teenage flesh. But those roving eyes always returned to
the same place. That cock. Those balls. That crotch.
The light was playing off the blond hair that coated the
large balls, making the hair glisten and shimmer. Robbie looked
at that cock, those balls. They were calling to him; to some
primal part of his very soul.

Cock. Balls. Boycrotch. As if in a dream, the sweetest of
dreams, Robbie got up off his bed and started across the small
room. His eyes, his very soul, were riveted on that huge and
throbbing cock and those massive balls which hung down below.


Robbie saw a thick drop of cum appear on the head of that
huge cock. The light from the lamp hit that thick drop and made
it glisten and shine. That cum was calling to Robbie.
Robbie knew that he had to taste that cum, he had to feel
those balls. He had to suck that cock.The air in the dorm room was dense with teenlust.

The sleeping boy was lost in a lustful dream. The waking boy was
also lost in a lustful, a waking dream, the most exquisite dream
of all.

Robbie pushed his jeans down and stepped out of them. He
wanted to be naked. He pulled his tee-shirt up over his head and
now he was naked like his roomie. He made it across the room and
now he was standing over the bed looking down at the naked blond.
He was sure that he could smell the boy's balls, all sweaty
and dense and masculine. The first drop of pre-cum that had been
glistening on that huge cockhead was replaced by a second drop
and the first drop started to ooze down the cockhead towards the

Robbie quietly, gently reached down towards that cock. His
whole body was buzzing with boylust, with cockneed. He touched
that glistening drop ever so lightly; so lightly that he did not
touch cockflesh, only the thick drop of boyjuice.
Robbie pulled his fingertip away and the strand of precum
stretched out between cock and fingertip, looking like a spider's
web, picking up the light and shining in mute glory to the
virility of the male. He brought his fingertip to his mouth and
licked it. The precum tasted bitter and sweet and masculine.
Robbie knew that he wanted more. More cum. He wanted to swallow
the boy's cum. He wanted to serve that cock.

"Oh Lucy baby. Suck it...suck it." Tommy was moaning and
his cock was jerking through the air.

Robbie looked at that massive cock and those beautiful balls
and then he slowly leaned down and placed his lips gently on the
cockhead. Damn, was it hot!

"Oh yeah, Lucy baby. Suck it."

Robbie opened his mouth and took that huge cockhead inside.

"Oh Lucy...your fucking hot"

Robbie let himself get used to the huge intruder. He lived
in fear that Tommy would wake up and find him there like that, a
cocksucking faggot. But his cockneed was greater than his fear.
Far greater. He loved the way that huge and throbbing cockhead
felt in his mouth. It seemed to fill his whole mouth and he
could taste the bitter boycum.

"Oh Lucy...take it. Take it all hot. So hot

Robbie went out of his skull when he heard those words. He
imagined that he was Lucy, that he was a bitch, that he was a
pussy. He started to take more and more of the shaft in his
mouth. He let inch after thick inch slide down his gullet.

"Lucy...bitch...pussy. Take my cock. Suck it...your hot
mouth. I love it. Suck it bitch."

Robbie realized from his roommate's language that he must be
a pretty tough cookie and that turned Robbie on even more. He
just kept taking more and more of the shaft into his mouth until
he had it buried right up to the hilt and his nose was pressing
into Tommy's pubic bush.

"Oh Lucy. You took it. You took it all. That's my bitch.
Suck it. Now suck it. Cunt...bitch."

Robbie was going out of his skull. Robbie started to really
pump on Tommy's cock with his mouth. He let the cock slide
almost all the way out and then he slid back down on it quickly.
He reached down with his hands and played with Tommy's huge
balls. He loved the way they felt in his hands and he wanted to
suck on them, too.

"Lucy. Lick my balls, baby. Lick those balls..."

Robbie let the cock slip from his mouth and he went down
between the boy's spread legs. He took the balls into his mouth
and started to suck. They tasted all dense and masculine and
sweaty. He loved being stoned and naked, groveling between a
teenager's legs and sucking his balls.

Robbie reached down and started to stroke his own cock. He
realized that he was hot as hell and could pop in a second. He
sucked those balls for a while and then he let them slip from his
mouth and started to lick his way back up the throbbing shaft to
the head. He was only a little way up that huge shaft when he
started to taste cum and he realized that the cock was really
oozing now.

"Oh Lucy baby. That feels so nice. I'm close...real

Robbie didn't want the boy to cum, not yet. He wanted to
play with that cock some more. He wanted to serve that cock and
those balls. He gently slipped the cock into his mouth and
sucked. He sucked very gently, just barely pressing against the
shaft. He didn't want that cock to cum. Not yet.
Robbie reached back and felt his own asshole. He moaned
with excitement. His asshole was steaming with cockneed. He
realized that where he really wanted that cock was up his

Robbie let the cock slip from his mouth. He leaned back on
his haunches and looked at it. It looked so beautiful in the dim
light. It was like some monster from centuries past, all massive
and fierce and proud. Cum was oozing steadily out of the slit.
The balls hung down below and spread out over the bed, completing
the picture of masculine sexual arousal. Robbie knew that he had
to have that cock up his asshole. He had to get fucked by the
young blond beauty.

Robbie crouched on the bed and felt his heart pounding in
his chest. If Tommy woke up he would be in big trouble. Everyone
on campus would know that he was a stoned cocksucker.

"Lucy...where are you? My cock needs..."

Robbie looked at the cock. Now that it wasn't receiving any
attention it was bobbing and throbbing angrily through the air.
Robbie moved forward on the bed in a crouch. He was going to try
and sit right down on that big cock.

"Lucy. I want to fuck your pussy with my cock. Give me...
pussy bitch. My cock needs pussy..."

Tommy was starting to writhe around on the bed. Robbie
moved himself into position on top of the cock. He wetted up his
asshole and aimed it for the huge cockhead and started to lower
himself. He grabbed the base of the cock and aimed it straight

"Oh yeah Lucy. Take my cock. Put it in that hot pussy."
Robbie loved to think of himself as Lucy. He loved to think
of his asshole as a pussy.

Slowly, slowly, Robbie lowered himself. His asshole reached
that cockhead and he rubbed the wet meat over his steaming
boycunt. Robbie felt that huge cockhead part his pussy lips and
slip inside.

" a pussy..."

Tommy's cock felt incredibly hot to Robbie and he just kept
taking it. Finally he had the whole thing up his ass. He
started to hump up and down on that cock. He was going into a
frenzy and he felt his balls contract and he knew that he was
about to cum.

"Lucy...bitch. You got me Going to...

Robbie felt that huge cock shooting its load deep in his
bowels. Robbie knew that if he came right then his cum would
shoot all over Tommy's face. He waited until the boy was
finished shooting his load and then he quickly climbed off the
bed. He crouched on the floor beside the bed and looked at the
huge cock that had just fucked him. It was still rock hard.
Like a good little faggot, Robbie jerked off looking at that
cock. It was going to be some freshman year.

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