Sunday, 1 May 2011

Getting my Own Back Part 1 by Spiro Agnew

Thanks to the author for allowing this story to be published here

Dad was a staff Sargent in the British army, he was a shit, and a bully, who cheated on mum, when he wasn't at work, he was drinking with his mates down the pub, he thought he was so macho, "gods gift to women" as he used to say when mum wasn't around, don't know why? 'cause in civvy clothes he was nothing special, but in his uniform, the man was sex on legs, and he knew it!!!

One of dads many problems was, he didn't know when to stop drinking, so every weekend his mates would carry him home, drunk, and mum wouldn't let him sleep in her bed, (who could blame her) so were did he end up? with yours truly, this went on for years until one night a while back, just after my 18th birthday, I thought, Ive had enough of this! I was going to get my own back.

Dad was in bed with me, snoring his head off and I couldn't get to sleep, I was feeling really horny and wished I was on my own so I could give myself some relieve, so I decided I was going to have sum fun with sleeping dad, and lifted the sheet of him to get a good look at his body, he has a good smooth chest, bit of a beer belly, but it was his cock that drew my attention, it was very dark and thick with a long foreskin and about 5.5 soft, I moved my hand to feel it and felt it twitch, his big hairy balls were laying underneath, so I rolled them in my palm, they were so soft and warm, and as I stroked his cock gently, it was getting harder and harder!

But as hot and horny as dads cock was, it was his arse that I was really interested in, Id lusted after it since I was 13, and now that I was 18, I was going to get my wish.

I pushed and shoved dad onto his belly and WOW! there it was, his great big hairy arse, it was everything I had dreamt of, I ran my finger over his bum cheeks and into his deep crack which was so hot and hairy, his hole felt so tight as I eased my finger deeper and deeper inside, I had to get in there, and soon!! my cock was throbbing and the hardest its ever been as I reached over to the cabinet and got the k.y out, I smeared a good load onto my cock and into dads hole, rubbing my finger in and out to loosen him up, and I got on top of him, my cock aimed at his hole, "OK dad! I wispeared, its payback time" and eased my cock into him.

I thrust and thrust and eventually my cock sunk into him, but I had to go slowly as I didn't want him to waken up, finally I was in deep, my balls resting on his balls, he moaned softly again and moved his bum from side to side, so I began fucking my dad, it was the best fuck I ever had, but I knew I couldn't last long, I was too hot and horny, my cum raced up my cock tube and deep into dads bum, I lay there for a long time just savouring the glorious feeling of dads tight arse around my cock, eventually I pulled out and feel into a deep sleep.

In the morning at the breakfast table, dad came in rubbing his bum, he said he thought he must have had a dodgy pint last night as he had the runs and his bum was sore, I looked across at him knowing he was suffering with a hangover, I had a slight smile on my face thinking to myself, "no dad, it wasn't the dodgy pint that gave you the runs! it was my hot cum"

But the smile on my face wasn't to last long, as your about to find out in part two of...

"Getting my own back"

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