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My Buddy - Fall of 2007 by Cesar

MY BUDDY - FALL OF 2007  (true story 100%, nothing was made up)

My best friend "buddy" and I had been good friends for over 5 years. he was my next door neighbor and we hung out a lot. He was 5'9 about 180 light skinned Latino. He is muscular and wears glasses and he looks like young superman "Dean Cain" when he was younger. This guy is freaking HOT! We both had girl friends at the time.  
One weekend we decided to go to Knott's Scary Farm,  just us two hoping to meet some new girls. Once we got there we realized how crowded the place was. Each line was an hour+ wait and it was very difficult to walk around without bumping into anyone so we decided to have some drinks at the T.G.I.Fridays outside Knott's Berry Farm. We had more drinks then we could handle that day and we walked back to my car piss drunk.  It was a long fun walk as I had parked outside the parking lot  in a residential area.
When we finally made it to the car we had walked a good two  miles and I didn't know what I was feeling more being drunk or tired, so we both got in the car and fell asleep.  I was too drunk to drive and so was he. About an hour later a loud noise woke me up... it was "buddy" snoring next to me. He mad a massive bulge in his crotch and it caught my attention. For the first time I noticed something about him and I was attracted to it. Even though I never really had gay thoughts or feelings,  they took over that night.

 So I reached down to touch his crotch and I gently began to rub his bulge. I kept rubbing it until it got very hard, I could feel it throbbing and his snoring continued with no change in his breathing pattern. He was sound asleep and all mine to fondle haha... I started to unzip his pants and I pulled out his cock he was cut and was about 7 inches hard and medium thick. It was the first cock I had seen in real life... others had been from a distance.  I had never been interested in looking at them so when I saw this cock it was very nice looking with a masculine smell. I wanted it in my mouth and I took it all in. I caressed it with my tongue and I sucked his cock with a vengeance.  I felt likeI was a natural born head giver (lol) and I was enjoying every minute of it.
I must of gave him head for about an hour. He never moved or flinched a bit. I even gave him a hickey on the base of his cock. I licked his balls and I was making love to his dick and was in heaven. He was still passed out and I'm sure he was still drunk so I didn't finish him off. I was too chicken and I didn't want him to cum because I was scared he was going to wake up and it was going to be awkward. I stuffed his boner back in his jeans and I reached over to  kiss his lips.  To my surprise I felt his tongue move inside my mouth so  I knew he was awake and playing asleep. I stopped kissing him and I went back to sleep.
We were still in the car it was around 3 am. We woke up around 6 am and drove back home. That was the first of many times we ( I ) messed around with each other. After that day he would spend the night at my house at least three times per week and he would always pretend he was drunk and sleeping and I always had my way with him. I have many more stories about my buddy and I.
If interested please ask me and I will write another event that happened. 
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Finding Myself in Gran Canaria by kewtieboy

Finding Myself in Gran Canaria
MM/MMMMM/first time/nc/sleep/alcohol/anal/oral/public sex


Four teenage friends go on holiday to the Canary Islands in search of girls for sex. Two of the group find more than they expected about Gran Canaria and themselves.


We all had taken part-time jobs and saved like fuck. Four students, all at the same uni and Summer was coming. We had booked a fun filled, alcohol fueled, wild holiday in Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. In Summer, the Canary Islands are packed with British, German and Irish holidaymakers soaking up the extreme temperatures.

Our first choice had been Ibiza until one of our party, Grant, announced that his older sister had use of a low rise bungalow in Playa del Ingles in Gran Canaria from a friend and couldn't go. The offer of free accommodation changed our plans immediately and the Ibiza holiday became Gran Canaria. I knew little about the place except it was lively and had lots of clubs and that seemed good enough to us guys.

Tom was a bit of a country bumkin kind of guy. He was from the North of Scotland and was about 5 feet 6 inches tall, medium build and had a habit of wearing jeans and a tartan check shirt which gave him a red-neck look. I suppose his red-blonde wiry hair and freckles added to that image.

Grant was his absolute opposite with an air of grandeur brought about by studying law. He was over 6 feet tall, stick thin, short dark hair with a “Hugh Grant” look about him. Every answer he gave you felt like he was saying “I told you so.”

Jeremy was the one the girls flocked to. He had the look of a boy band singer about him. Jeremy could throw on an old pair of track suit bottoms and make them look fashionable. He was about 5 feet 8 inches and well built but not stocky. His fat was where is should be if you know what I mean.

I was the fourth musketeer. I am probably the least sporty looking of all of them. The other three all looked as though Saturday mornngs were spent running around an atheltic field wheras my image was of a guy who hid under the duvet and sometimes came out to play on his computer. I'm Marcus and I'm 5 feet 11 inches, slimmish (but need to cut down on the beer), mousey hair cut short, a bit of a beard growth and sometimes wear specs when my contact lenses ache. The trouble is I then look like Clark Kent but without the ability to move small mountains.

We were always out together, always drinking together and always getting into mischief together (“honestly constable I have no idea how these park benches ended up in the pond”). Now we were going to export our special brand of trouble to the poor unsuspecting Spaniards!

Of course parents said we shouldn't go and started phone each other to create a united front. They tried to coerce my sister into withdrawing the accommodation offer but our minds were made up and once the tickets were booked, that was it!

We spent many a night telling each other tales of our success with the opposite sex but I suspected that few of us, myself included, had done much more than heavy petting, some kissing and a bit of fingering. OK we were all 18 to 19 and had all done something but just not as much as we were bragging about. I had no great urge to get a girlfriend anyway. Studying accountancy isn't a girl-puller and I enjoyed the easy comfort of my fellow students. I knew these days of warm friendship couldn't last forever and I wondered who would be the first to get a steady girl and break the group. I dreaded the day as I loved these guys, my soulmates.

We landed at Las Palmas airport and had to fork our around 35 Euros to get to the place we were staying. It was an odd layout, of around 100 small bungalows in the middle of town and fenced in my a large 6 feet railing. Each bungalow has a small outside area painted green to simulate grass and they also has some loungers. There was what pretended to be a restaurant at the entrance but the only things I could see on the menu were burgers and pizza. When we reached the bungalow it wasn't the epitome of elegance as we expected. The door entered into a lounge with a large sofa and two chairs, a cooking area and two doors off. One entered the bathroom with bath and shower and the other to a bedroom which had two single beds in it. We were immediately aware that the sofa in the lounge was to become the other bed, a double one at that!

There was a moment of pandemonium as Grant and Tom beat Jeremy and I to the two beds so we were left with the sofa bed. We unpacked quickly and headed out for supplies, mainly bottles of beer and wine to stock the groaning and whirring fridge. It was late afternoon so we quickly freshened up, popped a few beers and headed off to show Playa del Ingles what they had been missing.

Most activity seemed to centre around shopping centres with bars and after a massive plate of fajitas we started to crawl around them. The first disappointment was that many of the crowds of people seemed to be couples and there were also a lot of seemingly gay guys too. There were girls around but they all seemed set on a night out rather than a shag!

In our efforts to get laid, we all drank too much and by 2.00am, the travelling and the booze plus both Jeremy and Grant had been puffing on some suspicious tobacco, we were all still together and all wasted. The taxis were unwilling to take four drunk guys so we walked back, had a few more drinks and prepared for bed. Stripping was hilarious and it wasn't until I saw Grant standing in t-shirt and nothing else, I realised I had never seen any of my mates naked before. Grant seemed well blessed, his heavy uncut cock hanging down over hairy balls and he kept scratching them to let the air circulate. Tom was padding about in a pair of white briefs and Jeremy and I had just pulled out the sofa and were hopping around trying to pull off jeans.

Once in bed, we left a small light on to aid trips to the toilet and Grant and Tom headed for their room. Jeremy, pulled off his hipster shorts, climbed into bed with his back to me, hauled up the blanket and was snoring before I could even get stripped. I climbed in beside him feeling really odd lying beside my friend having never seen him naked and yet we were both starkers in bed. I couldn't sleep.

I lay there on my back going over the day in my head when Jeremy rolled over on his back and slightly towards me. The blanket partly followed him but he pushed it down. It was a hot night. I could see his chest, lightly hair between perfectly rounded nipples and a trace following all the way towards his pubic area, just covered by the blanket. I looked at him and admired his beauty, slightly jealous of his pop star looks. I realised my cock was hard and wondered what Jeremy looked like naked. I have no idea what prompted me but I gently shook him to see how asleep he was. He not only didn't respond but was like a slab of meat with no movement whatsoever.

I gently pulled the blanket back, inch by inch. Soon his soft cock was visible. Like me, he was uncut and it lay about four inches long over large soft balls. I slowly put my hand over and stroked his cock, like stroking a cat. It was warm and the skin so soft. I cupped under his balls and gently eased them upwards. The feeling was like electricity. The drink was driving me on and his condition made me much bolder than I would normally have been. I picked up his cock and gently stroked it in a wanking fashion but had little response.

I had a sudden urge. I lowered myself downwards until my cheek was resting on his thigh and my nose was up to his cock. The faint smell of urine wafted past and should have put me off but instead my cock got even harder. I opened my mouth and slipped it over the head of his cock taking almost all of it into my mouth. I rolled it around, soft skin against tongue, while cupping his balls. At first the movement was slight but once it started, his cock rose quite rapidly until I had to slide my mouth backwards gripping his cock in my right hand and started to suck him for real. His skin slid back revealing the head and his cock rose to about 7 inches. I became greedy sucking him with a hunger I didn't know I had. My left hand found my own cock and I started to stroke my own six inches.

His cock kept pulsing and he made odd “ugh” sounds as I sucked. When he came I had no warning and at first I just thought his cock was pulsing until I realised I had a lot more saliva in my mouth than I thought. The bitter taste mixed with my own saliva and I had started to swallow before I knew what was happening. I took my mouth off and his cock still pumped cum over my face. My own orgasm was instant and I shot over my inner thigh. There was cum everywhere as you might expect from two horny teenagers so I had to quickly and quietly get some kitchen towel and do some serious mopping. I started to shake with fear and quickly tucked Jeremy up and rolled over, taking almost thirty minutes to sleep.

Jeremy was up before me in the morning and padding about making coffee in his shorts. He had no sign of a hangover which is more than could be said for me. I stayed under the cover watching him and feeling really weird. See my mate doing ordinary things while I knew I had sucked his cock and swallowed his cum left me with an odd mixture of guilt, excitement and, dare I say it, power! He saw me.

Good morning sleepyhead,” he said.

Oh, hi,” I sleepily grunted back, waiting to see if he showed any recollection of my sordid actions with him the previous night.

I feel really great today considering I didn't get laid last night,” he said.

I thought, “God if only he knew!”

Soon everyone was up and fighting for the shower. I kept getting the beginning of an erection everytime I saw him and I suddenly had the urge to see all their cocks. This was not to be as all the guys stayed surprisingly discreet considering the compactness of the apartment.

I'm not going to bore you with the ins and outs of a group of lads on holiday but needless to say there were, bar crawls, eating junk food, chatting to girls, lying by the pool, going to the beach and even a boat trip involved. I'll move on to the next incident as that's what you want to read about, I'm sure.

The second night was uneventful. Grant went off with some girl and though we again all passed out, there was less drink and more restlessness. I was also frightened that Grant could arrive back so I was a good boy! I did want to stroke his cock again but refrained, tossing restlessly in my sleep while nursing a very hard teenage cock.

On night three, Grant and I managed to lose Jeremy and Tom and he got chatting to a plain but slightly slutty little drunk girl from Manchester. She was loud, brash and exposing most of what there was to see. She was way too common for upmarket Grant but he was taking full advantage of her drunken state and soon was guiding her out of the bar and up a side alleyway. I lost him completely and after 15 minutes or so went looking for him. I found him with her pinned against a wall. I assumed they were kissing until I saw his bare arse. I was slightly embarrassed but, in his drunken state, he called me over.

I went closer and realised he was shagging her against the wall. I was slightly drunk too and the sight of Grant shagging got me erect in a heartbeat.

Awesome fuck,” he said to me. “Fancy a piece?”

He pulled out and for the first time I saw Grant's long thin cock in full erection. My heart was thumping. Thankfully he had a condom on it but he just stood back against the wall facing me, his stiif erection standing proud against some large low-hanging balls. He stroked it to keep it hard.

C'mon,” slurred the slut. “Fuck me!”

I dropped my shorts and my own cock sprung up.

Nice piece,” said Grant. “She's going to enjoy that.”

He fumbled in his lowered shorts pocket and handed me a condom.

My head was saying, “I'm having a threesome with Grant – sexy Grant.”

I pulled the condom over my cock and as the girl turned to face the wall offering me rear access to her cunt, I gripped her hips and started to fumble for entry. Thankfully a rigid organ is quite easy to direct and I started fucking her. She mouthed obcenities about how good the fuck was and I turned to watch Grant wanking as he watched me. She started screaming as she came, my hand trying to cover her mouth less the local police thought someone was being murdered and I shot my load into her. I looked as Grant, obviously turned on by my show, shot a wad of cum squirting on to the ground.

I pulled out and as the drunken girl pulled her panties up and offered a quick “thanks,” Grant and I pulled up our shorts and looked kind of embarrased.

Awesome show mate, I really enjoyed watching,” he said.

I felt like saying, “So did I,” but just smiled and said, “Thanks, anytime!”

The rest of the guys were told of my performance over breakfast and I was quite proud that I was now deemed 'a man.'

Lying by the pool I marvelled that after all these years of having no sexual contact with my mates I had done something sexual with two of them in three nights. My thoughts turned to Tom. Tom was technically the least attractive, short curly red hair and freckles. He also oozed a sexual chemistry neither of the other two did despite being far more attractive in the “poster boy” kind of way. Tom was also a dark horse. He spoke less about sex than any of them. I also hoped I might get another chance at Jeremy since we had a few boozy nights still to go. My stiff cock suggested I should change my train of thoughts.

Anyone fancy the beach?” said Grant.

Nope,” was the joint reply.

Aw come on, it'll make a change and the talent might be better than here!”

He wasn't lying. A few pensioners, a clutch of parents and some noisy kids was all the complex had to offer four horny young men.

I'm game,” I said.

The other two reluctantly agreed and we headed off to the Playa Del Ingles beach. It was quite busy when we got there but we found a spot within easy access to the caf├ęs and lay on our towels. It took Tom no longer than 20 minutes.

Anyone fancy a walk?”

He had a low attention span, only a little lower than mine.

I'll come,” I said.

He had on a baggy pair of shorts and a round neck t-shirt and I was similarly dressed. We headed to the right and along towards Maspalomas as that seemed to be the general direction of all the walkers. It was a lovely warm day and the breeze from the sea belied the actual temperature. We had our bottled of water and were suitably creamed as we set off. At one point we started to see some naked people. Most were older but some were in the twenties.

A nudist beach!” said Tom, stating the obvious. “Fucking Hell!”

At one point, the whole beach was full of naked men and judging by the laughter and shrieks, they were gay. Tom was confused about where their wives might be so I had to explain it to him!

He was still reeling when we decided we had had enough and turned round to head back and another helping of nudity.

Look, if we cut across the headland, it will be quicker than going around by the beach,” said Tom, pointing to a number of people heading in that direction.

I only saw soft sand and had a feeling this was not going to be an easy walk but Tom was adamant we would be quicker so I followed. I was proved right and by the time we were at the top of the sand dunes, looking back at the beach I was knackered. However I looked the other way and could see the straight route cutting across the headland. I also looked over to my left and noticed many of the people were heading that way and not, as we had thought, cutting off the headland. In the distance, beside a little rift in the dune, I could see a small group of men standing as though they were watching something.

I wonder what's going on over there?” I said to Tom.

Let's walk by and find out,” he said.

We casually walked over towards the group and though they saw us coming, no one made any attempt to move or walk away so I assumed it was something innocuous going on. It came as a surprise to both of us to find a guy in his forties fucking what seemed to be his wife. Her legs were in the air and she was howling. All the guys around were wanking and watching and a couple were standing beside them, feeling the guy's arse and stroking his cock length as it pumped into her. As we watched, husband (we assumed) pulled his long cock out and stood up and another guy, about 35 or so took his place. The husband went to his wife's head and stuck his wet cock in her mouth.

Other guys started to approach and Tom and I were a little embarrassed so we walked off, further into the dunes.

That was awesome,” said Tom. “Did you see the length of the guy's cock?”

Quite something,” I said, adjusting my shorts.

I noticed Tom's erection sticking out too.

Look,” I said to Tom, “There's another couple of guys hanging about over there. I bet there's another session happening. Are you game?”

Try and stop me,” said Tom.

As we approached the two men, they actually walked out of sight behind the dune and by the time we got there, I could just see them heading into a loose clump of bushes. They saw us as they went. I was keen to see a bit more sex and if I was honest, a few more cocks.

When we eventually made it into the clearing, again I could see two people having sex. I could see two bodies in a sixty-nine position and a mouth over a larger erect cock. As we couldn't see the guys we had followed, we bravely ventured forward before I realised it was two guys, in their forties, sucking each other. Tom noticed just a few seconds after me and we both blushed.

We turned and bumped straight into the two guys. One was about 6 feet I inch tall, slim and around 32. The other, slightly younger, probably 27 or so. He was shorter and slightly effeminate. Both were stark naked and both had erections, the taller being an extremely sizeable man!

Don't hurry away guys, we could have a little fun if your like?” said the older guy.

He lightly gripped Tom's hand and placed it on his hard cock. Tom looked at me hesitantly as though to say “What do I do?”

As I started to mumble some excuse to leave, I saw Tom's hand moving up and down on the man's cock. His camp friend was now behind me. Grinding his cock into the back of my shorts.

Do your fancy a little fun guys? It's a lot more fun here than the Yumbo Centre.”

I had no idea what he was talking about but my cock was brick hard. When the tall guys took both hands and yanked down Tom's shorts, his cock sprung straight out. Tom had around seven inches and it was thick, almost obscenely thick.

Wow that's a beauty,” said the tall man. “Simon will love that!”

I assumed Simon was the person grinding against my arse. I felt the cool air on my lower regions and realised I was now naked from the waist down too. My erect cock told it's own story and I saw Tom look at it. The man dropped to his knees and took Tom's cock in his mouth at the same time as Simon did the same to me. The warm mouth was exquisite and I suddenly realised I was going nowhere until I had cum. Tom too, looked as though he had found paradise.

After a few minutes the older guy stood up.

He looked at me and said, “Let's see you give you mate some head.”

I looked at Tom, who shrugged his shoulders. Taking this as permission I quickly dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. The sensation was amazing. His cock was thick and warm. I could feel the foreskin peel back in my mouth and my tongue found the piss slit. I started sucking like a hungry animal and the response from Tom helped enormously.

Oh my God,” I head him say, “That's fucking awesome!”

So I could do something awesome! I realised that WE were now the centre of attention. The two men who had been sucking were standing wanking and another two older guys were also watching. All this made me hornier still. I gripped Tom's buttocks and started sucking him with a vengeance. All my eyes could see as this went on, were cocks both to the right and left of me. It it wasn't that I was enjoying Tom so much, I would have grabbed them all one by one. I stroked my own cock as I knelt there.

Marcus you need to stop as I'm going to cum,” said Tom.

In a split second, I took in the surrounding cocks, Tom's fiery red bush, the hard feeling of his cock in my mouth and made a decision; I kept sucking. The others had heard Tom's warning and all closed around us to be nearer and Tom's then groaned in exctasy as his sperm sprayed into me. I opened my mouth slightly and the second and third jets must have been visible firing into my mouth.

I was close too but just as Tom started to pull back, another cock appeared and I took it in my mouth. Cum erupted from that too and then a bath of cum started all over me when five guys one by one, came over my face and neck. I shot an amount of cum I didn't think I could produce, arcing up in the air and landing on the warm sand. Cum dribbled down from my face on to my body.

Tom was now standing back, looking awkward and the guys had all wandered off though the two original guys grabbed a towel and offered it to me. I dried the cum, thanked them and Tom and I walked off, this time in the right direction.

What just happened?” I said to Tom.

Tom said almost nothing but shook his head incredulously and whispered, “Jeesus.”

As we trudged back over the sand, Tom said to me, “What did it taste like?”

Your cum?” I questioned.

Yeh,” he said quietly.

Not really sure,” I lied. “It kind of slid over before I had time to think but it was a little bland and slightly salty. Funny texture though.”

Oh,” he said before returning to silence.

Ten minutes on and he said,” You're not going to tell anyone are you?”

Of course not,” I said.


Have you seen any of the other know....naked?”

Well you know I saw Grant the other night when he was having that girl.”

Oh, of course you did. Have you seen Jeremy?” He asked.

Well in a way,” I said. “He was kind of exposed the other night there when he was drunk and we were sleeping together. I tried to tuck him in and his cock went hard.”

Did you, you know?”

Touch it?”


Well a little as I was trying to get him under the covers and it was flapping about.”

Did you DO anything with him?”

Not really,” I lied.

That would be cool, playing with someone like Jeremy and they didn't know. He is quite nice looking isn't he?”

Yes he is,” I replied honestly.

I don't suppose......”

He went quiet.

Suppose what?”

You might come and get me if he does it again.”

Do you WANT to?”

He went quiet.

I kinda like him.”

We were approaching the now empty piece of beach where the others has been and so headed back up to the apartment. We walked in on Jeremy, can in hand, in full swing.

So we go in a group and they take us round the bars and they give us shots in every bar and we do dares. It sound like fun. Hi guys, just talking about a bar crawl tonight. Are you up for it?”

Ok,” said Tom.

I reluctantly agreed with every thought of keeping from getting too hammered. My liver was starting to complain.

Well the night came and the assorted group started around some bars. They were mainly guys with a few girls who were definitely holding their own in the drinking stakes. I tried to miss every second shot and even then, was getting bladdered. I caught a hold of Tom and asked if he wanted to opt out and get a pizza. He agreed.

By the time we slipped away I had serious doubts we would see Grant or Jeremy again such was their state. We wandered looking for somewhere to eat when I saw large sign with a dinosaur on it saying “Yumbo Centre!”

How did I know that name. Then I remember the guy at the beach had commented on it.

Let's eat in here,” I said to Tom.

The shopping centre was an open air, three storey hole in the ground and we entered at level three, which was ground level. I looked over and the bottom level seemed to be the busiest so we headed down.

The noise was deafening from bars and coffee bars and I noticed some of them had pretty suggestive names. There were lots of men around and even guys in drag. Tom's eyes shot open.

This is a queer area!” He said this stating the obvious.

After what you did today, you can't comment,” I said.

He smiled.

Let's go eat and watch the world go by,” I suggested.

We found a Chinese restaurant and were able to sit outside watching all the activity. There were signs for “darkrooms, glory holes, men only, cruising bars and sauna.” I could guess what some of this meant.

After we ate and had another couple of beers, it was after midnight and I was really tired. I made a mental note that I might get down here the following night.

I'm heading back Tom,” I said and he quickly agreed.

Do you think things go on there,” he asked as we walked back.

I would say things definitely go on there,” I replied. “Do you fancy trying it one night?”

I dunno,” he said.

We entered the apartment and every light was on. The place looked as though it had been burgled so we knew it hadn't. A burglar would have left it tidier. I walked through and Jeremy was flat out on the fold out bed, fully clothed and sound asleep. I checked the room and Grant was nowhere to be seen.

Tom, help me get Jeremy ready for bed,” I said.

Tom was eager. He pulled off his own top and kicked off his shoes before we manhandled Jeremy on to the bed. I pulled Jeremy's trainers off and started to pull down his jeans. His hipsters came partly with them and were left with a patch of pubic hair showing. Jeremy pulled off his t-shirt and we were left with Jeremy naked except for his hipsters.

Marcus, could I see him do you think?” Tom asked.

I pulled down Jeremy's hipsters and his flacid cock lying over his hefty balls came into view. I had to admit he was an impressive sight and a good looking guy. He lay there looking like a boy-band refugee!

Is he out?

I think as out as you can be,” I said.

Without a word Tom crawled beside him and put his mouth over Jeremy's cock. I was amazed. I stood up and went to lock the apartment door. I didn't think Grant would appreciate what we were doing to his pal.

I slid off my jeans and briefs and started to unbuckle Tom. He let me. Soon Tom and I only had t-shirts on and I took Tom's cock in my mouth. It was already hard. I wondered how it would feel inside me but was sure my virgin hole would be in some pain if I tried it tonight. Tom was having little luck with Jeremy's soft cock.

We need to bring him out of unconsciousness,” I said, speaking like an expert of male sleep seduction.

Jeremy you have to wake up,” I shouted, shaking him.

What are you doing,” said Tom, worried less his little bit of fun was going to be scuppered.

Trust me,” I said and continued to shake Jeremy.

Eventually I managed a numbed response and a mumbled, “Whassamatter,” before he lolled back on the bed, one leg raised.

Give it one minute and start again,” I said.

Tom did and because Jeremy's consciousness level had moved up a notch, Tom found a response and his cock slowly rose. I rubbed my cock on Jeremy's mouth leaving trails of pre-cum on his lips. Toms was slurping like mad holding Jeremy's balls in his left hand and sliding his foreskin back and forth with his mouth. I leaned over Jeremy's prone body and took Tom's stiff cock in my mouth again. It was a lovely thick cock and really filled my mouth.

Tom took his mouth off and stood up, looking down at Jeremy's beautiful form.

God he's good looking isn't he?”

I had to agree but I found Tom far sexier. His ginger pubic hair and soft fuzz on his chest really got me going. I knelt down and took Jeremy's cock in my mouth. It was absolutely rigid. I gripped it firmly in my left hand and started some serious sucking.

Is he going to cum, do you think,” Asked Tom, stroking his rigid cock.

I took my mouth off and said, “Maybe,” before putting it straight back on again.

Watching Tom stroking his thick cock while watching me suck Jeremy really got me going and I slid my jeans to the ground freeing my cock fully.

Suck me Tom,” I said.

Uh, oh. Ok,” he said and dropped down to his knees to take my cock in his mouth.

The feeling of Tom's warm inexperienced mouth raised my cock to full mast and he gripped it with his left hand to enable the full erection to enter his mouth. I was in heaven.

I wanted Tom to lick my balls so I took my mouth half off Jeremy to tell him, just as a rush of cum spurted out of Jeremy's cock without warning. Shot after shot exploded over my face, chin, in my mouth and over my hair.

Fucking Hell, that's awesome,” said Tom, pulling his mouth off my cock. “Want more?”

He stood and walked to me, still kneeling on the floor and aimed his cock towards my face. I gripped my own cock and started to wank madly waiting for Tom's seed to hit me. Only a lad our age could produce that quantity for the second time in a day and his thin spunk sprayed my face in forceful jets. I figured about eight spurts hit me but by the fourth, my own orgasm had been reached and I shot over my inner thigh, almost matching Tom's fountain. I was a mess and we both giggled at the state of me. Thankfully most was over my face, hair and t-shirt. We quickly stood and I ran to clean up while Tom cleared the bed area and unlocked the door less Grant return. Apart from licking some of my own, I had never tasted cum in my life and in one day I had already swallowed seven loads.

We played safe and I slept with Jeremy while Tom went to the bedroom where he and Grant had been sharing. I lay for a while in the dark and stroked Jeremy some more. I didn't really have much more cum in me but I enjoyed the excitement of exploring him in the dark without his knowledge.

Morning, or should I say, afternoon came and we were woken by Grant returning.

Fucking ace shag last night. Went back with a little tart from Middlesborough, she passed out and I shagged her younger pal instead,” boasted Grant. “Did you two score?”

We had a bit of a fumble and both got blow-jobs,” I part-lied.

I wonder how Jeremy did?” said Grant.

Wouldn't be surprised if he got a blow job too,” I said as Tom spluttered his hot coffee everywhere.

It was easy to get away from Grant and Jeremy that night as both felt they operated better alone and Tom and I, being the plainer ones, cramped their style.

Want to try that centre tonight Tom?” I asked.

Can we see?” he said.

Ok, pizza first,” I said to him and we knocked a few beers back before finding a suitable pizza place and continued drinking.

We were both very merry and full of bravado when at around 11.00pm we found ourselves as if by magic, at the stairs leading down into the den of iniquity that was the Jumbo Centre. Music boomed up, echoing around the levels before getting lost in the open air. We both walked around looking at drag bars with live shows, German guys wearing leather jock straps, harnesses and little else. Guys were kissing guys, quite openly and all age groups were present including some stunning looking guys. Tom and I were like two lads in from the country both in style of dress and attitude.

We decided to go up a level as there seemed to be some clubs on the upper landing but close inspection made us realise they were still very quiet. I saw a little bar and suggested to Tom we pop in for a drink. It looked small and quite and didn't have all the signs suggesting lurid things were happening inside.

It seemed quite pleasant and the middle-aged, shaven headed barman, stripped to the waist, welcomed us as we entered. Most of the guys in there were in the forties, one or two in their thirties and a couple even older but they were quietly drinking, watching and talking so we felt fine as we sat with our beers. The televisions screens were showing hard core gay porn which had Tom's eyes riveted. I was too busy looking around. For such a small bar there was a lot of traffic. Guys going back and forward to the back bar which I assumed housed the toilets.

I did need and said to Tom that if I went, could he come along and just wait outside. He agreed so we picked up our beer bottles and went in to the back area. The toilets were to the right but I also noticed a semi-dark area to the left and could make out shapes.

Must be another bar, “ I said to Tom. “We'll check it once I've pissed.”

I have no idea why I washed my cock in the little basin in the toilet perhaps it was some premonition that something might happen. When I came out we walked through to the rear area to find some cubicles with open doors. Some guys stood in them. We walked on as we heard some sounds and found a 45 year old guy, stark naked in a sling, legs in the air while another forty-somthing fucked his arse. I turned to Tom and his eyes were on stalks.

Do you want to go?” I said.

No, let's watch.”

We stood nursing erections while the show went on. Around us a large gathering of men had formed and I had a feeling they were more interested in us that the show. I was horny as fuck. Suddenly the guy who was doing the fucking pulled out and stood to one side. He looked around at the group of eight guys and asked if anyone else wanted a shot.

Everyone looked at Tom and I. I grabbed the offered condom, took out my stiff cock and stretched it on without any cermony before stepping forward and pushing it into the guy in the sling. It slid in really easily but unlike a woman's cunt, the grip on my cock was much more complete. I felt every part of the man's arse. I felt such a slut with Tom watching and the assembled group of wanking guys. As I looked over I saw an older guy drop to his knees and take Tom's cock in his mouth. I felt a slight pang of jealousy but as I was embedded in a strange guy's arse I couldn't really say too much.

I fucked for about five minutes or so and then pulled out, taking Tom's arm and pointing to the guy's gaping hole. Tom's thick cock was bigger than either mine or the previous guy. I assumed the original fucker was the guy's partner and was getting turned on by seeing his other half being fucked by two young lads. Tom, slightly eager to escape the now frantic gropings he was getting, pulled the condom over his cock and entered the guy as ruthlessly as I had.

I heard the guy gasp as Tom slid in. Tom's fucking was eager and frantic and, as I stood wanking, my jeans and underwear at my ankles, I leaned against the wall and let the group of guys have me. It was like a feeding frenzy. There was a guy sucking my nipples, one on my cock, someone with his finger in my hole and another trying to kiss me. There was also another pair of hands roaming over my buttocks.

I'm cumming,” said Tom.

In true porn movie style, he pulled his cock out, ripped the condom off just as the partner of the guy being fucked dropped hungrily to his knees and opened his mouth. Tom delivered and the guy hungrily slurped the cum as it shot on his face.

My groan gave advance warning to my sucker and he was delivered an equally large quantity of teenage sperm over his face, much landing on his rather expensive looking, black t-shirt. Mouths tried to catch drips as my orgasm subsided and the last few drops of cum were squeezed out.

Tom and I, suddenly feeling embarrassed, quickly pulled up jeans and left, leaving the last of our beer as we hurredly departed from the bar. As with the day before down at the dunes, we didn't speak much in the taxi and it wasn't until we opened the apartment door that he finally commented.

What just happened?”

I'm not really sure but it's a quick learning curve. Did you like fucking?”

I loved it. I wonder what it must feel like getting a cock like mine inside your arse?”

I could let you try mine as it's smaller than yours,” I volunteered, suddenly finding I was already feeling randy again at the possible prospect.

How would I clean myself?”, Tom asked.

We stripped and went through to the bathroom where I quickly showered and Tom followed. I helped to wash him and when it got to his bum, I soaped and soaped him until he was quite slippery and then pushed my finger inside him slowly. I spent a good fifteen minutes fingering his hole firstly with one and then two fingers until I could get most of them inside him. He was gasping a little and kept asking me to stop before again getting me to push further.

When we had rinsed and dried, we went through to his bedroom, after locking the door and I pulled a condom over my cock. Grabbing some dry skin cream Grant used for his after sun, and smothered my cock and Tom's arse and then started the long slow process of entering him. It was slow going and after thrity minutes I was about two thirds of the way in.

Start fucking me now,” he asked.

I started and stopped, then again more slowly but eventually I was fully inside him and could begin actually fucking the beautiful, pale, freckled butt in front of me. I took his hips and before long was fucking quite frantically. I put my hand around and felt his hard cock so wanked as I fucked.

God this is awesome,” he said between grunts as I pummelled his arse.

I'm going to cum in you Tom,” I said.

Please, please do,” he asked, now wanking his own cock in tandem to the fucking.

We came together and the feeling if cumming inside Tom was unbelievable. Tom shot over my bedspread and we both collapsed on the bed as my cock shrunk rapidly and slid out of his hole.

You can fuck me anytime,” said Tom.

I'll take you up on that,” I said.

I looked at him and had a sudden urge to kiss him. I did.

After an initial resistance, his mouth opened and my tongue found it's way in. With seconds we were kissing like two lovestruck kids.

I'm going to enjoy our new friendship,” I said.

So am I,” said Tom.

Does this mean we can't go with anyone else?” said Tom.

Unless I'm there too,” I said, realising how turned on I had been earlier that evening as Tom was being manhandled by all these guys.

I think I'm going to enjoy the rest of this holiday,” he said.

Me too,” I replied.

The sound of Jeremy singing as he walked across the garden to the apartment reminded us that we both still had a front to keep up and a frantic mop-up took place as we heard his fumble at the door.

Though we went to the Centre a few times our own sex took over and enjoyed each other during that holiday with one exception. We saw a bar advertising an underwear party.

Fancy walking around in a bar with nothing on but your pants?” I asked Tom.

He was ver reluctant but I finally persuaded him. It was a Sunday afternoon and we checked in our clothes as we entered the bar. It was weird because when we arrived thee was only about ten guys there, all much older than us. It's kind of funny sitting nearly naked trying to look cool. After thirty minutes or so we were just about to go when a small group of young lads came in. I figured they were marginally older than us.

Things are looking up Tom,” I said.

Tom blushed.

Within fifteen or more minutes the place was much busier and we started exploring the dark recesses of the bar. It was similar to the bar upstairs in layout and Tom held my hand all the way around. The four lads all seemed keen to get to know us to I walked right to the back and found a padded table there, the sort a masseur might use. The four guys crowded around us and started to grope Tom and I. I leaned back and let them, Tom and I backed against the table. Soon our underwera was off and we were stark naked in a public place. Others clustered around to watch and wank and the heat increased. I was two guys took each of us and started alternately sucking us. I was loving it.

One of the guys whispered to me, “Who takes it?”

I looked puzzled.

Do you fuck him?”

I nodded.

Tom was lifted on the bed and the guys looked at me and one said, “Fuck him!”

Already Tom was being lubricated and I was handed a condom from a bowl. I did as I was told and this time, entry was relatively easy. The idea of fucking my Tom in front of an audience really had me going and soon I was screwing him with all my might.

My turn,” said a tall emo-like guy with a cock just a little bigger than mine.

I pulled out and he fucked Tom too. I realised, looking around that the guys were in cock size order and one shaven headed guy who stood about six feet tall, had a cock the size of Tom's.

After three guys Tom stopped the proceedings before Mr Big could do anything as his arse was aching.

Mr Big turned me around and started to finger me with lube.

I've never had a cock,” I said.

I love virgins,” he replied.

No,” I said firmly. “He will be the first,” nodding to Tom.

Fine,” said Mr Big and handed Tom a condom.

Tom didn't even look at me, as he pulled it over his cock and covered it in lube. I was pulled over by two of the guys and Tom started to enter me from behind. I could lie and said it slid in easily. It didn't.

Tom had real trouble getting the head in but he coaxed and persevered. Once the head popped through and apart from a quick shot of pain when he pushed too fast, the cock slid the whole way in and I was not a virgin any more. Tom was groaning loudly, oblivious to the large group watching.

Fuck I'm going to cum,” he said.

No you fucking aren't,” said Mr Big.

Tom meekly pulled out and Mr Big climbed on and stuck his big cock straight in me. His fucking was steady and firm. He held my hips so his cock went in deeply and straight. The sensation turned from pain, to discomfort to out and out pleasure. Tom came around and I watched as his big cock was sucked.

Fuck I'm still going to cum,” said Tom and pulled his cock out of the young emo's mouth and decorated his face with a liberal thin coating of cum.

I heard Mr Big grunt and knew he had just cum up my arse. Before anyone else could enter, I stood up and started to wank myself facing the assembled group. An older guy steeped forward at the exact moment and placed his face in front of me and I genorously presented him with his reward. His face was awash with my cum.

As I fumbled to find my pants, the actually applauded us. I coudln't believe it. We were too embarrassed to stay around and both left quite shortly afterwards.

That was our last event. I figured, as did Tom, that too much of a good thing would spil it to we contented ourselves with grabbed moments back at the apartment.

The other two thought we had become boring. We lied about having had a couple of girls and that shut them up.

By the end of the holiday Tom and I were inseparable. Two years on we still are together and at last our friends have guessed but I'll never forget finding out about myself in Gran Canaria.