Monday, 27 February 2012

Nightime Surprise by Hornyguy18

Nighttime Surprise by Hornyguy18
(MM/pretend sleep/oral)

Joe, a buddy of mine, came to visit me at college. It was late August almost September. After running two miles late one afternoon I suggested we grab a quick beer before heading back to my rest hall to get showered up and ready to go out for the night.

Before we knew it we had spent about four and half hours at the bar. While talking about girls and ex's we clumsily stumbled the four blocks back to my ret. hall.

I said "No need to worry about trying to act sober my friend who is an RA with me, is working the desk tonight."

When we got back to my room we had two more shots a piece of what little rum I could sneak in from time to time. I then suggested that we hit the hay so we could get up early the next morning and go to six flags. Being that I was an RA I had my own room, so the two extra long twin beds I had were made into one big California king size bed. I told Joe he could just sleep up there with me tonight.

We stripped down to our boxers. Joe asked me, “Wow, you actually have a trail line and armpit hair and hairy legs on your swimmers body. You don't swim anymore?"

"That’s not all that’s hairy,” I replied jokingly. “And no, I still swim a lot I just like having a hairy body."

As Joe took his shirt off I noticed his incredibly athletic body, with hairy legs and a thick happy trail that ran up his stomach. His short curly black pit hairs clung tightly to his large biceps and side chest. After he took off his shirt Joe looked at me with his blue eyes and said his pits smelt a little ripe. We laughed, jumped up into bed and talked in our drunken slurs. I told him how usually after a night of drinking I pass out and how no one can ever wake me up, so they say.

We both dozed off. I awoke drenched in sweat about an hour and a half later. It was 2:30 am. The two of us had kicked the covers off, it felt as though it was 90 degrees in my room. I looked over at Joe, his one arm covered his eyes and the other lay across his stomach. I could see a bit of his limp cock through the open button slit in his boxers. I felt my cock get a little semi. I had never touched a cock before and now I really wanted to touch his, maybe even taste it. I closed my eyes pretending to be asleep and turned my body over onto my side. I laid my hand on his pelvic bone right before the opening of his boxers. I lay still for about 5 minutes until I moved again slightly until my hand was inside touching his limp 4-inch cock and resting on his bush of pubic hair. The warmth from his cock made me hard as hell. All of a sudden his hand grabbed my arm and pulled it out of his boxers. I continued to keep my eyes closed and breathe heavy as though I was in a deep sleep.

He sat up looking at me and said my name. Then he shook me and said my name a little louder, he did that for about two minutes. He pushed me over on to my back and picked up my arm jerking it and hitting my stomach while saying, “Pete.”

Then he moved my hand down onto my boxers and started moving it around in little circles on my now limp cock. It felt good and I was extremely horny so I got semi hard quick. He dropped my arm and began to slowly remove my boxers. He pulled them down to my knees, then wrapped his hand around my now fully hard cock and stroked it a little before he removed his boxers.

The smell of man musk filled the air. He grabbed my hand and wrapped it around his 6-inch hard hairy cock and jerked himself off. He began to move my hand down around his hairy sac. They felt so warm. He then moved, kneeling over my cock he blew his load all over my cock, nuts, and pubes. Then to my surprise his lips wrapped around the head of my mushroom shaped cock. He licked up all his cum off my body working his tongue down and around my sweaty hairy sac and sniffing my scent. Then he spit on my cock grabbing it in his hand, with his other hand he moved my left arm over my head. He grabbed both of our cocks and began to hump while he lay across my body with his nose buried in my sweaty hairy pit. Trying hard not to make any sound I blew my load over my stomach, as did he about 2 seconds later for the second time. He got up and wiped all the cum off of me with his boxers. He pulled my boxers back over me and went back to sleep.

The next morning I awoke first and went in the bathroom to take a shower. I jerked off to the smell of man juices that had once been all over my body. When I got out of the shower Joe was up and asked me if I remembered anything from last night? I just laughed and said, "No I don't even remember how we got home."

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