Monday, 27 February 2012

Sailors on Leave by Ric



This is a true story of my first time.

My brother was five years older and was in the Navy. He had come into Treasure Island in San Francisco and our Mom and I went to greet the ship. He yelled down from the deck to Mom and asked if he could bring a couple of shipmates to our house as they all had an overnight leave pass. Mom yelled back to bring them along. We went on home and about 2 hours later, my brother and 12 of his shipmates showed up with bags of groceries, bags of beer and carrying their civies in duffle bags. After changing into their civies, the festive remainder of the day began. They were drinking beer and eating food that they had brought. There were young men all over the house.

The evening set in, a couple of the guys passed out on the sofa and easy chair. A couple passed out on the floor just using their duffle bags as pillows. My brother’s bedroom had a double bed and I only had a single bed in my bedroom but, they figured 2 could sleep in his bed and they would have one guy bunk in with me.

I was sound asleep when I felt the bed move as a young sailor crawled into my bed wearing his white boxer shorts and t-shirt. I looked at my clock and it read 2:30 am. I could barely see what he looked like by the street light that was reflecting into my bedroom window. I could see the outline of a very handsome lad as he lay there on his back. I laid there just listening to the breathing as the young lad was going into deeper slumber and I could smell the beer from his breath.

After about 20 minutes, the young hunk turned onto his side and was facing me. My arm was under the covers at my side and I was on my back. I could feel his boxer shorts touching the back of my hand. It took me several minutes to slowly turn my hand over so that I could feel the opening of the boxers. It was partly opened and I knew there was something just inside that opening I would love to feel.

As I raised my finger to the opening, I first felt some pubic hair. I moved my finger down and felt the shaft of his flaccid cock lying down along his thigh. I just lay there with my finger on his cock and after another 10 minutes, I slowly worked my finger under the shaft and lay there listening to his deep breathing. I knew he was still asleep. I very carefully and with very little pressure, pulled the shaft of his cock until the cock was fully out of the shorts opening. He flinched a bit but, in no time, his breathing continued as before. I laid there another couple of minutes until I was able to slip my hand under his cock, placing it in my palm. I could tell he was cut and by the feel, it was about 5 inches long in the flaccid state.

I had a raging hardon and knew my precum was oozing out. With my other hand, I put my hand into my shorts and milked my cock, getting more precum to appear and smeared it on my fingers. I then worked my hand over to his cock and carefully applied the sticky smooth lubricant to his cock. I did this several times as he lay there in full sleep.

I started a very slow movement on his cock, sliding my precum lubed hand up and down his shaft making sure I touched the cockhead each time. After about 5 or 6 of these strokes, I could feel his cock starting to firm up. The more I continued the harder and longer his cock got. I realized that I was holding a fully hard 8 inch man-meat in my hand and his breathing continued to the same rhythm as I slowly jacked him. After about 2 minutes, I heard his breathing starting to change to a shallower pace. I kept slowly working on that beautiful piece of man flesh and he started moving his hips and started thrusting his body as he began fucking my hand.

He then reached down to my shorts, put his hand into the waistband and grabbed hold of my raging hardon. He started stroking and it took only about 4 pulls until I felt euphoria and I shot my load into his hand.

He proceeded to fuck my hand and I knew I just had to see what I was holding. I tossed back the covers and in the dim light, could see this most beautiful piece of meat. I slid down and got closer. As he thrust, the tip of his cockhead touched my nose. I had never tasted a cock so, I stuck out my tongue. I tasted the buttery sweet mixture of our precum. As he was thrusting, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and let his cockhead slip in and out of my lips. Before long, I had about half of his cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

I could feel his balls slapping against my chin as he was fucking my mouth. He began to tense and I felt the bulb of his cockhead starting to swell even larger. All of a sudden, he took in one big breath, a slight moan and I felt warm sticky ooze flooding my mouth. I wanted to spit it out but, he kept pumping so, I just swallowed it. He kept shooting and my mouth filled up again. After his last thrust, he let out a big sigh and slumped back. His cock was still in my mouth and I felt it starting to soften. I still had a raging hardon and realized I had cum again in my shorts when he dumped his load in my mouth.

I licked his cock of every drop and milked any more drops that came out of his piss slit. As I finished, I felt his hands as he slipped them under my arm pits and pulled me up. He then gave me the warmest tender kiss on the lips. He then released his hold on me and turned onto his back and closed his eyes.

I looked at the clock and it was now almost 5:00 so, I decided to get a little sleep and turned over with my back to him. I awakened at 8:00 and became aware that the young sailor was no longer in my bed. I got up, dressed and went into the kitchen where several hunk sailors were sitting having breakfast. I looked at each one trying to pick out the guy that I had sucked off but, they were all handsome and with their Navy haircuts, all looked alike.

It wasn’t until that evening when the guys were leaving, they were walking down the stairs, one of the guys turned back, waved his hand and gave me a wink.

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