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Golden Opportunity with the College Heart Throb

Golden Opportunity with the College Heart Thob
by kewtieboy
(drunk, alcohol, drugs, seduce, MM, nc, gay)

You know Todd's a dick!”

That was my Joe best mate from college speaking.

OK what's he done now?” I asked.

I was talking to Leanne and getting on really well when he walked over and said to her that she needs to look out as my feet really stink.”

So surely that didn't put her off Joe. You know it's not true?”

Yea but much as she brushed it off, she made her excuses and walked off,” said a disgruntled Joe.

I had to agree with him, Todd was one of those sporty-type guys that girls swooned for. A year older than Joe and I but he played sport, hung around with all the beautiful guys and had a string of girls in tow. I hadn't really wanted to come to this party anyway but it was a Saturday, and everyone else seemed to be here at the massive house of some girl whose parents obviously had more money than sense. Since we were all over 18, drink was flowing and everyone was in good spirits. Sadly I always got depressed at these things. Gay and quiet, that was me. I didn't tell anyone and got my sexual kicks with the odd fumble in a notorious toilet near at the other side of town from University which had a great big glory hole in the wall.

Joe certainly knew nothing about me and pleasant enough looking though he was, he really wasn't my type. He was a little too chubby to appeal to me sexually but that made having a platonic friendship all the easier. The trouble was, it was guys like Todd turned who me on. They had one thing I liked – being straight. Now how stupid is that, only wanting sex with guys that don't want it!!

I suppose that's where the glory hole was fun as many of the punters were straight. Sometimes you could hear their kids shouting for daddy outside while I was blowing him inside the toilet. That was a big turn on. His straight status guaranteed while his cock was in my mouth!

Todd was swaggering around being pretty obnoxious to everyone, except the pretty girls. He had been drinking before he arrived and was still knocking it back good style. Joe, meantime, was still twittering on in the background.

Zac, do you think Leanne fancies me. Zac are you listening to me?”

In my mind, Todd's cock was being stuck in my mouth and whether Leanne fancied him or not was, to be honest, of no interest to me!

To Todd, of course, I was a wimpy, thin, 5 feet 6 inch, nothing. I might think I was good looking but to Todd I wasn't even competition for the girls. That was true but for different reasons. I drifted away from Joe and found myself wandering through a large conservatory into the garden. Todd was here again having gone out the kitchen door and wandering around to the back garden. He and three of his cronies were laughing loudly and were smoking. Judging from the smell, it wasn't tobacco. I saw him swallow a pill which one of the guys gave him. I'm no expert but it looked triangular and blue and I knew enough to realise it was Viagra. He obviously thought he was going to score tonight. They has a stack of beers beside them and were joking and drinking. I went back inside.

It was around 2.30am when I decided I had had enough of playing the “hard to get heterosexual” and decided to leave. Joe was still panting after Leanne, Todd was arguing with his last remaining friend from the group I had seen earlier and the remaining guests, male and female, weren't the hottest or friendliest from the original group.

Todd was cursing at having been given the elbow by some blonde bimbo who accused him of being uncouth and drunk. She was right on two counts and, as he pushed his friend away, he stormed back out of the kitchen door.

I bade everyone who knew me a fond farewell and, a little merry but not too drunk headed out into the street. The house was about one mile from my home as the crow flew and about 1.5 miles by the road. It was in a very expensive and leafy part of the town. I headed out of the cul de sac it was in and thought about whether to take the road or cut across the playing fields to save the half mile. Though the fields were pitch black they were surrounded by well lit roads so it looked a bit like a black hole but I figured I would be able to see my destination and therefore make it straight across.

The climbed the wooden fence and started my walk. The cool air and the drink made me feel a little horny and as I walked the isolation made me want to wank. I took my cock out and stroked I as I went, surprised at how hard it was. I must have been about one third of the way across when I heard a noise. I jumped.

There was silence. I quickly zipped up.

I heard it again. It sounded like a pig snorting.

I stopped again and listened as it seemed to come from ahead and to the right.

The snort came yet again.

I walked carefully forward and saw a shape on the grass to the right hand side of me. It looked at though someone had fallen. As I edged closer, in the dim light I heard a snore rather than a snort and found a body lying sideways, partly curled up, snoring peacefully. I leaned forward and rolled the body on to its back and immediately recognised Todd, out for the count. In the dim light I could see he had opened his flies and obviously had a pee and then as he struggled to re button his Levis, had fallen over and curled up to sleep. His flies were open and the top of white briefs were visible.

Hey Todd, you can't sleep here,” I said, shaking him.

There was nothing, not even a grunt.

Todd, come on now, get up!”

I shook him really hard and, apart from rolling straight on to his back facing the stars there was still no response. I looked up and down and there was no one in the area. Anyone approaching would have left a silhouette with the street lights in the distance anyway.

As I went to shake him again, I saw his bulge. His cock looked semi-erect. That's when I remembered he had spent his evening trying to get in the blonde bimbo's knickers and to that end had taken a Viagra.

Poor guy,” I thought. “He's gone to all that trouble and its wasted.”

I gave it a squeeze and it responded with a little jump as I did so. I looked around again and the place was desolate. The only sound was Todd's gentle snoring.

I don't need to tell you the thought going through my head as you are probably about three paragraphs ahead of me. I squeezed him again and was rewarded my a little involuntary thrust upwards from Todd. I gently undid his fly to take it further down and pulled the side back to expose the bulge in his white pants. In the dim light I could still make out his profile and the tip of his cock had been caught in the elastic of his pants which meant a piece of cock head was visible.

I told myself it wasn't causing any harm so I pulled the elastic back and cupped it under his balls. Todd was not as well equipped as he would lead us all to believe. Don't get me wrong, I never look a gift horse in the mouth or even a gift cock, but it was an average dick just under 6 inches and not overly thick. One thing, it was brick hard with the foreskin peeling nicely back with a little moisture around the head as I rolled my thumb across it. I had a quite acceptable 7 inch cock so was pleased that I had more to offer than this stud. I took his cock in my hand and gently stroked. His snoring stopped for a couple of seconds and her gave an assuring groan of pleasure before the steady snoring started again.

I tried again to shake him awake and didn't even manage to interrupt his snoring. I needed to take advantage of something I might never get to try again so I took his jeans and pulled each side gently to just below his hips. This then allowed me to pull his briefs to the same level exposing cock and balls with the line of fabric just under them. I knelt closer and inhaled his smell. Yes there was a faint smell of pee but I was too far gone to worry about that. I licked his balls, allowing my tongue to venture up to the base of his cock. The hairs on his balls were quite generous. If he had been even slightly gay I'm sure he would have been shaven.

My mouth found the head of his cock and engulfed it. I groaned with the pleasure of sucking Todd, something I could only have dreamed of until a few moments ago. I was able to take his entire cock all the way down my throat and while holding the base, slurped all the way back up again the back down while peeling his skin back to expose his glans. I played a little with my tongue on the exposed head and was rewarded with a large dollop of pre-cum. I pulled his shirt up and licked his nipples one my one, running my tongue around the hairless tips. My own cock was hurting so badly inside the constraints of my jeans so I opened the front and pulled it out stroking as I looked at the semi naked hunk before me. I kneeled at his head and pushed my leaking cock towards his lips. There was little chance of him sucking me but at least I could drip some of my own pre-cum on his lips. He licked them! I put my cock back and he licked again, this time licking the tip of my foreskin. It was like an electric shock. Todd licking my cock!!

I went down to his cock again and started sucking like a wild animal. His cock was absolutely rigid. Those who think sleeping guys can't get hard should have seen this dick as I sucked it. I was so busy doing so, I didn't get any warning at all as I was suddenly aware there was a lot more fluid in my mouth than just saliva. It was filling quickly with his cum. The cock was pulsing as each jet of cum fired into my mouth. I have to say I caught every drop and swallowed it. My own cock responded by firing a stream of cum over Todd's body with just a couple of splats hitting his cheek and lips. He licked again! Todd had swallowed some of my cum.

As I slowly came off the edge of ecstasy I suddenly was afraid and nervous. I quickly wiped his cheek and pulled up his jeans as best I could.

I tried again to rouse Todd but apart from him pushed me away in his sleep he went straight back to snoring. It was a mild and dry night so I decided to leave well alone and headed home the taste of Todd's manhood still in my mouth.

I saw him on Monday at college.

Did you enjoy the party Todd?” I asked.

Yeh cool,” he replied.

Any luck with the ladies?” I asked again.

When do I never get luck with the ladies,” said Todd. “Of course I did.”

I felt like saying, “I was luckier than you were!”

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