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My Roommate Tony by Stormbringer

My Roommate Tony 
Copyright 1999 By Stormbringer 
Revised 2008

Author's Note: This was my first story. Unlike most of my stories
it contains gay/bi themes.

"You call that a dick, wimp?" said Tony, my asshole roommate.
"More like a Vienna Sausage." There was snickering from the men
closest to him.

During my first year at college, Tony had made my life completely
miserable from the day I moved in with him. He was loud, rude and
thoroughly obnoxious. Tony was a star football player, and he had
gorgeous women fawning over him constantly. He was currently
fucking  one of the cheerleaders, Jenna. She was the hottest girl
in school, a beautiful blue eyed blonde with  40D breasts and she
looked like a living Barbie doll. Tony and I shared  one class
together, psychology, in which I excelled and he was just
squeaking  by. My life consisted of attending classes, working,
listening to Tony fuck and putting up with his complaints about
Jenna not wanting to suck on his big dick.

We were in the shower before class and I couldn't help but glance
at his muscular  torso covered with water droplets. He was
lathering his chest and working his way  down, towards his
crotch. His cock was truly impressive. Tony had one of those soft
morning erections and his monster jutted out about eight inches.
It never seemed to get any smaller. I knew from  peeking at him
and Jenna that it grew to be about ten inches when fully aroused
and as thick as my wrist. Everyone called him Big Tony, whether
because of his build or his  penis size, I never knew. None of
the other guys in the shower even came close to him in cock size
and I was the smallest.

"Do the bitches even know when you're fucking them with that
little dick?" asked Tony.

Some of the other guys snickered and my face flushed with shame.
He was always making comments about my dick and I hated him for
it. What really bothered  me was when he made comments to Jenna
about the little dicked wimp watching them fuck.  I pretended to
be asleep, but they both knew I watched. I finished washing my
skinny frame  and looked down at my little five inch dick all
shrunken from the water, making it even smaller.  How come my
penis is all shriveled up and Tony's is always half hard? Even
now as he soaped around  his cock, it grew another inch. I wished
more then anything I had his big dick. I'd play with myself
constantly if I had his big dick. I would touch his dick, stoke
his big dick, kiss it's big head and put my lips around
big dick. Where had that thought come from? I've never had a gay
thought in my life and  here I was fantasizing about worshipping
Tony's cock. My mind analyzed it along the lines of me being a
weak little wolf showing my subservience  to the alpha male of
the pack by sniffing his crotch. I noticed the other guys seemed
as impressed with Tony's dick as I was. I shrugged off these
abnormal thoughts and returned to our room to prepare

for our psychology class.


"Hypnotism is an inexact science," said professor Dutard, "but it
can do  amazing things when it is successful."

It was a fascinating subject and I was taking copious notes. Tony
as usual was flirting with Jenna and ignoring the professor. He
would undoubtedly threaten me if I didn't share my notes with him
and help him pass this class . Tony was wearing a tight tank top
to show off his muscular chest. I looked around the room and
noticed more then one girl staring at him dreamily. Jenna was
wearing her cheerleader uniform. She was across the room from me
I could see just a little hint of her panties peeking out. They
were pink and lacy. I had a quick fantasy, where I threw her over
the professor's desk, ripped of her uniform top, pulled down her
panties, and started fucking her. In my fantasy I had Tony's
magnificent cock. I came back to reality to hear Dutard tell the
class that his homework assignment for tomorrow was for each
student to find someone in class to hypnotize and to share their
findings with the group the next day.

Tony was in the shower preparing to go to a frat party with
Jenna. I was studying my psychology notes. The text book talked
about the fundamentals of hypnotism. The subject had to be in a
receptive mood, and you could not make a person do anything
against their will. Tony returned from the shower and dropped the
towel right in front of me, letting his large dick hang free. I
tried not to stare while he dried himself off. I reminded him
that we had to do our homework assignment.

"Come on, you don't buy into that bull shit, do you?" he asked.

I calmly replied, "whether I do or don't doesn't matter. It's our
assignment and you need to pass this class to keep playing

"Alright, alright lets do it, but hurry it up man, as you can see
my dick can't wait to get into Jenna this evening. " Tony put his
jock strap on and sat down next to me. He went first following my
notes. "Relax and listen to the sound of my voice," he told me.
"I'm going to count backwards from ten and as I do you will go
deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation until the sound of
my voice is all that matters".

I felt very relaxed but also fully aware. He tried to get me to
raise my left arm over my head but nothing happened. Tony then
said "When you wake up you will be a skinny little nerd with a
pale white grub for a dick." He had a big laugh over that
comment. He found himself very funny.

"Ok it's my turn," I said. I went through the same process with
him and I noticed his breathing was becoming very rhythmic. I
told him, "Now Tony, whenever you hear the sound of my voice
slowly count backwards from ten, you will fall into a relaxed
suggestive state, then I may be able to help you play football
better or study for a test." I told him to raise his arm and
nothing happened, though I did notice his shoulder twitch like he
wanted to do it. We finished our little test.

"See I told you it was bull shit." he said. "By the way, maybe it
could help with my studies, but as for football I'm already the
best. Have fun jacking off tonight."

Tony left on his date with Jenna and I went back to my notes. One
thing kept coming back to me. The book said that the subject had
to be receptive.


Tony woke me up around 2:00 am, stumbling into our room. He
reeked of beer, pot, and he had a huge alcohol stain down the
front of his shirt. What a loser, I thought. How does this jerk
get all the women? Then I saw the huge bulge outlined under his
pants and I remembered how he did it. "You ok man?" I asked,
"Where's Jenna?"

He mumbled something about her not wanting to suck his dick, a
big fight, and her storming off home."God, I'm horny as hell," he
said, as he slowly started to fall asleep.

Softening my voice, I said, "Tony, can you hear me?"

"Yes," he mumbled.

I slowly started counting backwards from ten, and when I reached
one, he seemed very relaxed. I experimented to see if he was
receptive to my suggestions. "Tony, I want you to raise your left
arm." He slowly raised his left arm up, and I had him run through
some other exercises. When I was sure I had him in my power I
said, "Tony, stand up and take off your clothes."

"Why?" he sleepily replied.

I told him that he wanted to show off his giant cock to me. Tony
sat up on the bed, staring off into space, and he began to remove
his clothes. I watched him, my heart pounding, as he showed me
first his well muscled chest and then he stepped out of his jock
strap, freeing his massive cock. I was able to inspect it
closely. "Tony, You're really horny and I want you to start
slowly jerking off until your cock is completely hard." He did as
I asked, his dick quickly growing before my eyes. Damn! That
thing wasn't bigger then ten inches and thicker then my wrist.
"Tony, how big is your cock?"

"Just over 11 inches," he proudly replied.

"Tony, lie down I'm going to suck your cock for you."

"No way man, I'm no fag," he said looking confused.

The text book was right when it said you couldn't get a subject
to do something against their will. I then decided to change his
perception of reality. "Tony, you've just come home after a fight
with Jenna. She feels real bad about not giving you a blow job
tonight, so she's on her way over to make it up to you. When you
hear the door slam, you'll see Jenna coming to give you what
you've wanted from her since you've been dating. When you open
your eyes, you will see her instead of me. Do you understand?"

"Yes," he said. "Jenna instead of you."

I then went over to the door and slammed it. I slowly walked over
to Tony and removed my pajamas. I grabbed his dick, amazed that
it would take four of my hands to cover it completely. My heart
was pounding as I lowered my head closer to his dick about to do
something I`d never have seen myself doing.  I tentatively
reached out with my tongue and licked the crown of his big cock.
I then quickly engulfed it in my mouth.

Tony moaned and said, "That's it baby, I knew you could do it."

I wasn't gay, but I was really enjoying my first taste of cock. I
had never been attracted to any man, even Tony, but there was
something about his cock that drew me to it. A part of me hated
giving this asshole pleasure I need some other way to put him in
his place. I lovingly licked up the sides and teased his slit
with my tongue. I sucked his big semen filled balls into my
mouth, and I tried to deep throat him. Eventually I got into a
rhythm and bobbed my head up and down, letting the plum sized
head of his cock pop out and quickly sucking it back in.

After about twenty minutes of this, Tony started bucking his hips
up and down fucking my mouth. "That's it baby I'm going to cum,"
he shouted.

I felt something hot and sticky strike the back of my throat and
it quickly filled my mouth, spilling out of the sides of my
mouth, as I greedily tried to swallow it all. God, it tastes
good, I thought surprised. I removed my mouth from his dick and
another gob of semen struck me in my face. Another landed on his
flat washboard stomach. I jerked his cock, milking it for more
and just the amount I squeezed from the shaft put one of my
entire orgasms to shame. I licked it up and realized that I would
be wanting a lot more of his juices in the future.

"Tony, from now on whenever I do the countdown, you will relax
completely and obey me without hesitation. Do you understand?"

"I understand," he said.

I stood up and put my little dick in his face. "Tony, Jenna has
just stuck her giant nipples in your face and she wants you to
suck on them like she sucked on you." He quickly started sucking
my cock causing me to come within a minute. Tony scrunched up his
face as he licked up my sperm. "Swallow it all I ordered."

I told Tony that tomorrow he was going to apologize to Jenna and
that he was going to take her out, treat her like a queen and
then bring her back over to our house that night after getting
her stoned and drunk. I also told him to keep going on about how
I hypnotized him and got him to study harder and that I could
help her lose those few extra pounds she's always complaining


The next morning Tony seemed out-of-sorts. "What's bothering you
buddy?" I asked.

"Oh man, I think Jenna might be pregnant. Last night I was
sucking on her tits and she squirted milk in my mouth." he

"Don't worry about it Tony. I hear lots of women lactate from
time to time." I liked the thought of Tony swallowing my cum.
Payback's a bitch.

That seemed to cheer him up and we headed for the showers. There
were a few other dorm mates in the showers and once Tony was in
front of them he became his usual obnoxious self. "Yeah, that
bitch Jenna can sure suck a mean dick," he said. "She was almost
able to deep throat my entire big cock last night and she
swallows too." While he bragged, his penis grew to full erection
as he remembered last night. "Hey little dick, you must have had
quite a show last night?" he asked me.

"Tony," I replied, "It felt like I had a front row seat."

"Ha, how'd you know I was talking to you? Little dick knows his
name." He chuckled. Enough was enough, I thought and I decided to
bring Tony down a notch or two.

When we got back to our room, Tony dropped his towel and before
he could get dressed I quickly counted backward from ten putting
him back in a hypnotic trance. "Tony, why are you always making
fun of my cock size?" I asked him.

Staring blankly into space he replied, "Because it's so small
compared to mine."

I thought for a moment and said, "Tony, look at your penis and
tell me what do you see."

He looked down at his cock still jutting straight out and said,
"I see a thick, hard monster of a cock, bigger and better then
anyone I know. Women can't resist it. Men grow jealous when..."

"Shut up!" I commanded. He sure liked to talk about his cock.
"Look at my penis. What do you see?"

"I see the most pathetic little dick I've ever seen. It's even
smaller then my little brother's," he told me.

I then said, "Tony, from now on when you look at your penis, you
will see my little worm. Whenever you look at my penis you will
see your big snake. You will remember seeing me in the shower for
the first time. You couldn't take your eyes of my giant cock. It
made you feel emasculated and intimidated. You wish you had a
cock as big as mine. You wish to touch it and to pay homage to it
with your mouth. Now look down at your cock."

Tony did as he was told and a look of complete horror spread over
his face. I've lived with my little dick my whole life and never
felt that bad. I knelt before him and began caressing his cock.
"Tony, from now on whenever I touch your cock you are going to
fantasize that you're the one with a big dick and its natural for
me to worship it."

I put my mouth on the fat head of his cock and started sucking. I
didn't want to be late for class so I tried to hurry. After about
twenty minutes, Tony said, "that's it, suck it little man, show
me who's boss." He then bellowed and came in my mouth. I was
ready for his big load this time and swallowed it all.

I woke Tony from his trance and dropped my towel in front of him.
He started staring at my cock and I said, "like what you see?" He
nodded and I said, "then you know what to do."

He got on his knees and muttered, "It's so damned big."

My dick fit easily in Tony's mouth but he still made gagging
noises. I said "That's it, suck it little man, show me who's

I felt inflated with power. In 24 hours I had reversed thousands
of years of natural selection. If this was what it felt like to
be the alpha male, I liked it. I lasted three whole minutes this
time. Tony even  gagged like he was choking on the little amount
of fluid I shot in his mouth.

We were a little late for class. I took my seat and Tony took his
customary spot next to Jenna. He began talking to her excitedly.
If he was following my orders, he would be apologizing for last
nights fight and telling her how I had hypnotized him into
studying for another class.

Professor Dutard asked the class to report the results of last
night's hypnosis experiment. Most students reported no results
though one guy did say he hadn't craved a cigarette all day. The
professor chuckled and said "Class, hypnosis has never been
scientifically proven. Last nights experiment was actually to
test the placebo effect."

A lot he knew. It was the combination of drugs and alcohol making
the subject receptive to hypnotic suggestions that proved
effective. Jenna looked at Tony like he was a complete chowder
head for believing I had hypnotized him.

The rest of the day, I observed Tony from time to time. When he
didn't see me he was his usual obnoxious self. When he did see
me, his shoulders would slump over, and he'd mumble "hi," and
quickly move on. When I got back to our room that evening Tony
had already left on his date with Jenna and I had a few hours to
plan the nights activities. Around midnight, Tony and Jenna
entered the room arguing about hypnotism.

"Hey, keep it down," I yelled.

I noticed Jenna was leaning heavily against Tony and on the verge
of passing out. "Nonshence," she slurred. "Tony's full of shit.
You didn't hypnotishze him."

I jumped out of bed and said "Come on Jenna, I'll prove it, let
me hypnotize you."

She nodded and Tony Msat her down in the chair. I began to put
her in a deep trance and after counting backwards from ten, I
noticed Tony had gone under also. I asked Jenna to raise her left
arm. Nothing. Then I heard a snore escape her lips, she had
passed out. I shook her awake, and tried again. This time Jenna
went into the trance state and I ran her through the tests.

"Now Jenna," I said, "why do you like Tony so much?"

"I don't like him," she replied. "It's just that nobody can fuck
as good as him." "

"Jenna, have you ever seen my dick?"

She giggled and said "Yeah, sometimes when Tony and I are
fucking, I can see you stroking the little guy."

"Jenna, you are mistaken. Tony is the one with the little dick
and I am the one with the 11" monster cock. In fact, Tony has
never been able to give you an orgasm unless you're thinking of
my cock. The only reason you are dating him is to get a look at
me whenever you can. Most times sex with Tony just leaves you
frustrated and wanting more. Do you understand?"  She nodded, and
I said to both of them, "When you wake up, you've just gotten
back from your date. You are going to go straight to Tonys' bed
and have sex on top of the covers and you will forget to turn the
light off. Do you both understand?"

They nodded and I removed my pajamas and woke them up. They
immediately started making out until they saw me standing there.
"Oops, sorry Jenna." Her eyes grew wide with awe as they focused
on my erect 5" penis.

Tony's face turned crimson with shame and embarrassment.  "No
problem" she murmured.

I got on top of my bed and watched them start to go at it. Jenna
was wearing a short black miniskirt and a tight white blouse,
unbuttoned to show a lot of cleavage. Tony removed first her
blouse revealing a lacy pink bra and then he removed her skirt.
As she stood before me clad only in her underwear, she removed
Tony's shirt and started kissing his well muscled chest down to
his pants. She then unbuckled and removed his belt and then
unzipped his pants. Tony stepped out of his pants and stood there
clad only in his jock strap. His erection caused his underwear to
bulge out obscenely. She removed his strap, his big cock smacking
her in the face. I laughed when I saw the look of disappointment
cross her face. Tony thought I was laughing at his little cock
and turned bright red again. Jenna kissed the tip of his dick and
stood up. Tony laid her down on the bed and removed her bra,
freeing her large breasts. He kissed down her tan, flat stomach
and slid of her panties showing off her neatly trimmed bush. Tony
then mounted her and quickly slid his large dick inside her. What
a fucking machine, I thought, as Tony would remove all 11" and
then ram it to the hilt. Incredibly, Jenna didn't even seem to
notice she was having sex until I saw her head turn towards me
and stare at my cock. She then wrapped her legs around Tony and
started to moan. I was in awe watching these two perfect
specimens perform for me. It was like watching Superman and
Wonder Woman put on a live sex show for a one-man audience. After
a half hour or so, Tony started pumping faster and faster until
he bellowed, "here it comes baby."

"Nooo!" moaned Jenna, "not yet."

Tony's cock spewed its usual large load of semen into her and he
collapsed on top of her.  "Sorry baby,'" he said.

"Well sorry doesn't cut it," said Jenna angrily. "It's not fair
that you always get to cum and leave me hanging. I need to try a
real dick for a change."

She squirmed out from under him and jumped in my bed. Tony looked
crestfallen as he watched her approach me. He knew I would ruin
her for sex with him from that moment on. Jenna quickly mounted
me and lowered her pussy on my cock. She had one continuous
orgasm until she hit the base.  "Yes, yes," she cried, " I can
feel that big beautiful dick way up inside me."

I looked over at Tony and couldn't believe my eyes. He was
crying. I was shocked to find that I actually felt sorry for the
big jerk. Jenna stuck her big nipples in my face and said, "suck
on them."

They really were almost as big as my dick. I was disappointed,
thinking that sex with Jenna would be better until I realized
that her pussy was so stretched out from Tony's cock that I
couldn't feel anything but what felt like a gallon of his semen
floating around. This actually let me last longer then normal and
in about 8 minutes I erupted my few drops inside her triggering
her to have another powerful orgasm. I removed my dick causing
all Tony's semen to spill out.

"Ooh baby, look at all that cum." She knelt down around my crouch
and started licking it up.

Before Jenna left for the evening, I ordered her to start telling
all the cheerleaders about how good a fuck I was and how big my
penis is. Tony was to do the same with the jocks. If anyone
wanted to see for themselves, Tony and Jenna could bring them
back here, but only if they were drunk and stoned.

The rest of my time at college was spent living out all my
fantasies with Tony, Jenna, and numerous other jocks and
cheerleaders. I grew addicted to the sex and the power and I
decided to stay close to the college and all the fit, young
bodies. I became teaching assistant to professor Dutard and then
replaced him when he "unexpectedly" retired early. I experimented
with various drugs until I found a mixture that put people under
quickly and I now offer hypnotic counseling to young coeds. I
married Jenna and let Tony move on, though he feels compelled to
return to his alma mater several times a year. I've lived out all
my sex fantasies such as "cuckold husband watches visiting big
dicked ex-roommate seduce wife" or "black quarterback rapes
professor's wife and forces her husband to suck his dick."

I'm not completely selfish though. I've helped women lose weight
and I've helped several students quit drug and alcohol habits or
give up smoking. I reprogrammed Tony to treat people with respect
and not to brag so much. Oh, and by the way, I even let Tony have
his cock back.

The End

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