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Promise Not to Tell by Angyl

Promise Not To Tell
Written By Angy­l
The following contains descriptions of a consenting relationship between two male characters. If you find any such material morally or legally questionable in your area, please do not read any further. Additionally if you are under the age of 18 or not of legal age in your area, please leave.
This story is a work of fiction, all characters and plot lines are fictional. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Promise Not To Tell and its characters, remain the property of the author. The story or characters may not be reproduced or republished elsewhere without the strict written consent of the author***

"Promise not to tell?" This was all I heard as I passed out.
The words rang in my ear as I went into a deep sleep. WTF...
So how did it all start? Well it started on a drunken binge. That much I can tell you. My memory is hazy from most of that night. I guess I should start with the beginning. Good fucking place as any to start.

Firstly my name is Aaron. I just turned 18. Up until that night I had thought I was straight. I liked snatch. Well that is not the point. I am an average teen with average looks, nothing spectacular. I am 5'9, and not fucking clue what I weight. I love wearing skin tight jeans, shows off my package nicely. I am on the swim team at school, and well the basketball team too. So I think my body is not that bad, completely hairless, except for my trail, and bush, I shave for the swim team. I have an average cock...well maybe a bit bigger...never measured. 
Yeah...yeah...I am getting to the point of this story, hold on to your cocks or something...
It was a Friday night. My buddy Kevin had gotten permission from his folks to have a party. They were going out for the weekend, and they trusted Kevin. Kevin asked me help organize the shindig. His girlfriend would join us later that week to help out with the final shit.

So who is Kevin? Well we have been bud since grade one. Kev is a year older than me. He is majorly into sport and shit, on the football and basketball teams for school. Kev and I make an awesome team. So unlike me, Kev is tall...I'd say at least 6'1. He is muscular...not overly, but more so than I am, definite has a defined body. Okay so I have seen him naked in the showers at school. No biggie. He is not smooth like me; he has hair on his legs and a small patch on his chest. Yes he has a trail and a bush too. His cock would be impressive. He is bigger than me. (I saw it hard one night, when he was about to bone his girl, and I accidentally walked in on them.) So yeah that's Kev.

So yeah...we are straight as an arrow...well I think he not so sure now...
Back to the party...Friday night rolled around. I was in the mood to get pissed drunk. I was going solo, because the bitch I had been dating was not in the picture anymore; I had dumped her ass two weeks before. Well I was gonna stay the night, because mom would freak if I came home intoxicated, and Kev decided it best if I stay. I told him I did not want to hear him boning his girl.
Well the party was in full swing by the time I got there. Mom decided to be a bitch. The basement was packed, and the booze flowing. I saw Kevin in the corner chatting to some of our friends. He saw me and waved me over.

"About fucking time!!" He chided. 
"Fuck was lecturing me."

Kev was already half drunk. I knew it would not take him long to pass out. I grabbed myself a beer and wander around the room chatting with people. Well the party seemed pretty lame actually. Everyone got too drunk too fast. At one point I saw Kev and his girl arguing, and then she fucked off. Everyone else started to clear out about midnight or there abouts. I went looking for Kev after everyone left, and found him passed out in his room. I went back down and kept drink...I was not gonna let the beer go to waste.
Now here is where things get a bit fuzzy. I remember passing out around three or four in the morning. I was awakened by someone undoing my pants. I sat up, and looked around. It was dark in the basement and I could not see much.

"What the fuck?!?!"

I lay back down and passed out again. I was again awakened by a hand in my pants. This time I just lay there. I moved enough to see Kev kneeling beside me. What the fuck was he doing?

"What the fuck are you doing?" I demanded.

"Shh...I am just looking."

Fuck whatever; I was too blitzed to fight it. I think I lifted up when he pulled my pants and boxers down. After all he was just looking. I felt him wrap his hand around my cock. Shit this was too much for me. I jumped up off the couch. I ain't no fucking queer.

"What the fuck dude...I ain't gay!!!"

I could not stand and fell back on the couch. Fuck I was plastered. I tried to push Kev away, but really could not even do that. I fell back on the couch. Kev reached up and began play with my cock again. I did not really want this, but my cock had other ideas. It was getting hard. What the fuck. Man I swore I was not into guys. I watched as Kev stroked my cock. Fuck me it felt good. Shit I could not believe this was happening. Kev had moved and was now positioned somewhat between my legs, and on his knees. I watched as he leaned in and took my cock in his mouth. The fucker was sucking me off. I wanted to say something but it felt so good.

"MMM...oh...suck me...yeah that's it!!" I moaned.

Kev was sucking on my knob and making me shiver. She he was better than a chick. I guess the rumor about a guy knowing what a guy needed was true. Fuck I think Kev had done this before. He was up and down on my cock, and licking the shaft and tip. He would suck on my balls, and then go back down on my cock. I shifted on the couch so I could lie down. Kev had gotten my pants and boxer off. He moved himself between my legs. I was uncomfortable, so I did what I could. I put my legs on his shoulders. He went right back to sucking my cock. He kept moving forcing my ass higher off the couch. He moved down and was sucking on my balls. Fuck I was enjoying this shit. He stopped licking my balls and began licking the flesh underneath. He worked his way down. He was heading for my ass. He was gonna eat my ass, I think. I felt him pull my ass cheeks apart. Shit he was gonna do it...I was weirded out but at the same time I wanted to know how it felt. He began licking around my hole. It felt weird, but he was doing something right. His tongue flicked in and out of my hole. 

I reached down and started stroking my cock. Kev was eating and nibbling my hole. He kept running his finger over my hole. I felt his finger go in my hole a few times. I jumped the first time his finger slipped in. I think he was deliberately doing it to judge my reaction. I was too far gone to care at this point to give a fuck. The alcohol had numbed my common sense. Kev had gotten up and was no longer eating me out, but he was still fingering me. I looked and saw that he was not wearing any pants. What the fuck...was he thinking of fucking me?? No way did I want a cock in me. I struggled to get up right, but I could not. Kev had me pinned.

I tried to fight but it was useless. 
"Fuck...come on Kev...I don't want it in me!!

Kev was oblivious to what I was saying. It seemed like he was zoned out. I was stuck with my legs in the air, and Kev lining his cock up. I was quickly sobering up. I watched as Kev spit on his hand and worked his cock. He gripped my legs and slowly pushed his cock in. I could not bear the pain and screamed out. He just kept pushing in, until he was completely in me. Wow it hurt like a fuck, but he just started pumping my ass. Jesus it felt like someone was trying to push a turd back in. I did not like the feeling. Kev just kept on fucking me. I felt his balls slap my ass every time he slammed into me. Okay it started to feel good. Yeah I admit it. I was starting to enjoy this. I began stroking my cock again. Wow he was doing something...he was hitting the spot right on the button. I creamed all over me and him.
"Oh...fuck good!!"

Kev was moaning. He was getting faster and harder. Holy shit he was close. With one final grunt, he shot his load deep in my ass. He pulled out, and leaned down and whispered in my ear.

"Promise not to tell?" This was all I heard as I passed out.

The words rang in my ear as I went into a deep sleep. WTF...

I awoke in the morning and had no idea of what had fucking happened. My pants were still around my knees. Fuck my ass hurt like a bitch. I reached down and felt something leaking from it. What the fuck. Images filled my head. What the fuck had happened. Bits and pieces filled my head, but nothing substantial. I went in the can and cleaned up. I was coming out when Kev came down. He looked like shit. I was gonna ask him about last night, but from the looks of it I doubt he remembered fuck all. I kept my mouth shut. I made up some excuse that I had to jet, but would come by later to help clean up.

When I got home, I went up to my room. Lying on my bed I thought hard about last night. I remember getting sucked of by Kev. I think I remember Kev fucking me. My hand subconsciously moved to my crotch. Fuck I had enjoyed it last night. Judging from the erection I was sporting. Fuck my mind was in turmoil. I had always thought I was straight. Now all those thoughts were out the door.

I never did talk to Kev about it. Soon Kevin and I began to drift apart. He was in a new group of friends...more jocks like he was. I had begun hang with a different crowd. Of course we would acknowledge each other, but we no longer hung out as we had done. Eventually we just stopped everything. 
Well now things have changed a lot for me. Once I came to realize that I loved cock, more than I loved snatch, I made a decision that I would no longer date or be with a girl. I accepted the fact that I was indeed gay. I now have a boyfriend, and I could not be happier. I owe it all to Kevin.

For your curiosity, I was recently at the mall, and saw Kevin. My mind went back to the night he changed me. I remember clearly his words he whispered to me. A single tear came to my eye, and I whispered back.

"I promise not to tell."

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