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Sucking my Roommate by antcup

Sucking my roommate by antcup

I went to a small Midwest college in the late 80's-- I was a much better
than average looking guy and quite the ladies man or so I thought.  I had
never even thought about ever being with another guy until my senior year
when a new roommate of mine lured me in if you will because of a dick that
no one could overlook and end up not wanting.  John was simply a
lady-killer and his cock was well known in the sorority circles.  He was
probably a 7 on the scale but because of his "reputation" he was clearly a
10 in most of the ladies eyes!

JR and I moved into a big house off campus and literally the first day as
he was getting out of the shower I could not help stare at his cock as he
came out of the shower - but of course I felt funny so I kept this to
myself at that time from taking it any further in my head.  But as the
weeks rolled by and the fact we didn't have a shower curtain on the shower,
I caught myself taking more and more looks.  Finally something happened
that put me overboard.  One day I came home to find john straddling a chick
in the middle of the TV room with his monster between the tits of some
chick I had never saw.  For one we were all freaked out about me walking
in, but when I saw that thing hard, I think that put me over -- it was
easily the largest dick I had ever seen in person.  That night I came home
alone from some party and yep my mind took me to that scene and I ended up
jacking off to thinking about it -- I remembered how close I got and the
fact I could actually see his veins and how big his cock head was.  It was
a great fantasy and orgasm and I felt real guilty afterwards, but soon I
was doing it all the time.

Then I wanted to take it a little further -- I wondered what it would be
like to hold it, suck it and or taste it - I new I could somehow find the
infamous cum towel every guy has by his bed somewhere and savor smelling
and maybe tasting his cum.  I simply could not believe I was thinking this
but I kept going farther and farther in my mind night after night
wondering.  And finally that day came one morning as john left for class
and sure enough a huge glob of cum on a towel next to his bed.  My heart
was racing and my 7.5-inch cock was never harder.  I stroked and stroked
and finally took some of his juice for lubrication and quickly blew a
teenage load, which hit me in the face and was all over his bed.  Now I was
freaking but hooked on my roommates cock -- what was happening.

Then something made things even more interesting and ultimately made the
whole thing eventually turn into a 10-year story.  One day my girlfriend
mentioned that my room mates girls friend who was close to my girl friend
told him that she thought something was funny about John and his former
college --she basically told my girlfriend that she had found some letter
between John and another former room-mate when he was at another college.
Basically she alluded to the words and tone was from a relationship of more
than just room-mates.  As amazed, as I was to hear this and shocked hearing
about John the lady-killer.  My cock got stiff thinking about the
possibility of him being bi.  My heart raced and my mind then went to the
next level.

As the weeks passed I kept coping looks, jacking off and my fantasies got
deeper and deeper.  Basically all I wanted to do was have that cock in my
mouth and taste him.  As much as I thought about my girlfriend telling me
that story, I never really though it could be true until of course a night
that changed it all.

John and I were drunk and his chick was back home.  We were sitting on the
couch and of course the subject of us being so Horney came up.  It was late
and he was crouched down on the couch and the bulge of just his flaccid
dick filled his shorts -- it was unreal what his cock was like not hard
compared to any other cocks I had seen.  All of a sudden he started talking
about Blowjobs and the fact half the chicks just jack him off more or less
because of his size.  This was the first time we ever started talking about
his dick and size.  JR told me he urned for someone to really suck him off
all the way and for god sake swallow his come and not stop in the middle of
him coming.  As the conversation continued, he said that he could care less
who it was, all he wanted is his cock sucked.  So now we are half drunk
talking about cocks and sucking and I am dying.  I laughed and said oh so
your saying anyone could suck it boy, girl and you could care less.  JR
said yep -- a good blowjob is just that.  I laughed and then it just came
out -- ok whip it out and I blow you.  He laughed and said you would do
that for me roomy and I said absolutely anything for you buddy.  The whole
time I'm thinking this is no way a move by me but just a joke, and then JR
stands up and pulls his cock out of his shorts and stood up in front of me
as I was sitting on the couch.  It was the closest I had ever been to a
cock let alone his -- he moved over and said "ok buddy it's all yours suck
me off".  I was starting to get inkling that maybe this wasn't a joke.
With that I moved closer and said ok here I go and quickly grabbed his half
hard cock and gave it a tug.  Again we laughed but he did not jump away or
move.  He then grabbed his cock and pumped it a few times and again I
laughed and just said he had the hugest dick I had ever seen.  He kept
stroking it in front of me as it wa probably now half hard and said c'mon
please suck me or make me cum -- I am so Horney.  Finally I though I would
make a move that I could regret forever -- I was going to jokingly lick his
cock since he did not seem to care when I touched it -- so I said ok buddy
come closer and I'll suck away.  He took a step and literally his head was
at my mouth and then I did it -- I licked him quickly and all he did was
grab his cock so he could steer it into my virgin mouth.  Next thing I know
I have his head in my mouth and am actually sucking up and down and he is
just standing there and then comes the moan.  That's when I understood my
fantasy was in my mouth and really going to happen.  I then anted to savor
it all and make sure if it never happened again, that at least I would
remember everything about his cock.  The look, his taste his actions of
moaning and humping.  His cock was unreal, beautifully hung and
proportioned with monstrous balls that of course where shaven.  As I
continued to work his cock in my mouth more and more he was moaning how
turned on he was and how good I was -- with that I pulled my cock out of my
shorts and started jacking.  I could taste what I knew was some of his cum
and god it was awesome.  I hade him in my mouth and totally in control --
now he would be mine as he wasn't going anywhere until he came.

Then he kind of freaked about being in the TV room with all the windows and
all so he said he wanted to go up to the room -- god this was just unreal I
thought.  We ran upstairs and got naked and jumped on the mattress.  I
grabbed his cock and keeps sucking away, he asked me if I could take his
load and I just moaned with his monster probably reality only a quarter in
my mouth.  It was so big and frankly my mouth was killing me but I wanted
to taste him.  He started humping faster and faster and then grabbed my
head -- yelled are your sure you want it and again I moaned -- he was
bucking really hard and we were both sweating I remember as we had no ac --
then I felt it -- a rifle shot of his young cum and then what felt like a
thousand more and what I though was a bucket full -- I was so turned on and
sucking as much as I could, but the forth or fifth shot made me gag and I
pulled him out of me.  There was cum everywhere and I remember the strong
smell and taste of him -- it was better than I thought it would ever be.
As I laid there we started laughing but he was also stroking my cum soaked
hair -- it was great because I know as a guy when you cum and show any
effect ion -- the other partner must have been pretty darn good -- JR stood
up with his 9 inch cock still hard and said that he hoped we could do this
every day -- I laughed and said we'll see - thought maybe I could tease him
a little.  I went down to get a beer and when I returned there he was naked
on the bed with his huge cock sleeping -- I laid on the bed a jacked off so
hard with the taste of him still in my mouth -- I blew in 1 minute.

That was the first of many blowjobs I gave JR.  Even after we graduated I
would visit him often and usually I would be sucking his cock in the car
from the airport.

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