Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Sleeping Booty by Darren Hill

by Darren Hill

     The first time I ever slept with a guy, or with anyone for that matter, was last year just after my eighteenth birthday.  I barely even knew the guy; he was my brother's roommate.  His name was Tim and my brother threw a going away party for him. He was starting college and would be moving out next week.  Although I didn't know him very well, I knew I would miss him.  I had had a crush on him since I first laid eyes on his beautiful body.

     It was quite a party.  Everyone was really drunk and I'm not even sure when my brother said he was staying over at his girlfriend's place. Everyone seemed to leave at once and I found myself alone with Tim. I remember being so tired (or drunk) that I could hardly keep my eyes open.  I had spilled an entire punchbowl full of tequila sunrises all down my chest earlier that evening and I decided to take a shower before I went to sleep.

     Once under the hot, rushing water, I quickly lathered my body with thick suds and at the very moment my soapy hand found its way to my crotch I realized who I was in the house alone with. I heard the stereo in the living room turn on; the music was different from the loud "party-music" that had been playing earlier.  The melody that drifted into the bathroom was soft and sexy.  I got out of shower, towelled off and shook my hair.  I wrapped a towel around my waist and made for the bedroom, which Tim and my brother shared.

     In the room were two single beds, just a few feet away from each other Tim was lying sprawled on his back, wearing only a pair of white underwear.  His eyes were closed and I assumed he was asleep.  I stepped closer to him and he made no move.  I must of been pretty drunk 'cause I then took off my towel and moved closer to his hunky sleeping form.

     He was gorgeous.  His 5'9" frame was tan and muscular and his blonde hair was smooth and silky.  His face was unlike any I've seen.  Boyishly handsome, his jaw was strong and squared-off and his lips were full and luscious. My cock swung as I stepped closer to him.  His eyes were closed and his breathing was slow and even.  I wrapped a fist around my dick and began to jerk, not really thinking about what I was doing. My eyes captured the vision before me and translated the sight into pure lust.

     The thought which seized me at that moment was that, if I hurried and was really quiet, I could shoot a wad, just inches from the face and body of the most handsome guy I'd ever seen.  The though really turned
my on. I spit into my palm and rubbed it around the head of my cock and down the shaft.  I worked the slick juice rapidly up and down the length of my swollen pole, faster and faster.  I knew I could cum with just a few more strokes.  The face of my idol never left my gaze as I pumped away at my meat.  In just a moment I would be there, revealing in my lewd display, my hot cum flying out of my cock to the floor below his bed.

     Suddenly his eyes came open and he lunged for me.  I probably cried out as my heart leaped into my throat.  For a minute, I thought he was going to beat the shit out of me but as soon as I felt his hot lips close around my cock, my fear rapidly turned to delight.  I had fallen back on the bed, with his handsome face buried in my crotch, when I realized that he hadn't been asleep at all. Frenzied hand, his and mine tore off his underwear and I felt the searing flesh of his hard cock press against my leg.  His mouth was like a stoked furnace.  He swallowed my rod with vengeance, all the way down to the root.

     He worked his perfect lips up and down my shaft and I felt my cum burning in my balls.  I ran my hands across his back.  His body felt as perfect as it looked.  His skin was hot under my fevered touch and when
I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold off much longer, I pulled him up off of my cock.

     He brought his handsome face up and looked into my eyes.  Slowly, he moved his mouth to mine and kissed me.  I was startled by the feel of his lips and tongue; it was very different from kissing a girl.  His
tongue seemed bigger and stronger than mine and the sensation of the soft blond stubble on his upper lip against mine was the most alien and yet the most exciting thing I ever felt. He ground his huge cock against mine, still wet from his hot spit, as we held each other tightly.  Our mouths worked hungrily at each other,
our tongues sampling and consuming every inch of flesh within reach.

     As the hard rod between his muscular thighs forced itself against my belly, the thought entered my mind that I hadn't even seen his cock yet. I grabbed the full cheeks of his ass and pulled his body slowly to mine, my tongue tracking the sensuous journey.  He allowed me to explore him, seeming to know that this was my first time.  I was amazed by the taste of his skin and the way his muscles tightened as my lips caressed his stomach. When I reached the pale tan line at his waist, I paused, knowing that the moment I took his throbbing spear into my mouth there would be no turning back.  As I engulfed his thick cock between my lips, I was glad of the choice.  The taste of him was sweet and sweaty at the same time.  His dick was thick and I was certain my mouth could not begin to contain his massive bulk.

     He rested his knees on the pillow under my head and clasped his hands in my hair.

     "Relax", he soothed and he gently prodded the throbbing rod farther down my throat. 

When I gagged, he pulled back and scooted his knees a little farther apart.  Pushing forward once again, he murmured, "Open wide. Swallow me." 

The sound of his voice set every nerve in my body pounding. I took his swollen member into my mouth and was amazed by the size and taste of it.  It was steely-hard and I felt the hot blood coursing its length under the firm touch of my tongue. I grabbed the backs of his thighs and pulled him to me.  I felt his muscles tense as the hard crown pried open the tight confines of my throat.  He began to pump with a slow, steady rhythm and the weight of his heavy balls made them brush against my chin. My cock was burning.  It ached to feel the touch of him.  He slowly pulled his dick from my mouth and scooted down until his bace was level
with my dick and balls.  He used his tongue liberally, making long wet swipes and with each one I felt my prick grow larger.

     "Man, you've got a great cock." he moaned between licks.  "I wanna feel it up inside of me." 

He straddled my hips and manoeuvred his juicy ass right above my swollen pole.  With a handful of spit he coated the head of my dick and worked the slickness up and down the length of the thick shaft. When I felt the hot, moist cheeks of his ass close and tighten around my dick I thought I would shoot right then.  He swallowed my cock with his strong ass and began to raise and lower his muscular body up and down on my rigid prick.  The feeling was INCREDIBLE!  I felt the bands of muscle in his thighs grow taut as he slowly lifted his beautiful butt up. I just lay there and used every bit of self-control I had to keep from filling his ass with my cum.

     His huge cock stood straight up against his belly.  The head was swollen and purple and I grasped the thick shaft in both hands.  As he fucked himself up and down, his cock, huge and heavily veined, thrust itself into my fist.  I began using it as a handle, to lower and raise his body up and down on my dick. I felt beads of sweat fall from his face onto my chest.  He reached down and pinched my nipples with his hands.  His fingers kneaded my pecs as he bucked up and down, impaled on my rod.  The sticky fluid from his cock hand coated my hands and his rod was squished wetly as it pumped into my fists.

     I felt the tip of my cock begin to burn.  I knew very soon the hot juice in my balls would be shooting into his clenching asshole.  He suddenly sat down hard, filling his butt with my dick and began to rock back and forth, clamping his hole around my cock as hard as he could.  Almost in slow motion, I saw the first explosion of cum from his massive cock fire into the air and land on my chest.  His head was thrown back and each spurt from his dick made him cry out. I leaned forward and clamped my lips around the fat head of his cock, catching a hot mouthful of his sweet jizz.  Then I came like I never had before.  I bucked my ass off the bed, lifting him up in the air time after time as I spewed my load inside him.  He braced his hands on my cum slicked chest and rode me like a bronco.  His fat cock slapped against his taut belly with each of my intense thrusts inside him.

     After my eruption finally stopped, he lay down on my chest, his ass still clamped around my cock and began to cover my face with kisses.  I held on to him tightly, sober now, as I realized that this might be the last night we would be together.  I never wanted to let him go
     "When are you leaving?" I finally asked, not really wanting to hear his answer.

     "I'm not going anywhere," he said smiling. "I'm just moving out, getting my own apartment closer to school."  My arms were still wrapped around is sweat covered back as he continued.  "I'll be looking for a roommate..."

     My last words to him, as we fell asleep still locked together tightly, implied very strongly that he needn't look very far.

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