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The Camping Trip by John from Illinois

note: I have had to do some serious editing here as the story in its original form had obviously been written in a moment of lust and the grammar was not too good. I hope I have managed to correct the hundreds of mistakes and in doing so I also hope I haven't changed the concept of the story. Apologies if I've missed any


The Camping Trip

By John from Illinois

A friend and I went camping last summer. This guy is a total stud (27, 5'11”, 170llbs). You can see his six pack when he breathes, he doesn't have to flex. He has a great chest, perfect nips that stick out and handsome dark hair on his chest with a healthy natural trail that goes from chest down to his navel then spreads from there down a nice thick patch of dark pubes. He has a reasonably hairy ass which I had seen a few times when showering or when he him spent the night at my place. It always made me rock hard. Even his legs were toned and hot with a normal amount of hair....he always wore a sporty short hair cut with the front put back similarly to mine. His eyes are green with a very hot face, nice jaw line. He was the sort everyone wanted, but he was not usually interested. I was no slouch myself but shorter; more of a swimmer’s build. He was athletic and muscular but not overly. His physique was perfect with a total V shape, the arms nice and muscular too. He had really large well formed shoulders and hair on forearms. Not only was he a stud he was also a really nice guy, friendly, nice, kind, funny and conversational.

However, his one problem is he liked to drink way too much, which was a total bonus as far as I was concerned. So it was the 4th of July weekend and it was high 80's and sunny, we were going to a State Park which had this meandering river that you can camp on where it goes into this nice sized lake. We decided to head out and two other friends were supposed to come but flaked on us so it was just him and me. A couple hours drive later, we arrived at our site. It was right by the river with a lot of seclusion with bushes and trees at our sides and my with my SUV parked at the front.  It was just me, him and the river. Even before we got there he had one of the coolers open and had been drinking. I didn’t want to drink too much too soon. I liked my alcohol but knew when to say “when” before I'd get drunk, Rod, however did not!

All the equipment was mine I had brought a three person tent as had a queen size air mattress 12” thick which fitted with little extra space inside. I blew it up with my charger. We quickly set up camp as we wanted to strip and get in the river.

Rod said, “Hey John that bed is great,” as he jumped on it with his sweaty t-shirt and surfboard shorts, "it feels better then my bed at home!”

I said “Mine too man!  Now that this is blown up let’s grab a beer and jump in the river!"

"I won’t say no to that man" He said.

He had three more beers while unpacking; drinking each down in a few gulps. He jumped out of the tent but his sweaty arm around my shoulder and said "this is already great John, we are going to have a good time so let’s get wasted."

I grinned back and said "As if I can stop you even if I wanted."

He laughed a little and those lips and face just made my heart race.

I am going to have you,” I thought.

 I grabbed two beers from one of the coolers on our picnic bench and tossed one to him. We opened the bottles and slammed them then I pushed him suddenly and started running to the river pulling my shirt off at the same time. I had worn my Quicksilvers and jumped in legs first to the cool felt great! He was behind me and I was just able to turn around to see his tight sweaty body, his six pack stomach and his sweat glistening before he hit the water.

We messed around in the river for a while and I said, “Let’s make some mixed drinks man and get the inner tubes out sail downstream to the lake.”

It was a great afternoon and he was really keen on the idea as he had gone there as a kid with his family and he loved inner tubing down the river.

“I didn’t know you had brought inner tubes," he said.

“ I thought of everything man,  your going to love this, you get to see otherr sites we pass some really cool rock formations and we can dive off a couple of them if your game."

"Hell yeah, man, I’m totally game. I never been camping before, my folks weren't into it!"

 Then I'll give you the whole package dude."

He came up to me and gave me a one arm hung with his muscles naturally flexing and his face real close to mine and said,  "John, you always seem to have it going on man. Having this set up is totally cool."

We got out of the water, dried off some but didn’t put our shirts back on, it was to humid and hot. Rod went to the SUV and grabbed two 64oz thermo guzzlers and I started to mix some cranberry and Absolut and as I put in the Absolut Rod went crazy in a funny way and said," Hell John, I don’t want mine getting weak from the ice and cranberry, give me that bottle."

I just chuckled and called him an alcoholic and we both laughed and he poured the shit in there like there was no tomorrow and had just a little cranberry in there he said for taste. I stayed with mine as it was. I inflated the inner tubes and he started chugging the guzzler, totally excited about the prospect of lazing around the river as it took us down stream and I was just as excited as I saw him drinking like a fish.  Rod made good company drunk or sober and I was getting both.

So before we went out, I said, "Ready man?"

He said "Hell yeah, after I freshen up my drink.”

I said "Jesus Christ, save some for later dude,” jokingly. "I need to take a piss anyway.”

He agreed to that too. So finally we went down the river joking and drinking. He was starting to slur by now and he looked so good slouched legs up arms out holding his 64oz guzzler. I also had some nylon rope tied to the tubes and the thermo guzzlers so they would float too when we weren’t drinking from them. We never did do the rock thing and by the time we had made the lake we were both ready to head back to camp. It was more then 4 miles upstream and Rod was truly drunk at this pint, head had nearly a entire bottle of the Absolut and about six beers and it was only 3:30pm. He was super friendly. He always was but even more affectionate in his drunk way. We joked around and got to the road that lead up to our campsite and hitched a ride from a couple in a pick up .They dropped us off and we headed into camp.

 I asked if he was hungry and he said, “Totally man, I can eat anything at this point.

So I said, "Cool,” and started up the little gas grill I had brought and put on some hamburgers.

 “While I do that get us some fresh drinks."

He said "Hell yes!" in a slurred funny way that made me crack up.

As I started preparing the meal, he was making our drinks and I said “Don’t make mine as strong as you did yours earlier man.” 

Rod called me a pussy. I said. I just don’t want to piss the bed and you fucking better not either.”

We both laughed and he complained that he had to already open up another Absolut bottle and that we might have to go for an alcohol run tomorrow. As I got the meat on the grill and some sliced potatoes, Rod decided to take his trunks off and expose that firm bubble, slightly hairy ass of his and he didn’t put anything on and sat down in one of the lounge chairs I brought and started to drink from his full 64 oz guzzler again.

Everything was in the grill so I walked over to him and grabbed my refreshed guzzler, feeling a good buzz already and said" I thought I'd get mine before you started drinking from it."

Rod, slouched in the comfort of the lounge chair looked at me and gave me a stupid ass kiss with his lips from far away in a drunk and smartass funny way, but didn’t say anything. I knew when he got quiet he was trashed.

I said, “Are you going to stay naked the rest of the night man?

He said, "Yeah, Johnny, it feels good you should try it."

I said, “Maybe after I finish my guzzler."

 He said, “No time like the now time" and he started fucking guzzling that guzzle till all I heard was the ice rattling in the thing.

I said "Fuck dude, you are a monster. Let’s eat so you can get some solids in you.

He grinned and said, "All good Johnny," in his that stud cute way.

My shorts were sticking up seeing his hot toned build body in that chair naked, relaxed, happy and drunk as hell. So he got up off the chair but fell right over. I laughed at him and helped to get him up and he hugged me face to face trying to get up. I had my on hand on his ass and the other around his back.

He got up and thanked me then dusted off and said. "I'll need to dip into the river after dinner.

I said, “Good idea I’ll join you.”

As I got the food ready he got another drink full to the brim of the 64oz guzzler and we had dinner, a little talk, just laughing and talking about the river and inner tubing. He had finished a lot of the guzzler by the time we got done and I did a quick clean up and he was literally head on arms on the bench bent over only getting up long enough to sip from his guzzler.

So when I was done I said, "Wash time dude."

He barely got up, so I helped him with him leaning on me and we stumbling to the river.

We walked in and washed off and I went up to him and said "Man, you are trashed!”

 He didn’t say anything and I said, "Let me help clean you off man."

I washed him with my hands over his shoulders, hot chest with that light hair, down his abs and back. I was totally boned naked in the water with him and he was clueless, so I had to stop and cool off myself as he was tipping form side to side.  I got up out of the water after the cooling and grabbed him with one arm over my shoulders and the other my around his waist and literally pushed him to dry land. I got him in the lounger and he asked for his guzzler and I gave it to him and sat next to him watching the evening sun turn orange and trying not to look at him. As I turned around there he was slouched on the chair head down, hot naked body exposed guzzler on his lap and his limp body steadily breathing, exposing his hard abs. One of his arms was dangling from the other side and the other closer to me was on his lap elbow still on arm of chair. I immediately boned up. I always wanted him passed out, alone with me. He was all mine and the sun wasn’t even down yet.

I spoke to him a few times with no response at all.  I nudged the arm next to me and it just dropped off onto his lap with no response. His limp jock body was still breathing slowly. He was tanned from the summer, except his ass and cock. It was a nice cock now that I could look at it without him noticing. It was limp but long and thick, thicker than mine. He had big balls too. This fucker had it all.

I got up and went over to him face to face and jerked him hard a few times hard to waken him but there was no response. Rod was totally out. I felt I could have cum right there and then. I started fondling his hard firm chest, then up to his shoulders. I touched his nice man-arms, and rode that thick nice dark trail all the way down his chest to his pubes, having to move the guzzler to the ground to do it. Then I moved his other arm off his body dangling it on the side of the chair. Rod was mine to play with. Finally, I touched his cock and pubes for a while but felt nothing much was going to happen there for a while.

I then drove my hand and fingers down past his ball sack to his ass and found that hairy nice man hole and dug my finger in without thinking. He didn’t even move!  I then heard something and realized we were still out side naked but a little secluded but I didn’t want to be caught so I tried to wake him to get him into the tent. I had no response but luckily we were close to the tent so I was able to drag the chair and his limp, tight, tanned body with it to the entrance of the tent. I opened the tent flaps and took the back of the lounge chair and adjusted it to be level him totally horizontal. He was still out like a light.

I had to feel him up again and sat on his thighs as I fondled his body and licked his abs and nips which were pointed and hard from my saliva. Then I decided I had taken enough chances of being caught and I wanted some more privacy. So I went around into the tent entrance and was behind him with his head and shoulders by the tent opening on the lounge chair. I gripped under his arms and pulled firmly and he moved his head and shoulder off the chair dangling in my lap with his neck and back arched. His hot full lips were now apart with his mouth open, so I put my mouth over his to lick his lips with my tongue and penetrate his open mouth with my tongue. I was leaking precum.

I hoped to be lucky enough to get off a few times tonight. After that, I again got on the air mattress and filled it to capacity to firm it and dragged him over and over again till he was on the bed down to his ankles feet dangling there. He was naked in my arms with me behind him his head on my chest and shoulders and part of his torso over my legs I fondled and gripped his chest and tight stomach as he breathed heavily. I rolled over and he flopped completely down on the bed a little sideway son his left side exposing those ass cheeks, slightly hairy and totally full and firm. I moved him over a little more on his side and spooned him from behind my cock in his crack and my right arm over his side fondling his chest and tight stomach, feeling the hair on the natural trail as it got hairy and went lower His right arm was in the way so I moved it up above his head to show me his strong muscular dark hairy armpit. I dove in with my tongue and nose smelling his manhood.

As I had him leaning on my body with my right hand fondling his torso and leg, I was as hard as it gets. I turned him over on his back and climbed on him face to face, kissing and tonguing his mouth and lips still with no response from him except heavy breathing with a light snore. Due to the fact I was on top of him, I went lower and lower tonguing his jaw, then neck, fondling those muscular shoulders and kissing his pecs and then licking his nipples up the side of his pecs to his arms pits and moved his hot limp toned arms above his head for full exposure. I was humping him big time, up and down on Rod’s tight body. Rod had a true athletic build, totally firm stomach and when he breathed out they would show a slight six pack. I went down further grinding his groin with mine and then licking his balls feeling that hairy patch of black pubes and working his masculine legs with my hands and tongue finally reaching his feet and licking them and fondling them and I sat up and saw his toned beautiful limp body breathing heavy and steady, glistening from my saliva. Seeing his six pack exposed slightly every time he breathed deeply out. He was sound asleep and all mine to use. I almost came right there, but I mounted him again laying over his body, looking down at his sides and seeing his exposed ribs fondling them then bringing up my hands to his face and opening his eye lids and seeing those dark green eyes stare out with no response. I looked him in the face and held onto his hot glistening shoulders and humped his tight abs with my cock and exploded onto his chest the biggest load I can remember and I fell down breathing heavily on top of him till I had calmed down. Then I turned on my left side and lay there with my leg up on his hot cum covered jock body and knew I had the entire night to do so much more.

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