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My First Male-Male Experience by Xavyon Cire Dyson


I found this story on a public forum and print it here in the hope that it will reach a wider audience for the writer.

This is a story I wrote about my first male/male experience. Thought somebody might find it interesting.
Subject: A Lil 'Bout Me ...&... My First Male/Male Experience - Part 1

My name is Xavyon (& yes, that is my real name) & I am bisexual in the
truest sense of the word. I am equally attracted to men as I am to women
(and vice versa). I get equally aroused by women as I do men (and vice
versa) and my dick is no less hard when I'm fuckin' a woman than when
I'm fuckin' a man.

My first time happened when I was only 18 y/o (I'm now 30 y/o). Before
this first incident I honestly never gave any thought to other guys or realized
any real attraction to other guys...I knew when another guy looked good or
didn't, but that was about the extent of it and didn't really matter to me one
way or the other. My sister, twin brother andI were visiting my aunt and
cousins for the summer. We were all pretty close and were having a fantastic
time that summer. Of the cousins we were staying with there 2 boys, so my
sister slept in the bedroom with my aunt, my brother slept in the room with the
older cousin (if memory serves, I think he was around 18 or 19 y/o at the
time) and I slept in the room with the younger cousin (he was 17 y/o at
the time). I'll spare you the remaining boring details. One night after
a particularly busy & exhausting (albeit fun) day I was really tired &
decided to sack out kinda early at around 10:30pm. It was still
really early compared to how late we had been staying up. That night I
was having a particularly strong erotic dream and while I can't remember
the details of the dream I remember feeling like the dream was so real and
I could actually physically feel what was going on in my dream. I
somehow intellectually knew that this was merely a dream, but couldn't
believe how real it felt and I was literally going out of my mind with how
good I was feeling. At some point in the dream I came out of the dream
as I was waking up and suddenly I realized that though I was now awake and
the dream was over I was still feeling the same sensations. I opened my
eyes and looked down to discover my cousin sucking my dick. I went
through a myriad of emotions at that moment. I was amazed, stunned,
angry, turned-on, confused, etc., etc., etc. but amidst all those
emotions I couldn't deny that this felt really good, so I didn't stop him
and pretended to be still asleep. I was no virgin at this time, but my
cousin was giving me the best blow job I had ever had up to that point.
I came so hard and so strong that it literally hurt so good (if you know
what I mean).

After that I made it no secret that I knew what had just
transpired and I went immediately macho and went off on him. I asked him why
he violated me like that and what gave him any indication that I would want
him to do that to me. He explained that he had struggled practically
every night and fought hard to keep from bothering me, but he couldn't take
it any longer. I made it a practice (and still do) to sleep in only my
underwear and he said that he just couldn't take it seeing me asleep in my
underwear with my dick print so evident in my drawers. You see (and I'm
not bragging), I've always been well endowed and hiding my dick print has
always been difficult for me (I'm just not a show-off) so needless to say
it was very well pronounced in my underwear. When I asked him why now,
he explained that it was even more difficult because I was already hard and
the head of my dick was peaking out through the top band of my he said he went for broke and decided to suck me off and would
just deal with whatever consequences came. Well, I told him (despite how
good this felt to me) that I didn't appreciate him doing that to me and
that he should never do it again.

Subject: A Lil 'Bout Me ...&... My First Male/Male Experience - Part 2

After that initial incident, feeling like my manhood had been breached
and having to prove my machismo I literally dogged my cousin out. I beat
him up once, served him major shade and acted like I was really disgusted
with him...all basically to no avail because I kept thinking about how
good that blow job felt. A couple of weeks after the inital dick
sucking, again he started sucking my dick while I slept...well, I wasn't
actually fully asleep. As I was falling asleep I felt him start to rub
on my dick through my underwear, this immediately woke me up, but I
pretended to remain asleep. I would never have admitted it to anyone at
the time but I was really hoping that he would suck me off again.

He rubbed until he got me good and hard...I got so hard I could have chipped
diamonds with it. I could literally feel the pre-cum on the tip of my
dick and a drip or two drop on to my stomach. I was so fucking turned on and
I couldn't believe myself and didn't know how to explain it to myself , but I
knew I was wanting this to happen. Finally, he eased my underwear down
from over my dick and he started licking the length of my shaft and
around the head of my dick and tonguing the tip of my dick and into my
pee slit. Then I went into utter ecstasy as I felt his warm mouth engulf
my dick. I was so happy I didn't know what to do. He sucked my dick
like a professional...I never wanted that moment to end because I loved
for my dick to feel that good. He sucked & sucked until I started to
moan and finally I grabbed his head and pushed him down on me and began to move
rhymically with his sucking. He couldn't quite totally deep throat me,
but he gave it the good old college try which felt damn good to me. I
was systematically going out of my mind. Finally I felt my balls fill up
and I came again really hard...not as hard as the first time, but nearly
as hard. This time I didn't get one drop of cum on me because my cousin
swallowed it that drove me even crazier. After this was over
this time, even though it was painfully clear that I was awake and totally
aware of all that just happened, I sheepishly went back to pretending I
was asleep (I know that was tired and I should have known better, but
didn't know what else to do). My cousin went along with the game and just
rolled over and went to sleep. Even after this I continued to give him a
hard time.

Well, about 3 or 4 nights after that I was horny again and wanted another
good dick sucking, but I didn't want to come out and ask. So, that night I
purposely went to bed before him totally naked...that's right fellaz no
underwear to block the view. I made sure I was good and hard by the time
he came to bed by using my thoughts, imagination & occasionally touching
and lightly rubbing my dick. By the time he came to bed and threw back the
covers he saw me laying there naked (awake, but again pretending sleep)
he went straight for it...grabbed my dick in his hands and just started
sucking my dick for dear life. Again, I was in heaven. I couldn't
believe I had gone to such lengths to get a blow job from a guy (and my
cousin no less). He sucked me 'til I got off.
Xavyon Cire Dyson

Subject: A Lil 'Bout Me ...&... My First Male/Male Experience - Part 3

After a couple more sessions like this he finally confronted me with the
fact that I was now desiring his blow jobs. Try as I might to remain
macho and non-committal he very aptly got me to admit that I was enjoying
his mouth on my dick. Without threatening to out me, he finally got me
to stop treating him bad and we grew to be very close that summer. As a
matter of fact, by the end of the summer I had graduated from getting
head from him to fucking him in the ass. I fucked him 4 times before I
went back home that summer. He loved for me to fuck him as much as I
loved fucking him. That was pretty much the extent of our
encounters...he would suck me and I would fuck him. I had a really happy
dick that summer. Many years would pass before I finally sucked dick for
the first time (and loved fact I love oral sex with men and
women...and damn good at both, even if I say so myself) and to this day I
have never been fucked (almost tried it once, but I just couldn't go
through with it...I guess that just isn't for me). I, in fact, sucked a
dick before I kissed a guy for the first time (backwards, I know) now I
love kissing guys and girls. That one summer was the only sexual contact
I had with my cousin. It was great but I had to remind myself that he
was he never pursued me again and I never pursued him. We
still see each other occasionally and he's living life as a gay man and I am
bisexual. When we see each other now we never discuss those days, but I
think we both hold fond memories of it. He is very popular and has a great
deal of public exposure (I won't say in what arena so as to not give any
clues), but I would dare not out him and share a private portion of his
life on a public forum like this without his permission, but if I told
you who he was I believe everybody here would know who I'm talking about
(I only share that to add intrigue to my account...but it is true).

It would be several years later before I had another sexual experience
with a man...I had one incident while drunk at age 18 (but I don't count
that because I was drunk) the guy just sucked my dick...but I was 25 y/o
before I started having more consistent encounters with men and I was 28
y/o before I would finally admit to being bisexual. I still love women and
enjoy pussy, but I can't deny that I do love men and enjoy dick and ass.
I've never had a long term relationship with a man, but am just now
coming open to having one (but still unsure if I could do that without
having a woman). In a perfect world I would hope to find a bisexual
woman and a bisexual man and be committed to both of havin' a
girlfriend and a boyfriend committed to each other and their respective
girlfriend and boyfriend committed to each other (is that too much of a far
out concept?) Well, there's my sex life in a nut-shell...hope it wasn't
too boring and hope somebody enjoyed it.

Xavyon Cire Dyson

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