Thursday, 7 November 2013

Getting the Chance by b13edy

Getting the Chance by b13edy
MM /drunk/ straight guy/ seduce / passed out/ oral

I have fantasized about other guys cocks since I was around 13 - 14 years old. When I wank I have to think of a guy to get me off. I have never had the opportunity to fulfill my fantasy until last summer break. I had been to a birthday party at a friend's house when the night came to an end most people went home but myself and a few others who decided to stay the night. This was ok by our host who supplied blankets etc for some of us to use.

It must have been nearly 3am before the lights went out. I was sleeping on the floor and this other guy who is the same age as me and although not what you would call a friend of mine (more the friend of a friend who had left the party with a girl earlier) was also there. One other guy was sleeping in the room on a chair. He was the cousin of our host. I was laying on the floor unable to get to sleep as I like my comforts such as nice warm soft bed. Hard floors are not my thing. Any way I am lying on the floor my hand on my cock as always, not quite wanking but playing with my tool.

The guy sleeping on the couch was out of it I could tell by the snoring noises coming from him. I won't pretend he is some kind of sex god or the most handsome guy I know but neither am I but he was hot enough to get my imagination going. His leg fell from the couch coming to a rest almost beside my waist. I just could not help myself so I reached out and touched his leg with one hand while I stroked my now free cock with the other. He had jeans on but just the heat of his skin through the thick material had me going.Slowly my hand moved up his leg until I was touching his thigh through his jeans and under the duvet covering him.

I had to move closer to the couch as my hand searched for his package to my surprise he was already hard when I found it. Then suddenly he moved pulling his leg back up from the side of the couch and turned on to his back. My heart was racing at first as I thought I had wakened him but he started snoring once more. After a few minutes I once again slipped my hand beneath his duvet on to his still hard package. I then got on my knees beside the couch and undid his belt then the top three buttons on his jeans the heat hit my hand as soon as the jeans were open I was so turned on it was a fantastic feeling. It was scary but at the same time so horny. I gently rubbed his cock through his boxers for a minute or so then I wanted to feel the real thing. I tugged at his jeans as gently as I could pulling them down enough to get my hand up the leg of his boxers I was ecstatic as my fingers found the soft skin of his balls damp with sweat. I had a feel then moved up to get my first touch of his hard 6 inch uncut cock I gently began wanking him for a couple of minutes but I so wanted to taste him so as gently as I could I worked his cock out the leg of his boxers and took the tip of it in my mouth rolling my tongue around the tip then pushing my tongue under his foreskin. Little by little I took more of him sucking like a man possessed. I got so carried away that he must have sensed something was going on as he pushed me away and turned on his side facing away from me and began snoring again.

A little while later I tried once again to touch him but he had refastened his jeans. I gave up and fell asleep.

The following morning when I woke up he was gone I have saw him a few times since and I just know he remembers what happened because of the way he looks at me not smiling but sort of laughing but as far as I know he has not told anyone.Since then I have explored a few other guys but I will leave those stories for another time

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