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My Sleeping Cuddle Bunny by Tanner55555

My Sleeping Cuddle Buddy by Tanner55555
MM/straight guys/ sleep/oral/first-time
It was the first month I was in college , and I was hanging out with a group of people in the RA's room. It was a 'pajama' party, and we were going to watch a Die Hard marathon as late into the night as possible. It was a Friday night, so everyone had the weekend to sleep it off. We were piled on the floor, the RA in his bed. It was kind of crowded, with the pizza, soda, and freshmen guys all spread across the was kind of awkward, all the guys crammed together. My RA offered to share the bed with one of us to help with the crowded-ness. No one volunteered, so he looked at each of us and asked.
When he came to me, he gave me a weird smile and said, "Tanner, I know you wanna be my cuddle buddy."
"Not really, dude."
"C'mon. You're like a giant teddy bear anyway. Girls are gonna wanna cuddle with you. This'll give you good practice."
Maybe it's just the fact that I'm very shy and awkward and that's why he pushed the issue, but eventually the other guys were encouraging me. It was embarrassing, but I got up and climb into his bed.
"Well, hello there, cuddle buddy." He smiled that weird smile again.
I was kind of nervous, but I turned toward the T.V. screen. He put his arm between my left armpit (I was laying on my left side) and wrapped his right arm around my belly, squeezing me tight. He put his left cheek (face, people) on my right one (so he could see the T.V., too). Some of the guys awwwed.
I know I was blushing, but the RA responded, saying "You guys are jealous. I'm a great big spoon. Don't you feel secure, Tanner?"
I mumbled something and went back to the movie.
Sometime during the night, I must have fallen asleep. I woke up, unsure what time it was, but a lamp was on somewhere, giving me some light. I discovered I was still the RA's little spoon, but I was facing away from the T.V., with my head on my RA's bare chest...which was weird, since he was wearing a white T-shirt and grey sweatpants as his 'pajamas'. I looked down, and saw he was in a small pair of black shorts (running shorts, maybe?). I sat up and looked around the room, realizing none of the guys were anywhere. I wondered why they hadn't woken me up. I looked back at my RA. His glasses were on the nightstand. I was still wearing my contacts, but my eyes weren't hurting. Anyway, I sat there, watching him sleep, trying to figure out what happened. He must have changed when everyone left and, instead of waking me, decided to continue the cuddle buddy experience. I wasn't sure what to do.
I looked at my RA, since this was an unique opportunity. My RA had dark, curly hair over top a long face, with dark lips and long eyelashes (it's weird things you remember). He was clean shaven (no stubble), and his chest/belly were equally hairless. His gangly arms and legs were covered in dark curly hairs. His thighs were long, which made the already short shorts look even shorter. The thigh hair thinned out as it moved up his leg toward his crotch...which, for such small shorts, lacked a major bulge. I watched his undefined chest and stomach (not fat, but not defined...just kind of squishy) rise up and down as he breathed. I touched his shoulder and tried to wake him (I probably could have just left, but...I don't know, I didn't want to be rude...), but his breathing stayed the same. I wasn't sure what to do, but then I got curious...about how we compared...below the belt. Yes, it's weird, but I was just curious.
Gingerly, I put my hand on his crotch, gently feeling for his cock. I instantly felt was soft, but I could tell it was a whole lot bigger than mine. I lifted up his left short leg and was immediately greeted with the site of his purple head. The size of his soft cock was enormous (I'm guessing about 7.5). I remember he told us about his girlfriend letting him have sex with her for the first time...he had said she cried when he finally slipped himself inside. We had thought it was just guys bullshittng about themselves...apparently, I was wrong. I decided to be ambitious and grabbed the elastic waistband of the shorts. I gently pulled them down, exposing everything. His crotch was shaved except for a small ring of curly black hairs around the base of his cock. His balls were kind of small, or maybe they were normal compared to the ferret living in his pants. I admired for a while. His breathing was the same. I noticed I was also hard, so I pulled my cock out. My little 5 inch dick looked like nothing compared to this guy soft. It was embarrassing. I began wanking my RA off, and he got stiffer, not bigger. With every stroke, however, I realized I was unleashing a beast. It got noticeably thicker at first, and then the inches started to show themselves. Finally, it was standing straight up from his body. I could barely get my hand around it. I got out of bed and grabbed a ruler from his desk. It was a little over a foot. Damn.
I put the ruler back and started slowly wanking him again, when I noticed his breathing went from very shallow to deeper, heavier breaths. His eyes never opened. I remembered he had said his girlfriend couldn't fit it in her mouth, and I was curious. I opened my mouth wide and gently put his head in my mouth. I rolled my tongue gently around it (not really sure what to do), while I stroked the rest of the length. The breathing got heavier, but there were no signs of him waking. I started going down further, trying to get as far as possible. His cock fitted in my mouth (I beat his girlfriend at something...haha). I squeezed my lips around his shaft and bobbed my head up and down slowly. The breathing still got heavier. I had no idea if I was doing anything right, so I just focused on the head for a little bit. I gently rubbed his testicles, gently massaging each ball. The breathing suddenly got shorter. I was terrified he would wake. He began to say his girlfriend's name in his sleep, so I stopped.
He muttered "finish me off", so I put my lips back on his purple head and slowly pumped his cock with my hand. His whole body started to tense up. His balls were pulled close to his body. I kept sucking until I felt his cock spasm. Cum shot into my mouth in three major spurts.
"Oh, fuck!" he murmured in his sleep.
His breathing went back to heaviness. I got out of bed and spit his cum into the trash, then covered it with tissues. I should have left then, but I climbed back into bed. His cock was still very hard, but it was starting to return to normal. I tucked it back into his shorts. I took my contacts out, layed them on the night table, and played the little spoon again, returning my head to his chest and his arm around my shoulder. I gently rubbed his chest and belly with my left hand, and ended up resting my hand with my thumb on his nipple. I closed my eyes, and eventually fell asleep.
I started waking up sometime the next morning. I was still semi-unconscious, but I felt a world of pleasure, a warm wet kind of pleasure. I barely opened my eyes, but I saw a curly head going up and down on my dick. I closed my eyes and just let him do his thing (if it was really happening). He let my small penis slip out of his mouth and I felt a hand on my balls. It was a slow pumping at first, then got faster and faster. I eventually came with an unknown ferocity. My cum shot on my stomach, which was exposed for some reason. A hand rubbed my belly, smearing the semen. He put my shirt down and I heard him sigh. I pretended to turn over in my sleep and wrapped my arms around him, making him the small spoon for a change. Eventually, we both woke up sometime that afternoon. I was still the big sppon. He turned and faced me.
"Morning, cuddle buddy. Sleep well?"
"Yep. I was out cold."
"Me too." He climbed over me and got out of bed, stretching. "I feel so damn good this morning. We should do this more often."
"I don't think your girlfriend would approve of you having a male cuddle buddy."
"She also wouldn't approve of the blow jobs."
'The what?"
"You know, the really rough but still fantastic blow job you gave me, and the one I gave you this morning as a thank you."
"That didn't happen. You must be dreaming. I'm not gay."
"Neither am I, but I appreciate a good blow when I can get it and, knowing my size, it's hard to find anyone whose mouth is wide enough."
He walked over to me and put a hand on my face. "You have such a nice mouth, no homo." We both laughed. "I'm getting a shower now. You probably should too." He started gathering his stuff, so I got up to leave.
"We seriously need to do this again. Even the cuddling was nice. You're a good cuddle buddy. You'll make a girl very happy." The weird smile had returned.

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