Thursday, 7 November 2013

Seducing the Firefighter

Seducing the FireFighter by Danny
MM, straight guy, drunk, oral, seduce

I work at a bar I finished late about 12 o'clock anyway I stayed for one drink now I'm not the best drinker so I got a little bit more confident than i would normally

Anyway before I finished work there was this guy, he is a regular and he is a fire fighter. I would'nt say he suits everyone's' liking but he just turns me on. Anyway he got too drunk as usual and he was asked to leave. He must have left about half an hour before me. I've dropped him of before to his house when he was drunk as the bar where I work is in the countryside and it's about an hour's walk away from this guy's house.

So when I was driving home I saw him stumbling down the road so I stopped and offered him a lift and he got in. When he sat down I had to lean over him to close the door and put his seat belt on and when I did this he put his hand on my thigh just in a way to say thanks. So I was driving down the road and in the corner of my eye i saw him rub himself a little he then picked his balls up which were covered by his blue jeans and dropped them. He did this a few times.

He then put his head back and started to snore. I looked at him and got really horny thinking of all the dirty things I wanted him to do to me so I put my hand on his strong arms and rubbed them until I got even more confident and rested my hand on his leg.

When I got to his house I took the seat belt off of him and opend the door but he was too drunk to stand so I helped him up. I put his strong tanned smooth arm over my shoulder and walked him to his door and when we got there I asked him for his key which he said it was in his front pocket. Knowing he was drunk I put my hand down his back pocket grabbing his arse.

He said, "No, no it's in the front pocket, " so i put my hand down his front pocket nudging against his flaccid cock.

I then got the key out of his pocket and opened the door. I asked him where his bedroom was and he told me so I took him to his bed and took his jeans and polo shirt off. His chest was hard but not toned. After I took off his polo I slid my palm down his chest and to the top button of his jeans and took them off followed by his socks so he was left in his underwear.

Then in his drunken slumber he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me onto him and as I tried to get up he called me so I sat next to him and he put his arm around me. I put my arm around him and with my other hand I rubbed his chest and he laid back and asked me to go to bed with him so I took all of my clothes off and lay on top of him and kissed his chest and nipples then tongued him as I kissed my way down to his cock and began to suck him. Later we had sex although I did most of the work.

I got up early that morning before he did and left him.

I'm looking forward to working late again

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