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Uncle by Seth

 Uncle   by Seth

When I was just turned 18 my mom's brother moved in with us. He was a really attractive 37 year old guy. There was some resentment towards the situation with him living with us but I worked through it.

Anyway, I was really curious about men but had no real outlet for my curiosity and my frustration. My uncle was sleeping on our couch for literally about a year and he was a heavy sleeper. His snoring sounded like a chainsaw. One night while he was sleeping I got up in the middle of the night for a glass of water. He was wearing boxers an the blanket was pulled off of him a little. I was just genuinely curious so I crouched down at his side and touched his leg. No response. I felt his thigh. Still nothing. I decided to be ballsy so I grabbed his crotch through his boxers and felt his soft cock. I very slowly pulled up the side of his boxers and even more slowly put my hand up into his boxers. I felt the soft, warm skin of his cock. I slowly pulled it out, revealing my uncle's dick. He was soft, his dick seemed moderate in size but he had fucking huge balls. I played around with his dick and balls until he got semi-hard and then I lost my nerve, jerked off and went to bed. I felt incredibly guilty for touching my uncle without his consent, but I was still immensely turned on by everything.

A few months later we took a family vacation to Florida to stay with my grandparents in their small house. No one knew I was gay and my uncle and I shared a blow up air mattress in the kitchen. Earlier in the night I saw that my uncle and my parents were doing whiskey shots. I knew this was going to be my opportunity. My parents went to bed on a pull out bed in the living room while my uncle and I went to bed on the blow up mattress in the kitchen. I waited for my opportunity. My uncle passed out cold and his snoring was louder than usual. I honestly just cut right to the chase. As opposed to giving him the typical tests of feeling his leg, I just went right for grabbing his crotch. He was so passed out he didn't respond. I pulled his boxers down and whipped his cock and balls out. This was my honest to god second sexual experience, my first one being the one I posted about a paragraph before.

I took his soft penis in my mouth and I gave my first blow job ever. He still wasn't getting hard and his snoring was louder than ever but I didn't give up. I massaged the head of his circumcised dick with my tongue. I was steadily jerking myself off next to him but thankfully my family in the next room was drunk so no one was the wiser to what I was doing to my uncle.

My uncle's balls were sweaty and the smell was like ecstasy. I licked his balls and al around under his balls while still attempting to get him hard with a hand job. I took a finger and went around behind my uncle's balls and lightly grazed his ass. I didn't want to make it too obvious that I'd messed with him (such as if he woke up with a sore and sticky ass) so I more or less used spit as a lubricant instead of something like Vaseline. I managed to get a finger up my uncle's ass. I loved every moment of this and even now, eleven years later, this is one of my hottest memories.

He remained in his dead sleep but I guess something about me fingering him got him semi excited. I continued sucking him and I was eventually dealing with a moderately hard erection. Since this was still my first time with a guy, I was relatively inexperienced so I was more or less experimenting. I knew that my cock head was a point of sensation for myself so I began concentrating on tonguing the head of his penis while jerking off the shaft of his cock. I always thought I had a big urethra opening but I noticed my uncle had the same. To this day, no guy I've been with has had as big of one as me and my uncle. I kept sucking him off and jerking him and he continuously got harder. He snored away but I did notice that the snoring lessened slightly as if he knew in his drunken coma that he was being sexually pleasured and liked it.

I took advantage of my uncle for about four hours. I constantly sucked him off and jerked him while grabbing his hand and using it to jerk myself off. I came twice on his arm just from jerking off to what was going on but I was so overwhelmed that I maintained a steady erection and continued to take advantage of my uncle being passed out in the same bed as me.

In the end, the closest I got to my uncle cumming was a hint of pre-cum that I settled for and I eventually jerked off a third time and called it a night since sunrise was going to be soon. I put his dick away and tried to not make it overly obvious that I'd been touching him. The next morning, he was so concerned with his hangover he didn't notice that he had my dried cum on his arm or that his dick was sensitive from being sucked off for hours the night before.

When we got home from Florida, I continued my activities with my uncle. Lucky for me he was such an alcoholic and a stoner that I could get away with this for so long. One day, he was passed out and I did my usual thing, taking advantage of his nocturnal erections. He got EXTREMELY hard and I had gotten very good at giving head. I got his dick wildly hard and continued to pleasure it to the point of climax and I swallowed his load. At this EXACT moment, he woke up, grunted, turned over really quickly, and seemingly passed out right away, snoring almost instantly. I'm near positive he happened to be sober at this occasion so I stopped touching him completely after that. I wasn't sure if he knew that I had molested him or if was coincidence but I couldn't chance it either way so I stopped fondling my uncle while unconscious completely.

Eleven years later, I still think about how much I played with my uncle and it turns me on to know that I had such a successful sexual relationship with him without his knowledge or consent, at least before the last story I mentioned.

On a side note, I have done similar things with friends, cousins, and my brothers, all of which I'll save for later stories. Specifically, you'll love hearing about what I did to my brothers

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