Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My Sleeping Cousin by Mikeyt19

My Sleeping Cousin by Mikeyt19

    Being just shy of eighteen, I have long had a crush on my cousin
Brian. He was twenty, a handsome jock, with curly hair and a great body. He
played football in college and it showed. He was the type of guy who was
always dressed the same way, jeans and a T-shirt. He liked to go out and
party with his friends, but had no steady girlfriend.

     I'll never forget the time he was staying at our house. We were
watching TV and he was wearing a T-shirt and shorts, when all of a sudden he
just reached down and began scratching himself through his shorts. Being an
athlete I just assumed he had the requisite "jock itch," but I couldn't help
but stare and wonder how it must have felt to be touching his dick right
then. I got so hard, I had to excuse myself to go upstairs and jerk off. I
vowed then that one day I would have his dick.

     A few weeks later, it was my turn to stay over his house. He was out
one night with friends, so I took the opportunity to excuse myself to his
room (where I had been sleeping on the floor), lock the door and go
exploring. The first place I looked at was under the mattress, where, sure
enough, I found clippings and pictures from a straight porn magazine. I got
excited just thinking about my cousin lying here and jerking off while
looking at the pictures. I then noticed a pair of his briefs by the side of
the bed. He must have gotten changed in a hurry. I picked up the briefs and
looked at them, imagining what it must feel like to have his dick in them. I
held them to my face and inhaled, breathing in a mixture of pee, sweat, and
cum. I took my shorts off and slipped Brian's briefs on. The feeling of my
dick lying against the fabric where his dick had been made me so hard it
hurt. I began stroking myself through his briefs and in a few moments, shot a
huge load in them. I panicked for a moment thinking Brian might notice, but
calmed down after a while, took them off and put them back where they were.

    The following month, Brian was, again, staying at our house. I was
sure by now that he never noticed the "little something extra" I had left in
his underwear. When he stayed at our house, Brian slept on the couch. I was
there one night watching a movie, when he came back a little buzzed. We made
some small talk and then he lay on the couch where he slept, fully clothed. I
kept watching the movie until I began to hear snoring sounds coming from
Brian. I turned to look and saw that he was completely unconscious, a
combination of booze and just being exhausted. I stared at his sleeping body,
focusing my eyes on the bulge in his jeans, when a plan dawned on me. I
walked over to him and made sure he was sleeping. I decided that if he should
awaken, then I would just tell him that I was trying to wake him up to get
undressed for bed.

    I sat on the couch, right next to Brian and slowly unbuttoned his
shirt, exposing his chest. I reached down and gently placed my hand on his
crotch, feeling the bulge that was his dick. It felt hot and ready for
action. I gently massaged my hand on his bulge, looking to see any movement
from Brian. There was none. I slowly unzipped his jeans, exposing the white
fly of his briefs. I reached in and felt his dick through his briefs. I was
already hard as a rock, but this wasn't enough for me. I reached up and
unbuttoned the top button on his jeans, so I could get a better look at my
sleeping cousin's underwear. They were classic white bvd's and I noticed that
his dick was pointing a little up. I began massaging his dick through his
briefs. I looked over at Brian, who still had not awoken. I lay my hand on
his stomach and slowly and gently began to slide it down, lifting up the
waistband of his briefs and sliding my hand on top his crotch. I felt the
curls of his pubic hair and then took a deep breath. There was no turning
back now. My hand slid down further and I felt the shaft of his dick, then
the head. I was in such ecstasy, I almost let out a moan of my own. I felt
his balls and began to slowly stroke his dick, very gently at first, feeling
his jock dick in my hands. Brian was oblivious to this. With one hand I was
playing with his dick, and the other was massaging my own dick through my

    After a few minutes, Brian's dick was starting to get hard. I thought
about just stroking him off, but that wasn't enough for me. I looked one last
time to see if he had awakened, before I lifted the waistband of his briefs,
exposing his hard dick. I closed my eyes, smiled and moved my head down,
opening up and taking his dick
into my mouth. It was the first time I had ever tasted another man's dick...

    I knelt down and took my cousin Brian's dick in my mouth. It tasted
sweet and salty at the same time. I swirled my tongue around the head of his
dick and felt it getting harder and longer in my mouth. I took my mouth off
it and looked at Brian to see if he was still sleeping. He was. I looked down
at his dick, now glistening with my saliva. It had grown much longer and was
now at least 8 1/2 - 9 inches long. My own dick was hard as a rock and
straining to get out of the confines of my shorts. I took his dick in my hand
and began playing with it. Feeling bold, I wasn't sure if I wanted to jerk
him off and watch him cum or blow him and swallow his cum. Such decisions to

    I stroked his dick from top to bottom using my saliva as lubricant. I
took my other hand and began playing with his balls. My cousin was well hung
in the balls department. His were particularly huge, with a lot of hair
around them. I fondled them gently with my fingers, feeling the heat that was
generating from them. I leaned back down and took his dick in my mouth again
and decided to really concentrate on giving him head, just like I'd seen in
my brothers porno videos.

    At first, it was hard to get my throat all away down his dick, but I
took my time and gradually I adjusted. I moved my mouth up and down over his
dick, moving my tongue all over. I couldn't get enough of his dick. His not
moving made me even more determined to enjoy this experience. I wrapped one
hand around the base of his dick and stroked him, while I licked and sucked
him. The other hand went to my crotch where I began rubbing myself to give me
some relief from this intense moment.

    I looked up at my sleeping cousin and saw that while he was still
asleep, his breathing was getting heavier. I saw his washboard stomach rising
and falling and I knew he must be close. I decided that as much as I wanted
to taste his cum, I wanted to see him cum, so I took my mouth off his dick,
which was now coated with my saliva, and I slowly began jacking him off. I
was afraid to do it too hard, in fear that he'd wake up, but with his dick
all wet and lubricated with my saliva, it went pretty quickly.

    I stared intently at his dick, looking at the pre-cum that had begun
oozing. I began making more of a fist and jacking him quicker and harder. I
was afraid to take my eyes off his dick in fear I would miss the moment. In
the corner of my eye, I saw him begin to stir. His legs separated and his
back began to arch. I looked down and saw the eruption from his dick. Cum
began shooting out of the head, landing all over his chest, legs, and
dribbling onto his briefs. It was quite an impressive load. I let out a small
moan, watching the cum land all over him.

    Sensing no more movement from him, I stood up and dropped my shorts.
I reached under his dick on top of his briefs where a nice load of his cum
landed and used it as lubricant while I jacked off. I looked for a place to
shoot my load, but it was too late. All the excitement of my experience had
been too much for me. My entire body shuddered, as I arched my back and shot
the biggest load of my life...all over Brian. My cum landed all over him, his
chest, legs, briefs, and a small amount even landed by his temple.

    My legs were weak and I had to sit. After a few moments, I saw that
Brian’s dick had gone soft. I gently put it back into his briefs and covered
him with a blanket. I went upstairs to get some sleep, with all these
thoughts racing in my mind...What if Brian was awake and only pretending?
What if he wakes up and wonders how his pants got undone? What if he realizes
that he is caked in cum? As I rolled over to go to sleep, it no longer
mattered. For I had seen another man, my cousin Brian, cum. And I had been
the one to make it happen. I had made him cum. I knew then that there was
truly no turning back. I would have him again. I would watch him and make him
watch me. And one day, one day, he would come to me and we would be together.
My eyes grew heavy with slumber and as I drifted to sleep, I dreamed of ways
that I would seduce my cousin...