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Once in a Lifetime Chance by kewtieboy

The Once in a Lifetime Chance
by kewtieboy


Our respective families had to know we were gay. We had lived together for a number of years but the subject was never really discussed. I was now in my forties and my partner on his thirties. Though my family were grown up and my sisters both had children and, even grandchildren, my partner's sister had two boys from a now finished marriage. They had been a little out of control as they grew up but now, as they got older, their relationship with each other was becoming more hostile.

Peter had just turned 18, older by two years than his younger brother Louis. Where Louis was shorter and slightly stockier, Peter was a slim, blonde haired beauty. They were both a bit rough around the edges and both at that hormonal stage. Peter was always boasting about “getting to second base” with this girl or that. His younger brother sullenly ignored him and I assumed that he wasn't getting anything and grudged what his brother was seemingly enjoying.

Other than admiring Peter, that was it as far as any sexual interest went. The “family” thing kicks in and you don't really think of them sexually, or shouldn't. Things changed, however.

My partner's sister had met a guy and wanted to have a night away with him. She asked if we could take the boys for the night as she didn't trust them at the house. We decided to turn in into a “boy's night in” and get and watch a movie, have a meal and have a drink. The guys seemed quite keen and we arranged for it to happen.

The night went well though Louis sat on his own sulking, again. He was given a Coke and Peter was allowed a couple of beers. My partner and I had some business issues and were constantly being called away with phone calls and we left the boys for a number of short periods together, watching the television. Eventually we settled down and I was aware the boys looked a little drunk. Louis was asleep on one couch and Peter, ever the livelier one, was quite hyperactive and chatty on the other. My partner was oblivious to this and as he had been mixing beer and wine, quickly dozed off on the chair.

Eventually my partner told me to lock up and crawled off to bed. I was stuck with his two nephews. I realised that Louis had been topping up his Coke with vodka and Peter had been helping himself to my beers. With Louis still passed out on the other sofa, I sat with Peter when he asked if I had any porn. I said I had some and he asked to see it. I put a straight DVD in the player and we both sat to watch it. The guy in it had a big cock and was stroking it up and down on the girls arse crack.

That's hard to do,” he said.

What?” I replied.

Fuck someone in the arse. It's quite tight and really difficult but good once you get going.”

How do you know?” I asked.

Obviously buzzing from the drink, he said he and another guy had fucked a “gay” guy in school who wanted it and since they were horny, they both did him.

That surprised me, and for a brief moment I wondered if he was actually coming on to me but he didn't seem to be, merely telling me the story, his tongue loosened by alcohol. The movie finished and as the player switched back to television the volume increased, wakening his brother who said he was going to bed.

I suggested to Peter it was time we all went but he asked if he could watch the end of a television programme. I agreed, knowing that was not what he wanted to do.

The house layout was such that when you climbed the stairs to the room and looked right, you could see back into the lounge through a “Georgian pane glass door. I put out all the lights except the one by the couch and climbed the stairs putting all hall lights out as I went. I clumped about getting ready for bed, flushed the toilet, put out all the upstairs lights and then carefully tiptoed to the top of the landing, naked. I gently bumped down a step at a time until, in the pitch darkness I could see into the lounge. I was rewarded.

Peter was stretched on the couch, his jeans around his knees and his briefs at the same height. His right hand was stroking a stiff five and a half inch cock and he had a bushy little blonde hair patch above it but few other hairs. I stroked my own cock as I watched this beautiful boy masturbate himself and relished as I watched the concentration as he built himself up and relaxed, getting close to cumming before stopping. Then it happened and a stream of cum landed on his exposed belly. Three generous squirts hit there. He stood up and shuffled into the kitchen (which was off the lounge) and returned after mopping himself before starting to switch off the television. I quickly dashed to my room and waited.

He came upstairs, went to the toilet and then to bed.

After around ten minutes I tiptoed back downstairs, opened the kitchen bin and, sitting on top with the unmistakable smell of cum, was his little clump of tissue. I carefully opened it and in the middle, still very wet, was his cum. I licked it with my tongue and gently smeared it on my face as I frantically wanked myself, spraying my own juice into the tissue.

I personally found the incident very erotic and assumed that was it until three weeks later, we were asked again and since both lads were enthusiastic, probably thinking we hadn't noticed how much booze they had pinched, we agreed. Where the first incident had been totally accidental, there was some premeditation with the second visit. Things, however took a slightly different turn of events.

The evening followed a slightly similar pattern and sadly, once again the two of us were occupied during part of the evening. I was aware the boys were taking full advantage of our absence to keep themselves topped up but I had not fully realised that they were drinking a lot more than just the vodka and had consumed considerably more booze than I thought. I became aware of this much later.

My partner is an odd drinker in that he drinks quite quickly then gets sleepy, something which has given me quite a lot of “sleepy-time pleasure” in the past. He is particularly bad if he mixes spirit, beer and wine. To keep him out of the way, I ensured he mixed his drinks that night and, sure enough, he burned out by ten. Louis had gone into depression and then just slumped into sleep. I suggested he go to bed and he clumped upstairs before I heard him being sick. I rushed upstairs as he came out and I carefully ensured he was all right before letting him get to bed. I looked in on my partner who was sprawled on top of the bed, the covers half down and his cock on display. I should have covered him but the devil in me left him. The door was almost fully closed anyway.
I went back downstairs and found Peter struggling slightly with sleep. The different DVD I had put on, showed a MMF threesome and he was sitting watching, idly squeezing between his legs.

Good isn't it?” I said.

Bloody great,” he said. “Do you mind?”

His head nodded towards the hand on his crotch as I said, “Be my guest and I'll sit over there to give you peace.”

He eased his stiff cock out of his flies and started to wank while he watched. He watched the movie and I watched him wank. All too soon the movie stopped and he tucked his cock away. The room was semi-dark and I saw most of the action but not enough.

I think I'll go upstairs now,” he said.

He stood and stumbled. He was very unsteady so I offered to help him. I put out the lights and helped him upstairs. When he got to the bathroom I guided him in and he let me, fumbling with his flies.

Here, let me,” I said and he just stood, dropping his hands to his side.

I unzipped him and his pants dropped to his ankles. He stepped out of them and dropped his briefs too. They were kicked aside to he was standing, semi-erect, stripped from the waist down. He started to pee and it went over the side of the toilet. I took his cock in my hand and aimed for him. He didn't object at all as I felt the liquid pulsing through his half hard dick. I deliberately allowed some to spray on my hand and I aimed back and forth around the bowl, my own cock starting to stiffen.

When he finished I dried his cock with tissue and helped him out to the hall.

Where's my uncle?” he asked.

Sleeping like a baby,” I said.

He pushed the bedroom door open and there lay his uncle, on the bed naked, his soft cock and balls exposed.. The scenario was exciting me. My partner is a slim, good looking guy and the thought of him exposed to his nephew was very erotic and taboo.

He's big isn't he?” said Peter.

It gets a lot bigger,” I said.

How big?” he slurred.

About seven inches,” I replied.

Gotta see this,” he said, stumbling into the bedroom.

I steered him in and he sat on the edge of the bed. His hand stretched over to his uncle's limp cock and he lifted it, squeezing it as he did so. I knew my partner's reaction to being stroked while asleep as I'd done it enough myself. As expected, it started to grow. Peter's drunken stare told me he was not in a normal state of mind but something was driving him to continue.

With little fuss, my partner's cock was soon at full mast sticking straight up in the air as Peter gently stroked it up and down. I didn't want to participate because if he remembered any of this, I wanted him to feel he had instigated it and not me. I whispered gently to him.

Suck it!”

He turned and looked at me and I saw that his cock was stiff too. He looked, blinked, turned back and then lowered his mouth covering his uncle's cock. His eyes closed and while gripping it with one hand, he sucked the stiff cock. The scene was highly erotic. His other hand stroked his own cock gently as he went. I slid out of the room and toom a single shot on my camera, not wanting to scare him.

The scene was brought to a slightly abrupt halt as he said he was feeling a bit queasy so I had to take him back and sit him in the toilet. The queasiness came to nothing but when he came out, it was as though nothing had happened and he just went to the other bedroom and climbed into the bed. I went through and folded the covers back down to waist level and left him.

After fifteen minutes I returned and he was sleeping soundly, a gentle snoring coming from his lips. I pulled the covers back and caressed his small hanging balls in one hand while stroking his cock with the other. It took some time but I was rewarded with a five and a half inch erection, the foreskin, like his uncle's, peeling back to reveal a piss slit and firm head. My mouth wrapped around it and I sucked happily, feeling his pulsing cock in my mouth. He made no attempt to turn so I opened his legs further and licked his balls, my tongue venturing up the full cock length before enveloping the cock. I gently wanked him at the same time. I did this in near darkness as I didn't want to waken his brother but I could see enough to enjoy it and for future wanking fodder, I went for my camera and took a few snaps of his hot rigid cock with my hand wrapped around it.

While I was sucking madly on his stiff organ, he whimpered and moved and I wasn't sure if I should stop but as he showed no sign of actually wakening I kept going and a stream of cum shot into my mouth. I'm not a fan of swallowing cum but this nectar was not being lost and I swallowed as though it was the most precious liquid on Earth. His cock softened and I decided his poor body had had enough molestation for one night.

I moved next door and decided to continue on my partner, the remains of his nephew's sperm being spread from my mouth on to his much larger organ. His cock rose as quickly as it always did and though I was not always rewarded with a spray of cum when I did this I felt sure the warm up act would have him randier than usual. Sure enough, as I stroked my own cock, my partner's seed fired into my mouth and, once more, my normal habit of spitting it out, was forgotten and as I shot my own load. I swallowed every drop.

This had been a night to remember but the opportunity never came around again due to Peter's age. He bought a car shortly after and his social life had no need for sleepovers at Uncle's. Nothing was ever mentioned about the night, and there was not even a hint that he had remembered anything. He had a thumping hangover in the morning though and his younger brother looked as though he might stay off alcohol until he was legally allowed to drink it.

Both lads have girls now and Peter is married with three kids, two of which are his. He is totally devoted to them. I often wondered if the story about fucking the gay boy at school was true though.

I still have my set of pictures to remind me of the time I took my “once in a lifetime chance.”

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